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Lusty business trip to China

Hi all horny Indian sex story reader.
I am a 30 year old Indian guy, naughty and admire a woman. I just love everything about women from her hair to her toes. I just love to discover the world of sex. I am as usual bored and unsatisfied with my partner. My life went on watching porn, reading sex stories, looking for equally wild female minds.
Life went on boring. I used to dream a lot of crazy things from fucking a woman in open garden, masturbating her cunt with ice cubes, giving her honey ass massage and many more. It was all dreams. Then, began the trip of my life, which was unforgettable. I have my business with many countries. I had to fix a deal in china with my buyer for a big volume. I decided to go to china for 3 days.
I informed my buyer’s secretary Ms Tay over the phone. She was glad. She said she would make arrangements as I was one of her big customers.. We had phone talk, whatsapp calls. I had seen her profile picture in the app. I knew she was a married woman of 35’s, mature looks.

Then I took my flight to china. I was not that excited as after all I was traveling to china. Then I met her in the airport. She had come to receive me with a hug. She looked really different from the photo. She looked mature but a fit ripe structure. The Nice fit butt exposed over her clothes. She came in Jean and pant. Then she dropped me in a hotel. I refreshed myself and got into my formals. She came to pick me. We drove to her office. I met her boss. We had breakfast together. She was so polite and smiling at me. Then I met all officials for half of the day. Then the deal was signed. She pleased me to increase volumes as it will increase her incentive. I refused her as I already had decided. My work was over. Her boss was very happy with the deal and asked her to take care of me for the rest of the trip.

Then the wild hot trip began. It was just her and me. The boss had asked her to use his car and take me out and take good care of me in this trip. We got into the car. She asked about my places of interest and about me. She was in the motive of getting volume increased from me. She was so cheesy, rubbing her body at times on me, winking and playing with me. I said her, I want to change my clothes and shower. She took me to my hotel and accompanied to my room. We sat there for a while and had a relaxed drink. She started to plead me to increase business volume as she needed more money. She said she would do anything for me if I do so. Suddenly I picked up courage and said I need a kinky women or a prostitute to satisfy my sexual hunger for the next 24 hours in China. She smiled and she said deal. She said she assured she will get a wild woman for that kind. She asked me to change clothes and come and she waited in bedroom.

I had my nude shower. There was a sudden knock of my bathroom door. It was her.
She shouted, Come out dear! It is an emergency.
I was shocked, I was wet, I immediately wore my underwear and wrapped myself in towel and rushed out to see what was the problem.
Oh my goodness.
It was Ms Tay, in her white bra & panties. She was a milky BEAUTY with firm tight body.

She was sexy and a wild material.

She winked at me, I fell for her instantly.
She said, I am going to take you to heaven of pleasure myself and earn my incentives. I am going to make your day special and creamy.
Wow, my eyes could not believe all this. I was speechless.
She came near me, held my hands, took me to the chair and made me sit. She offered me a lime juice. While I drank she massaged my hair and neck and shoulders. I was getting horny. She whispered to my ears, are you ready for an action?
I smiled.
She took me to the bed, made me lie down facing the bed showing my back. She pulled off my towel. I was in my inner. I felt shy actually a little.
She screamed, I am going to make your scream tonight baby, you are my slave.

She pulled out my inner with her teeth immediately. I was nude before her. She took of the Nuru gel from her hand bag. She poured the gel all over my back. She massaged like a porn star. She rubbed over my ass, shoulders. She opened my ass hole and poured some gel into it. Wow, all my dreams were getting fulfilled. She fingered my asshole slightly. She asked me to turn.

I turned to see her with my erect cock. She zoomed into her eyes into my organ. She was excited. She said, WOW fellow, you got a bigger cock than my husband. It looks hairy and sweet. You are dead tonight. No mercy on you.
She made me lay flat, spread my legs. She poured gel over my thighs, navel, neck, foot. I was all wet. I was at my fully horny. I pulled her close to me and started to smooch her wildly. I made her lips bleed. She pushed me off.
She said it’s her turn first, the first step is to prepare the cock for the war. The cock will lose the war without its trial sperm release. She massaged my inner thighs and licked my hairy navel. She fingered my navel. Then she jumped over my dick and started sucking it like a lollypop. She was sucking it like a hungry kid eating lollypop. I was mourning in pleasure. Then she started shaking my cock roughly. My cock was getting filled with semen. She did hand job to me in wicked way. I screamed that I was going to shout my sperms. She kept her face over and I shot my juices on her face. She took it with mouth open. We smiled at each other.

She slapped at me and said, Baby war has just begun.
She took me to the bathroom and stripped before me. She washed my cock with shower gel. She had great nipples and tight pussy. I just loved her. I hugged her in the shower. I kneeled down on the floor and started to lick her fair cunt. I tongued them with flowing shower water. She gave strange sound. I rubbed her thighs. I knew she was getting horny. I was licking her nipples with wild sounds. I bit her hips. She pulled me up and pressed me against the wall.
She slid her hands into my anus, I was in heaven. She bent down and licked my anus. She was massaging my anus with shower gel. Other hand was massaging my cock balls. I had an instant erection. I said I wanted to fuck her badly, I pleaded her. I wanted to make lust with her body.

She smiled and said, Baby not here, Let us make war on bed. Let us shed blood on bed with horny eyes. I carried her to the bed.

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