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Massage and seducing unsatisfied, rich housewife

Varsha was one of those lucky ladies who emailed me and complemented me. It was 1:20 AM in the night (morning to be precise!) when I was trying to check my work emails and got a chat request on hangouts. It was Varsha who pinged me said “Loved your experience with Priyanka. She is so lucky!”

I am Rohit, well-travelled (about 17 countries), well-read guy. I work as a Head of Innovation in a Product Company. I adore, respect, love to seduce and satisfy ladies (of different age groups!). I believe in making one feel safe, comfortable and giving maximum pleasure and happiness to women and letting them DOMINATE.

I am also a certified masseur and I have been helping ladies relieve stress from last 6 years.

Coming back… Varsha and chatted for close to 2 hours on various things – our interests, likes, dislikes, work, personal stuff etc. Her name is Varsha Manglani aged 34 years. She is a well-educated and have diverse interests including travelling. She has 2 kids of age 8 and 4. She has assumed the role of home maker after 2 kids. Her husband is a workaholic and he stays in Sharjah.

I believe in giving enough time and space for any interaction to make sure one feels safe and comfortable. It took us 2-3 weeks (over chat, phone and met couple of times) in fully knowing each other and Varsha started sharing some of the most intimate details with me including how her husband used to treat her like a self-centred, egoistic male. He never gave importance to her sexual desires. I hate those males who mindlessly command over wives! I believe in sharing responsibilities and making sure a female gets equal importance in all walk of life.

Varsha and I met in a café near Indiranagar for the first time. She was a simple and beautiful lady.  She was looking stunning in her white colour sleeveless top and jeans. Her nose ring was complementing her simple makeup and eyeliner. She was smelling pleasant. While walking past, I can’t resist admiring her well-shaped ass, her fair and well shaved arm with a tattoo, and can spot long green colour slip. I guess she was wearing a bra but couldn’t make out the colour.

Varsha was very interested to know about experience in massages. We spoke in length and breadth of different massages and how each one is different in its own sense.

Few days after meeting, She called me on a Thursday morning and spoke in length on she is undergoing lot of physically and mental stress and she is looking for a full body massage. I asked Varsha if she would like to have a POWER massage (This is my signature style where I help women regain power and joy!) or an Anti-cellulite Gel massage or dry-Ayurveda Powder massage. Varsha graciously agreed for POWER massage. She asked me if I can drop by in the evening! Thankfully my evening meetings got cancelled and I started preparing for a sensuous massage for Varsha.

I reached Varsha’s place and she informed kids have gone to her mom’s place. Varsha was looking beautiful in her Maroon Sleeveless Salwar. She said she is usually comfortable with trVarshaonal clothes.

I couldn’t spot what’s inside as the salwar was not see through. She took me into the Guest Bedroom and explained to me the areas where she would specifically like to have a good ­­massage. I asked her to get me two towels, a bowl of warm water. I asked her to lie face-down and remove her Salwar as it would spoil her. Varsha gave me a sheepish grin and tabled an interesting idea.

She wanted me to undress her and she was yearning for not just massage but also some seduction (and possibly fun)!

I added fuel to her crazy idea but blindfolding her. She offered her vale which was used as a blind fold. Varsha opened her arms widely opened. I can sense the urgency of “getting loved”. I could smell her jasmine perfume and some amount of sweat in her arm pits. I could sense her breathe increasing the pace. I slowly opened started with her hairs. Took her beautiful hairs and tied a bun so that it doesn’t obstruct the massage. Then I slowly went to her back and unzipped her Salwar. I saw a while colour slip. I removed her slip and saw a sexy long black bra beneath. I also saw a scorpion tattoo on her lower neck (loved the fair skin and tattoo!). She has a well toned body with fat accumulated in right places. Her arm pits were neatly shaved with few sweat drops (I guess she was getting hot with AC). I slowly untied her lowers and was stunned to see a matching thong / panty. I volunteered to remove her kameez and she was looking stunning in her black bra and panty. She has a massive 36C Boobs, which can’t be traced from her trVarshaonal salwar.

I removed her blindfold and made her sleep on her bed. The massage started from neck to shoulders, then her back, lower-back and thighs/legs. Varsha was relaxed and was started making moans. She volunteered and asked me to remove her bra and panty!

Varsha had one of the most beautiful ass I have ever seen. All through she kept biting her lips and eyes closed. I slowly applied oil on her ass mounds and was kneading it like there is no tomorrow. Her closed eyes and moaning spelt that she was thoroughly loving it. I seized the opportunity and started applying oil inside her buttocks and slowly started teasing her.

She was raising her buttocks and inviting me to get inside!

I quickly moved my focus on her back to calm her down. I wanted her to enjoy to the maximum! I massaged her neck and her back slowly touching the right nerves, which will be get strained due to stress. I spent enough time with her hands and gave special attention to her ears. She got Goosebumps multiple times.

She suddenly turned around! Her beautiful breasts were welcoming and were waiting to get massaged. I started kneading her breasts slowly and rubbed both nipples with both my hands. She was biting her lip and experiencing the best moment of her lifetime. Varsha kept on saying “Keep pressing, make it hard!” All this while her eyes were closed. Her areola was aroused and had taken the shape of grapes and her nipples were super hard and was more than 2 inches! I started giving a heavenly massage to her nipples by slooooooowly pressing, circling and pulling and pinching it.

Meanwhile Varsha was murmuring ummmmmm and ahhhhhh. I focused on legs an gave a very good deep tissue massage. She was having a ball of her time.

She opened her thighs slowly giving a glimpse of her love triangle. It was a thick bush of hairs and she said she hasn’t shaved from a long time. She suddenly asked me can you shave it for me!

I always have a kit prepared or my clients. I removed the pussy trimmer and slowly trimmed her hairs. I then applied gel and carefully shaved her beautiful pussy.

Wow. The pussy was shining like a star! It was one of the most beautiful pussies I have ever seen. There was not even a spot of hair left. She was aroused and hence it was oozing with love juices.  My hands gradually started circling her pussy area and I slowly inserted my two fingers inside her cunt. Varsha had a burst of orgasm and she started murmuring “Can you please lick it”. I started inside-out fingering and then increased my speed. My middle finger was deep inside her cunt and my thumb was pressed into her G-spot. Varsha’s moans also increased and then she felt orgasm after orgasm. She started pulling by head into her pussy. I said “Varsha, do you want to do it. She shouted “DO it now, I have paid for the massage!”

I was obliged to obey and started licking her beautify pussy meanwhile pinched her both nipples alternatively. She has another massive orgasm when I teased her G-sport with a twisted tongue.

She was an erupted volcano now!

I brought out the Choclate sauce from my massage kit. In my conversations I had found out she loves chocolate sauce. I gave her a surprise by pouring some on her boobs and slowly started licking it. She was grinning.

Right from first conversation, we both were clear that it will be a massage and seduction and hence I kept my nerves and made sure I will NOT cross my line.

Varsha said “Can you give me a final orgasm under shower?”

She had an opulent bathroom. She asked me to come under shower. I started teasing her by massaging her neck, arms and ear lobes. I slowly moved to her boobs and erected nipples. Started squeezing gently and slooowly increased the pace. I then started mauling her boobs from behind and started sucking her ear lobes. Meanwhile my one finger was exploring ear lobes and the other finger was inside her asshole.  She was getting hotter under the shower!

She lifted her one leg and kept in on the bath tub giving all the access to her love hole. I slowly entered by tongue from behind and started licking her ass hole and then vaginal walls. They were damn swollen. Being an expert in pussy massage, I used three fingers, one finger stimulating her G-spot, another finder inside clitoris and final finger in making circles around pussy. I finger fucked her more than 20 minutes. Varsha was moaning and shouting “make it fast….” We picked up the pace and she had the final orgasm!

Varsha asked me to shampoo and scrub her body and I did it obediently.

We came out and dressed ourselves. I can see Varsha smiling and very happy (happiest since I saw her!). She said she was looking for such massage and experience from a very long and she thanked me!

She was happy that I kept my word by not crossing the line.

I’m reachable on [email protected] for all your requests!

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