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Me and Mitch: Revisited – Dirty Sex Tales

After that wonderful night between my girlfriend, my sister, and myself things were never the same again. It was a good thing though. My relationship with both women continued to grow. A few months after that night I proposed to Erica. She of course accepted. I called my sister and told her the good news. She and Sandra were very excited for the both of us. At the time we were still living with my roommate Kellen in his house. One night, Erica and I were sitting in bed watching TV just talking. We were talking about the past and the future. Then she brought up something a bit unexpected.

 “So, do you still keep in touch with Mitch at all? ” she asked.

 “Not really I guess. It’s been a couple years since we talked. Why do you ask? ” I responded.

 “Oh, no reason. All this talk about the past made me think of it. Did you guys have a falling out or something? “

 “No, not really. After college he just moved away, and we gradually grew apart. I don’t have anything against him. I just haven’t talked to him in a while, ” I said.

 “So if he came back to town or something you might be interested in hanging out with him? ” she asked.

 “Yeah, sure. I guess, ” I replied.

 “Good, ” she said.  “Because you got a call from him today. He’s coming back to town on business, and wanted to hang out! “

 “Oh, ok. Why all the beating around the bush. Why didn’t you just tell me? ” I asked.

 “Well, because I was thinking about something. Hear me out, and tell me what you think, ” she said.

 “OK. Go on. “

 “So I know we’ve talked about how much you enjoyed your past, and you don’t regret it. You’ve even intimated that you’d probably still enjoy another encounter with a guy. I never really gave it much thought until Mitch called earlier today. It got me thinking. Then it got me really hot. I think it would be incredibly hot to have a three way with another guy. I can’t explain it, but the idea of seeing you with another man makes me wet just thinking about it. I was kind of hoping with Mitch coming back for a visit and given your past you might be willing to try to set something like this up. “

She looked up at me hopefully. I could tell she was really attached to this idea. At first I was slightly put out. I didn’t want another man touching my fiancé. Then I thought about it. Erica was such an extraordinary woman. I mean she had a three way with my sister and me. She was also letting me have all the sex I wanted on my own with my sister. She even said it was ok if Sandra joined in when I was with Kasey. How could I not let her have this. Besides, I had to admit, the idea of having Mitch’s hard cock in my mouth once again was pretty exciting. After some careful consideration I replied to her.

 “You’re really into this idea aren’t you? ” I asked.

 “I really am, but if you don’t want to I understand, ” she said.

 “No, you’ve been so cool with everything else. You deserve it. Of course I can’t promise anything. For all I know Mitch is in a serious relationship or isn’t really into being bi anymore. “

 “I understand, but you’ll try? ” she asked.

 “Yes, and to be honest the idea of being with him again does have me pretty excited, ” I replied.

 “Oh, does it now? ” she asked as she slid her hand under the covers.

I moaned as her soft hand found my now stiff cock. She wrapped her fingers around it and slowly began to jack me off.

 “Mmmm. You really are turned on by the idea of being with him again aren’t you? ” she asked.  “I bet you’re thinking about it right now. Are you imagining this is his hand slowly stroking you? Aren’t you wishing you had his hard cock in your mouth right now? What about me. Don’t you want to see him bend me over and ram himself deep into my pussy over and over again? “

Here dirty talk was driving me wild. I had to admit I actually really liked the idea of watching my old friend fuck Erica. I could imagine her on her hands and knees taking him deep and moaning out. Erica saw how turned on I was getting and stopped jacking me off. She threw the covers off us and quickly mounted me. My cock slid easily all the way into her as she was practically dripping wet.

 “Fuck Erica. Yeah, ride me hard, ” I told her.

 “Yes Pete, Yes! Your cock is so hard and deep in me. It’s so good, ” she exclaimed.

Erica rode me hard and fast. He large breasts bounced beautifully with the motion. I was practically hypnotized. Before long I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls. Erica’s body started to spasm as the orgasm hit her hard. She clamped her knees tightly against my body as her body shook. Her pussy also clamped down tightly on my cock driving me over the edge. I thrust up as hard as I could and exploded inside her.

 “Oh god yes. Cum inside me. Fill me up Pete! ” she screamed.

As we both came down she laid down on top of me. I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the phone.

 “What are you doing? ” she asked.

 “Calling Mitch. Let’s get this set up, ” I replied with a grin.

 “You’re the best! ” she replied.

I looked up his number in the caller ID and called him back. His phone rang a couple times, then he answered.

 “Hey Mitch. It’s Pete. My fiancé told me you called. ” I said.

 “Hey man! Yeah I did. I’m in town for the weekend. I was hoping we could meet up, and catch up. I mean I still have to meet this mystery woman of yours for one thing, ” he said.

 “Sure, we’d love to get together. How about dinner tomorrow night? “

 “That works. I’m staying at the Marriott downtown. There’s a pretty nice restaurant a couple blocks away. How does that sound? ” he asked.

 “That will work for us. Say 8ish? ” I replied.

 “Sure. See you then, ” he said.

 “Yep, take care man. “

I hung up the phone. Erica was absolutely ecstatic. By now it was getting a bit late, so we got ourselves cleaned up and ready for bed. That night I had some pretty vivid and exciting dreams. They were filled with all sorts of visions of Erica, Kasey, Sandra, and Mitch in various erotically charged scenes. When morning came around I woke with a raging hardon. Thankfully I had a beautiful woman in bed next to me to help me with such a problem. I snuggled up close to her, pressing myself against her butt. She stirred awake and purred at me.

 “Mmmm. Looks like someone had some pleasant dreams last night, ” she said.

 “I really did, and now I’m in some serious need of relief! ” I replied.

 “Poor baby. Well, lie back and let your wonderful woman take care of that for you “

She turned towards me and pushed me onto my back. Then she pushed the covers down to my knees exposing my thick, hard erection. She climbed between my legs and licked my cock all over. The sensation was incredible. I was so sensitive from all the dreams of the night before I almost came right then. Sensing my condition she squeezed the base of my cock tightly to prevent me from cumming. Satisfied that I wasn’t going to cum just then she lowered her head and took my cock deep into her mouth. She really had learned a lot from Kasey. Erica had become a master of blowjobs now. It seemed like every part of my cock was getting equal attention, and it was driving me wild. After just a few short minutes I couldn’t take anymore, and I warned her.

 “Oh god. Erica, I’m cumming. “

She slid her mouth up so just the head was in her mouth. She tongued the underside of my head rapidly as she jacked the shaft steadily. My whole body tensed up, and then I blasted my first shot deep into her mouth. I continued cumming over and over. She just kept at it. When I finally stopped she slipped my cock from between her lips. She opened her mouth to show me that she was still holding onto a full mouth of cum. Then she looked deep into my eyes and swallowed it all down licking her lips at the end.

 “Wow Erica. That was incredible. I really needed that, ” I said.

 “My pleasure sweetheart, ” she replied with a smile.

After that we went about our day as normally as we could, albeit with a bit of nervous tension. As the time for our dinner with Mitch approached we got ourselves ready. Seeing as we were going to a nicer restaurant we wanted to dress for it. I put on a pair of black slacks with light gray pinstripes, a gray shirt and black shoes. Erica looked simply stunning in a deep red dress. It had thin spaghetti straps over the shoulder with a plunging v-neck that showed off her exquisite cleavage nicely. It hugged her hips just right and hung all the way to her ankles. It was slit fairly high up one leg, showing off a calf and thigh. She was wearing a matching pair of strappy, red heels. She had her hair up in an elegant style. Her lips were a shade of red to match her dress. Lastly she had a long necklace with a pendant that hung down just into the top of her cleavage. Her entire look was elegant and sexy at the same time. She was gorgeous and she knew it. I was certain this look would drive Mitch crazy.

 “Damn babe. I think you’re going to get his attention, ” I said.

 “That’s the idea, ” she replied with a smirk.

We then got into the car and headed to meet Mitch. We pulled up to the valet, and I got out. The attendant opened the passenger door and helped Erica out. There were a few men standing around outside, and immediately all eyes fell on her. The only glances I got were ones of shear envy. We entered the restaurant and went to the bar where we were to meet Mitch. I walked in front of Erica hoping to hide her from him until the very last minute. I saw him seated at the bar sipping on what appeared to be some kind of whiskey. As I approached he looked up and saw me. He immediately got up and came to greet me. We hugged each other tightly.

 “Pete! Great to see you man. ” he said.

 “You to man. It’s been way to long. ” I replied.  “This is my fiancé Erica. Erica, this is Mitch. “

With that I stepped out of the way. Erica held out her hand for Mitch, and his eyes popped wide open followed quickly by his jaw practically hitting the floor.

 “Wow Pete. How in the hell did you land a stunner like this? It’s very nice to meet you Erica, ” he said.

 “The pleasure is all mine. Pete’s talked about you a lot, and I’m glad I finally get the chance to meet you, ” she replied with a smoldering look.

Mitch was obviously a little surprised by th flirtatiousness in her voice. I just played it like I hadn’t noticed.

 “So, let’s grab a drink and go sit down to dinner, ” I replied.

 “Sounds good to me, ” he said.

Dinner started out with us just catching up. Mitch was between relationships right now. He was working for a good company, and really enjoyed life it seemed. As dinner progressed Erica got a little bit more flirtatious. She would make any excuse to touch Mitch’s hand or arm. She laughed at his jokes a little more than necessary. A few times I saw his look go a bit shocked. I wondered if something was happening under the table. The whole time I acted completely oblivious. At one point Mitch excused himself to use the restroom.

 “Well, I think you’ve got him good and flustered, ” I said.

 “That’s the idea, ” she replied mischievously.

 “I couldn’t help but notice a few moments of surprise on his part. Are you playing footsie with him? ” I asked.

 “If by footsie you mean rubbing his cock and balls with my foot under the table, then yes I am, ” she replied.

 “Wow, you are bad! “

Just then Mitch returned. We ordered dessert, and continued the meal. As we finished up Mitch was obviously getting uncomfortable. I was just hoping Erica had him horny enough to let our plan come to fruition. When the waiter brought the check I put my card down to pay for all of us. Erica excused herself to the restroom. Mitch and I sat there for a minute in silence. Then I broke the ice.

 “So man, you seem a bit pre-occupied. Is there something wrong? ” I asked.

He fidgeted for a minute then replied,  “Well, man, I don’t know how to tell you this, but your fiancé has been coming on to me all night. “

 “Really? ” I said surprised.  “What makes you think that? “

 “Well all night she’s just been real flirty, but that’s not the worst of it. All evening long she’s basically been giving me a foot job under the table. I’ve tried pushing her away, but she just won’t leave my cock alone. ” he said sounding almost exasperated.

Just then Erica returned to the table.

 “What are you boys talking about, ” she asked.

 “Well, Mitch her was just telling me about how you’ve been massaging his cock all evening long with your feet, ” I replied calmly.

 “What can I say, ” she replied.  “I couldn’t help myself. “

 “Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do now. Mitch, we’re going to have to go up to your room so my fiancé can fuck you ” I said.

The look on his face was priceless.

 “Wait.. What? You want me to fuck Erica? ” he asked.

 “Amongst other things, ” I said.  “Why don’t we go up to your room and talk some more. That is, unless you don’t want to? ” I asked.

 “Oh, you don’t have to ask me twice! ” he said excitedly.

We left the restaurant. It was an easy walk to the hotel, so we just left the car. We could get it tomorrow if things went well. When we got up to Mitch’s room we all sat down to talk for a minute. His room was a nice large suite. It had a King size bed in the bedroom. There was a living room as well with a sofa, tv, etc. The bathroom had a nice sized jacuzzi tub as well. There were all sorts of possibilities. 

 “So, I’m guessing you guys had this planned, ” Mitch said.

 “You guess right, ” I replied.

 “So, what. You’re just going to let me have sex with Erica? No strings attached, ” he said.

 “Well, it’s more than that. Let me explain, ” I replied.

I proceeded to tell Mitch about how Erica knew all about my history. He was shocked to learn that she not only knew about my history with my sister, but she was ok with it. Then I told him about the turn things had taken. I explained that Erica and I had shared a three way with my sister. I told him about how Erica was perfectly cool to let me continue having sex with Kasey and her girlfriend. I think it was almost too much for him to handle. Then I told him all out the plans Erica and I had for this night.

 “So, if you’re up for it we could have some fun like we used to back in the day, ” I said.

 “Wow, I haven’t done anything like that in a long time. Well, since that last time we were all together. ” he replied.

 “So, what do you say? ” I asked.

 “Are you kidding?! Hell yeah I’m in! ” he exclaimed.

 “Mmmm. I’m glad to here that, ” Erica interjected.  “Before I get involved I really want to watch you guys have some fun. “

 “I have to admit man, I’ve been pretty excited all day thinking about this, ” I said as I approached a now standing Mitch.

When I reached him I lowered myself to my knees. I almost couldn’t stand the excitement anymore. I loved Erica, and we had fantastic sex. However, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t missed the feel of Mitch’s hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I undid his belt, then followed up with his button and zipper. He slipped out of his shoes as I lowered his pants and boxers all at once. After kicking his pants aside he turned back to face me. It had been so long since I’d seen his cock, but I still new it very well. I reached out and slowly started stroking his full 7 inches. He moaned with pleasure. As a little drop of precum glistened out from the tip I leaned in and licked it off. The taste was familiar, and reminded me of the past. Then I pressed his head to my lips and slowly slid it in.

 “Oh god man. It’s been so long. I forgot how good at this you are, ” he said.

 “Oh Pete. That is so hot, ” said Erica.  “Suck his cock good. “

With that encouragement I fell back into the rhythm I got so good at before. With his long hard member nice and wet I slid the whole thing effortlessly down my throat. I swallowed as I had it down there massaging him with my throat. As I slid it out I used my tongue along the whole length twirling it on the tip as it slid out.

 “God that’s so good man. Fuck, don’t stop, ” he said.

 “Yes Pete. Make him cum. Swallow his cum down! ” said Erica.

By this point Erica was on the bed next to us. Her dress was hiked up above her hips. She’d removed her panties, and was furiously fingering herself as she watched her soon-to-be husband suck his best friends dick. I could tell Mitch was getting close. He was starting to thrust into my mouth. When I felt his body tense up I lightly grabbed ahold of his balls and tugged them as I slid all but the head of his cock out of my mouth. With my other hand I jacked him quickly. He groaned out and arched his back. Then he flooded my mouth with cum. I held it all in my mouth, making sure not to miss a drop. When he finally finished I stood up and showed my mouthful of cum to Erica.

 “Oh Pete, that is so hot! ” she said.

With that I swallowed his load down. It tasted just like I remembered.

 “Goddamn man. That was incredible, ” he said.

 “Glad to do it I replied. I didn’t realize how much I missed doing that until just now, ” I replied.

 “Well shit I need to come back more often I guess! “

 “Um boys, I hate to break up the reunion, but I need to get fucked. NOW! ” yelled Erica.

We looked over and Erica had removed all of her clothing except her heels and jewelry. She was up on the bed on her hands and knees. She left her hair up to keep it out of the way. Her luscious tits hung down with the necklace just in front. The site was incredibly erotic.

 “If you got another round in you man, she’s all yours, ” I said.

 “Oh, I’m nowhere near done, ” he exclaimed.

 “Mmm. Then get up here and shove that big juicy cock deep into my pussy. “

Without waiting to be told twice Mitch got up on the bed and in one quick stroke drove his newly returned erection deep into my fiancé. It really got me horny watching him fuck her. Then Erica looked at me.

 “What are you doing Pete? This is a threeway. Get up here and put that wonderful cock of yours in my mouth, ” she said.

 “Yes ma’am! ” I replied.

I jumped up on the bed in front of her. She immediately swallowed my whole length. I can’t describe how awesome it was. I just kept looking back and forth between my cock sliding in and out of her mouth and my best friend fucking her from behind like there was no tomorrow. As horny as I was it didn’t take me long.

 “Fuck, Erica. I’m about to cum. ” I yelled out.

She didn’t even miss a beat. She just kept on sucking until my balls began to pump what felt like bucketfuls of cum down her throat. As I finished I withdrew my cock from her mouth and collapsed on the bed next to them. Then Mitch decided to turn it into overdrive. He pulled out and flipped Erica onto her back. Then he spread her legs wide and drove his cock back into her.

 “Oh god yes Mitch. Fuck me. Fuck me hard! ” she exclaimed.

 “Damn man. Your girl is fucking incredible, ” he said to me.

 “You don’t have to tell me that. I know how lucky I am, ” I replied.

After that there was no more talking. Mitch just fucked Erica for all he was worth. I was mesmerized by the site of her tits bouncing with each new thrust. She was furiously stroking her clit as Mitch pounded her relentlessly. 

 “Oh… god… I’m about to fucking cum, ” she said.  “Fuck me, don’t stop, make me cum! “

With that her whole body began to shake and tremble as a monster orgasm ripped into her. I watched as Mitch’s whole body tightened up as well. Then he grunted and dumped his load deep into my fiancé’s pussy. As they finished they collapsed on the bed next to me.

 “Holy shit, that was awesome, ” Mitch said.

 “Yeah it was, ” agreed Erica.

 “That was incredibly hot watching you guys, ” I said.  “It’s definitely got me ready to go again.

 “Ooooh. That’s what I want to hear, ” said Erica.  “There’s still some more I want to watch. Pete I want to watch you fuck Mitch in the ass. ” she purred.

Mitch looked over at my now rock hard erection.

 “Looks like you’re ready to go man. I’d love to feel that cock deep in my ass again. It’s been way to long. ” he said.

I reached into Erica’s purse and pulled out the bottle of lube we’d brought. She eagerly got out of our way. Mitch laid down on his back and put a pillow under his hips to raise his butt up. I lubed up my cock thoroughly and put a little on his puckered hole. Then he raised his knees up, and I pushed the head of my cock against his ass. The head easily popped passed his sphincter. Eric watched with rapt attention as my cock slowly slid into his ass.

 “Oh man. It’s been a long time, but your cock feels as good as ever in me, ” he said.

 “Oh yeah. It’s nice to be back, ” I replied.

Once I bottomed out I began to slowly thrust in and out of his ass. It felt incredible. It obviously had it’s effect on him as well. His cock returned to a state of total hardness. Seeing this Erica leaned over and took his cock into her mouth as I continued to fuck his ass. It was amazingly hot watching her suck his long, thick, hard cock as I fucked him. His balls just bounced back and forth between us. Erica was really getting into it and began to finger herself as well.

 “Oh damn you guys that’s fucking awesome. Oh just don’t stop, ” he said.

 “Fuck yeah Erica. Suck his cock while I fuck his ass. That is so hot babe, ” I said.

Erica just moaned with excitement and pleasure. Our pace kept increasing and was building towards a climax. All of a sudden I felt my balls tighten up and I grunted out as I dumped an enormous load deep into Mitch’s ass. That coupled with the expert cock sucking Erica was doing finished him off. He moaned out, and I watched his balls tighten up. Then he emptied them into my fiancés eager mouth. Just as she finished swallowing down the last drops Erica began to shake as her fingering drove her over the top as well.

Afterward the three of us just sort of lay there recovering.

 “Wow, if I had known I had this waiting for me I would have come back sooner! ” said Mitch.

 “Well, now you do. Feel free to come back anytime ” I replied.

 “Yes… do ” said Erica with a devilish look.

After taking sometime to recover we continued on that night having sex in all sorts of positions and places throughout the suite. Come the next morning we were all exhausted but thoroughly satisfied. As we were leaving I told Mitch he should pay my sister a visit before he leaves, that is if he thought he had enough left to handle it. He said for Kasey he’d definitely be up to the task.

Later that year Erica and I got married. I made sure Mitch was one of the groomsmen. To this day we still keep in touch. He’s got a pretty serious girlfriend now too. He’s not sure he wants her to know about all of this, so we’re keeping our history a secret from her for now. Who knows what will happen down the road.


Thanks for reading. My next story will be the conclusion to the ’Me and Kasey’ fork of this series. Let me know what you think.

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