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Me, Mum and Abu – Dirty Sex Tales

I’m Amy and I am 15 years old, my boyfriend Alan is 19 and we are always together when I can get out, mum and dad are very strict with me and don’t know I have a boyfriend, I feel like I’m a prisoner sometimes in my own home, my friend Lucy comes round and we just chill out and sometimes I get her to ask my mum if I can go to her house for a sleepover but really I want to spend time with my boyfriend who lives a couple of doors down from her. Mum likes Lucy and feels that I am safe with her so more often than not she lets me go with Lucy to her house and I stay one or two nights. I meet my boyfriend in the park then I get in his car and we drive somewhere quiet where we get really passionate with each other and about three weeks ago he asked me if he could have sex with me, I told him I had never had sex before, he said don’t worry I will wear a condom please let me make love to you. I did really like him so I got on the back seat with him and I let him take my knickers off, he opened my legs and he sucked on my pussy my god it felt so nice I don’t know what he was doing with his tongue but he was making me jump he was giving me a lovely sensation then he sucked on my clit, oh my god that was really nice he was working me up, he moved up and pushed his dick in me and started to make love to me, I got very wet I thought if this is making love then I love it, he was getting worked up he said he had better put a condom on before he cums in me, it felt different in fact not as good but it was better to be safe than sorry, I did have a lovely sensation and we both cum together. I’ve seen him twice since and we have had sex both times and by now I was loving it more and more even though he wore a condom.

A week later my parents told me we were going to Africa for two weeks they had a business trip and they told me I had to go with them, Lucy tried to persuade them to let me stay with her but it was a no go, I asked her to tell Alan I had no choice but to go with them.

We arrived in Dakar in Senegal and were taken by taxi to our hotel, to my surprise it was only a small hotel which was unusual for my parents but it was clean and comfortable, the first day we spent on the beach, mum and I were wearing our little bikinis with shorts, the idea was we would take our shorts off while we were sunbathing. We were lying on the sand with our legs spread open we both have good slim figures and we noticed some of the black guys staring at us as they walked past and mum thought it was amusing, my mum has big tit’s like me and the triangles covering our nipples and pussies must have been attractive to them, dad had wandered off without telling us, we looked for him in the distance but couldn’t see him, mum phoned him, he was back in the hotel and said he had a headache and was trying to dose off. Mum said lets walk along the beach for a while, we seemed to walk for ages, we came to these rocks so we sat down and in less than five minutes a black man introduced himself to us his name is Abu, he seemed nice he said he was just out for a walk himself, there was a kiosk nearby and he offered to get us a coke each which we accepted. He sat with us and was chatting, he mentioned that just passed these rocks was a small sandy beach and was quiet, mum said lets go and find out what it’s like, the three of us walked together for about three hundred yards and there it was a beautiful little beach all secluded, nobody else there. My god this is fantastic said mum, we sat down with mum in the middle, we lay down on the sand and we removed our shorts, he was looking at mum’s almost naked slim body, I saw his dick was getting hard in his shorts, in a few minutes mum’s eyes were closed, I motioned to him that she was asleep, he noticed her pussy crack show through her bikini triangle I smiled at him, I pointed to his dick then her pussy, he nodded yes, he got between her legs and got his long black dick out, I moved the triangle covering mums shaved pussy and he started to push his long black cock right up inside her he kept still for a while then he started to shag her slowly, she raised her legs and wrapped them around him, I looked between her legs, his dick looked so thick and his balls were huge, mum was getting worked up in her sleep, she put her arms around him and she was panting hard, I whispered to him, are you going to wear a condom, no I’m going to shoot my black sperm in her, I put my thumb up to say yes, her bum was bucking taking all his long black dick, she hugged him tight and she had a big orgasm OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT OHOHOHOHOHOHOH I’VE NEVER CUM LIKE THAT BEFORE, she opened her eyes and saw Abu on top of her she kissed him hard and she had another orgasm and he shot his black sperm in her OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS I LOVE YOUR BIG BLACK DICK, it took him nearly two minutes to finish cumming in her, Amy please don’t tell your dad, I’ve never had sex like this, no mum your secret is safe with me. Abu pulled his dick out and mum saw it, my god that’s big Abu I love your big dick, look at all his sperm coming out of you mum, wow I’ve never seen that amount of sperm before. Abu was just sat there looking, are you okay Abu, oh yes I’ve never had white pussy before I didn’t think it would feel that nice. Mum cuddled in to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek, Abu I feel knackered I loved having sex with you but I have to get back to my husband, mum why don’t you call dad and say we are at a dance venue and won’t be back till late, if he’s still got his headache he won’t mind. Mum called him, he said he thought he might have a migraine which he sometimes suffers from, what time will you be back, about 2am when the place closes, okay but look after Amy she’s only 15 see you later, Mum looked at Abu he smiled and kissed her, let’s go back to my place, we got up and started walking along the beach, they had their arms around each other and Abu had his other arm around my waist just above my little bum. It was nearly dark, there was nobody around, Abu moved his hand on to my bum and I cuddled in to him as we were walking, how old are you Amy, I was fifteen four months ago, he squeezed my bum and I felt two of his fingers go between my legs, I tried to open my legs a bit as we were walking, he was rubbing my pussy getting me wet, I put my hand on top of his, I looked at him and he was smiling. We got to his place, it was only small but it was on the beach and it was clean inside, he took mums bikini off and he took his clothes off, his dick was big and hard, he picked her up and lay her on his bed, he started to kiss her body all over including her tit’s, pussy and bum hole and then he fucked her for four hours nonstop, she couldn’t stop having orgasms she was going wild, she’s being satisfied by a big long black dick and she really loves it, she was screaming with so much passion, she was shaking and her pussy was tight round his thick dick, ABU I’M GOING TO MISS YOU WHEN WE GO I LOVE YOUR DICK SO MUCH I’VE NEVER CUM LIKE THIS MY GOD THIS IS FANTASTIC OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH ABU I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING AGAIN I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING, OH ABU CUM IN ME GIVE ME YOUR BABY JUICE OH I LOVE IT, OH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYGOD YOU’RE CUMMMMMMING IN ME IT FEELS FANTASTIC OH ABU I THINK YOU LOVE MY PUSSY, I do I love my dick being in your pussy, he pushed hard in her and rubbed her clit her body shook violently and she had a massive orgasm he pulled his dick out, she was still shaking, it took her nearly ten minutes to calm down and she was full of his sperm and when she did she fell asleep totally knackered. I told Abu that I had never her heard her scream before when having sex with dad, he doesn’t know how to please her Amy, come and sit down with me, he gave me a glass of wine and he sat me on his lap, his dick was between my legs near my pussy and was wet with sperm, he cuddled me and asked if I had a boyfriend, I whispered yes, has he ever had sex with you Amy, yes three times, is his dick as big as mine, no it’s nothing like it and I don’t think dad’s is either in fact mum says that dad doesn’t fuck her anymore and hasn’t for a couple of years, she really loved sex with you Abu and I know she’s not on the pill anymore I hope she’s pregnant with your baby Abu, he smiled and gave me another drink, I had to get up and use his toilet I got back on his lap and he put his hand under my bum, his fingers started feeling my pussy, his dick was between my legs again, I cuddled in to him, he lifted me a little and took my bikini bottoms off and then my bikini top off, I was totally naked and his big black dick was rubbing my shaved pussy, I looked at him and he kissed me really nicely, he kissed my body all over sucking on my tits, pussy and bum, I knew how mum felt when he did it to her, my god it was lovely my boyfriend never did it to me like this, I was just in the right mood for sex, he lay me down on his settee, opened my legs and he started to push that lovely long black dick of his in me, it was so big and stretched me in all ways until he got most of it in and then he started to shag me, oh my god it was so big but wonderful and after a couple of minutes he got it all in me and rubbed my clit, OH ABU YOU SHOULDN’T BE DOING THIS TO ME BUT I LOVE IT OH MY GOD ABU ABU ABU OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH OH MY GOD I’M GOING TO CUM ABU I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING, ABU I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING OH MY GOD I LOVE IT OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH MY GOD YOU’RE NOT WEARING A CONDOM I’M ONLY 15 I DON’T WANT TO GET PREGNANT I’m going to shoot all my black sperm in you Amy, OH PLEASE DON’T I’M TOO YOUNG TO HAVE A BABY, Amy you and your mum will be pregnant by me, ABU WHAT WILL DAD SAY, I don’t care, OH ABU FUCK ME HARD AND CUM IN ME SHOOT YOUR LOVELY BLACK SPERM IN ME GIVE ME YOUR BABY, OH ABU YOUR LOVELY LONG BLACK DICK FEELS FANTASTIC I WISH I WAS STAYING HERE WITH YOU, I had five big orgasms with him and he shot lots of his lovely black sperm in me I could feel it shooting in me oh it felt so good I didn’t care about getting pregnant I really enjoyed sex so much with him, his big long thick black dick is wonderful and I love it.

I put my bikini and shorts back on, I woke mum it was 3am, of my god what will your dad say, she put her bikini and shorts on and Abu walked us back to the hotel with his arms around us. We crept in to our room and dad was still fast asleep, we showered and mum got in bed with dad and me in my bed. In the morning dad said he felt much better, they got ready for travelling to their business meeting, mum had arranged for someone to look after me for the 4 days they would be gone, before they went dad went to reception and I spoke to mum asking her if she regretted having sex with Abu, no Amy that was the best sex I’ve ever had and besides your dad isn’t interested in sex with me anymore, I think you had better get some birth pills mum, my god yes I forgot about that I don’t want to end up pregnant, it might be nice mum if you had Abu’s black baby it would remind you of him and how much you loved being with him, my god don’t say that Amy your dad would go mad, mum if he doesn’t want you anymore why should you care, she looked at me.

The person they got to look after me was a black girl and was 20 years old and was called Layla, she was nice but not as slim as me and we could laugh together easily, we went on the beach but stayed near the hotel, there was too many people I just wore a T shirt and little shorts which were loose fitting, no bra or knickers it was too hot for clothes really but you have to wear something. I asked her if she had a boyfriend, yes and I’m going to miss him for the next few days, I said why don’t you tell him to stay with us, I can’t do that I’m here to look after you. Layla I won’t say anything you have my word, spend your time with him I can look after myself. Amy you can’t tell your mum and dad, stop worrying and enjoy yourself, she hugged me and said keep away from the men they like pretty young girls like you, stop worrying Layla oh and I will be going out dancing tonight and won’t be back till late I’ll take my phone with me in case you want to call me oh and bring your boyfriend back to the hotel you can both sleep in mum and dad’s bed see you later.

I started to walk along the beach and got as far as that lovely quiet beach just past those rocks I was hoping to see Abu, I sat down and was looking around for him in the end I fell asleep, it must have been a couple of hours later and I woke to a tap on my arm, it was Abu lying beside me I was so pleased to see him I hugged him and he kissed me he put his hand under my T shirt and fondled my tit’s and squeezed my erect nipples, he moved his hand down and slipped it in my loose skimpy shorts and rubbed my pussy and slipping his fingers in me, he got me so wet. There was nobody around so he picked me up and he took me to his place, he asked where mum was I told him she would be away for four days on business with dad, he gave me a cold drink I sat on his lap and he cuddled me, after I finished my drink he took my T shirt off and sucked my big tit’s as he was doing it he picked me up and took me to his bed and took my shorts off, he took his shorts off and put the end of his hard dick to my mouth, he asked me to suck his dick which I did, I had never done this before so I didn’t know what to do, he guided me and in the end I was doing it right for him, I was taking as much of his 10 inch dick in my mouth as I could, his body tensed and he shot his sperm down my throat I swallowed it all down, good girl he said then he kissed my body all over front and back, I was loving this he made me feel so excited then he opened my legs and pushed his dick right up inside me, ABU ABU ABU I LOVE IT OH MY GOD YOU’RE BIG OH OH OH I LOVE YOUR DICK, he started to shag me and almost straight away he gave me a huge orgasm, OH MY GOD ABU I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMING, I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING, OH ABU I LOVE YOUR BIG DICK OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MY GOD my bum was shaking violently and my pussy was squeezing his dick, I was bucking taking all his lovely long dick, it was fantastic, he said he was going to shoot his sperm in me, DO IT DO IT DO IT OH YES I CAN FEEL IT SHOOTING IN ME OH I LOVE IT, I hugged him tight I was overwhelmed by how he was making me feel, I was probably pregnant anyway so I didn’t care. Through the night we made love and all I can say is that the experience he gave me was un-believable I so loved having sex with him so much so I went back each night mum and dad were away. Layla and her boyfriend were in bed when I returned on the day mum and dad were coming back, I saw him get out of bed, his dick wasn’t as long as Abu’s, he had a shower and left. Layla and I had coffee and we were talking, she asked me what I had been doing, I told her I had met this black guy and that I stayed the nights with him but don’t tell mum and dad, I won’t said Layla but you’re only 15, I know but I don’t care, Layla I love sex with him so much he has a long thick dick and he makes me feel so good, did he cum in you Amy, yes lots I loved it, my god Amy are you on the pill, no I don’t have any, Amy you’re going to have a lovely black baby I’m so pleased for you, I got undressed and got in bed with her and we cuddled, she has lovely big tits I fondled them then we kissed, she rolled on top of me our pussies we rubbing together and I opened my legs wide, she asked me if I could feel something thing going inside me, yes I can Layla, it’s my boy friends sperm Amy, oh Layla there’s lots of it, yes Amy and it’s all going in you, I lifted my legs up towards my chest I rubbed my pussy against hers and we kissed passionately and we both had orgasms, I couldn’t believe I had an orgasm with a girl, she taught me how to suck her pussy as she sucked mine. An hour later mum called and said they wouldn’t be back till 11pm. I told Layla, we cuddled each other and stayed in bed. I asked her about her boyfriend, she said he was nice and they had been seeing each other for about 18 months, I asked her if she loved him, I think so, I do miss him when he’s not with me. I said mum and dad won’t be back till late so why don’t you call him you can spend the day together in bed, we can change the sheets before mum and dad return, she kissed me. I was making the coffee and the door knocked, it was Layla’s boyfriend, he got in bed with her and the three of us were talking then I said I will go on the beach, Layla said do you want to stay with us, they both looked at me with a smile on their faces, Layla opened the bed cover c’mon Amy get in, I took my T shirt and shorts off and got in, her boyfriend James reached over and kissed me he pulled me over Layla towards him, I was between them and they were feeling my body all over, James’s dick was hard, he laid me on my back and started to get on top of me I opened my little legs and he pushed his very thick dick in me it was very nice he started to make love to me he French kissed me he was rubbing my clit and I could feel his big balls touching my bum I was getting so worked up, my eyes and mouth were open wide then I had a big orgasm, I flung my arms and legs around him and my pussy squeezed his dick hard, JAMES I LOVE YOUR DICK, I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING, OH I’M CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING OH MY GOD WHAT A LOVELY BLACK DICK OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH MY GOD I LOVE IT KEEP ON FUCKING ME JAMES, OH JAMES I’M HAVING ANOTHER ORGASM, I shouted out DON’T STOP DON’T STOP OH MY GOD I LOVE IT, Amy can I cum in you, MY GOD YES SHOOT IT ALL IN ME, OH YES YES YES YES I CAN FEEL IT SPLASHING IN ME OH I LOVE IT THANK YOU JAMES, I kissed him, I was breathing heavy and I was knackered, he got off me and got on Layla and fucked her hard, she was going crazy, he took it in turns with us, we were both totally knackered when he had to go. My god Layla you need to stay with him he’s brilliant, she kissed me, I wanted to share him with you Amy, thanks Layla I really loved it if we come here again I want you to be with me I love being with you, I’ve learnt so much while I’ve been here. We got up and changed the bed sheets and we were sat having coffee when mum and dad came back, dad didn’t look to happy, he thanked Layla and gave her some money we said our goodbyes and she left. Mum said that dad had been suffering from migraines and it seemed to be getting worse, we had just over a week more here but mum said that dad couldn’t face any more meetings so we could either stay here or go back home. I said for mum to ask dad what he wanted to do, she asked him in the morning, he said he thinks he needs to see our doctor, she said what about a doctor over here, I don’t trust them was his reply. All packed up we headed off to the airport and as we were about to check in dad said why don’t you two stay here for a week or two and enjoy yourselves you love the beach and the weather I will get my sister to stay with me for a couple of weeks, dad hugged me and then he hugged mum he was whispering something to her then I saw him patting her pussy through her shorts, we waved goodbye and we went back to the hotel and managed to book another week with provision for further week if we needed too. We spent the rest of that day on the beach wearing T shirt and shorts, in the evening we danced in the hotel’s garden there was some small event going on. In the morning we went shopping for bikini’s that didn’t reveal so much, we changed in to them, took a bag with our shorts and couple of T shirts, we headed off down the beach and stopped at the kiosk selling coke, we sat down I mentioned Abu she smiled, mum I have something to tell you but don’t get mad, what is it Amy, while you were away I stayed with Abu for 3 nights in his bed and he made love to me, but Amy his dick is too big for you and you’re only 15 I know mum but as he made love to me more his dick when straight up inside me oh mum I loved it he made me feel so good he did everything to me like he did to you, I’m sorry mum but I really love sex with him, my god Amy did he shoot his sperm in you, yes mum lots of times I love him doing that I could feel it splashing in me it felt wonderful, Amy you could be pregnant, I know mum but I love his dick so much he gives me such big orgasms and he shoots loads of sperm in me, I just love it mum I need him again and I think you do too, Amy I couldn’t stop thinking about him while I was away. Did you take some birth pills mum, no Amy your dad whispered to me at the airport to let a black man have sex with me and he didn’t mind if I got pregnant he knows I want another baby. Amy he said he doesn’t fancy me anymore for sex, I think we should go to that little beach just past these rocks and see if Abu finds us, yes mum let’s go. We got to the deserted beach and lay down waiting, it started to get dark we got up and started walking back to the hotel when we heard Abu calling us, we stopped and looked round he ran up to us and hugged us both, we went back to his place and the three of us got in his bed naked and he made love to us both, mum really enjoyed sex with him and had many orgasms and he kept cumming in her, after he had worn her out he got on top of me and fucked me hard and fast, I don’t know how many orgasms I had with him but it was a lot and I took all his sperm in me. We saw him every day and sometimes we stayed with him overnight, life was so good the three of us were so happy together, the sex was fantastic and we got on like a house on fire. Mum and I both missed our periods we were both pregnant and Abu was really happy.

Our holiday was up and Abu was sorry to see us go, we said we would see him next year and that we would keep in touch. When we got back home dad was okay but he was still having migraines but not as bad, the doctor had prescribed something for him. I listened in to their conversation in bed that night, mum told him she was pregnant and that a black man had put a baby in her, dad asked her if he had a big dick, yes much longer and thicker than yours and I loved it I’ve never had sex like that before he knows how to use his 10 inch dick, Ten inches, yes you can’t believe how much I enjoyed it. The thing is you haven’t fucked me for 2 years I can see you’re not interested I’m nearly 35 and I want sex and lots of it, I found what I want with Abu it’s a shame he lives so far away, I’m sorry John even if you want sex with me now it’s not going to happen, I love Abu’s long thick black dick and I’m going to have his lovely black baby, dad said he was happy for her she also told him that she wanted to go and see him a few times during the year, he agreed and said if I wanted to go with her I could. Mum thought it best that I have a termination I was too young to be a mother I was a bit disappointed but it was for the best. I said to mum that I wanted to go with her when she went to see Abu and she said we both love his black dick yes mum I miss him already.

Mum had Abu’s baby and she was lovely, Dad told his friends that they had adopted a black baby and that they might adopt another one. My boyfriend didn’t know about me being black pregnant but he did think my pussy was bigger, his little dick didn’t satisfy me so I just faked my orgasms with him, he’s a lovely boy and I wish he had a much bigger dick. I’m now on the pill I can’t wait to see Abu again.


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