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This is a purely true love and sex story.

Raju was an student of class 10 as usual the School was started in the month of June. First day it was all introduction of each other and some periods were carried out by quiz, singing, co-curricular activities. And for English subject there was a new teacher named Nirmala as she just joined school she was not having any nicknames. She was a simple, beautiful lady with attractive body structure. As she was in to the class at 3 period, She began with Introduction often she was in green saree looking so hot, as Raju started to introduce himself he saw her with a naughty way and his introduction in English had impressed her so much and at the end of period asked him to meet her after the school just she wanted to know more about him. After the School he went and saw her in staff room but, she was not there waited for her for few minutes and she came later on and asked him sorry for making him to wait, this was liked by Raju and they began chating each other. Madam was all alone but was married and husband was at his work staying away from her. Nirmala asked Raju about his home and family. She was there just before a day in rented house where her home was just 150 mts away from Raju’s home. As after school she’s way to home was to cross Raju home and then was her home. As they both were on way to their home they first reached Raju’s home. Raju asked mam to come in his home. But she said she would come on another day as she was followed by some of work of arrangement at home. And often she also asked help from him for her work. He replied he could come after changing his dress. Nirmala reached home and he came after 15 min later she opened door and asked him to come in, both went to bedroom for arranging some of her dress materials and books. As he was arranging he was found of her beautiful photos of Nirmala in her college days made him love impressive on her. They also chated about her college days shared some of her experiences. She was very grateful and thankful to him for helping her. Often this was second thing she likes out of him. The first was obviously his English speaking skill. It was all finished at 6:30 in the evening and she began to cook she also asked him to have his dinner with her. They both had their dinner together and he was back home. Every day they both are to go together to school, her looks slowly make him to fall in love with her obviously she also started loving him. Which in turn started taking care of each other this was continued untill he started calling her nimmu, nimmy, sweaty, baby, this was love on her. Sometimes in the evening he brought dinner for her from his home. As days go on the closeness between them was also near, some days due to her work he was staying in her home. As days passed he started expressing his love on her. She brought her garland to wear for hairs. In which she was looking so beautiful. She obviously was liking to take class for his section. They began leading their private life. Such as going to movies, park, restaurant etc this made them love each other. Raju was also left so free as thinking that he would work with teacher. But that was all wrongful thought about him. As days continued their love grown up like a big tree. One day as she was Shaving her hairs on the armpits suddenly Raju entered her room where she could see her boobs. And probably this was stepping stone for their sex life. As she also saw him seeing her in such a way. Without response she asked him to sit near her. And she started talking about her love on him. They both hugged each other as token of love but there was no beginning of sex. As her birthday was approached he wished earlier than her husband. And made arrangements for her birthday party. As program began She entered with pink saree which was gifted by Raju she even brought him dress as her husband was absent. Their pair was like a couple she was looking hot in pink saree. And after the party they gone to sleep. As she was removing saree looked so hot and made him to take her into the bed this was the even moment she was all expecting to happen as she was lying on bed he removed her blue coloured bra and kissed her boobs slowly proceeded towards her cunt as she was all enjoying this moments. This was the day they both were waiting, after removing her panty he smelled it and started licking her hole, and also started to press her boobs even this was so good. At the end of sex it was midnight and the lesson learnt was all about sex. In this it all continued leading their life so beautiful and romantically. She could not even think of her husband. They both became close to each other, in such a way that for her everything was Raju and Once in the month of September they planned to visit ooty as they left to ooty. As it was too cold there they visited some of places and made an halt in a lodge, as they were lying on bed slowly they become close to each other and Raju slowly pulled her saree down, and asked her to remove her blouse as she opened he started licking her soft boobs she enjoyed that moment she pulled her pant down and asked him to take out panties she touched his penis licked it with lovely lips, he started pressing her boobs. Then started fucking her in different positions, styles. Later on this was continued and Raju got a good job but his love on Nirmala was not less. And both want to lead life together so she got divorce from earlier husband and married Raju and now they are enjoying beautiful life…..

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