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Mistaken Identity – Dirty Sex Tales

Tina was alone in the family owned hotel she was not happy she would rather be out causing mayhem with her mates, but the duty manageress had gone sick so Tina had to take over. Her parents were out and her brother was out with his mates, Tina thought at 16 years of age she should not be working, The phone on the reception desk rang, Tina answered it somebody the other end of the phone said ” evening Mandy room 23  a bottle of scotch please” and hung up Tina thought to her self dumb bastards think I am Mandy. Tina went to the bar got a bottle of scotch then checked the register to see who was in room 23 saw it was four men who often stayed when Mandy was on duty, Tina knew the men were in their 50’s and perved after her and her mates. Tina took the bottle of scotch went to the room, after knocking on the door one of the men opened the door Tina went in, one of the men said ” where is Mandy” Tina looked at the men and told them Mandy was unwell and off duty and that she was covering for her, Tina did not realise she had made a mistake in saying this. One of the men looked said” yes this one is better looking and much cuter” Tina turned to leave as she did one of the men patted her on the bum, Tina turned was about to slap the man when another kissed her on the cheek while another rub her bum, the four men had all crowded round Tina who tried to push her way out but could not, Tina felt her skirt being raised and her panties being slid down, Tina then realised she had problems, Tina felt her skirt being unzipped and felt it fall away then hands rubbing her bare bun while another was rubbing between her legs, despite trying hard Tina could not break free she felt her blouse being unbuttoned and pulled open then off her body, she felt her bra being undone then pulled free of her body, Tina was now naked her boobs being rubbed Tiny felt fingers slide into her love tube tried to push the hand away but could not she felt her nipples being squeezed, Tina was gently laid on the bed where her body was explored, Tina felt herself starting to get aroused and moist, after  a few minutes Tina saw one of the men was naked with a 8 inch erection she then felt it slide into her love tube and start to thrust away while her nipples were getting a lot of attention, Tina was now feeling very aroused and relaxed a bit she felt the dick inside her start pounding in deeper she then felt it pull out and wet warm patches hit her leg another dick was soon pounding into her making her cum after being pounded for a few minutes Tina came a second time before the dick was pulled out and another took it’s place, her nipples were still being squeezed and sucked, Tina felt more wet warm patches splatter her leg, then another dick slid into her love tube making Tina cum almost straight away before it started pounding into her making her cum twice before splattering her legs with wet warm cum, after a few minutes Tina stood up saw the men drinking the scotch, Tina found her blouse and skirt putting them on before leaving the room and going for a shower. Tina stood under the shower letting the warm water run over her body thinking to herself I have just been fucked by the four perves and enjoyed it.

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