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Mom banged in college – Dirty Sex Tales

Hey, I’m Argha Basak from Kolkata and this happened with my mom Nandita in college.

So my mom is 41 y.o. And she’s quite modern and she has all the right assets so she can give a boner to men of any age.

So when I was in my 1st year I was debarred from sem as for attendance and my parents were called. My father was in Delhi for his business so my mom visited with me to the dean. She wore a white shirt tucked in with blue jeans yet she was still looking like a bomb. So after waiting for 20 mins in reception finally we got the permission to meet dean in his office and right as we entered, the Dean’s eyes were glued to my mom he never broke eye contact and his eyes travelled head to toe of my mom as if he would grope and maul her right there, from entering to having seat in his cabin. As my mom started explaining things I saw him just nodding his head while he eyed mom like he will eat her on his desk. He’s name is Mr Ashif Hassan and he was in his late 40s with broad shoulders and silver hairs and beard with a bit dark complexion and has 3 kids already. When she started asking for solutions to revoke the debar he told us he can’t do anything as the proceedings were taken by disciplinary committee. When my mom pleaded him to help us somehow he said he can’t do anything but he has connections in disciplinary committee that can do something if he interferes. My mom was quite hopeful hearing this and started to thank him to which he said he needs something in return to which my mom replied sure she will. The next thing he did was beyond our imagination, he hopped off his chair and came towards beside my mom and grabbed her hairs and pushed her head on his desk within a blink and my mom grabbed my hands tightly which even shook me. Before I could realise what was happening my dean was biting and kissing her neck and nibbling her ears while his hand pinned mom’s head on his table and his another hand was playing with my mom’s breasts and fondling them. When I looked at mom she kept her eyes shut closed and her grip tightened around my hands as he continued. I was scared to make any moves or to react so I sat still but I recognize that I was having a huge bulge too. After a min or so I felt grip on my hand to loosen up. Maybe she too started to enjoy this rough manhandling by dean. When finally he whispered something in her ears which I wasn’t able to hear but mom started to plead dean to have something else and she will do anything else then he backhanded mom and told her to let me get debarred then to which mom started to sob. After some time she turned to me and with glassy eyes told me to wait outside Dean’s office. I asked her that was she sure about it or not to which she gave me a dirty look and told me to leave, anyhow I left halfhearted and stood just beside the doors, my heart dropped as I heard a faint sound of my mom choking and pleading my dean to have mercy and let her go. After which there was a cracking sound which most probably was across my mom’s cheeks. After that there was a surprise squeak and sound of dragging with a bounce sound on his sofa. For a few mins there was only a bit sound from movement on sofa but all of a sudden my mom screamed in top of her voice, but then it was subdued, a few moments later only her groaning sounds were coming and then there came sound of more slapping like sounds for over 10 mins this continued. After that there was a loud groan of both my mom and the dean with this there was silence for a min. Again there was faint noises of slapping but this time it seemed like three people were clapping with my mom’s groans and cries in the middle this continued for another 10 mins when finally they both groaned out loud and finally after 5 mins the dean peeped through the door and called me in. Just as I entered I got still with shock as my eyes went to the sofa set in his chamber. My mom sat there with disheveled hairs with her lipstick smeared while she was still buttoning her shirt with exposed cleavage and her bra clearly visible, I somehow moved my eyes and controlled my hard on and went to Dean’s desk. With a smile he told me that there’s nothing to worry about and that he would look into the matter himself but he told me to attain a small party in his farmhouse with my mom and told me to reach home with my mom safely now. When I got up from his desk I saw my mom was hardly able to walk, I hold her arms and helped her as much but she walked out slowly with her head low and the others waiting in the reception stared at her she held her head down because some of them must have caught her noises too. Thanks for reading and please mail me any suggestions you have her on [email protected]

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