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Mom’s Best Friend Part 4

Chapter 7

That evening, Adam took Mary and her daughter to visit his children. Emily, his fifteen-year-old daughter, and Dean, her twelve-year-old brother, seemed to be well-brought-up children and greeted their guests politely, if not too warmly. Mary sensed that there was some resentment in the girl, and that it was aimed in her direction.
 “I’m sure you’re right, darling, ” Adam told her later, as they talked over drinks in the kitchen while the children talked and watched television in the living room,  “but she’ll soon get over it. “
 “I’ll help her all I can, Adam. I understand just how she feels. After the death of her mother, she became, in a sense, the woman in your life. Now I come along and challenge her. It’s only natural she’d resent me, at least in the beginning. “
 “With that kind of understanding, dear, I’m sure you’re going to make out just fine with her. “
 “Thanks for the high opinion, dear, but I’m not sure I deserve it, ” Mary said, then knew she had to tell about her session with her daughter that afternoon and her almost overpowering desire to go down on Sharon.
When she told him she had to talk to him, they agreed to go to her house where they could be alone. They told the children they would be gone an hour or so, then they drove to Mary’s house.
Mary poured tall drinks for them, and they went into the living room where she told him everything that had happened that afternoon, leaving out nothing, not even her desire to go down on her own daughter and suck her cunt.
 “You truly are an amazing woman, my darling, ” he told her,  “but you don’t need to worry about your desire for her. Until I met you, I was quietly lusting after Emily’s pretty young body. It would have been only a matter of time before I fucked her. “
 “So it would have been incest, but at least it would have been a male-female relationship, not a homosexual one. I can’t understand it, Adam. My sex life’s better now than it ever was. Why should this happen to me? “
 “The answer to that is easy, dear. Sexuality tends to breed sexuality. “
 “Like the more you get the more you want? ” Mary asked.
 “Yes. You’ve discovered the joys of cunt-lapping and cocksucking, so now you want more. You want to try other, different things–things like sucking Sharon’s little tits and her cunt. That isn’t strange at all. “
 “But doesn’t that make me a lesbian? “
 “Not at all. Society builds fences and applies names, labels. It tells us what we may or may not do. I say the labels and rules society imposes are against human nature. Who’s to say you shouldn’t make love with Sharon? “
 “Then you don’t feel that incest is wrong? “
 “That’s right–or homosexuality, either. I’ve never sucked a cock, but I’ve had mine sucked by men a few times. As it happened, I enjoyed it very much. “
 “Oh, I’d love to have seen that, but I don’t want to change the subject. Please tell me more. I want to be convinced. “
 “In that case, ” Adam told her and put a hand under the hem of her dress to fondle a firm thigh,  “I’ll try my best to convince you. “
 “You have very convincing hands, darling, ” she told him with a little sigh as the hand moved higher; then she raised her ass off the couch, and he pushed the hem of her dress up high, feasting his eyes on her lush thighs.
Adam talked to her of human nature, of love and of human desires. He returned to the theme of society and churches having distorted human nature by damning human acts which were basically acts of love.  “The same group glorifies war and killing, yet they condemn love. Just how rational is that? “
 “I have to admit that your logic sounds much better. You wouldn’t be horrified then if I told you I made love to my own daughter, that I sucked her cunt? “
 “On the contrary, I’d be so excited you’d get your cunt well sucked and fucked. As a matter of fact, I think I’ve talked myself into something while I was at it. “
 “Emily? “
 “Yes. I saw her in her bra and panties a couple of days ago and I almost shot off in my pants. She’s really ready to get fucked, whether she knows it or not. It could make you jealous, though. If you tell me not to, I promise I won’t touch her. If it doesn’t matter to you, then my darling daughter is going to get fucked. Hell, she’s going to get laid sooner or later by some boy, and he’ll probably do a lousy job. Since I’m her father and I love her and know what fucking is, I can show her how beautiful it is and help her enjoy the real thing. “
 “Of course I wouldn’t be jealous, darling. How could I? In fact, I’d love to hear all about it. I want you to tell me all the details. Will you? “
 “Of course. And you’ll tell me all the details? I mean after you’ve seduced Sharon and lapped that tender young cunt of hers? “
 “I have a hunch that’ll be tomorrow, when I see you. In fact, I want to take her home early tonight and take her to bed with me. After it’s over, I may let her sleep with me. “
 “Great, but in that case, I’d better not fuck you. We should keep your cunt nice and fresh for her, in case she wants to suck you, too. I imagine she will. “
 “Hmmm, I’m afraid you’re right, and I’m so in the mood for one of your beautiful fuckings. “
 “How about a fucking with my tongue? ” Adam asked as her thighs moved apart and his hand went to her warm crotch, gently stroking her cunt through sheer nylon.
 “Oh, darling, that would be so wonderful! If you like, I’ll suck your beautiful cock and drink all the jizz you can shoot, ” she added, feeling the way his hard cock was making his pants bulge.
 “I’d like that very much, my darling. Lift your pretty ass and I’ll take your panties off. We really don’t need to waste time getting all undressed. “
Again Mary lifted her behind off the couch and Adam took her panties down and off; then she sprawled back to open her cunt for him. Dropping to his knees, he felt his way up her thighs and made her squirm with his sexy, gentle touches until he had a hand in her crotch. She sighed deeply as he played with her cunt, which had warmed up with exciting quickness.
 “Oh, yes, darling, ” she panted,  “suck me! Suck my cunt. It’s so hot for you. “
 “Sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t, not in this position. “
 “You can’t? ” she asked, frowning.
 “That’s right. In this position, I can’t see and feel your beautiful ass. Now if I were to lie on the carpet and if you were to kneel with your cunt and ass right above my face, then you’d really get a terrific cunt-lapping. “
 “Then what are you waiting for? ” she asked, and he laughed as he gave her pussy another little pat before moving away from her and lying on his back on the soft carpet.
Mary went to him and would have knelt astride his head at once, but he told her to stay on her feet with her short dress in place. Understanding, she went to him and slowly raised one foot to take a step over him.
As she did, Adam looked up under her dress and his cock throbbed some more as he feasted his eyes on sheer nylons which clung to her legs and thighs, saw her lush white thighs and the black suspenders, then looked up at her scarlet gash and the lower slopes of her beautiful ass.
 “Wait just a second, ” he told her.  “I have to open my fly and let my cock out before it breaks off. Jesus, how beautiful and exciting you are, darling. When I was a boy, I used to think of how exciting it would be if I could lie down and look up a woman’s dress. Now I know. “
Mary watched as, with a little difficulty, he took his hard prick out of his pants; then he sighed and she was sure she could feel his eyes on her thighs and ass and cunt as he rubbed her legs with both hands. At last he told her he was ready to suck and she dropped over him, kneeling with her crotch above his face, raising the hem of her dress so that he could more clearly see her pussy and butt.
 “Oh, darling, it’s so exciting this way, with all my clothes on, ” Mary told him as he fondled her thighs with both hands, then reached around her to find her big asscheeks and give them a loving massage.  “It makes me hot and horny, like we’re doing something forbidden. “
 “I can see that you really are a naughty little girl, Mary. Of course I suspected that when I looked up your dress and saw that you weren’t wearing panties. “
 “Am I a naughty little girl? You could give me a spanking right on my bare behind, Daddy. “
 “Thank you, but that lovely ass is too beautiful and too tender. I couldn’t stand the thought of doing anything to hurt it. “
 “Do anything you want, Daddy. I’ll be your pretty young Emily. I’m all horny for you, and after a while I’m going to take my daddy’s big cock in my mouth and suck it. What are you going to do to me now, Daddy? “
 “I’m going to suck your tender little cunt until you have a great big come, Emily, ” he told her, going along with her game and finding it very exciting.
He played with her ass and crotch, and she trembled hotly when he told her to put her crotch on his face, telling her again that he was going to suck her cunt and make her have a big come.
 “Oh, yes, Daddy. Yes! Here comes my little cunny right now. See, Daddy? I’m putting it right on your mouth 80 you can suck it and lick it for me. “
As Mary talked, sounding very girlish, Adam looked at her twat as it came down slowly. His hands held a thrillingly smooth pair of buttcheeks, and he could easily believe she was his daughter if he wanted to, but they had played that game. It was more than enough that he had Mary’s tasty, hot cunt to suck and her plump, silken ass to fondle. Her pussy touched his mouth lightly then, and he kissed it. His grip on her ass tightened as she sighed loudly, and he began sucking, making exciting, wet slurping sounds in her box.
He was content to suck for a long time before sending his tongue up her slit to lap. As he did, he heard her louder sighs and felt her crotch rubbing subtly on his face, making it wet the way he liked to get it wet. He hadn’t been licking long before her sighs changed to loud panting, as though she were gasping for breath; then she was crying out loudly as she climaxed and laved his face with the mingled juices trickling from her well-lapped cunt.
Mary rested on his face for a little whisk after her orgasm, then knelt up again. But Adam didn’t take his hands off her ass, and he smiled up at her as he offered her a second lapping. Her lovely body still glowing, Mary accepted, though her clit told her that it needed a little more time to let some of the sensitivity pass before it would be able to take another delightful licking.
Just a few minutes later, he heard her sigh and saw her crotch coming down toward his mouth again. He welcomed it and began sucking her box, lightly at first, letting intensity build gradually until his tongue went into her slit again and Mary’s ecstasy became so great that she was squeezing her boobs with passion and joy.
When she climaxed for the second time, the shock waves were so strong that Mary thought she might die. But then came glorious resurrection with the whole world taking on a warm, golden glow.
 “You’ve been overeating, darling, ” Mary said as she got off him,  “and I’m getting very hungry. “
 “Would you like me to make you a ham sandwich? ” Adam asked teasingly.
 “No thank you, dear. I think a nice drink of warm cream would be just right. Do you have some in this beautiful big dispenser? ” she asked as her hand closed around the shaft of his strong prick and squeezed gently.
 “I think I have enough for a nice drink. Care to help yourself? I love the way you drink, the way you handle the container. “
 “That container is very precious to me, darling, ” she told him as she played with his cock.  “Tell the truth, Adam–would you mind standing up so I could kneel at your feet? I think I’d like it that way. “
 “The way you suck my cock, darling, I’d stand on my head if you wanted it. “
They got off the bed. Adam stood near it, his hands on his hips, telling her she’d be more comfortable sitting on the edge of the bed, but Mary declined, telling him she wanted to be on her knees, in an attitude of prayer while she sucked on his big dong.
She trembled as she dropped to her knees, then gently massaged his throbbing cock with her hands, kissing and licking it and making it shine with her saliva.
Mary had been playing with his cock for a long time when she finally pushed the rod between her lips and told herself that her mouth had become a cunt for him, that he was going to fuck her new cunt and shoot a big load of rich jizz into it.
As she had done previously, she sucked delightfully and took his prick out of her mouth from time to time to make the blow job last longer. Then she couldn’t wait any longer for her drink, so she sucked greedily and soon she got what she wanted as his cock expanded and began shooting cream. She drank greedily until his big balls were drained. His cock softened as he took it out of her mouth and put it back in his pants.
Picking up her panties, he put them on and snugged them around her body with loving care while she held her dress up. He patted the crotch and seat of the clinging garment, then they left to rejoin the children.

Chapter 8

When they returned to Adam’s house, they found the children getting along fine. Mary was delighted, as was Adam. Mary offered to help prepare a snack, but Emily thanked her and told her she could handle it. Sensing that it was the thing to do, Mary went into the kitchen with the girl, helping only a little as they chatted, Emily seeming to warm to her almost in spite of herself.
 “Emily, ” Mary said impulsively,  “I guess you know that your father and I are serious about each other. I think we’re very good for each other. “
 “You do seem to be good for him, ” the girl admitted as she stacked some biscuits on a plate, not looking up.
 “The one thing I want to stress, Emily, is that I’m not going to compete with you for his affection. He has enough of that quality for a dozen people. “
This time the girl did look up. For a second there was no expression at all on her face; then she surprised Mary by turning on a winning smile.  “I hadn’t thought of it that way, ” she said and looked genuinely pleased.  “Sharon makes you sound like a pretty wonderful woman. Dad does, too, for that matter. “
 “I don’t think I’m all that wonderful, Emily, but I like being happy and like having happy people around me. If we want it, we can have a wonderful life, five warm, friendly people living and loving together. ” It wasn’t the time to say it, but Mary had thoughts which almost made her tremble, thoughts of all five engaging in wild sexual romps with no holds barred.
The TV was turned off and forgotten as the two families ate and chatted. Emily had come totally into the spirit of the evening following her chat with Mary, and she proved to be vivacious. She showed more than a little of her thighs, and Mary liked what she saw, telling herself that since she was going to get involved in lesbian fun and games with Sharon, it would be sheer delight to romp with Emily as well.
She wondered how she would seduce the girl, then thought that perhaps she should leave that to her daughter, and went on to think that it would be easy as well as pleasant for her to seduce twelve-year-old Dean. That thought caused her thighs to press warmly together.
It was still a little before ten when Mary decided to take her daughter home and seduce her. Emily sounded sincere in asking them to stay longer, but Adam, who knew why Mary was taking her daughter home early, said nothing, and they left a few minutes later.
During the short drive to their home, Mary and her daughter talked warmly.
 “All of a sudden, I’m just so happy. Life seems so beautiful, ” Sharon said impulsively.
 “I’m pleased, dear, ” Mary told her and patted her on the thigh.  “Do you think our little session this afternoon had anything to do with the way you feel? “
 “I’m sure of that. Gee, it was really exciting. I’m still excited about it. “
 “That’s nice, darling. Perhaps we’ll go to my room when we get home and do something about that. Would you like that, or are you tired? “
 “Are you kidding? I’ll never be too tired for things like that. Do you really mean it, Mother? “
 “Of course I do. Why do you think we left so early? “
 “Oh, Mom, I’m so excited! Tell me, ” she went on, lowering her voice,  “did you and Adam go back to our place and fuck? “
 “We really went there to talk about some very important things, but after we’d talked them all out, we were both so horny that we had to do something. I sat on his face and he lapped my cunt twice, and then he took his cock out and I sucked him off. He gave me a big drink of cream. “
 “Ooh, Mother! You’re so sexy and exciting, ” Sharon said, then put a hand on her mother’s warm thigh.
 “It’s a good thing we’re home, ” Mary said as she turned the car into the driveway.  “That naughty hand of yours doesn’t make for safe driving. “
As Mary turned off the ignition, Sharon’s hand became very naughty as it worked into the warmth between her mother’s thighs and stroked her panty crotch, which felt a little moist.
 “You really were naughty with Adam, weren’t you? ” Sharon said as she stroked and her mother’s crotch began to get hotter.
 “Well, his mouth did leave my pussy very wet and when we finished, he just put my panties on and we left. All that juice had to go somewhere. “
 “I’d love to see you two in action, ” Sharon said in a warm whisper.  “In fact, I’d love just to see his cock. From what you tell me, it must be something special. “
 “Who knows what could happen in the very near future, darling, ” Mary told her daughter.  “For now, though, let’s get into the house and out of our clothes. I know what’s going to happen there, even if you don’t yet. “
They hurried into the house, and Sharon kept asking her mother what she meant, but all she got by way of answers were excited smiles. Then they were in Mary’s bedroom, undressing eagerly, ready to romp, Sharon aware that her mother planned something more than fingering, but not aware what it was.
Both wore garter belts and nylons, and Mary told her daughter that they could leave them on for the time being since they wouldn’t be in the way.  “Besides, ” she added,  “I think nylons make a woman’s legs look sexier. “
 “Oh, yes, Mother. I love the way the tops expand around your thighs and contrast with your white skin. “
 “Thank you, angel, ” Mary said as she reached for her daughter.  “Now let’s share a loving kiss before we get on the bed. This is going to be a night you’ll remember for a long time, and so will I. “
Sharon moved smoothly into her warm embrace, and they kissed with passion which kept mounting as their mouths mashed wetly together. When Mary’s hands went slowly down to her daughter’s behind to fondle it, Sharon did the same to her, thrilling to the feel of the plump, smooth cheeks. Before the kiss ended, Mary felt her daughter’s heart pounding and knew how exciting and how passionate their meeting was going to be. She thought again of how she was going to suck the girl’s tender young cunt, and she trembled violently.
The kiss finished. Both of them starry-eyed, mother and daughter got onto the bed and moved into another hot embrace. It lasted for a long time and left them breathless.
 “Oh, Mother, tell me what we’re going to do, ” Sharon asked, her voice small, the tone warm and excited.
 “We’re going to do lots of sexy, exciting things, ” her mother told her,  “and we’re going to have lots of nice big comes. This morning, when you got up, you were a girl. When you go to sleep tonight, you’ll be a woman and you’ll never look back. “
As she listened to the words, her heart hammering at her rib cage, Sharon thought it sounded as if she were going to get fucked, but since that wasn’t possible, she told herself, her mother must have something special in mind, something very special and very thrilling, she felt sure.
For a little while, they fondled and sucked tits, Sharon delighting in the feel of her mother’s boobs in her hands and in her mouth. It was no less thrilling when Mary sucked her tits, doing it so excitingly and making the girl think of her mother sucking Adam’s prick. She thought, too, of the hint her mother had given earlier, a hint which indicated that she might soon get to see that big cock which seemed to work such magic on her mother.
And then there was a hand in Sharon’s crotch, and it felt so good as it gently rubbed her virgin cunt. She kept sighing and moaning, then found that she was able to reach into her mother’s crotch and feel her hot, moist cunt, and that added to her thrill as mother and daughter stroked pussies and exchanged sighs.
 “Sharon, darling, ” Mary whispered as her hand moved excitingly in the girl’s twat,  “did you really like the sexy way I kissed your mouth? “
 “Oh, yes. It was so beautiful, so exciting. I never knew a kiss could be like that. “
 “A kiss can be better than that, dear. How do you think it would feel if you were lying with your legs wide apart and I kissed you just like that–on your warm cunt? “
 “Oh, Mother! ” Sharon responded with a little shriek.  “That would have to be the most exciting thing in the whole world. I never dreamed that you’d do that. “
 “I’ve never done it, angel. It’s going to be the first time for me. Of course I’m not going to stop at just kissing your sweet little cunt. I’m going to kiss it and suck it and get my tongue in your slit and lick. I’ll keep doing it until you have a great big come. Do you like the sound of that, angel? ” she asked, her hand still gently stroking her daughter’s warm little pussy.
 “I like that more than I can tell you, Mother. It seems so hard to believe that it’s going to happen. Do I get to suck your cunt after you show me how it’s done? “
 “I hope you will. That sucking and lapping I got from Adam was divine, but it just made me hungry to get some more of it. Now that’s enough talking. I’m really hungry for your little pussy and I’m going to suck your tasty cunt juice right now. “
Reaching for a pillow, Mary placed it under Sharon, who raised her behind to help, then she moved around to stare into the smooth, warm crotch of her daughter, her tongue licking suggestively over her lips. She bent as she moved closer, and Sharon moaned loudly as she felt warm, moist breath in her muff, bathing what was already a very warm pussy, making it warmer.
Hands that were strong but gentle, claimed willing legs and raised them high, bending them back over her body; then the hands were holding her smooth thighs, her virgin cunt beautifully presented. A low quavering moan broke from the girl as her mother’s mouth kissed her hot cunt, and then Mary was sucking greedily. She sucked for about a minute, then took her mouth off the soft, wet pussy and smiled at her daughter
 “Do you want me to stop now, darling? Have you had enough? “
 “Oh, no, Mother, don’t stop! Don’t tease me. Suck my cunt and make me come! “
Her smile brightening, Mary licked her lips again and tasted her daughter’s pussy juice, then returned her face to the warmth of the young twat, found the soft, moist cunt and resumed sucking. After sucking for just a little while, she licked her tongue into the slit and felt her daughter’s body jerk in her hands, heard the louder moan of ecstasy as she probed deeply.
As she sucked Sharon’s box, Mary wondered why she had waited so long to seduce her daughter; then she realized that the old Mary could never have done such a thing, not even to save her life, and that the new Mary hadn’t been born until Adam came along.
And with that thought came another, and she formed a mental picture of Adam, naked, his face buried in her daughter’s crotch, sucking her cunt. It was followed by a picture of Sharon lying naked, her legs wide apart; she was panting as Adam lowered his nude body onto her and slowly pushed his big, hard prick up her virginal cunt and popped her cherry.
And then the pictures were turned off. Her mind returned to the scene of the action as she heard louder, different cries from her daughter and knew she was very close to coming. Her tongue licked over the hard little clit a few more times, then Sharon erupted in wild climax, ecstasy contained in her every cry until the waves finally stopped crashing over her and she sighed warmly.
As mother and daughter lay resting, they talked of how thrilling the experience had been and of how they would repeat it often.
 “Mind you, dear, it would be a mistake, ” Mary told her,  “to introduce you to lesbian acts and leave you there. It could give you a wrong outlook on life and on sex. “
 “What do you mean, Mother? ” Sharon asked, hoping she had already guessed the answer.
 “I mean you must also discover the joys of sex with a man, the wonderful joy of having your body fondled and the ultimate pleasure of taking a cock up your cunt in a beautiful fuck. “
 “Is … is Adam going to fuck me? “
 “Yes. How do you feel about it? “
 “Oh, Mother! Call him up and tell him to come right now, this minute. “
 “I’m afraid we can’t do that, darling. You see, Emily has to be trained first. She’s a virgin, too. Right this minute, Adam’s having a long, exciting talk about sex with her. Tomorrow afternoon, he’s going to break her cherry. In a couple of days, he’ll come here and give you a magnificent fuck. “
 “Oh, yes, Mother. I only wish I didn’t have to wait so long for it. It’ll hurt the first time, won’t it? “
 “Yes, dear, it will. But it’s a part of the process of maturing. It only hurts the first time. After that there’s nothing but pleasure if you get a man who’s a good lover–like Adam. “
 “I’m so excited, Mother! ” Sharon said with a sound like a squeal.  “But it’s going to be so hard to wait. “
 “It needn’t be, dear, ” her mother told her warmly.  “After all, I’m sure we can find things to do to help time pass easily. “
 “Yes, Mother, such beautiful things. “
 “Did I hear you say something about wanting to try sucking my cunt? “
 “Oh, yes. I really want to do that. Can I do it now, Mother? “
 “If you don’t, I’ll be very hurt, and I don’t think you’d want to do that to me. “
 “You know I’d never do anything to hurt you, ” Sharon said as her mother opened her legs, then sighed at the feel of a gentle young hand rubbing on her warm cunt.
There was no more talking then, only a silence that was emphasized by warm sighs and a few panting sounds. Mary sensed that Sharon was delaying the actual cunt-lapping not out of fear or apprehension, but because she wanted to prolong the act, wanted to tease herself by waiting.
Sharon turned a little, sucked one boob, then the other. She began kissing her way down her mother’s smooth, slightly rounded tummy, all the way down until she was grazing in her pussy bush. Mary knew that the eager young mouth was just seconds away from her cunt, which was more than ready to receive a good sucking, despite the two it had taken from Adam just a little earlier.
Sharon gave a little cry as she positioned herself and gazed fondly at her mother’s cunt; then the cry was repeated as her hands went to Mary’s thighs, then moved to her well-fleshed hips. The next cry which came from the girl was muffled by Mary’s warm crotch as her mouth found the cunt and pressed warmly onto it, bonging a groan of ecstasy from her mother.
Instinct and memory combined to tell Sharon just what to do, and she kept her mother moaning and panting through a magnificent cunt-lapping until the woman cried out in orgasm and her big thighs captured and held her daughter’s pretty face, rubbing it until the spasms passed.
Mary sighed as her legs fell apart and Sharon looked at the well-sucked cunt. It looked so good that she felt an urge to suck her mother’s snatch again. She did.

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