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Mom’s Best Friend Part 5

Chapter 9

While Mary was teaching her daughter the lesbian arts, Adam was taking the first step in the seduction of his daughter. He and Mary had worked out the plan together, and she had convinced him that it was a good one.
As soon as their guests left, he sent his son to bed, then took Emily into the living room for a chat. He began by telling her about Mary and of how happy a family they were going to be, the five of them. When he began talking about sex, he saw that his daughter quickly became excited. Pleased with her reaction, he became more and more explicit in describing various sex acts.
Her face became flushed, but he sensed that it was more from excitement than embarrassment, and kept going. She began asking questions, and he answered them in erotic detail, telling how he and Mary sucked and fucked in various positions.
And then he told her about lesbianism and saw no sign of shock and revulsion.
 “Do you know why Mary and Sharon went home early tonight? ” he asked with an excited smile, and she told him she didn’t.  “It was to make love. Right now the two of them are naked on her bed. Their breasts are being fondled and sucked, they’re playing with each other’s asses and pussies and they’re sucking and licking cunts and having beautiful comes. “
 “You mean they’re lesbians? ” she asked, seeming surprised but not shocked.
 “No, they’re human beings, very lucky ones. You see, wise people enjoy sex in all the forms they find. A woman can enjoy sex with a man, then move from that to sex with another female. “
 “But … but Sharon is so young. She’s only thirteen. “
 “True, but Mary reasoned that sooner or later it would happen to Sharon, she’d be introduced to sex by someone. She reasoned it’s better for the girl–and I agree–to learn sex from those who love her. “
 “You say you agree, Daddy. Then what about me? I’m two years older than Sharon. “
 “And your body is much more mature and beautiful. Are you interested in learning about sex with me, dear? “
 “Yes, ” she replied without pausing to think.
 “I’m very pleased to hear that, dear. I love you very much and I’d love to teach you. Tomorrow’s perfect for it. It’s Saturday. Dean will want to go to the movies, and we’ll have the house to ourselves. “
 “Oh, Daddy, do we have to wait that long? “
 “Yes, darling. I’m as anxious as you, but we must be alone in the house and have plenty of time. I’m dying to see and feel your lovely young body. It must be so firm, so beautiful. “
 “Do you want to see it now, Daddy? ” she asked and stood, obviously ready to strip naked for him.
 “I want to, very much, but I don’t dare. I’ll wait until tomorrow. As it is, I think I’m going to have to jack myself off before I can get to sleep tonight. Even though Mary sucked me off so beautifully at her house, I can feel my cock stiffening again. “
 “Can you, Daddy? ” Emily asked. Then she turned on a bright smile as she reached for the hem of her skirt and slowly raised it over beautiful thighs.
Adam wanted to tell her to stop, but he couldn’t find his voice as he stared at her thighs.
Her panties, when they came into view, were plain, white nylon, but there was nothing plain about the way she filled them as he looked at the little bulge of her cunt mound. She raised her skirt until he saw bare skin above her panties, then she turned and wriggled a beautiful young ass at him. Through the stretched fabric, he clearly saw the crack of her ass and his cock throbbed in full erection as his hunger grew.
 “Do you like the way I look in my panties? ” she asked as she turned to face him again.
 “I like it very much, darling, ” he told her, his voice breaking.
 “I could take them off and let you see everything, ” she said with a teasing grin.
 “If you take your panties off, young lady, it will be to lie over my lap to have your bare ass spanked. I don’t think you’d enjoy that very much. “
 “You’re not only a coward, Daddy, you’re a big bully, too, ” Emily told her father, but she smiled as she said it.
 “Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll take your panties off for you and your bra, too. I’ll do it very slowly and we’ll both enjoy it very much. “
 “Do you take Mary’s bra and panties off when you’re getting ready to suck her cunt and fuck her? “
 “Sometimes. She has a beautiful big pair of tits, and I love baring them and playing with them and sucking them, but tits don’t have to be big to be beautiful, you know. I’m going to go wild when I see yours and fondle them and suck them. I think you’ll go a little wild, too, don’t you? “
 “I know I will, Daddy. Please, let’s do it now. I can’t wait till tomorrow. “
 “I want to, darling, but we can’t. For one thing, I don’t have any rubbers. I’ll have to get some in the morning. “
 “Couldn’t we risk it just once? “
 “Would you like to lose your beautiful figure and have a big fat belly? “
 “No, ” she said quietly.
 “Come sit on my lap for a minute and we’ll talk, then we’ll go to bed. Before I do, I’ll have to go to the toilet and jack myself off. Otherwise I’ll never get to sleep. “
 “Is your cock big and hard? ” she asked as she raised her skirt and sat on his lap, feeling his hard-on and giving a little gasp.  “Daddy, you have a big flashlight in your pants. What’s it for? “
 “It’s to look inside your beautiful little cunt tomorrow, ” he told her.  “I’ll put it way inside and look up into your belly. When my light is in your slit, it’ll shoot a lot of cream and make us both feel good. “
 “Daddy, show me your cock before we go to bed. It would give me something to think about and to dream about until tomorrow comes and you fuck me with it. “
 “Well, ” he agreed,  “I suppose I could do that. I guess it wouldn’t do any harm. Did you ever see a boy jacking off? “
 “Oh, no. Just like no boy ever saw me fingering my pussy. “
 “I’ve got an idea, darling. I think you’re going to like it. “
 “I think so, too, Daddy. Tell me what it is. “
 “Well, I could change my mind and let you take your panties down. I could take my cock out and let you look at it while you finger yourself and have a nice big come. After that, you could watch me jacking myself and shooting my cream. “
 “Oh, Daddy, you’re so wonderful! I’ll never be able to thank you enough, ” Emily told her father as she hugged him tightly. He felt a tit jabbing at him and again hungered to see and feel her well-developed young tits.
 “You should save some of the thanks for Mary. She helped me reach this stage. I guess we helped each other, really, but without her, this couldn’t be happening between us. I’d never have had the courage to fuck my own daughter. “
 “Then I’m thankful to her, too, and to think I wanted to hate her because I was jealous. “
Adam assured his daughter that she had no reason for jealousy. As he talked, he fondled her tits through the blouse and decided that they were a bit bigger than he expected, and beautifully firm. While she squirmed, sighed and panted, Adam brought his right hand around her and felt his way up one leg. He paused, and Emily opened her legs to let him feel all he wanted.
She heard a low, muffled rumbling in her father’s throat as his hand moved and he squeezed the firm thighs. His hand continued to move upward until it was on the crotch of her panties, and the two of them were panting then.
Telling his daughter that it was time for them to masturbate, he had her get up; then he stood and began to unzip his fly. He paused and looked toward the door, then went quietly to Dean’s room and found him sleeping soundly. When he returned to his daughter, he smiled at her loud gasp. He had taken his cock out as he left his son’s room, and it stood in proud, strong erection, the skin drawn well back from the swollen prickhead.
She hurried to meet him. Then she was crouching before him, fondling his cock with both hands, delighting in the velvet softness of the big prickhead and the hardness of the long shaft.
When Emily told him it must be the biggest cock in the world, he smilingly assured her that at seven inches his dick was longer than average, but far from being the biggest.
When he told her to, Emily unfastened the waist of her skirt and dropped the garment, then stepped out of it and tossed it onto a chair.
Adam trembled as he watched his daughter pushing her panties down, slowly baring the beautiful triangle of pussy bush; then her panties were stretched across her thighs. While his cock throbbed as though ready to explode, he watched her put a finger in her mouth; then the finger went to her crotch and she worked it between the lips of her little cunt and sighed deeply.
 “Don’t you usually play with your cunt before you finger it? ” Adam asked.
 “Usually, I like to rub it a little and warm it up, but this time I’m too hot to wait. “
As she fingered her clit, Emily alternated between and up-and-down motion and a circular one, and her father wondered how she had learned that. She kept giving him progress reports of her arousal until she was panting that she was close. Her voice broke, she gave a few more strokes of her finger, and then she was crying out as her body jerked out of control in strong orgasm.
When she finished, she was sweating. Adam took her in his arms and hugged her, his cock throbbing against her belly and adding to her delight. Then he pulled her panties up for her and told her to put her skirt on.
When she had done so, he smilingly told her to take her panties off and give them to him. She did, and he folded the warm garment and held it in his left hand, then took his cock in his right and told her to watch while he jerked himself off into her panties.
He masturbated very slowly, and his daughter was wide-eyed as she watched. It was the first time he had jerked off since meeting Mary, and it felt good. Adam knew he would fire a big load and he would feel even better.
Once, as he felt his orgasm approaching, he stopped to make it last a little longer, then he decided to go on with the jerking and blast off. As he neared his peak the second time, he warned her to watch closely; then she heard him grunting and watched as sperm spurted from the little pisshole in the big head of his cock.
Emily was amazed at the force with which his prick shot off. She wanted to feel it doing that inside her cunt. Then she looked at the big puddle in her panties as he finished shooting and sighed tiredly.
Careful not to spill any, she took the panties from him and wiped the few drops which dribbled. She touched the pool of jism with the tip of a finger, then carried it to her mouth and tasted it.
 “I’m going to keep these panties forever, ” she told him,  “and I’m never going to wash them. “
Smiling, Adam put his limp cock away. They kissed good night and went to their rooms to await the big day tomorrow–the day of Emily’s first fuck.

Chapter 10

Emily woke suddenly Saturday morning. At once she thought of the exciting dream she’d had in the night; then she trembled as she told herself that it hadn’t been a dream, that it had really happened. And then she couldn’t be sure whether it had been dream or reality.
When she remembered the panties, she hurried to her dresser, opened the drawer and there they were, folded into a pad, liberally stained with sperm which had dried during the night.
Everything rushed back to her then, but especially the promise of her first fuck. She had heard older girls talk about how it hurt to get your cherry broken that first time, but she refused to feel anything but wild, wonderful excitement as she recalled the bigness and strongness of her father’s cock, and thought how it would soon be inside her cunt and she would know the joy of being fucked.
She found her father in the kitchen, wearing a bathrobe, sipping coffee and reading the morning paper. Approaching quietly, she surprised him with a kiss on the cheek. He turned and smiled warmly at her, asking if she had slept well. Her brother, she knew, would be sleeping late, as he always did on weekends.  “I slept beautifully, thanks to you, Daddy. You haven’t changed your mind, have you? ” she asked, then went to stand beside him, allowing one bare leg to escape from her bathrobe.
 “I’m not sure, ” he said teasingly, but he wasn’t able to hold back his laugh, and then he told her that he definitely hadn’t changed his mind.
 “I wonder what time Dean’ll want to go to the movie? “
 “You can be pretty sure it’ll be the one o’clock show. Since he won’t be home until after five, that’ll give us plenty of time. In the meantime, I have to go to the drugstore and buy something important. “
 “I wonder what that could be, ” she giggled and reached for the front of his robe. Her hand went inside before he knew what she was doing. As she caught his tool, she felt it begin to stiffen at once. Then he took her hand away, warning her that Dean could surprise them by getting up early.  “Darn! If only he weren’t in the way. “
 “Well now, I suppose we could shoot him and bury him in the garden, ” Adam said with a serious expression.
 “I didn’t mean it that way, Daddy. It’s just that … ” she paused uncomfortably …  “I don’t know what I mean. “
 “I do, dear, and we’ll soon solve that problem. One day very soon, Mary will come to visit. She’ll take him into my bedroom to have a nice little talk about life. It’ll be a little more than a talk, come to think of it. She’ll undress a little at a time, show him all of her body, then teach him the standard games–like sucking tits and cunt fucking. After that, he’ll be one of us, and we won’t have to hide from him when we want to play. “
 “Oh, Daddy, how exciting! Imagine, a twelve-year-old boy fucking a big woman like Mary. I’d love to be watching when she seduces him. “
 “Not the first time, I’m afraid. Even I won’t be watching. Later, though, we’ll see him humping Mary. “
 “When are they going to come here to live, Daddy? “
 “In another couple of weeks. There are a lot of things to be done. You’ll see lots of Mary and Sharon, though, don’t worry. Maybe Sharon will teach you some of the sexy games her mother’s teaching her. Would you like that? “
 “I think I’d rather learn the games from Mary. Sharon is so young. “
 “I’ll tell Mary. I’m sure she’ll be delighted to be your teacher if you’ll promise to be a good student. “
 “I’ll be such a good student, Daddy! Just like I’m going to be with you in a little while. “
After Dean left, Emily and her father were alone in the house, the doors both locked, the drapes drawn in Adam’s bedroom.
 “Are you going to fuck me right away, Daddy? ” Emily asked as they entered the room.
 “No, darling, not for a long time. Fucking should never be rushed. We’re going to undress. Then we’re going to play a lot of games for a long time. Your beautiful body will really be hungry for it when I get around to fucking you–and so will mine. “
He took his daughter in his arms then and their mouths met, gently at first, then in a kiss of fierce passion which left them both trembling as he opened the top of Emily’s dress, then watched as she took it off.
Emily had done some shopping, too, and she wore a sexy black matching bra and panties, which she filled more than adequately. Adam fondled both cups of her bra and made her squirm a little more.
When he released her, he stepped back and began undressing. Emily admired the strong-looking chest, and then he was unfastening the waist of his slacks as his daughter’s heart pounded.
The sound of the zipper seemed loud in the quiet room, and then he was pushing his pants down and she saw the bulge of his big prick in his briefs. Smiling, he outlined the form of his cock, then pushed his briefs down. His tool seemed to leap out as though ready to attack.
When he stepped out of his briefs, he took his daughter in his arms and held her closely against his strong, naked body, so that she could feel his cock as it throbbed against her. While they shared another sexy kiss, he played with her beautiful ass and she loved it. Then she felt him unhooking her bra, and she was eager to show him her nicely developed young booby
 “Oh, Emily, ” he said, his voice quavering as he bared them,  “what a beautiful set of tits you’ve been hiding. I’m going to give them a lot of attention with my hands and my mouth. Will this really be the first time you’ve had your tits sucked? “
She assured him it would, and then he picked her up, held her easily in his arms and put her down gently on the bed, looking at her as she squirmed in passion.
Adam let her squirm alone for a minute as he gazed lovingly down at her; then he was squirming with her, his body delightfully heavy when he lay atop her for a little while. Finally he got off and began fondling and sucking her tits as she urged him on with heated sighs and excited little squeals of passion.
Each time he took a break from sucking a firm tit, Adam raved about the beauty and firmness of her boobs, of how thrilling they were to fondle and suck. When he had first started, Emily had hoped he would take her panties off and hurry to her cunt, but once she discovered the joy of having her jugs handled and sucked the way her father did it, she forgot about everything else and concentrated on what was happening, wanting it to go on forever.
And then he left her tits after giving each hard nipple a little squeeze with his lips. His hands rubbed down her tummy until they were on her panties.
Emily parted her lovely legs wide for him, and he moved a hand slowly into her crotch to feel the soft warmth of her cunt. The touch made her groan again. She began to wonder if she was making too much noise, but she let the thought go away. She was enjoying herself and sensed that she should just act naturally. The natural thing to do seemed to be to pant and grunt and groan and sigh as much as she felt like it.
And then her father was turning her over, and she helped. While he told her that she had the loveliest young ass he had ever seen, he played with it, and his hands kept moving, over and around her skimpily cut panties. Until then, Emily hadn’t known that having her ass played with could be so sexy, hut she learned fast, and he went on teaching her for a long time. When Adam recalled that he hadn’t put a rubber on, he decided to do it at once, lest he forget later and fuck her without it. She turned to watch as he stood close to the bed. He gave her a wink as he pulled the rubber on and rolled it all the way down the long shaft of his stiff cock. Emily liked the way his prick looked in the latex shroud as he waved his cock at her, then he told her to get up.
Emily couldn’t understand why, but she didn’t argue as she got off the bed and stood in front of him, only her sheer panties covering her nudity. Then he told her that he was ready to take them off.
Turning her around, he knelt behind her, fondled her ass and thighs a little more, then she felt hands moving to the waistband of the panties. He heard a low cry of passion as he began taking them down. His hands trembled only a little as he slowly bared white, silken cheeks and her smooth, hairless crack, pausing to plant many kisses all over her butt as he did so.
 “Oh, Daddy, it’s so exciting getting my ass kissed like this! Do you kiss Mary’s behind, too? “
 “Yes, but let’s just talk about us, ” he told her, pushing the panties down until they fell around her feet, then helping her out of them.
Still kneeling, he kissed and licked her ass some more, then took her onto the bed again and had her kneel with her head down and her beautiful ass arched high. In that position, he saw her little bung, looking so smooth and clean and beautiful that he wasn’t able to resist kissing it and diddling it with the tip of his tongue while Emily moaned excitedly.
Adam decided it was time to really turn his daughter on with a first-class cunt-lapping, so he turned her over again. She was lying on her back looking up at him, lust and hunger on her beautiful young face, the hunger of a woman who wanted to be fucked, but before being fucked with his cock, he thought, she was going to get a tongue-fucking that would be more than enough to make her come.
He gazed warmly at her virginal little cunt as her ass squirmed on the sheet; then he put a hand on it and rubbed gently as he told her he was ready to start sucking and lapping her cunt. She groaned, her back arching with passion.
Aim positioned himself on the bed, stared again at the tender young twat just inches from his face. As he liked to do with Mary, he breathed warmly in her crotch and liked her reaction. Teasingly, he licked her sicken inner thighs, his tongue moving closer and closer to her cunt. Without warning, he put his tongue on the bottom of her slit and licked slowly upward as her groan of passion became a hymn of lust.
There was no more time for teasing then, and his open mouth pressed down warmly on her soft, wet pussy.
As he began sucking, Emily’s hands balled into fists and her nails dug into her palms until it hurt as she kept crying out as though in agony. But Adam knew it was an agony of ecstasy, so he went right on sucking, alternating the wet sucking with thrilling tongue work as he probed as far inside the juicy slit as he could get.
While he ate his daughter’s cunt, his hands kept moving slowly, fondling all the way from her thighs to her tits, never pausing in one place long before moving on elsewhere.
As for Emily, she could hardly qualify as an authority on cunt-lapping, but she sensed that nobody could possibly be as good at muff-diving, and she was sure Mary would tell her the same thing.
Her cries became more shrill when his tongue began to concentrate on her tender little passion bud, and she felt the first warning that climax was coming. As Adam went on licking her clit, the signs became stronger. Then she was panting that she was going to come. Words changed to wordless cries, and then her body was jerking madly, out of control as the orgasm filled her like no orgasm ever had. Her father held her lovingly until it was all over.
 “Oh, Daddy, ” she sighed when she was able to find her voice,  “I can’t describe how good it was. Nobody ever felt as good as I did while you were sucking my cunt and while I was coming. “
 “I’m happy for you, darling. May it always be like that for you. Have you had enough now, or do you still want that fuck? “
 “I want it more than ever. Just think, I’ve had my cunt lapped and now it’s going to be fucked with a great big, beautiful cock–my own daddy’s stiff prick. Give it to me, Daddy darling. Lie down on my belly and fuck me in the cunt. “
 “In a minute, angel, ” he said as he crouched close to her and his hand went into her crotch; then he began to stroke her wet pussy gently, and Emily was sighing as passion began to mount again.
She couldn’t understand why her father didn’t want to start fucking at once, but Adam knew. He wanted her to be steaming hot when he fed his prick to her, so that when he broke her hymen, passion would hopefully act as a mask to partially blur the pain she would feel, and it would be better for her. He felt an intense love for his daughter, and he wanted her to enjoy fucking and cunt-lapping and cock-sucking–the whole beautiful bag of tricks.
When Emily told him that the finger in her slit was bringing her to another come, he smiled as he took the finger out and told her he was ready to give her his cock.
And then he was between her legs, his big, naked body hovering over her, and she felt him probing her crotch. Because her slit was so small, he had some difficulty finding it, but then the big head of his cock was between the little pussy-lips. They both gave little grunts, Emily’s turning into a warm sigh and going on as her father paused with the head of his prick inside her cunt as Emily told herself it was no longer a dream or a hope she was actually being fucked for the first time.
Sighing, she assured her father that she still felt very horny and close to coming. He smiled as he fed stiff cock into her tight little cunt, a bit at a time. There was no need to hurry, he reminded himself as he savored the tightness of the virgin cunt while he looked down at the beauty of her naked body and her lovely face–the passion-contorted face of a fifteen-year-old virgin, eagerly taking her first fuck.
When the head of his cock reached the barrier, he felt it give, but he wasn’t ready to take it. Instead, he began giving her a short fucking with just that much of his cock, and she panted broken words as she told him how good it was and how hot she felt. She seemed to be almost out of her mind with passion and that he decided, was the time to pluck her little cherry.
Adam gave his daughter no warning. He took one big lunge, his hips muscles bunching. The thin little barrier put up no fight at all, and his cock went through it with ease. Emily gave one little cry but she didn’t stop panting and her arms held him tightly as he fed seven inches of cock up her tight, churning cunt.
For just a little while, he rested on her with his prick throbbing inside her stretched little twat, then he began fucking, giving it to her in long, slow strokes as she panted encouragement, telling him that she loved fucking and wanted him to screw her all the time.
Pleased that she made no mention of pain at all, he went on fucking her, then heard her gasp and sensed that they were going to achieve a miracle together–the miracle of a virgin achieving orgasm in the course of her very first fuck. His mind told him it wasn’t possible, but her body and her labored breathing told him it was. He went on stroking slowly, waiting for the miracle to happen, riding high on her body so that his cock rubbed her tender clit with every stroke.
And then she was right on the edge and he was fucking her as fast as he could drive his hard, throbbing cock, knowing that he was close, hoping that he could add to the miracle by going off at the same time as his panting daughter.
Emily opened her mouth and tried to tell him she was coming, but the fiercely beautiful come cut off her words. She could only pant and cry out in ecstasy as her whole body seemed to explode. As the third wave swept over her, Adam ground down in her crotch and his big body jerked strongly as his pent-up load of semen was pumped from his balls with lovely force.
They panted and grunted, then lay sighing, his body heavy on hers, their sweat warmly mingled in their shared joy. Adam searched his mind for traces of guilt or regret, but he was delighted to find none and knew it would always be that way, that he would fuck his daughter as often as they wanted and they would accept their status of lovers as well as their warm, father-daughter relationship. 
Realizing that his weight was heavy on her, Adam got up. His daughter groaned with disappointment as he took his cock out of her freshly opened cunt and lay beside her, holding her naked body warmly in his strong arms as they whispered about beauty and love and joy. 
 “It isn’t really pain at all, ” she assured him.  “It hurt for just a second when you popped my cherry, but the fuck was so thrilling I hardly noticed it. I can feel a little burning sensation in nay belly, but that’s about all. I thought it’d be a lot worse than that. “
 “So did I, angel, but I hoped that getting you as horny as I did would work. That’s why I took my finger out of your cunt just before your second come. “
 “You’re wonderful, Daddy, ” she told him and hugged him tightly.  “I feel so good, but I feel like I’m in a trap. I think I’ll explode if I don’t tell someone yet this is something I can never tell to a soul. “
 “That’s not quite correct, darling, ” he told her and smiled warmly, his eyes shining.  “I’m sure Mary would love to hear the big news. Why don’t you give her a call right now? “
The suggestion delighted Emily, so Adam dialed Mary’s number and handed the phone to Emily, watching her hand trembling as she took it from him. When Mary answered and Emily began telling her what had happened, panting with arousal, her father moved behind her and reached for her tits with both hands.
While he fondled them lovingly, he heard his daughter giving Mary a glowing report of her exciting seduction and her first fuck.
 “Tell Sharon it’s wonderful, especially with such a great lover, ” he heard her say, and gave her tits an extra squeeze as a silent thank you.
And then Adam realized that Mary was talking to his daughter about lesbianism, and his heart leaped as he noted the girl’s enthusiastic response.
 “Ah yes, ” Adam said under his breath,  “life is beautiful all of a sudden, but it’s going to get even better. “

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