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Mom’s Best Friend Part 8

Chapter 16

Adam and Mary were married in a private ceremony, but they didn’t go away on a honeymoon. It was during school vacation, and they decided they would spend their honeymoon at home with their family, much to the delight of the children.
Wanting some special events as honeymoon spectaculars, they had postponed having the dog fuck the two girls, and it was to be a highlight of the week’s celebrations they had planned.
On the night of the wedding, the family stripped naked soon after dinner and romped through an orgy of oral sex. Adam and his son kept their cocks hard for the females until all had been cunt-lapped enough. Then, after Dean spent a long time kissing and licking the bride’s butt and reaming her asshole with his talented tongue, the others cheered while he lay atop her lovely, naked body and fucked her.
 “Ooh! ” he panted as he pushed his stiff little dick up her well-lubricated cunt.  “You’re my Mom now, and I’m fucking you in your warm cunt. I’m fucking my mom. “
The others laughed, but that didn’t diminish their wild arousal as they watched the little boy lying between Mary’s thighs, his little ass bobbing as he fucked, finding it as exciting as the first time he had screwed her, that magic day that seemed so long in the past.
After the ceremonial fuck was finished, Adam tossed a coin and Sharon won the right to soften his big cock in her hot little cunt. While Adam sat on an armless chair and had Sharon sit facing him to take her fuck, Dean told Emily he would do nice things to her since she had 108t the toss.
Dean and Emily and Mary watched as Sharon raised her body, and Mary guided her husband’s stiff prick to her daughter’s little cunt. Then the girl slowly lowered herself, impaling her twat on the big cock which kept throbbing as it worked into her tight, juicy slit. Adam held her little ass cheeks as she rode up and down, fucking him to the delight of both.
Keeping his word, Dean had Emily kneel with her head down and her beautiful ass arched high. For a little while, he fondled and kissed the silken mounds of her we, then he- pressed his face between them, licked her crack wetly until she felt juice trickling into her cunt, and then he curled his tongue and worked it up her tight pink bung and began reaming her.
When the others thought the party was over for the evening, Mary surprised them by bringing the dog into the room and, lying across the bed with her w right on the edge, she called the beast to her and he lapped her cunt until she came with fierce strength .
The children were more than impressed, and the two girls were dying to have King lap their cunts, but the main event was still to come, Mary informed them as she knelt on all fours and invited King to mount her and fuck her.
While the children gasped in disbelief, the trusty animal mounted her nicely presented behind and they stared at the sudden growth of his cock as the sheath peeled all the way back. He jabbed his tool up her hot cunt with one shot and went on to give her a lovely fucking.
The following evening, there was another coin toss and this time Emily was the winner. She trembled with wild arousal as the dog lapped her tender young pussy, licking until she had her come. She trembled even more as she knelt on all fours and the big beast mounted her while the others stared. He missed her little slit a couple of times, the head of his cock jabbing in her crotch, then he scored a direct hit and gave her about four inches of prick in the first jab. He hurriedly worked the rest of his boner into her hole and went on to give her a terrific fucking.
The following evening, it was time for King to fuck little Sharon. There had been an extended round of cunt-lapping to set the stage for the performance, and her cunt was juicy when she gave it to the animal to lap. He did his job well and she had her third come of the evening before she knelt on all fours on the carpet and the dog sniffed her cunt once, then mounted her little body.
His eager cock found her cunt quickly, and then he was humping her pretty little ass. She kept moaning with joy through the delightful fucking the dog gave her. When it was over and the dog had dismounted to curl up and lick his well-used cock, Dean dropped to his knees behind the girl and surprised her by slowly working an excitingly hard cock up her asshole.
Seeing that the girl’s other hole was being neglected, Adam dropped to the floor and worked a finger up her snatch. While the boy buggered her ass, he used the finger skillfully so that she enjoyed a good come.
Proving the adage that the family that lays together stays together, their life became a thing of continuing joy and beauty.
That still applied six years later, although there were some changes. At eighteen, Dean was a handsome young man, a good student in college and, most importantly, his cock had developed so that it was within a half-inch of being as long as his father’s seven-inch banger. Given his early training, he was a masterful lover, and he never tired of keeping the three females more than satisfied, with lots of help from his father and from King.
As could have been predicted, Emily matured into a stunningly beautiful young woman at twenty-one.
Perhaps the biggest surprise was Sharon. As a girl, she had been slim, almost to the point of being skinny, but six years changed that and at nineteen she was a real beauty. She retained relatively slim thighs, but her fanny had developed into a lusciously rounded thirty-eight inches and Dean never tired of pressing his face between those cheeks to lick and ream, sometimes using a finger in her twat to make her come while he had his tongue curled up her asshole.
She had a narrow waist and an almost boyishly flat tummy, but they were overshadowed by a pair of huge tits, though given their firmness they didn’t require a bra at all.
Adam was then a mature forty-seven, but still as good a stud as he had been in the beginning. He swam and golfed and kept himself in excellent condition for the exercise he got at home.
Mary, too, was careful about such matters as diet and exercise so that at thirty-eight, she still had a stunning figure, her tits, thighs, ass and tummy girlishly firm, although maturity brought on a few more pounds, giving her an overall roundness which the other members of the family loved to play with.
She continued to be as highly sexed as she had been in the beginning, and never lacked a companion to romp with, male or female, as she continued to enjoy lesbian sex just as much as the more conventional style with Adam and Dean, not to mention the totally unconventional variety she got each time King lapped her cunt or mounted her to fuck his human bitch.
On Mary’s thirty-eighth birthday, they held a party for her, just the family, of course. It began with a steak and champagne dinner, and Dean established the course of the party when he suggested that they go to the bedroom with their coffee and dessert, the dessert being grapes and birthday chocolate cake.
Since Dean’s sexual imagination had surpassed even his father’s, Mary knew she was in for a special treat, though she didn’t even attempt to guess what it would be. In the bedroom, they all stripped naked, Dean helping Mary out of her bra and panties while Adam did the same for Emily and Sharon; then they all kissed passionately and fondled eager bodies.
Telling Mary he needed some help in eating his grapes, Dean had her lie on the bed with her knees raised and parted, then he went down on her and lapped her cunt until she had a magnificent come. When he asked her to, Sharon brought his dish of grapes and he put it down beside the panting woman.
Mary’s eyes went wide with surprise and delight as she guessed what he was going to do, then he confirmed it as he gently parted the lips of her cunt and put a grape inside. He rubbed her belly for a few seconds, then returned his mouth to her snatch and removed the grape, chewing it with obvious delight.
 “Come on, Daddy, ” Emily panted as she rubbed a hand over her twat,  “eat grapes out of our cunts. “
Adam was pleased to comply with the request, though he thought bananas would have been more appropriate but told himself they could do that another time. The grape-eating went on for a long time, but it was obvious that the women didn’t consider the time wasted. Then that portion of the snack was finished, and the three of them had their cunts lapped until they came, Dean looking after Mary and her daughter while his father gave Sharon a pair of good comes with his mouth and tongue.
But Dean still had more in store for his stepmother, and he had her lie face down on the bed while he admired, fondled and kissed her beautiful big ass, then he asked one of the girls to hand him his plate of birthday cake.
There was a knife on the plate and Dean used it to scrape the thick layer of chocolate icing off the cake. It made quite a pile, and then he called on his father to hold the cheeks of Mary’s butt apart while he filled her crack with the sweet icing until there was none left and her crack was well filled with the rich brown goo.
On a signal from his son, Adam released her asscheeks and they all agreed that she was a beautiful birthday cake, but Dean wasn’t finished. Taking a small candle from his pocket he inserted it in the chocolate and would have lit it, but his father told him to wait while he got his Polaroid camera which, fortunately, was loaded with color film.
Adam took one picture showing the chocolate in the crack of her white ass, then Dean lit the candle and his father took another picture. After that, Dean blew out the candle and they all sang Happy Birthday. Sharon suggested that Mary should get the traditional birthday smacking of one spank for each year, but Dean was afraid the jarring would dislodge the frosting, so Sharon was outvoted and Mary’s ass was allowed to remain pristine white with the rich brown stripe down the middle.
Bending over his stepmother, Dean lovingly kissed the lush cheeks, licked his lips, then began eating his dessert, his hands rubbing her hips as she sighed while Adam took more pictures of his son eating his memorable meal.
Dean licked so well that when he finished, Mary’s crack was completely cleaned, her little asshole having been licked back to its natural color, but some of the chocolate remained close to her cunt. It was difficult to reach from that position, so he had her turn over so that he could attack from her crotch. After the last of the icing had been licked away, he decided that while he had his face in her crotch he might as well suck her pussy again, so he did, and gave her a lapping which sent her flying into orgasm again.
Adam decided that since it was Mary’s birthday, she should receive a cunt-lapping from everybody and Sharon hurried to her mother’s crotch and did just that. Adam allowed his wife a little while to rest before Emily’s beautiful face was buried in her crotch. Then, after a nice lapping from Emily triggered another orgasm, Adam went down on his wife and sucked excitingly until wild orgasm swept over her.
 “Oh, you darlings, all of you, ” Mary said with a sigh as her husband got up, licking his lips which had the fragrance of her cunt still on them,  “my body just feels like it’s floating. No woman has ever been this well looked after, I’m sure. “
 “We still have more for you, angel, ” Adam said as he waved his stiff prick at her and smiled.  “You have to know that both Dean and I are going to give you the rest of your birthday present, a couple of nice fucks. You do want that, don’t you, darling? “
 “You better believe it, lover, and my cunt has never been more ready for a fuck than it is right now. “
Mary had been lying across the bed for her suckings. She turned and opened her crotch wide for Adam. He went to her, played with her wet cunt as he knelt in the frame provided by her legs; then he lowered himself onto her, found her hot cunt and slowly pushed his prick into her slippery slit and they both moaned. Adam paused for a little while to fondle her tits, then he began to fuck her.
He gave her a nice slow fucking, and it was all Mary needed for her tenderized clit to trigger another orgasm, a honey that went on and on while Adam let his cock soak in her hot hole. When she finished, he gave her a fast, rough fucking and she loved it as he crushed her into the bed when his sperm was spurting into her cunt and feeling as though it was flooding her belly.
Adam rested on his wife’s body for a little while, a warm glow spreading over his body; then it was time, Dean told him as he patted him on the shoulder, for Mary to be fucked again so Adam withdrew his spent tool and got off.
Kneeling astride his stepmother, Dean gave her what she loved to play with, on her birthday or any day, and it felt excitingly hard in her hand, then the head felt even more exciting in the warmth of her mouth as she sucked his prick until he took it away from her, then moved down to get in her crotch. She sighed as he lay atop her. He heard her low moan of passion as his cock pushed up her cunt to give her her second fuck of the beautiful evening.
Like his father, he preferred to-keep his fuck slow, to make it last so that Mary would come again, as she did. Dean had tried to hold his load for later, but he didn’t have a chance as the walls of her pussy sucked on his dick while she was climaxing. Her cunt sucked him off and drained his balls, leaving him so weak that when he rolled off her, he couldn’t get up.
Mary thanked her family for a lovely birthday, then Adam told her that one member of the family had been left out. Her eyes flashed with excitement as she realized he was talking about the dog, and it did seem only right that King should share in the festivities, so she told them to bring him on, telling them that there was plenty of juice in her twat for the animal to lap up.
Twisting around, she positioned herself with her ass over the edge of the bed, her legs parted and drawn back above her. Then Sharon came into the room with the big dog, who took one look at Mary’s crotch and went to her at once.
King sniffed her cunt and seemed to detect that it didn’t smell the same as usual, then he licked her slit and found the mingled male and female juices. He seemed to like that well enough, and he went on to lick up warm, cunt-flavored jism. He was still eating when she went into orgasm and had to push the beast out of her crotch.
Mary thought she should be tired after such a wild, wonderful bout of unbridled sex, but she wasn’t, and she almost leaped off the bed as she prepared to submit her naked body to the horny animal.
She knew he was eager to get his cock in her pussy, but she decided to tease him a little, standing with her feet braced wide apart and allowing him to sniff at her cunt and lick it as she talked to him and rubbed his head. When she decided she was as eager for the fuck as he, she patted his head, told him to sit, then went down on her hands and knees on the thick carpet, swaying her big ass while her tits did an exciting dance of their own.
The dog seemed to be straining to get at her lush body, but as always, he remained sitting until she gave him the command to fuck her. Then he hurried into action. Without pausing, he mounted her, and the group saw his big cock ready for action as the sheath peeled back and his blue-veined dong went searching for Mary’s snatch. He found it very quickly and rammed his cock home firmly, half the length in already and the rest following close behind.
While King fucked his woman, Adam took more pictures. He had purchased the camera only recently, and was determined to produce the best collection of erotic pictures in captivity. Considering the cast he had to work with, he didn’t doubt that he could achieve his sexy goal.
King panted as he gave his woman bitch the usual first-class fucking. Her passion bud was so tender and sensitized from all the previous action that when she felt the onset of another climax, she was not at all surprised.
As the orgasm swept over her, her body jerked very strongly and she wished the dog would pause in the fuck, but he wasn’t concerned and he merely kept humping her ass. He held her a little more tightly with his forelegs, as though fearing that the jerking of her body would make him slip off, but his strongly braced hind legs served him well, and he rode out the storm until his cock was buried deeply in her hole and his body was twitching as he pumped dog juice up her greedily sucking cunt.
After that, all agreed it was time for a rest. Then Emily changed her mind, pointing out that she and Sharon hadn’t had even one orgasm. Dean offered to look after that with his mouth and tongue, but they declined with thanks and got onto the bed together. Dean went along with Mary and Adam for drinks, but as soon as he poured his, he returned to the bedroom to watch the two young beauties squirming naked and panting with lust as they did all the exciting things to faces, tits, behinds and hot, tingling cunts, things which imparted a sheen of perspiration over both lovely bodies.
Eventually, their playing led them into an end-to-end embrace, and then each was sucking the cunt of the other. Finding a beautiful ass cheek that was not occupied, Dean fondled it and felt his pecker begin to stir with promise.
By the time the two beauties climaxed, Dean’s cock was excitingly hard again, and he showed it to them with pride.  “Who gave you permission to play with my ass while we were eating cunt? ” Emily asked him in pretended anger. Dean didn’t know what to say.  “I think I’m going to have to punish you for that. Lie down on the bed, face up. “
Sensing it would be fun to go along with his sister, Dean did as he was told. He heard her tell Sharon to sit on his chest and keep him in place. Excited, Sharon complied and sat so that her ass was close to his face, an arrangement which Dean didn’t seem to mind at all.
 “What are you going to do to punish your naughty brother? ” Sharon asked.
 “I’ll tell you. You see this hard cock that he’s so proud of? ” she said as she closed a hand around his rod.  “Well I’m going to soften it for him. I’m sure he has big ideas about getting it into one of our cunts this evening, but I’ll fix that for him with my hand.  ”  “You’re going to jerk him off? “
 “Damn right I am. Do you hear that, Dean? I’m going to pull your pud and make you shoot your cream, just like you used to do when you were a little boy. “
Warning Sharon to be careful that he didn’t escape, Emily began jacking her brother’s big hard cock. She loved doing it and often begged him to let her jerk him off, but he never wanted to waste the jism and always refused.
He made a big pretense of begging and trying to get away from the young women, but in reality he was quite content. His sister had a gentle, soft hand, and he liked the way she beat his meat. He decided that he could add a little to his enjoyment, so he tugged at Sharon’s hips until she understood what he wanted. She delivered her butt to his face, bending a little forward so that he could get his tongue at her asshole.
 “Don’t make it too fast, ” Sharon told Emily.  “He’s really licking my bung, and you know how I love it. “
 “Don’t worry, I’ve waited a long time for this, and I intend to make it last. Christ, what a boner this is. “
The slow pulling Emily was giving his hard cock as he licked Sharon’s crack and asshole filled the boy with delight, and he wondered why he hadn’t allowed her to jerk him off that way before. Having discovered how enjoyable it was, he decided he would have them work on him that way often in the future. Tonguing a pretty asshole was something he had enjoyed since childhood, but the act of reaming a bung while having his cock slowly and lovingly jerked made it a whole new ball game.
When he felt himself getting close to shooting, Dean raised a knee, hoping that his sister would understand the signal. She did, releasing his prick and rubbing his thighs and hips with both hands. After she had allowed his pecker to cool for a couple of minutes, her hand returned to it and she resumed the delightful jacking, still working very slowly.
 “Is his nose still in your crack, Sharon? ” Emily asked as she stroked his cock.
 “Oh, yes, and it feels great. Christ, I’ll never get tired of that tongue of his, not even if he licks my asshole raw. “
 “Don’t you think it would be nice if you could work up a little fart for him? He loves your ass so much I’m sure he would find your farts sweet. “
 “I’ll try, ” Sharon said, ” but I don’t think I can make one just now. “
Lying in the thrilling confinement of the girl’s plump, warm ass, Dean knew she was really trying when he felt her bung pushing out and heard her make a little groan, but it produced no wind and he merely pushed his curled tongue up her brownie a little farther. He felt sorry she hadn’t found what she was trying for since he told himself that it would be exciting.
A new thought occurred as he pictured himself tied and helpless while the girls and Mary did anything they chose to entertain themselves with him. Perhaps he would dress up for them in wig, makeup, padded bra, garter belt, nylons and panties and then submit totally to the women to be their slave. It had been a long time since they’d played that game, and he decided they were overdue.
Again Emily released his cock and this time reached for Sharon’s beautiful tits, which she played with lovingly while the tongue kept working between the cheeks of Sharon’s ass. When Sharon asked her to, Emily added sucking to the fondling of the luscious boobs, and it made her ass rub back on Dean’s face. It made his tongue slip out of her bung, but he didn’t mind, knowing that he could get it back in later.
Emily sucked one big tit, then transferred her mouth to the other, not hurrying at all, knowing that Dean’s stiff cock would still be waiting when she was ready.
 “Ooh, that was so nice, ” Sharon said when Emily finished sucking her tits.  “I’m going to want to do a sixty-nine again after you’ve jerked him off. Do you feel like another round? “
 “You know I always do. I’ll finish him off now and he’ll shoot cream all over your tits and belly. “
 “I have a better idea, Emily. I’ll bend over and open my mouth. See how good your aim is. “
When Emily resumed jacking Dean’s cock, her hand was just as gentle but it moved faster. She heard muffled groans coming from Sharon’s ass, then felt a quick expansion of the stiff cock and nodded excitingly to Sharon who bent closer, her mouth open.
She wasn’t quite fast enough, and the first spurt of sperm hit her on the chin, but Emily aimed his cock at the open mouth and the rest of his load shot into it.
Watching the performance as they stood inside the doorway, naked, Mary and Adam looked quite pleased with everything.
The boy’s cock had been drained, and he lay resting on the bed as the young beauties locked their naked bodies together and each sucked and lapped the other’s cunt.
His arm warmly around Mary’s waist, Adam gave her a loving squeeze, and that said all the things she understood. Years before, an unhappy man and an unhappy woman had met under strange circumstances. They had gambled not only with their own lives, but with those of their three children, and the gamble had more than paid off.
Life was beautiful for the five of them, and they could ask nothing more from fate than to be left alone to continue enjoying the beautiful life they had built for themselves.

The End

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