Mom’s Horse Hunger Part 3

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Chapter 4

With her small tits bouncing, Patti dragged her mother from the bedroom. They dashed down the stairs, laughing like two schoolgirls.
 “I think this is crazy, ” Alice said as they reached the kitchen door.
 “Yeah, but fun, right, Mommy? ” Patti opened the door and peered out.
 “You’re right, ” Alice said.  “Let’s go. ” She stepped out onto the back porch and stretched, basking in the warmth of the sun. The heat felt good against her naked flesh.
Patti joined her mother, feeling older than she really was. She pinched her mother’s ass and ran down the stairs.  “C’mon. “
Alice shook her head and watched as her daughter raced across the yard, the sunlight reflecting from her slim hips and jiggling ass.  “Wait for me. “
Patti stopped at the barn door, her heart racing, pounding in her ears. Her young excited body pulsed with a surging passion.  “Hurry, Mommy. “
 “I’m coming, ” Alice called. Boldly, she ran down the stairs, tits flopping as she cut across the yard and joined her daughter at the barn door. She opened the door and allowed Patti to run inside first.
 “Oooo, Blazer, ” Patti cooed, running right to his stall. She had all the exuberance of her youth and all of its sexual curiosity. She scratched the white streak that ran down his forehead.  “You going to lick and chew me like you did my Mommy? ” She laughed.
 “Relax, Patti, ” Alice said.  “I’ll bring him out. “
Patti stepped aside,’ eyes bright, face flushed. Her gaze darted to the stall where Tiny, her pony, was chewing hay. In her lust, she had forgotten completely about him.  “What about Tiny? Can I do it with him? “
 “I don’t think so, ” Alice said.  “Blazer has been trained. ” She smiled.  “It was the reason I bought him. “
Patti giggled, feeling grownup.  “You’ve done it before? “
Alice led the dark chestnut stallion out to the center of the barn.  “Ever since I got him. “
She started to speak, but decided to wait. The rest of what she had done with Blazer could wait. She didn’t want to overwhelm Patti with too much sexual knowledge. All in due time.
 “Ohhh, I wish I had known. ” Patti stroked Blazer’s flank, trembled. She was excited, horny.
Alice petted Blazer’s back. She smiled.  “I think things worked out for the best. If you had known before, you might not have understood. “
Patti giggled.  “I would have. I’ve been playing with myself for months. ” She rubbed her small budding tits into the horse’s flank.  “Mmmm, can I get on top of him, Mommy? “
 “Sure, honey. ” She calmed the giant animal, stroking his thick neck.  “Climb up and enjoy yourself. “
Expertly, Patti pulled her lean naked body up. She straddled Blazer’s back.  “Ooooo, God, Mommy. ” Warm pussy cream gushed from her cunt. She squirmed.  “I think I’m going to cum. “
 “Go ahead. I’ll make sure you don’t fall. ” Alice placed a hand on Patti’s hip, steadying her.  “Ride him, honey. Cream all over his back. “
Dizzy with desire, the blonde girl humped her virgin cunt against Blazer’s tough coat. Prickling hairs jabbed into her pussy folds. The horse’s short hairs stabbed her cut. She was swirling on a cloud, humping and jerking her young body.  “Oooo, Mommy. I want him to eat me like he ate you. “
Alice understood her child’s desire to try it all.  “Whatever you want, honey.
Patti wrapped her arms around Blazer’s neck, mashed her clit into his back and rubbed her tits into him. Hot sizzling spasms rippled through her virgin body.  “Oh … ohhh! Ohhhh! “
Her head snapped back. Her exuberance had her in ecstasy. She twisted and churned on the horse’s back.
Blazer, calmed by Alice’s voice, remained quiet as Patti squealed and drenched his back with warm sudsy pussy juice. He flicked his tail and nudged his head against Alice’s flesh.
 “I’m falling … aaaaah! ” Patti’s passion was out of control. She swayed, slipping from the horse’s back and into her mother’s arms.
Both fell laughing to the hay-strewn ground.
 “Shit, Mommy, ” Patti gasped.  “I couldn’t hold on. ” She scrambled out of her mother’s arms and danced lewdly in front of Blazer.
 “I can’t either, ” Alice admitted.
Patti laughed.  “I know. I saw you fall. ” She rubbed her tits against the soft lips of the horse, soaking her creamy flesh with his spit.  “Oooo, it feels so good. “
Alice pulled herself up, her glowing brown eyes catching a glimpse of Blazer’s cock. A shuddering spasm tore through her cunt. She needed his prick, needed his big cock badly, but held her emotions in check. She didn’t think Patti was ready.
Blazer tossed his head high, brushing against Patti and knocking her back in the hay. He dropped his head, found her virgin pussy and began chomping noisily between the little girl’s long outstretched legs.
 “Oooo, Mommy … he’s … he’s licking me! ” She writhed in bliss, grinding her young cunt into the horse’s mouth.  “Un! Unnnn, Mommy! “
Alice stared at her daughter, Seeing her child in the throes of passion churned her own lust. She dropped her gaze once again to Blazer’s cock. The temptation was there, drawing her to indulge herself. She was a slave to her own desires. She knew it, accepted it, loved it.
Patti followed her mother’s gaze. She squirmed, innocent curiosity beckoning. She scrambled away from Blazer’s mouth and gasped.  “Mommy! Look! ” The sight of Blazer’s extended cock sent shivers down her spine.
 “I am, ” Alice said weakly, tottering on the brink of giving full vent to her lustful emotions.
Blazer’s balls throbbed and his cock grew longer, extending fully from the thick-skinned sheath that housed his prick. He found the child’s pussy again, the sweet taste of her fuck juices inflaming his brain.
 “Oh, Mommy. It’s … it’s so big! God! ” Patti was out of her mind. She stared at his prick and at the same time enjoyed the pleasure of his greedy mouth.
 “It is big, isn’t it? ” Alice panted. Her pussy was on fire. She needed his cock where his prick would do the most good–in her cunt.  “Oh, Mommy. ” Patti crawled away from Blazer’s mouth. She had lost all interest in getting her cunt licked. His cock fascinated her completely.  “I wish I wasn’t a virgin, ” she said dreamily.
Alice was surprised. She stared at her daughter, realizing the child was growing up faster than she had imagined.  “Why, honey? ” she asked, not quite sure of Patti’s reasons.
Patti giggled, her cheeks flaring red.  “Because, Mommy, ” she giggled.  “I’d want his cock up inside me. “
Alice nodded and blushed, her gaze drawn back to the throbbing prick hanging down between the stallion’s hind legs.
Patti’s face brightened.  “Have you … fucked him? ” She already knew the answer. It made her head spin.
Alice nodded. Her mouth watered, and her pussy seeped. She squeezed her thighs together and shook.
 “Oh, Mommy. Can I fuck him? ” She wanted Blazer’s cock, craved his prick inside her virgin body. The thought made the insides of her cunt ache.
 “He’s too big for you, ” Alice said.  “He’d rip you apart. “
Patti crawled to her mother, leered hungrily at Blazer’s prick.  “Can I touch it? “
As Blazer stood in the center of the barn flicking his tail back and forth, Alice agreed.  “Go ahead. ” Her voice was coated with lust.
Excited and just a little bit frightened, Patti reached under and with trembling fingers caressed the hard slab of thick cockmeat. A shuddering spasm shot up her arm.  “Oooo, Mommy. Please. Please let him fuck me. ” She stroked the horse’s prick.
Blazer neighed and tossed his head, his thick mane swishing over his muscled neck. He pawed the ground with his hoofs, and his cock throbbed under the gentle caressing fingers of the horny little girl.
 “No, honey. He’d hurt you. ” She stared at Patti’s shaking fingers which were fondling Blazer’s cock.
 “You do it. You fuck him. ” Patti looked up at her mother.  “Let me watch. “
Alice couldn’t refuse even if she had wanted to.  “Okay, honey, ” she panted. She grabbed a short bench.  “Move out of the way. “
Eagerly, Patti obeyed. She scrambled away. Eyes wide, she watched her mother position the bench beneath the horse’s body.
 “Will you tell me all about it? ” Patti asked.
 “Yes, Patti. “
Patti licked her lips, her blue eyes bugging out as her mother carefully climbed on the bench beneath Blazer’s body.  “Does it all go inside you? ” Patti asked inquisitively.
Alice nodded, never turning her eyes away from Blazer’s gorgeous cock. She felt as if she were drowning. Passion enveloped her like a warm blanket.
Patti let out a gasping sigh as she watched her mother play with Blazer’s long thick cock.  “It throbs a lot, huh? ” Patti’s body was shaking, her pussy pulsing greedily for Blazer’s prick.
 “It sure does, ” Alice moaned. She squirmed on the bench, legs spread, hands gripping the horse’s slab of throbbing cock. She stroked his prick, panting rapidly, preparing herself for the full impact of filling her cunt with his cock. Fucking the horse was always traumatic, always wonderful. She looked over at Patti.  “I’m ready. “
 “Do it, Mommy. Stick his cock in you. ” Patti was enthralled. She had never talked dirty before, and she loved it. She also loved this new and exciting game of sex.  “Fuck him, Mommy. Fuck him good. “
It was strange hearing Patti talk like that. Alice giggled, getting quickly into the mood.  “I’ll fuck him blind, ” she laughed.
Blazer stood his ground. Trained, he knew what to expect. He tossed his head and whinnied, ready for whatever Alice would do. He stepped forward, fucking his cock through her two hands. The pleasure made his heavy cum-crammed balls rumble.
Patti ogled her naked mother and Blazer’s long cock. A mist filmed her blue eyes, giving her a hypnotized look. In a way she was hypnotized. Passion controlled her.  “Let me put it in you, ” Patti blurted, wanting to be as much a part of this as she could.  “Please. “
Trembling, Alice nodded.  “Easy though. I’m not a mare, I’m just a woman. “
Patti giggled and crawled close. She gripped her small hand around Blazer’s prick.  “I wish it were going in me instead. ” She smiled dreamily.
 “Someday, ” Alice promised.  “For now, use his mouth. It’ll be enough. “
Patti gouged the thick bloated head of Blazer’s prick into her mother’s pussy. Hot buttery pussy cream flowed over Blazer’s prickhead.  “God you’re creaming! “
The heat of Alice’s pussy seared through the length of Blazer’s fat hulking cock. He jerked, stunned. All of Blazer’s cock had been gobbled up by her mother’s pussy. It astounded her, made her shake.  “Fuck him! Fuck him! “
 “Unnnn, ” Alice moaned deliriously. She writhed on the bench, her cunt fucked full of hard thick cockmeat.  “Unnnn, Patti! ” She stared at her daughter through glassy eyes.  “It’s wonderful … so … wonderful. “
Patti swooned, wishing it were her pussy being ravaged.  “Does it hurt? ” she gasped, her eyelids fluttering.
 “No, honey, ” Alice moaned.  “It’s heaven. ” She squirmed, taking Blazer’s cock deeper. Her hot pulsing pussy muscles gripped the horse’s giant prick.  “Oooo! Ohhh, Blazer! Ohhh, fuck me! “
She clawed the horse’s belly, humped her cunt on the stallion’s buried prick. Her ass thumped on the wooden bench as Blazer whinnied and fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.
Muscles rippled in his giant frame. His big brown eyes seemed to glow. His long thick tail swished jerkily back and forth, and he tossed his head in the air, then neighed. His agitated moves excited both Alice, who was riding his prick, and Patti, who was watching it all.
 “Does he cum like we do? ” Patti questioned.  “Huh? “
Dreamily, her body on fire, Alice nodded.  “Like a river. Hot white cum. It drives me crazy. “
 “Oh, Mommy. Do it. Make him cum. ” She stroked her hand under the giant animal, rubbed her mother’s sweaty flesh. Her anxious fingers touched the thick matted hair of her mother’s pussy. Curiously, she explored, felt where Blazer’s cock was stretching her mother’s cunthole. Fuck juice flowed over her fingers. She caressed Blazer’s heavy balls.  “Is his cum in here? “
 “Not for long, ” Alice gasped as she wriggled and twisted on the horse’s big prick.  “Not for long. “
Blazer snorted loudly and stepped forward. His overpowering strength scraped the bench along the ground. His balls whacked into the cheeks of Alice’s jiggling ass. His rump jerked forward and his cock fucked the greasy-hot cunt gash. Hot milky fuck cream flowed over his prick and coated his balls. He snorted again, dropping his head and pawing the earth.
Alice went wild. She fucked his cock with frenzied twists of her hips and upward thrusts of her ass. She found her tits, mangled the huge melon-shaped globes and squealed.
 “When, Mommy? When? ” Patti’s own pussy was contracting wildly against her virgin cunthole. Hot creamy fuck juice flowed from her pussy and coated her thighs.
 “Soon, honey. Soon! ” Alice humped up, rotated her hips, gouged the bloated head of Blazer’s prick into the cushiony walls of her overheated pussy.  “Oooo, soon! “
Patty felt dizzy. Her passion had her head spinning. She clawed her fingers through her own pussy, mauled her budding tittie flesh, and sobbed hysterically.  “Make him cum! ” she shouted, her eager voice breaking with emotion. She fell back in the hay and humped her fingers, glaring hotly at her mother fucking the giant stallion.
With her pussy super-greased, Alice fucked her hot bubbling cunthole over Blazer’s oversized prick.  “Unnnn, ” she moaned, spittle dribbling from her open mouth.  “Unnnn, he’s … there, honey. Ohhh, Christ! “
Blazer snorted and flipped his head. His mane swished across his thick-muscled neck. His big eyes glowed with fire. He jerked, then jammed hard, nearly splitting a screaming Alice with his throbbing cock. His balls felt as if they were on fire.
Alice went insane. She looked at her daughter and watched as the child writhed in the hay.  “Watch, honey. I’m gonna cum on his cock! “
Patti tore her attention away from her own pussy and crawled next to her mother. She felt Blazer’s balls. The horse whinnied loudly. She dropped his balls quickly, afraid she had hurt him.
Alice’s eyes rolled into her head.  “I’m cumming! Creaming, Patti. Oooo! “
 “Yes, Mommy … cum … cum! “
Alice creamed as an orgasm ripped through her body like a tornado.  “Ooo … I’m cumming, honey. Creaming Blazer! ” She bucked like a wild mare on Blazer’s prick, bathing his cock in scalding pussy-cum. Fuck juice gushed from the pulsing walls of her cunt, flowing out over her jiggling ass cheeks and down the horse’s swinging balls, staining the wooden bench.
The frenzied storm of Alice’s orgasm catapulted the giant animal into his own climax. His cock swelled, stretching Alice’s gushing cunt to the limit. His balls erupted. A hot jetstream of white cum shot from the tip of his fucking prick. His cum squirted deep, triggering another explosion in Alice’s pussy. He fucked his cock in and out furiously, dragging both the bench and a screaming Alice along the floor of the barn.
 “He’s cumming! ” Alice shrieked at the top of her lungs.  “He’s cumming! “
Patti’s eyes popped. She watched her mother hump the beast, watched the beast fuck his prick into her mother’s vulnerable body. She almost fainted. She blinked. Dazedly, she followed all the erotic action.
Alice thrashed like a stuck pig. She humped up, taking thick gooey wads of animal cum into her pussy. Jism filled her, overflowing and mixing with her own scalding fuck cream.
Blazer jerked hard, shoving an impaled Alice along the bench, almost toppling her over. His balls exploded again. A geyser of jizz splattered the hot bubbling depths of Alice’s pussy. Squishy sounds echoed, blending with his neighing and Alice’s squeals of pleasure.
Alice lifted her legs and angled her body for greater depth. She was rewarded with an even deeper stab of Blazer’s exploding cock.  “Aghhhh! I’m drowning! Ohhh, Patti … Heaven … ohhh! “
Patti saw, for the first time, the cum that had squirted into her mother’s pussy.  “Ohhh, shit, ” she mumbled, trembling with desire.  “Oooo! ” Hypnotized, she reached under, scooped up a glob of white and licked it, savoring the exotic mixture of the horse’s cum and her mother’s cunt cream.
Alice clamped her legs against the chestnut stallion, humped up, clawed his flanks, and screamed an ear-piercing yell that turned the giant horse into a frenzied beast.
Blazer lifted his head, bringing his powerful body with him. His front hoofs beat the air as he neighed and shook his head. The surge of strength carried Alice with him.
Frightened. Patti fell back.  “Mommy! Mommy! ” She thought her mother was going to be killed.
Alice was too involved with Blazer and her own lust to care. She clung to the enraged stallion, fucking him, clutching his flanks with her legs and arms, refusing to be tossed away. She came off the bench, her hips in constant motion, her pussy pulsing, urging Blazer to more violent action.
Blazer’s hoofs touched ground. He jerked and twisted his rump, his tail swishing like a whip. Alice’s hot pulsing pussy was draining his balls. He fucked hard, squirting more fiery cum into her overflowing pussy.
Alice screamed. She thudded back to the bench. Easing her grip, she dropped her arms and legs, twitching as she skittered down from her tremendous orgasm.  “Ohhh, Blazer! Blazer! ” She was faint, tingling with joy.
Blazer rumbled his lips and stepped back, yanking his big hulking cock from her cunt. A thick spraying wad of his cum splattered her naked flesh, dotting her with white gooey fuck cream. He lowered his head and nuzzled his mouth against Alice’s neck.
 “Good, boy, ” Alice panted.  “Good, boy. ” She stroked his head, wallowing in the sweet aftermath of her orgasm.
 “Mommy! ” Patti screamed as Blazer headed calmly back to his stall.  “Are you all right? “
Alice moaned.  “I couldn’t be better, ” she sighed happily.  “God, I think that was the best fuck I’ve ever had. “
Patti looked at her mother’s cum-stained body. She remembered the wonderful taste of Blazer’s cum. Driven by lust, she licked her mother’s flesh, gobbling up greedily all of the cum.
 “Oh, Patti, ” Alice sighed after her child finished cleaning her with her tongue.  “Now you know why you can’t fuck him yet. “
Numbly, Patti nodded.  “I know, ” she said. She looked at the giant stallion, wishing she could fuck him.  “What can I do? I’m so hot. “
 “Blazer will eat you. ” Alice stood on wobbly legs and fetched the horse. Stroking his head, she led him over to her daughter’s outstretched legs and her virgin pussy.
Patti came off with a screaming orgasm, but, as they headed back to the house, Patti knew her orgasm had left her yearning for more. Seeing her mother fuck the gorgeous beast had turned getting her pussy eaten into a mild form of playful diversion. She knew she would have to do something about her problem soon.

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