Mom’s Horse Hunger Part 4

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Chapter 5

Patti opened her eyes to the morning sun. A flush of desire swept over her as she remembered the day before. It had been a day of exploration and discovery, and she quickly jumped out of bed, knowing today would be even better.
Dressed in shorts and top, she scurried downstairs.  “Mommy! Mommy! ” She ran to the kitchen.  “Mom– ” The kitchen was empty.
She spotted a note on the table. A frown clouded her face as she discovered her mother would be gone for most of the day. Blazer had to be groomed for tomorrow’s horse show.
 “Damn, ” she muttered as she rummaged through the refrigerator for something to drink. She poured some orange juice and gulped it down, then ran out the back door.
Leaving the empty glass on the steps, she ran across the yard to the barn. She flung open the door, hoping, but Blazer was gone. She felt terrible.
 “Shit! ” she shouted, her voice ringing out.  “Shit … fuckin’ shit! ” Cursing made her giggle, but it didn’t help. With her mother and Blazer gone, the day was ruined.
She kicked her bare feet into the dirt. Her young body was on fire, kindled by the night’s horny dreams. Playing with herself seemed stupid. It was childish and immature.
Tiny, Patti’s spotted pony, whinnied from his stall at the other end of the barn.
Patti frowned, walked to Tiny’s stall and scratched his ears.  “I wish you were Blazer. “
Tiny nuzzled his head against Patti’s neck, slobbering over her skin affectionately.
 “Mmmm, ” Patti purred.  “How would you like to chew up my pussy, Tiny? “
Tiny tossed his head high, his mane swishing over his neck. His tail whacked against the sides of the narrow stall.
Patti giggled.  “I could teach you, ” she said.  “We could learn things together. ” Her face brightened.  “First, I’ll groom you. You want to look pretty for the show tomorrow, too, right? “
Tiny bobbed his head and pressed his nose against Patti’s cheek.
Patti unhooked the gate and let her pony out of his stall. She scratched his rump.  “Be good, Tiny, and maybe I’ll let you eat my cunt. ” She was becoming excited all over again.
Patti got the hard brush from the rack on the wall. Slowly, her mind drifted to yesterday and Blazer’s long cock ramming her mother’s pussy. It made her weak in the knees. She rubbed his cock with the stiff brush.
She dropped the brush on the ground.  “How would you like to see me naked while I brush your coat? ” She pulled off her top and tossed it away. Her shorts quickly followed.  “How do I look? “
Tiny pawed the earth with his hoofs. He sensed the excitement in his young mistress. Neighing, he flipped his tail up, slapping it against Patti’s sizzling bare flesh.
 “Oooo! ” Patti exclaimed. She danced lewdly around her pet pony, jiggling her small tits and swinging her tight round ass.
 “You like looking at my titties? ” she giggled, talking as if he understood.  “I’m a hot little virgin. ” She playfully rubbed her trembling body against his shiny coat.  “Unnnn, you feel good. “
Tiny shook his head, not understanding his horny mistress’s behavior. He twisted his neck and nudged her away.
 “You want to be rubbed down, don’tcha? ” She laughed.  “I’ll make you a deal. ” She stood in front of him, legs spread, hands on her slim hips.  “You eat me and I’ll groom you. “
Tiny hit the brush with his hoof, kicking it toward his naked mistress. He whinnied, expecting her to finish grooming his coat like she had always done.
 “No … no … no, ” she said emphatically as she shook her head.  “You have to eat me first. ” She kicked away the brush.  “Deal? “
Tiny didn’t move. He snorted, then shook his head as if to say no.
 “Shit on you, ” Patti said. She stepped close rubbed her tits against his wet lips.  “Lick me, Tiny. Please! ” She was desperate.  “Lick. ” She jiggled her tits, anxious for her pony to oblige her as Blazer had obliged her mother.
Tiny would have none of it. He jerked his head, making Patti stumble backward. His high-pitched whinny filled the barn.
 “Bastard, ” she moaned, needing the pleasure of Tiny’s soft rubbery lips on her tits and pussy. She noticed the basket of apples. Quickly she ran over and grabbed one.  “This will do the trick. “
Before she had a chance to do anything, Tiny walked over and snatched the apple from her hand and gobbled it up. He snorted, wanting more.
 “No more for you until I get what I want, ” she said. She picked up another apple, this time making sure he didn’t get it. She took a big bite from it and offered what she had in her mouth to her pony.
Tiny lifted his head, brought his eager mouth to Patti’s and snagged the piece of apple from between her teeth. He dropped his head, nudging her, wanting the rest of the apple she held behind her back.
The contact with her pony’s mouth made her shiver. It started a chain reaction in her pussy. Her virgin pussy muscles pulsed, seeped, greasing her virgin cunthole. Her small nipples swelled, ached. A shudder swept over her flesh, breaking her silky skin out in goose bumps.
She recovered.  “You can’t have it, ” she giggled, stepping back away from his greedy mouth.  “Not until you eat me. ” She took the apple, rubbed it over her tits. Tingling with passion, she soaked her tits in the juice.
From glassy blue eyes, she stared at her pony.  “Now you can have apple-flavored titties. ” She giggled.  “C’mon, Tiny, lick me! “
Tiny’s big brown eyes stared at his mistress. He snorted, his eyes flow watching the apple he desired.
Patti took the half-eaten apple and held it snug between her two small tits.  “C’mon, Tiny. Eat the apple. ” She waited, trembling, hoping her pony would obey.
Tiny did. He stepped close, his hungry lips scooping the apple from between Pattie’s tits. He chomped it, his lips caressing Patti’s flesh until he had devoured the apple.
 “My tits too, ” she whimpered.  “Please, Tiny. Lick my tits. “
The taste of Patti’s flesh intrigued the pony. He used his mouth on her apple-stained tits, savoring the sweet juice of the apple and enjoying the pliant meat of her tits as well.
Patti was in heaven. She swooned, rocking on her bare feet. Tiny was at last beginning to slobber hungrily on her small sensitive tits.  “Yes, Tiny, ” she sighed dreamily.  “Ooo, yes, Tiny! “
Tiny enjoyed himself, soaking each of Patti’s tits with warm drool. He found her nipples, the tips like small hard bullets. They fascinated the young pony, and he used his lips and tongue to feast on them. He pulled at her nipples with his lips, making her moan. His tongue slapped over them, and they jiggled.
Patti was in a dreamworld of exquisite sensations. It was different with Tiny. He was her own pony, not her mother’s, and she was teaching him. It added to her sexual euphoria.
 “Oh! Oh! Tiny! ” She felt dizzy, excited.  “I’m creaming! Aaaah! ” She held his ears tight, listening to his rubbery smacking lips as they drenched her tits.
With the taste of the apple gone, Tiny pulled his head quickly away and whinnied. He wanted more, but needed the taste of apple.
 “Oh, you bastard. ” Patti was breathing hard, her eyes filmy with lust.  “Don’t stop now. ” She offered him her tits, but he didn’t want them.
Desperately, Patti ran to the basket and grabbed another apple. She brought it back, chomping off bites, then rubbing her tits again with the sweet nectar.
Tiny started licking, turning Patti into a whimpering moaning child. He found her nipples again, chomped on them, his tongue whipping over the pointed tips.
Patti was delirious. She put the pieces of apple on her flesh, felt his lips as they gobbled them up, soaking her tittie flesh and fingers at the same time. In her passion, she stumbled, fell back and squealed as she hit the soft pile of hay.
 “Oh, Tiny! ” she cried, writhing like a snake in the hay  “Come and get it. ” She humped up, offering her virgin cunt gash to her spotted pony.
Tiny wasn’t interested in her pussy. He wanted her tits. He stepped over her, gobbled at her tender tittie meat as she whimpered in bliss. He snorted, burying his cold wet nose between her two soft mounds. Drool flowed over her skin.
 “Oooooo, Tiny, ” she cried. She thrashed in the hay, squirming, wanting Tiny to dine on her cunt, to make her cum. A fire raged in her virgin cunthole, a fire her fingers couldn’t extinguish.  “My pussy! My pussy! “
Tiny ignored his young writhing mistress. Her tits, soaked with drool and apple juice, were all he was interested in. Playfully, he chomped on her flesh, licking it, making each tit jiggle. He nibbled on her nipples as the sound of her squealing sighs excited him.
Out of her young mind, Patti didn’t intend to be denied her pleasure. What worked on her tits would work just as well on her pussy. She forced herself to give up the exciting pleasure of having her tits feasted on.
 “I’m getting you an apple, ” she moaned, squirming away from his fantastic mouth.
Dazed, her mind reeling, she crawled across the floor of the barn for another apple. Breathing hard quick gulps of air into her lungs, she crawled back to Tiny who was waiting patiently for his mistress to return.
 “Now, you’ll really get a treat, ” she giggled hysterically. She lay on her back, chewed off bites of apple and at the same time fended off Tiny’s attempt to gobble up the highly prized apple.  “Soon, Tiny, ” she gasped.  “Soon. “
She shoved the half eaten apple down to her writhing pussy. She rubbed it, coating her juicy crotch in the sweet-tasting juice of the apple.
She dropped the apple between her legs and humped.  “Go get it, Tiny. Chew me up. “
Anxiously, the pony followed Patti’s hand. He stepped back and dropped his head between her long outstretched legs. The heady scent of her turned-on cunt and the smell of the apple excited the animal. He tossed his head back and snorted, then buried his mouth between her legs, gobbling at the apple on the ground.
Patti went wild. She jammed her virgin cunt against him, ground her pussy up, whimpering and sobbing as lust burned its way through her young flesh.
Tiny banged his mouth against Patti’s cunt as he gobbled up the apple. Her squeals of delight made the muscles ripple under his shiny coat. With the apple devoured and all the small bits eaten, he sampled the puffy folds of Patti’s cunt. The pungent aroma of pussy juice mixed with the taste of apple made Tiny’s tail swish nervously. His ears flicked, and he snorted between her legs.
Patti was in total bliss. She rotated her hips, humped up against his teeth and screamed. Pleasure swept over her like a tidal wave.  “Ooooh, Tiny! Tiny! “
The pony found the taste of his mistress’ oozing pussy enjoyable. He used his tongue and lips, slurping at her continually flowing cunthole. The sexual atmosphere in the barn was beginning to arouse him. The juice from her cunt was soaking his already-wet rubbery lips.
Patti squirmed in the hay, her blue eyes widening while they rolled loosely in their sockets.  “Tiny! Tiny! ” she wailed at the top of her lungs.  “Ooooo, make me cum! “
Tiny chomped and chewed vigorously on Patti’s virgin pussy. Her squeals and twisting gyrations made his balls swell. The head of his cock peeked from the sheath that hid his prick from the girl’s blurred gaze.
Patti jerked up and mashed her pussy into his mouth. The frantic action mangled her cut. Lights flashed behind her eyes. Her eyelids fluttered rapidly. She twisted in the hay, enjoying the roughness as hay pricked her sensitive ass cheeks and her vulnerable ass crack.
The more Tiny chewed on Patti’s pussy, the more he seemed to like it. He snorted as he bumped against her crotch. Her squeals of joy followed. He did it again, sensing his mistress’ pleasure. Hot fuck juice coated his nose and lips. He licked, his tongue whacking over her exposed clit.
Patti arched her back. She clawed her own flesh, pinching and squeezing her small jiggling tits. The pain seemed to spur her on. With her face contorting in agonizing bliss, she mashed harder into her pony’s gobbling mouth.  “Aghhhhh! “
Her eyes widened. Her mouth opened. Spittle dribbled from the corners of her panting mouth. Her body stiffened. She was ready. A moment of panic engulfed her. What if Tiny should stop? The fear melted away as her body floated quickly towards an orgasm.
Tiny, sensing something was happening, became overexcited. His thick cock jutted out from its sheath, throbbing with blood. His balls rumbled, ached. He snorted and attacked the writhing girl with agitated excitement.
Patti soared, found the peak and exploded.  “I’m cumming! ” she shrieked, creaming hot sudsy pussy cream.  “I’m cumming! “
Tiny jammed his mouth against Patti’s humping cunt. Frothy white pussy-cum flowed like a river from her cunthole. He lapped it up, chomped on her cunt, his nose being coated with the warm fuck cream.
Patti twisted in the hay. Her head snapped from side to side as her eyes rolled. Her vision blurred, she spotted Tiny’s long cock jutting out, hard and inviting. She swooned. The sight catapulted her into another series of turbulent orgasms.
 “I’m cumming … cumming! ” she shouted deliriously.  “OOOOO, Tiny! Tiny! ” She soared higher.  “I see … your cock! “
The muscles in her cunt contracted jealously, wanting Tiny’s cock, needing to be fucked. Juice flowed from her pussy and down the crack of her jiggling ass. Her back arched. She collapsed and ground her cunt into Tiny’s mouth.
 “More, Tiny! Don’t stop! ” She was hysterical, afraid he would stop and, at the same time, too hot to do anything but twist in blissful joy.
Tiny, sensing he was pleasing his mistress, shook his head, sending the youngster off into a screaming fit of lust. He jammed hard against her, his tongue worming into the entrance of her virgin cunthole. Her thin cherry skin blocked his way. Gushing pussy-cum entered his nose. He snorted and renewed his attack.
Patti felt the pressure of his tongue on her cherry.  “Rip it. Break it, Tiny! ” She thrashed like a wildcat in the hay, grinding and jamming her cunt against her pony’s mouth. Her fingers urgently clawed their way down her flesh, seeking her exploding cunt. She pulled at the blonde hairs of her snatch and squealed.  “Break my cherry. ” She was insane with lust.
Tiny snorted again, his thick broad tongue devastating Patti’s young fiery cunt. He found her clit by accident, gripped it with his strong lips and shook his head. The action sent Patti skittering back to the peak of emotion again as another orgasm turned her into a babbling sobbing mass of climaxing flesh.
Patti felt his tongue, his teeth, his lips, and the snorting of his hot breath. He kept her swirling at the peak for what seemed like an eternity.  “Tiny! My cherry! Ooooo, break it! “
She lifted her legs as she had seen her mother do. She clamped her thighs tightly against his head. She rotated her hips and wailed. Tits jiggling, nipples feeling as if they had burst, Patti humped and jerked.
Trapped by his screaming mistress, Tiny lifted his head, bringing the writhing child with him. He tossed her about as if she were a feather. Lips never stopping, he dragged her back and forth through the hay. His cock thickened. The excitement in the air grew heavy and hot. Chomping on her pussy and twisting his neck, he carried Patti over the edge and down from her tremendous orgasm.
Patti bucked and screamed. Her back bowed and her neck strained. Her legs weakened, freeing her pony. She uttered a loud piercing scream and collapsed back in the hay, whimpering like a small baby.
With his head free, Tiny tossed it high and whinnied loudly. His big eyes looked like brown glass. White foaming pussy-cream dripped from his lips. He licked his chops and snorted the cum from his nose as it dribbled out.
 “Ohhhh, Tiny! ” she panted, catching her breath. She squirmed. With her vision clear, she saw his long cock jutting out like a piece of hot steel. The sight made her head spin. She craved the touch, remembering the feel of Blazer’s hard meaty prick. Moaning and still panting for air, she twisted her naked body and crawled down between her pony’s legs.
Tiny didn’t move. He stood his ground, his muscles flicking beneath his glossy spotted coat. He turned his head, looked down as Patti crawled beneath him.
 “Don’t move, ” she soothed.  “Don’t move and I’ll make you real happy. “
Patti’s soothing voice calmed him. He stood still, breathing hard through his flared nostrils. His cock throbbed and twitched. A drop of his jizz seeped from his piss-slot.
Patti saw it and sighed.  “Mmmmm, Tiny, ” she whispered, not wanting to frighten him.  “Ooooo, it looks so gorgeous. ” She was enthralled by his prick.
Nervously, afraid he might bolt, Patti touched one finger to his piss-slot. She wiped the cum-drop off. The jizz clung to her finger. A shuddering spasm rippled through her tired body, kindling the fires of her passion all over again.
The touch of Patti’s fingers made Tiny neigh, but he still remained calm, not moving, seemingly waiting for more.
Patti’s renewed passion helped to erase her fear of being trampled or kicked by her horny pony. She wanted to grab his cock, to feel and play with his prick. She held herself in check, tracing only one finger along the entire length of his sticky prick.  “Nnnnnnn. It’s not as big as Blazer’s, ” she whispered as all kinds of crazy idea swept through her turbulent young mind.  “Ooooo, God! “
The touch of Patti’s finger made Tiny whinny and snap his head into the air. His prick throbbed and swelled larger as blood flooded his cockshaft.
The quick unexpected movement caused Patti to jerk her hand away. Her pulse was pounding in her ears and she caught her breath.  “Easy, Tiny. Easy, Tiny. ” She licked her dry lips nervously.  “You’re going to love this, Tiny. ” Her voice wavered with emotion.  “Honest. “
Tiny rumbled his lips as if he understood. He remained steady, his muscles twitching and his tail swishing lazily back and forth.
 “Good pony, ” she whispered.  “Good pony, with a nice cock. ” Her voice calmed not only Tiny but herself.
She brought her hand back and caressed her fingers over his cockshaft and bloated cockhead. More white cum seeped from his pisshole and she wiped it over her fingers and along his prickshaft.
 “I’m gonna make you cum, Tiny. You’re gonna cream like Blazer did. ” She blinked, staring hypnotically at Tiny’s cock.  “Ooooo, it’s gonna be fun. “
More daring, she crawled under Tiny and wriggled into position. Staring up at his thick cock, she drooled. Tingling with excitement, she caressed his prickshaft with both hands. Long leisurely strokes up and down his sticky cockshaft had her swooning and Tiny whinnying softly.
She squeezed his cock easily, enjoying the throbbing sensations against her palms. She gazed at his pisshole and knew this was where the cum would squirt from. A wispy sigh escaped her mouth as she realized she would be drenched in jizz.
Tiny became aroused. Patti’s voice flow excited him. Her hands had the cum in his balls churning for release. He fucked his cock through her fists and snorted as his tail swished quickly back and forth.
Patti ogled his cock with lust. She fondled his heavy cum-laden balls and sighed loudly.  “Oh, shit, he’s gonna drown me! ” She became caught up in jerking her pony off, forgetting about her fears and concentrating on his cock.  “Cum! Cum! Cum! ” she chanted in rhythm to her stroking hands.  “Cum, Tiny! Cum! “
Tiny became highly agitated. His head swung, and he whinnied. His big eyes seemed to glow, and his pointed ears flicked with nervous energy. His front hoofs now pawed the earth as his balls strained, ready to explode.
Patti’s heart thumped. She felt his cock swell in her hand, throb erratically.  “Oh, shit … he’s ready! ” Her hands moved faster up and down the length of his ready-to-explode cock.
Tiny flipped his head high, snorted as the first eruption in his balls spewed a thick river of cum from his pisser. He snorted again and another jet spray of white thick gooey jizz followed.
 “Cum! ” Patti squealed as Tiny’s first wad of cum splattered her face.  “Cum! ” The second wad splattered her tits.
Her hands flying wildly along Tiny’s overgrown cock, Patti had the pony squirting wad after wad of his warm gooey jism. Cum covered her tits and dribbled down her body. It saturated her face, clung to her lips and dripped from her chin. She was mesmerized by it, entranced with each squirting wad as it splashed against her hot skin.
Tiny jerked forward. Patti’s hands were latched tightly around his cock. The momentum took Patti with him. He rumbled in his throat as his balls churned out a thick steady stream of bubbling white cum.
Patti went crazy. She squeezed, jerked and squeezed his cock again. Cum splashed in her eyes. She blinked it away, not wanting to miss the fantastic sight. Jizz spattered her lips, dribbled into her mouth. Her hips humped in sync to her jerking hands as if she were being fucked by the pony.
Squirming on her back, she wriggled down and lifted her head, taking a thick glob of jizz smack in her face. She gasped, her hands moving on their own. Her mind was totally absorbed in what she was doing. She saw it spray from his hole, felt it splash on her skin. She swooned, her head thudding back against the ground.
Tiny jabbed hard, lifted his head. His balls, almost drained, swung like lead weights, whacking against Patti’s hands as she jerked him off with quick jerky strokes. He neighed and stepped back, dragging the hypnotized child with him. Her squeezing hands had his balls drained. He snorted and tried pulling free. He was her prisoner.
Patti, too enthralled with what she was doing, didn’t realize her pony was finished. She jerked faster and squeezed harder. She was hysterical. The cum on her body had her pussy on fire, her head reeling.
Desperate, Tiny lifted his front legs, kicked at the air as he whinnied in protest. The hard jerking action shook the child’s hands loose from his spent cock. Carefully, he stepped away from her, glad to be free. He spotted a piece of apple on the ground and gobbled it up.
The pony’s sudden rearing had startled Patti. She rolled away, hay sticking to her cum-soaked body. Dazed, she brought herself under control and looked at what the pony had done to her.
 “Holy shit! ” she gasped. She stood, swayed and leaned against Tiny’s stall.  “You really creamed me, Tiny, ” she giggled.  “God. “
Her curious fingers played in the globs of stringy cum that covered her body. She rubbed the warm sticky goo into her flesh, shivering with joy. She knew that the next time Tiny creamed, the cum that now covered her body would be buried deep in her pussy.
 “Oh, yes, ” she said, the words making her shiver.  “Next time, you break my cherry. “
She staggered over to Tiny and led him back to his stall, locking him in. She handed him an apple from the basket and on unsteady feet made her way to the barn door.
A quick look at her cum-covered body, and she dashed across the yard to the house, wanting to shower and clean up before her mother came home. Tomorrow, Betsy, her friend, would be over and they would go to the horse show together. She was going to show off, maybe do some other things. She giggled and ran into the house.

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