Mum comes to stay 3

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They lay still for five minutes softly kissing each other, like two newly wed lovers. The closeness they felt together. His cock softening in her. Semen oozing from her pussy.

He stood, his cock hanging. His cum dripping off to the floor. He got a towel off the floor wiping himself. A pool of cum between her legs on the sheets. He admired his mother cum filled oozing pussy as she lay looking up at him. She sat up and then stood.

” Need to change the sheets. ” She said looking down at the bed then his cock. She looked her naked son. She lifted her baby doll top off. He saw her naked breasts. They naturally hung. He cupped them caressing them.

They made their way to the shower. He turned it on. He washed each other down, kissing and hugging in the shower. Playing and fondling.

After five minutes he felt his cock reharden.

” Hes not finished. ” She said grabbing it.

” No. ” He said looking down at his eight inches of penis in his mothers hand washing it.

She dropped to her knees. She stroked his cock looking up smiling at him. She leant forward. He held her head as her tongue met his knob.

” Oh shit. ” He said watching his mothers pink tongue circle his purple mushroom knob. She cupped his balls as she moved her lips down his shaft. Sucking listening to his moans as she held his buttock with one hand, his balls with the other, she supported his cock with her mouth moving her lips up and down his cock.

” Ummmmm ” she moaned as she lifted her hand from his balls wrapping her fingers around his thick shaft. She stroked as she sucked.

She took it out looking at it. ” Nice dick son. No wonder Claire likes you. Its big and fat. I have always known your cock is big. ” She said looking up at him. She licked her tongue over his thick veins on his shaft.

” Thanks mum. ” He said watching her with his cock. Now enjoying it. She opened his legs wider. She stroked his cock and sucked it again. She slid her hand to his balls slowly massaging them. She moved her fingers to his arse rubbing his anus. She circled his anus slowly pushing her finger in further.

” Mum fuck. ” He said on lifting up on his toes.

” Never had your arse played with? ” She said taking his cock out.

” No, fuck no. I’m not like that. ” He said.

” Like what baby? ” She asked.

” You know… ”

” Gay. ” She said.

” Well….yeh …..I guess yeah. ” He said.

” You can be straight and enjoy your arse been played with. Do you like it? In a straight way. ”

” Yeh, fuck, yeh, I think I do. ” He said.

He felt her finger push into his arse.

” Mum, fuck. ” He said.

She slowly moved her finger in his arse as she sucked. He moaned holding her head as the water ran down his back, her sucking his cock her finger in his arse. He moaned loudly.

All of a sudden she pulled her finger out. She stood hugging him. ” Save that for later, lets change the sheets and get into bed. ” She said.

They got out and dried. They changed the sheets and got into bed, naked. He lay on his back, she lay at his side her head on his chest her arm on his stomach. Her breasts pushed into his side. She lifted her leg, her knee sliding up his thigh her foot below his knee.

She looked up kissing his cheek. ” I enjoyed tonight, been fucked by you, my son. ”

He looked at her smiling. ” Me to mum. ” He said lifting a hand pulling the hair off her forehead kissing her above her eye.

” I knew you had a big cock, but fuck son. It is big. ” She said.

” Bigger than dads? ” He asked.

” Oh yes, bigger than your dads. ” She said smiling at him. ” Hows your arsehole? ” She asked.

” Mum fuck, that felt weird. But good. ” He said.

She rolled on top of him. He felt her breasts pressed against his chest. She kissed him. ” So you never been pegged. ” She said.

” Pegged? ” He asked.

She looked at him. ” What you don’t know what pegging is? ”

” No should I? ” He said.

” Ok its when a girl has a strap on, and fucks her mans arse. ” She said.

” What, mum, your not suggesting…….? ”

” What your mother fuck you up the arse. Would you like me to fuck you up the arse? ” She said.

He looked at her. ” Don’t know, I mean fuck. ”

” Oh come on. Lets get some sleep. ” She said rolling off to his side. He reached up turning off the light.

He lay their his mother naked at his side. I wondered if this had really just happened. It was nearly midnight. He heard his phone beep. He reached over and picked it up.

” Who’s that baby? ” Karen asked as he looked at his phone.

” Claire. ” He replied.

” Oh, the girlfriend. ” Karen said kissing his cheek.

” Yeh, more lover. Remember she is married. Shes text me. ” He replied.

” I wont be a nosy mother. ” She replied.

” Ok, text says..’Hi baby husband drunk, passed out on couch, miss you, need you.’

Karen kissed his shoulder rubbing his chest. ” Sounds like girlfriend needs a booty call. ” Karen replied.

‘Hi babe, miss you to, my mother is staying, one wine to many’ He text back.

” Tell her you have just fucked your mothers brains out. ” Karen said .

” Mum, stop it. ” He said.

” Mummy has milked your balls dry. ” She added sliding her hand to his groin cupping his cock.

” Mum go to sleep. ” He ordered. She text back. ‘ Oh shame, brought some new knickers, I’m wearing them now.’

‘ Will take a raincheck baby, miss you. ”

‘ Miss you, husband been jerk, my nipples are hard. Is your cock hard?’

‘ Love to suck on them, hows the pussy?’ He text.

‘ Wet and horny’

Karen grabbed his phone.. ” Mum. ” He said as she wrote in the text.

‘ What does it need?’ Karen text.

‘ Your cock, I need your cock. ” She sent back.

‘ You need me to fuck you baby?’ Karen text.

‘ Oh baby yes, I need your cock’

‘ I need your wet pussy. I want my cock in your wet pussy. What do your underwear look like?’

‘ Secret, you will have to find out. Shit hes waking up have to go DTB Love you.’

” Love you? ” He said picking up the phone. ” FUCK Shes never said that. ” He lay back a hand on his forehead.

” Text back, say you love her, go on. ” Karen said.

” No, she put DTB. Don’t text back she puts that when hes coming. ” He said.

” So….tell me….Do you love her? ” Karen asked.

He thought for a minute. ” I don’t know. Look the sex is brilliant with her. I guess its more I love older woman. I think I’ve always admired you. Your sexy and beautiful a real MILF. Umm I guess I’ve never thought sex with you is on the cards and now we have….. ”

” Your saying, you love me. Your mother your in love with your mother and your using Claire as a substitute for me. ” She asked.

” I think so. ” He said.

” Baby. ” Karen said.

” Look I know we cant be a couple. But its how I feel about you mum. ” He said.

” Wow. ” She replied. She lay on his chest holding him. They fell asleep.


2.39 am.

She quietly opened the door and slipped off her high heels. She closed the door and crept into the lounge. Dads idea to put in the small motion activated lights along the bottom of the walls was a good idea.

She crept to her room closing the door. She sat on her bed she untied her long blonde hair, she shook it free. She stood reaching behind her back unzipping her dress letting it fall to the ground. She unclipped her bra pulling it off letting her C cup breasts fall out. She pushed down her underwear and stockings.

” Naked at last ” she whispered looking at herself in the mirror. She rubbed her shaved pussy. ” Bedtime. ” She said.

She walked out her door and to her fathers room. The door semi open. She knew that meant its ok to come in. She knew about Claire. Claire often came to stay. Emma knew when the door was closed he had company. She was a bit jealous that dad had a lady friend.

She crept in. Her dads blockout curtains made it very dark. She knew the angle to his bed and how many steps. She walked the ten steps to his bed. She loved cuddling him at night. Their secret relationship. Father daughter relationship. She pushed the sheet back and sat down throwing her legs on the bed. She lay down. He was on his side his back to her.

She lay behind him pressing her breasts against his back, kissing his shoulder. He stirred from his sleep. She kissed his shoulder again her hand on his hip. ” Mum. ” He said.

” Mum? ” Emma replied. She slid her hand up to his chest sliding it to his nipple. She felt another body. A woman’s body her hand touching a breast. He woke up.

” Again mum? ” He said.

” Again mum? ” Emma said.

” Emma? ” Jules said.

” Hi dad. ” She replied. Karen woke up.

” Emma? ” Karen said.

” Shit. ” Jules said ” Emma. ” Emma turned on the bedside light seeing her grandmother and dad in bed naked.

” Grandma shit, what the fuck? ” Emma said.

All three in bed naked Grandma, son and daughter.

” Oh shit. ” Jules said.

” What, you are fucking Grandma? ” Emma said.

” Look Emma… ”

” More to the point. Are you and Emma…? ”

” Oh shit. ” Jules said ” Yes. ”

” Oh wow. Your having sex with your daughter? ” Karen replied.

” Mum please. ” Jules said.

” Well that is complicated then isn’t it. ” Karen replied. Both girls holding the sheet covering their modesty.

” I thought you were out all night? ” Jules said.

” Yes, but my boyfriend and I broke up and I have today off work. So I though Id come home surprise my father and now I remember Grandma is staying and by the looks of things fucking my father. ” Emma said.

” Look its not like that darling. ”

Karen laughed looking at her son.

” Ok mum, whats so fuckin funny? ”

” My grand-daughter catching us in bed. ” Karen replied.

” I need a drink. ” Emma said getting out of bed walking naked to the doorway. She went to her room getting a gown putting it on and going to the kitchen.

” Shit. ” Jules said.

” I will go talk to her. ” Karen said.

” No, I will. ” Jules said getting up. ” Maybe you need to go to your own bed. ” He added.

” I think so. ” Karen replied getting up. Jules loving his mothers naked body.

He went downstairs to the kitchen seeing his daughter.

” Emma ” He said.

” So how long has this been going on, fucking grandma and fucking me? ” She asked.

” Look Emma ” Karen said walking in. ” Tonight I was sad and I came on to your father. ” Karen said.

” So hes your son? ” Emma replied.

” Hes your father ” Karen said ” Tonight was only sex, nothing else. ” Karen added.

” Its only sex? ” Emma said.

” Yes darling, I needed it. Your father agreed and it was just one night ok. ”

” Shit. ” Emma said.

” So how long have you to been having sex? ” Karen asked.

” Six months. ” Jules said.

” Six months? ” Karen replied.

” Yes. ” Emma said. ” Its nice. I enjoy it. I suppose its….. ”

” Someone familiar? ” Karen said.

” Yeh, I guess. Its not every night. Its about twice a week. ” Emma replied.

” Twice a week? Well we need to keep this little thing a secret don’t we? ” Karen said smiling.

” Yes. ” Emma said shit yes.

” Mum, yes please. ” He said.

” Right lets all go to bed and get some sleep. ” Karen said.

” Yes. ” Jules replied.

They all went up to Jules bed and got in to go to sleep. Jules in the middle of his naked mother and daughter.

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