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MY AUNT “MILK FACTORY” – Dirty Sex Tales

My sister’s marriage got fixed recently. Because of that, now she is not sent out for any jobs including as the helping hands of the milking lady. In my sisters place amma decided to send me instead as it would give some money, however small it might be. Reluctantly I had to go to the milker’s house in my summer vacation. Her house was a small one. I called out her name and she came out. She was in her traditional mundu and blouse dress. Probably since being at home, she was not using any thorthemunde as pallu to cover her enormous big boobs or the cleavage. I was instantly awestruck by the figure in front of me. She was sweating probably from the work she was doing inside. Her navel was so deep and her cone like shaped blouse and the cleavage above it was inviting in her bend down posture. She asked me where my sister is. I told her that she wont come any more as her marriage is fixed. Instead I was asked by my mother to come and assist you. She looked bit hesitant and looked at me from top bottom. “Will you be able to help me on everything? Do you know milking?” She asked me. I told that I don’t know but I can learn. She told “well I have to see how quick you learn”.

She asked me to come inside. Her house was a small one with very less things around. The floor was made of dried cow dung. She was searching for something. In that chance that I got, I gazed over her navel. She got two vessels with one filled with water. Taking booth she turned towards me and asked me to follow her. She was going outside through the backdoor to her courtyard. There 4 cows was standing idle, tied to the coconut trees. She went near one of them and sat down by its side. She took the vessel filled with water in her hand and started sprinkling water at the cow udder. The cow shrugged and moved a bit. All the while I was not watching her moves, but watching her cleavage and the boobs that could be seen from that view. The cleavage opened and closed as she moved her hands. In that sitting posture her boobs are pushing up over her blouse giving the impression that it might spill out any time.

As she looked at me she saw my gaze at her assets before I could take my eyes off her. But she made no attempts to hide her assets or sit in a different position. She behaved as if she is too busy to bother on those. She asked “do I have to pay your mom to stand there like that. Now move your bun and make sure that the cow is pacified and doesn’t move”. I quickly moved into action, but I didn’t know what to do. Sensing my ignorance she told me to hold the cow’s leg from a side and massage it slightly from up and down. I did just as she told. She sprinkled water a few more time and then took one of the teats on the udder and pulled it through. A small spray of milk came out of it. She took the empty vessel and placed it on the ground under the cow and started milking the cow. Though her actions were fast, I could grasp every frame of it in slow motion. I felt pretty excited at seeing her milk the cow. Her thumb finger and first finger formed a small ring like shape and squeezed the cow’s teats with it from top to bottom. Her hands made the teat stretch forcing out the milk in the end. I really felt the action very exciting. Her ring like shaped fingers was really tight for the teats. It was gliding through the wet teat lubricated from water forcing the milk from it in the end.

The cow was moaning. Even I would have moaned in that situation. To me it felt like she is giving a handjob to the cow, squeezing out the never ending cum from it in the process. I imagined how it would have been for me if she was giving handjob for me instead. I would have loved to have her hands on my thing and squeeze out my cum as I lean on the cow in a relaxed posture. The imagination of her fingers squeezing out my cock itself made me let out a slight moan. She stopped her work hearing me making small sound. She asked me what the matter is. I said it is nothing and continued massaging the cow’s leg. She asked me again, this time in a softer voice, “Do you want to learn milking now?” I said yes though I was not interested in learning it. I preferred watching her doing it instead. She got up from her sitting posture, ending the nice show she was giving till now. She asked me to sit down and I reluctantly did as she said. Then she came behind me, and then took my right hand in hers and took it to the udder. She made me grasp one of the teats and made me squeeze it down. I tried to imagine it as her nipple more than the teeter, and the udder her boobs. My imagination got more spicier when in the process of helping me out, her left boobs started slightly crushing on to my right shoulders. I tried to behave as if I didn’t feel it. But my body was slightly trembling from the sense of her boob touch. I could feel the softness of it. And I forgot myself in its sexual sensation.

But it was short-lived as suddenly it started to drizzle and changed to full fledged rain. Aunty quickly covered the milk pot and took it inside her hut. Only after getting inside, she remembered that she didn’t take the other vessel. I was quick to offer my help and though she told me that I can leave it, I dashed back to the backyard and grabbed her vessel. By the time I came back to the hut, it was raining heavily and I had drenched a bit. Though it was cloudy from the morning, no one would have expected it to rain like this. I felt the rain gods to be a spoiler of fun. But if I had known of what is going to happen, I would have never blamed gods, and instead would have only fallen on their feets in thanks. Aunty gave me a towel to wipe my head. She told me to remove my shirt as it had gone wet. I was reluctant to remove it, but she insisted. I felt shy when I stood before her with bare chest. Though I felt myself to be a grown up kid at heart, my hairless chest would make her think that I am just a kid only. But though just in 8th standard, I do feel the same emotions of eroticism, sexual excitement as any of the grown up would have felt.

She prepared a tea and gave me. I finished it inn one sip. As I looked out I understood that the rain is going to stay for some time. She too seamed to have realized it from the look of her face. She closed the rear door to prevent the spray of rain water from getting inside. With the rain set, it became dark inside though it was morning. She lightened up the kerosene lamp and sat on the bench beside a table. She was gazing at me. I looked around her house unable to stand her gaze. As I said earlier, there wasn’t much things inside her house. She lives with her mother, who works in a stationery shop in the village bazaar. There was just this table, bench, mattress and few kitchen items. She was married, but quarreled with her husband and so came back to live with her mother. When my gaze again turned back to her, I found that she was still gazing at me. This time I didn’t take out my eyes from her. I took it as an opportunity to admire her figure in that burning light. The light and shadow played with her body features, making her cleavage and navel even more sexy.

As I gazed at her, she asked me, shall I give you a demonstration on how to milk. I nodded in agreement without really realizing where it is going to take me into. She asked me again if I am sure about it. Again I nodded in affirmity. She then stood up from where she was sitting and then went to the kitchen side. After a few searches, she brought back a kolambi (a vessel which is used to spit pan parag in the old days) and another bottle. She kept it on the table and then turned towards me and asked me to come over. I went by her side. She asked me to mount on the table and stand on four legs. I looked at her with a questioning face. She gave an assuring look. It gave me a feeling that I don’t have to think at all and just go by as she says. So I took my steps on the bench first, and then mounted on the table on my four legs. I never thought anything about the whole process. Just did it as if I am hypnotized. I didn’t even try to think what would be the next action. All I was feeling then was excitement for reasons unknown to me. Yes, I felt excited. She was near me, and that itself was exciting for me.

She came very close to me and then sat on the bench. I felt like I am a big lab specimen on which a demo is going to be given. And she would be my teacher. My body was at her eye level. She took her right hand and ran it from the ankle of my left leg to the upper thighs lifting up my trouser a bit in the process. She continued the process a few times in slow motion. Then she bends forward closer to my ears and asked me.”Do you know why I asked you to massage the cow’s leg while I milked it”. I said I don’t know. She told “Well, it is to prepare the cow before we milk it so that it would be more than willing to spill the milk for us”. I nodded as if I understood. As if I don’t need any further explanation as to what it has got to do with massaging my thighs. She prepared the cow before milking. She massaged me now. Is she preparing me for something? These should have been the questions that I should have been having in my mind. But at that point I was not able to think anything clearly.

Only thing I felt is lot and lot of excitement and it was showing on my thing as my dick turned from a semi hard state to hard rock cock. She continued her massage with me and again asked in my ear. “Now are you ready for the milking?” I nodded and told yes in trembling voice. I didn’t realize it then as to what I was saying yes for. She smiled at me for a moment, and gave me a small smack on my calf. Then she grabbed my trouser at the waist and slid it down slowly over my legs until it fell on my knee over the table. I was naked with that one action. Though I should have felt awkward, I actually felt it as a totally normal situation. But I was nervous and excited at heart, but continued with my kneeled down posture. I had a slim but in shape body, and this was the first time I was naked before anyone.

My hard cock is now visible and hanging straight down towards the table. Aunty watched my beauty for a few seconds. Infact she watched my beauty for a full one minute without touching me again. She watched my curvy buttock, the hairless chest the hard belly under which and the groin below it. My stiff rode was standing out from my crouch like a pole. It was long and shaking in excitement. The veins where running all around it like a zig zag river. I stood there like that with lot of anticipation. But aunty didn’t do anything and just watched me like that. My wood began loosing its stiffness (but not the excitement inside me), and it became semi limb in another few minutes. Finally aunty let out a sigh and then slowly raised her hand. She reached out to my ass and slowly caressed it. She patted me with her palm touching the ass crack and bum in the process. Her fingers rubbed my buttock sending sensations all across my body. The sensations reached my cock too which started growing because of it. While she continued patting, she watched my thing changing its form. With each stroke of hers, my thing started growing into its old form. I felt it could not get bigger than this.

Then she did the master stroke on me. She slid her hand all the way from the top of my ass crack down to the bottom all the way to the balls of my cock. She grasped my cock from in-between my legs and began rubbing it with her fingers and inner palm. My cock didn’t expect that action. It swelled into formidable size which I have never seen before. I let out a light moan from my mouth. She asked in my ears if I am ready to be milked. I said yes. She told that if I am ready I have to say it by moaning just like how cows would do. I meowed like a cow thought it sounded just like moaning. She smiled, and then told “my dear cow, hear I am coming to milk you”. She rubbed my balls some more time and then took her hands from between my legs. My cock stood there in full thrusting position. She ignored my condition and slowly took the vessel with water. She took my cock on her palm for the first time and observed it closely. Then she dropped it and then splashed water on my cock just like how she did on her cows. I shrugged in the cool water. My cock dipped with water and it fell on the vessel with water. Then she removed the vessel and placed kolambi vessel under me. She showed every indication that she is going to milk me.

But she didn’t touch me. Instead she came close to my ears and told “Do you know something, when milking the humans, you need one more thing than what is needed when milking a cow”. I looked at her with a confused look. She then took the small bottle and told me “you need oil for that extra lubrication”. With that she poured a lot of oil on to her one hand. Then she spread it all around her palm. She placed the bottle down and brought her hand to my udder tetees. She grasped my semi hard cock with her oily hand. That was the first time she grasped mine with all her fingers. I let out another slight moan. “Hey, you moan like a cow” she told me. I again moaned. Then she with a firm fist started stroking my thing from top to bottom. Not in the usual way of how a handjob is given. Instead she choose to milk me exactly how she would have done for the cow.

She stretched my cock down towards the kolambi vessel, and then continued it again from the stem. If I was a cow I would have spilt milk in each stroke. I closed my eyes for a moment, imaging how it would have been for the cow to be given a handjob daily. I wished if it was me who was in the place of the cow daily. She was milking me in a steady phase. Never increasing or decreasing the speed. She never let my semi erect rod to become too stiff, and adjusted her stroking to make sure that it is pleasurable and lasting at the same time. Her oily hand slid smoothly over my cock skin. Her thumb and first finger formed a tight circle at the end giving the extra squeeze to my thing. In that last leg squeeze, oil also got squeezed out from the pores of my cock. She added more oil to her hand from the bottle once in a while. I should say she is the master in the art of handjob. From her meticulously calculated strokes, my thing never became full hard. But it was always in the heights of excitement, and the pleasure was building up in me very slowly. I rested my hands on my elbow now, and stretched my buttock up in pleasure. Soon precum started oozing out of my thing slowly and it oozed a thin line of liquid stretching from the mouth of my thing to the table.

Only a professional would be able to give a handjob like this. Making me feel all the pleasure, yet not cum. Making the pre cum ooze out, yet not cum and spoil the pleasure. I saluted her on her talent. At one point the slow and steady build up was unbearable to me. I told aunty that I am not able to bear it any more and asked her if she can take me to the next level. She told me “Only this much ampere do you have? My cows have the ampere to give milk continuously for half an hour! Hmm, never mind, I will finish this off soon”. Saying this she took her other hand behind me and started caressing my ass crack from top to bottom. Her rubbing raised all the sensations in me and combined with auntie’s vigorous stroking my dick got to its full form. She increased the speed of the stroking as well as the tightness of the grasp. Combined with her caressing of my ass, I felt dizzy with pleasure. I could feel the cum building up inside me. I started moaning uncontrollably. Aunty took the kolambi vessel in her hand and showed it closer to my dick. And then it happened. The small streak of fluid that was oozing out of my dick gave way to the shooting of a full load of cum. Not once, but several times all inside the kolambi.

My stretched out body collapsed. My head rested on the table. My buttock was still high up in the air, but less stressed. Auntie’s hand was still on my dick which had gone limb. She was still gently stroking it, but slowing down with time. The kolambi had a handful of my cum at its bottom. What should have originally rested on a women’s womb is being wasted. Once I settled down from my gasping. She asked me, how the milking was. I said I enjoyed it. She asked me if I learned it. I said I need to learn it again and again. She told naughty boy, I will teach that later. But do you want to learn how cow and bull mates? A light tingling was felt on my dick. I think it sensed what is to come. Silence prevailed between us for a second. I knew what has to be expected. A smile ran through her face.

After another fifteen minutes we were in doggy style. Both of us are fully naked. I was ramming her from behind. She had an equally beautiful figure when undressed. Her ass was huge, rounded and well shaped. It narrows down into a bottleneck hip. Beyond which you will be able to see her huge milky boobs hanging and shaking in our action. She had long hair which was down almost to the table top. I was ramming her pussy from behind. This was the first time I was doing sex, that too this type. But I did it like a professional and with great force and speed. My torso was completely resting on her back. Her hands supported both herself and me. My one hand was holding on to her hip and occasionally moving all over her belly, pussy hair and thighs. My left hand was always on her boobs trying to grasp the shaking big boobs completely. But it was futile. Her boob was too huge and slippery in sweat. It was shaking tremendously in my ramming. My cock moved deep inside her pussy and comes out and rams again. Her pussy had a vice like grip on my thing. She grinded my cock with her buttock. Totally I felt like I am riding over a well oiled horse, shaking all my body parts. The whole table was shaking in the action.

It was her idea to do it on the table top. Infact the whole thing was according to her master script. It was she who initiated me into all this. It was she who undressed me and milked me. Then again It was she who suggested to do cow and bull mating. She only undressed herself sensuously before me. First removing her mundu, then unpinning her blouse and removing it to reveal herself in bra and underskirt. Then she removes that bra too to show her magnificent and unsagging mango like boobs and the hard nipple at the end. Lastly she untied the knot of the underskirt and made it fall on to the floor. And there she was revealed to me like a goddess from the nude stone carvings of temples. With her boobs all projected out in full magnificent, she waited a few seconds giving me time to admire. Then she asked me to get down from the table so that she can mount on it. I was in kneeling position on the table and I got down from it, tossing the trousers in the process.

She mounted on the table with elegance in four legs. Then she looked at me and asked me to take her from behind. I didn’t understand her instruction very clearly. Seeing me in confusion she asked me to mount on the table after her, and position myself over and behind her. She directed me and soon I was positioned with my chest and abdomen resting over her back, my hands beside hers holding on to the table, my legs adjacent too hers and in tight embrace of her bottom body and buttock. My pelvis behind her buttock with crouch exactly behind her arse and pussy in that 4 legged position. She set me up for action, and she initiated the action too. She brought her hand between her legs and held my hard rock cock in her hand and brought it to the door of her pussy. Then she asked me if I am ready. I nodded in positive.

I didn’t need any further instruction. I slowly pushed myself as she guided my tool into her hole. My first feeling of the pussy was a well lubricated and tight love hole. It gave me that unearthly sensation which I have never experienced in my life. I had to force myself a bit to gain complete entry into her. Her hole was warm and hot at the same time. I felt great and victorious at the moment. I slowly took my thing out and inserted again. The same pleasure feelings cropped in me again. I was doing it slowly at the beginning, after a few strokes I gained confidence and started increasing my speed. I started gripping her hips with both my hands. It was sweaty. Infact her whole body was sweating under me. But I felt very much in control now. Infact for the first time I felt that I am in control of her. I began riding her in doggy style, or in this case bully style. I felt she is under the mercy of my forceful cock. Her building up moans became testimonial to it. I released my right hand from her hip and took a handful of her hair flowing down her neck. I held on to it and continued riding her. Her head was raised due to my holding her hair. I rode her like a horse rider holding on to the reins and slapping the sides once in a while. I found her hanging and shaking boobs to be too good to resist. I often took my hands to try hold and squeeze her boobs as much as possible. I felt excited holding her slippery boobs.

It has been going on like this for some fifteen minutes now. I was still fucking her from behind. And soon pressure started building up inside me to cum. I increased my speed on her. She too responded swiftly upon realizing my state. It was a moment for two perfectly jelled machines working in synch. I felt my cum ready to shot. I squeezed more on to her boobs with my hands, her body and buttock with my legs while my cock shot out the cum inside her womb. It took several shots for my cock to calm down. And then we collapsed on to the table.

We stayed in that position on the table for some minutes, until we could get up. I dressed up quickly as suddenly I felt very shy. She too dressed up quickly and elegantly. She asked me if I liked the milking and bullying around with her. I nodded in positive very excitedly. She smiled and asked, “so will u come daily to milk the cows as well as me. In addition to the pay to your mother, I will milk you in return”. I was more than happy to say yes. I bid her goodbye and left for the day tired. It was almost noon. My life will not be the same from that day. I was initiated into the sexual side of life. Now there is no turn back. I thought of the scene of myself posing before her daily and she milking me. The days that are to come are those of milking and horse riding. May be I will get a chance to milk her boobs the next time. I just had to be patient and wait for the coming days. Wait for the milking days…

Ok people…end of my real story. I hope you liked my story. I have many experiences to share with you all. My email is [email protected]

Please share your views regarding my story and how I can improve it. Your good advice is appreciated.

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