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My best friend Kelli-Part 2 by Michelle 18

After our first love making experience, Kelli and I were quickly becoming the best of friends. We ate all of our meals together, met each other for coffee between classes, compared notes on cute guys and, of course, we made love frequently. Often, a new friend, Sarah joined us, not for the lovemaking but for coffee or meal time. I was still attracted to guys and spent a lot of time looking at all the cute ones in my classes, but I also found myself daydreaming about Kelli.

As I found out over the first couple of weeks of our friendship, her family is very wealthy, I’m talking tens of millions wealthy. She grew up within an hour of campus and I discovered that she had a choice of living in the dorms on campus or of living in a condo her parents had bought for her as a long term investment.

Personally I would have chosen to live in the condo but she said she wanted to experience every aspect of college life including living on campus. In addition, she explained that being on campus would give her more chances to meet cute guys. I asked why she had chosen a state school over going to some exclusive Ivy League school or Stanford. She was a high achieving honors student in high school, a two sport varsity athlete, literary magazine editor and class president so her application was impressive. Her family also had the means to send her anywhere she wanted to go, and guys would flock to her no matter which school she picked.

She told me that her parents were alumni of our school and if it was good enough for them it was good enough for her. She also wanted to be close to home so that she could see her family and high school friends. She’s just so down to earth.

Since she wasn’t living in her condo, she got to rent it out and spend the profits on whatever. I’m not certain, but I think her parents also give her at least a thousand dollars worth of spending money every month. Altogether, she has about $1,500 in spending money every month. My parents pay for tuition, books and dorm fees, but other wise I make due with an extra $100 dollars a month they give me. She rarely lets me pay for anything when we go out to eat or to the movies. I feel guilty but she insists, saying that it wouldn’t be any fun doing any of those things if she knew I was stressed out over money.

After we had roomed together for about two weeks, she commented that while she loved making love with me, she hadn’t gotten laid by a guy since she had arrived on campus. She was starting to crave it. She reminded me that I hadn’t been laid either and said that we were going to change that ASAP. I knew we are both cute enough to attract plenty of guys. The previous day I we were at the student fitness center wearing shorts and tight, short cropped T-shirts and we were getting plenty of attention from guys. But I didn’t just want to start having one night stands or get a reputation for promiscuity. She told me she had some “acceptable options”. It sounded so mysterious.

Within hours, she called me on my cell phone and told me to break out my sexiest outfit because we were going to a frat party that evening. I had never been to a frat party and I was excited and a little nervous. I also wondered if I had anything nice enough to wear. When I got to our dorm room she had already laid out a cute mini skirt and sexy silk top from her own collection for me to wear. “Lucky we’re the same size” she said.

I was apprehensive and I told her I wasn’t sure about going to a party to pick up strange guys. She informed me that we weren’t going to pick up “strange” guys, she had already lined up dates for both of us and mine was really cute. She was expecting them to pick us up in twenty minutes. We got dressed, both wearing short skirts and snug tops. We stood side by side in front of a full length mirror and admired ourselves. The skirts showed our legs off nicely and Kelli hugged me and said “Sweetie, we are gonna get laid tonight for sure!”

Our dates, two nice looking guys came to pick us up and take us to dinner, then to the party. As it turned, Barry, my date was a high school classmate of Kelli’s. He is medium height, muscular and cute, and he was my date. His frat brother Sid is a tall 6 foot 3 inch blonde, also very cute.

Over dinner I found out that Barry and Kelli had actually been friends since the 1st grade. Sid was a long time friend too. He wasn’t a high school classmate though. Sid’s and Barry’s parents were old friends so he visited Barry often, and often times, Kelli, Sid and Barry hung out together. I asked why she hadn’t mentioned or introduced me to Barry and/or Sid sooner since their frat is only a ten minute walk away from our dorm. She said they were busy with Rush stuff so she wanted to give them space. This party was to celebrate the end of the rush activities. We had a great time at the party, then the guys escorted us back to our dorm room.

As soon as we walked in and closed the door Kelli asked Barry “So how long has it been since the last time I had your big beautiful dick in me?’ “Too long” he answered.

“Well it’s going to be a bit longer because you belong to Michelle first . Sid has been such a lovely date he’s going to get his reward from me.” She winked at me and said “We’ll trade off later if you like.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this. I had never been involved in group sex before. Now we were getting ready for a foursome with the only girl I had ever made love with and her childhood playmate.

We all stripped and I saw what Kelli had meant when she mentioned Barry’s beautiful big dick. He stood there with an enormous erect penis. Kelli asked if I had ever had an eight incher. I hadn’t. In fact none of my previous six partners had more than six inches worth of penis. I was excited and a little scared.

Sid was no slouch when it came to size either, his penis was about seven inches long and nearly as big around as Barry’s. We started to make out with our respective dates, and in between kisses I asked Barry how often he and Kelli made love. He told me two or three times a month since they were both fifteen. Kelli added that it took three or four times together before she could take all of his big organ into her.

I like to give head. But Barry’s dick was more than I could manage in my small mouth, I began by just rolling my tongue around and nibbling the head. Eventually I took the entire head and about two inches of the shaft into my mouth.. Kelli did the same for Sid and her small delicate face looked so cute up against Sid’s thick penis.

Then the moment of truth came. Barry entered me with his big penis. It hurt a little, but I wasn’t about to wimp out and ask him to stop, not in front of Kelli Soon he had pushed his dick completely into me. It hurt and I let out a small cry that caused him pull half way out of me. “Barry…” Kelli scolded “you have to be more gentle with her than you are with me, she hasn’t had three years to get used to your monster cock.”

Kelli asked if I was alright and I smiled and nodded. The sensation of being stretched to the max by his thick penis was incredible even though I couldn’t take the entire length. He gently fucked me to a depth of about seven inches. I reached my orgasm long before Barry. He said to Kelli “I finally found a girl who’s as tight as you”.

She was too busy milking Sid’s penis with her tight little pussy to answer, but she did smile.

I felt Barry’s body tense up and he gently entered me completely. His body shuddered as he filled me with cum, then he just sort of relaxed and enjoyed having me squeeze my vaginal muscles to milk every last drop of cum from his penis. I was pretty certain that he had another good orgasm in him and I told him he could cum in me again if he liked. He said he would love to, but Sid was waiting for his chance to be with me.

“My gosh” I thought as I realized they were serious about switching partners.

The guys switched and soon Sid was stroking in and out of me. I looked over at Kelli with her smooth sexy legs wrapped around Barry’s hips. His thick glistening penis was spreading her little lips wide apart and she was loving it. She looked so cute as she arched her back to take Barry as deep into her as possible. “So, tell me, does my pussy feel as “delicious” as Michelle’s?” she asked.

Barry nodded and asked Sid what he thought. He answered “God, I’ve think I’ve died and gone to heaven, twice.”

Like I said, Sid’s big dick was nearly as fat as Barry’s and I soon had another fantastic orgasm. Since he had already had a huge climax inside of Kelli he was able to control himself and he fucked me slowly and gently for about 20 minutes before he spurted a load into me. I had another warm, satisfying orgasm too.

Slowly, he pulled out of me, thanking me as he did. By then, Barry had pumped his load into Kelli. He had rolled over so that she was on top of him with his dick still in her. He was gently caressing her back and it was clear that the two of them had so much affection for each other. They were after all, life long friends.

After a few minutes Kelli said “Watch this guys” and she came over to me and gentle began lapping the mix of Barry’s and Sid’s cum from my pussy. I was shocked that she would do that. It’s not that I don’t enjoy having her go down on me, but I didn’t want the world to know that I was having daily sex with another girl, even one as adorable as Kelli. She sensed that I was ill at ease, so she said “Sweetie, Barry already knows all about us.” It turns out that she told Barry all about me when she talked with him to arrange our dates. On top of that, Barry had watched Kelli interact sexually with another girl before. They and their prep school friends had thrown quite a few sex parties. I figured since there were no longer any secrets to keep, I should go down on Kelli too. I actually enjoy the taste of cum and being able to sip it from her pussy was nearly as nice as taking it directly from a dick.

The guys got dressed and gave us both long hugs and gentle kisses before they left. Kelli and I shared the same bed that night, snuggling and kissing.

We hadn’t bothered to get dressed and we snuggled together in her bed. I thanked her for getting me laid and told her that I really enjoyed my first really big cock. I was amazed that Barry and Sid were able to fit into me, and even more amazed at the intense pleasure they gave me.

She giggled and said that if I like them big, she knew a guy with a penis that is even bigger than Barry’s and she would fix me up with him. We kissed and cuddled for a few minutes before we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we went to the showers. I had my back to the entrance and didn’t notice when Sarah, our new friends from down the hall came in. I was giving my pussy a thorough rinsing to rid myself of the last of the cum that Barry and Sid had pumped into me the previous night. Not that I mind having cum in me, but I didn’t want it to run out and soak my panties. Sarah saw what I was doing and she said “Well it looks like somebody got cummed in last night, either that or she’s cleaning up after her period.” I smiled and said “I got cummed in, twice.” Kelli told Sarah about our double date, leaving out the part about us going down on each other afterwards. Sarah told us that she had gotten laid the previous night too, but she barely knew the guy so she made him wear a condom. She mentioned that she wouldn’t mind finding a nice “safe” partner so that she could let a guy cum in her. Kelli smiled and said we should invite her to join in the next time Barry and Sid came over, with a third guy for Sarah of course. But I’ll save that story for later.

So in just a few short weeks Kelli had introduced me to the joys of having sex with another girl, of group sex, and of having sex with a couple of really well hung guys What could be next?

– To Be Continued… –

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