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My best friend Simi – Dirty Sex Tales

John and his daughter April had moved in next door a month ago and I had got friendly with them. At their house warming party I was dancing with his little teenage daughter April, I was tipsy but we cuddled together for the slow dances. I went out in the back garden for some fresh air and I caught my girlfriend shagging a black man, I kicked her out that night and she came for her stuff this morning, she said sorry but I just slammed the door in her face. My best friend Simi warned me about moving her in with me.

It was Saturday the day after the party and young April came round later that day to see if I was okay. I invited her in and we sat on the settee with a drink, I didn’t think Sally was like that Jack, April I only moved her in with me because she promised not to cheat on me again, how wrong I was. How many times has she cheated on you Jack, about 20 times all with different men, in that case you’re better off without her Jack; little April put her arms round me and I cuddled her without thinking, you’re little and lovely April, some guy is going to be very lucky to have you, maybe that guy could be you Jack, we laughed.

Mum has a black boyfriend and she left me and dad after they had a big row. Dad was so upset; it took him months to accept what had happened I even slept in his bed with him and cuddled him, he didn’t want to live in the house we had any more so we moved here. My best friend Simi is black April, he’s not full of bullshit like a lot of them are he’s chilled out like me, we work together on projects, he’s a nice guy I’ve known him for years.

We sat on the settee together with a drink, soon after, she sat on my lap and wanted a cuddle, she was asleep in less than 5 minutes with her arms round me, her dress had ridden up and her knickers were on view, I rested my hand on her little legs near her pussy and she cuddled in to me a bit more, I looked at her and thought she was so pretty and cute, I could see down her top and she has lovely pert tit’s, she seemed to be in a deep sleep so I gingerly picked her up and took her to my bed where she’d be more comfortable, I laid her on her back she looked so beautiful, I looked at her knickers and I pulled the front of them down and I saw this gorgeous shaved little virgin pussy I couldn’t help but kiss it, I put my tongue in her slit and licked her clit she tasted so nice and fresh she was moaning a little I thought she might wake up so I went downstairs and made myself a drink, 15 minutes later she shouted ‘Jack where are you’, I went up to her, Jack I thought you’d left me, no April I brought you up here so you’d be more comfortable you were fast asleep, c’mon downstairs your dad is probably wondering where you are. He’s gone to town he’ll be ages yet, come and lay with me Jack I want to cuddle you I think you’re lovely I feel I have a connection with you since we were dancing together at the party, April how old are you, I’ll be 16 in 5 months, Jack I was dreaming last night, that you were making love to me and we were having a romantic relationship. Why me April you’re a gorgeous young girl you could have any guy, I’ve had loads of guys trying to get with me but I wasn’t interested until now, Jack will you make love to me, April you’re underage if anyone found out I could be put in Jail, it won’t happen Jack I promise I’ll never tell anyone. We looked in to each other’s eyes and I kissed her lovely lips, we held each other and things got heated, you sure about this April, yes but please be careful with me. I took her knickers off and rubbed her little clit getting her really worked up, she was excited, I got between her little legs and pushed my 7 inch cock in her virgin pussy slowly, my god she was tight she only flinched a little when I went through her hymen, when all my cock was in her I rubbed her clit, my god she loved that and a few seconds later she was breathing heavy then she cum, she grabbed me and held me tight and made the most wonderful sexual noises, oh Jack I love it oh, oh, oh, oh, bloody hell, then she had a big orgasm which made me want to cum, I pulled out just in time and splattered my juice just above her pussy, we kissed so passionately, my god Jack I like sex with you I’m glad you were my first. I nearly cum in you April it was so close, I wouldn’t have minded Jack, April if we are going to do this again you need to go on the pill I don’t know if I could pull out again, I’ll get some birth pills tomorrow Jack I want you to cum in me I really like you Jack. Let me clean you up April, let it go down over my pussy Jack.

I work from home as an independent computer programmer and April had been coming round to the house every week day with her laptop doing her home school work for a few weeks and at lunch time we had been making love, she was on the pill now so I could fill her little pussy with my baby juice with minimum risk of getting her pregnant. After John finished work at 6pm he knew April would be with me so he would knock the door looking for her, I thought I’d find you here April if I didn’t know any better I’d think you fancied Jack, she went red faced, April you do don’t you, she nodded yes, I didn’t think you liked boys you’ve never shown any interest, I like Jack dad I think he’s lovely, is it just a crush you have on him, no dad I don’t have crushes. She is lovely John and I’m very fond of her we get on so well together. Jack, although April is very young she’s very mature for her age, she knows what she wants. April is a very beautiful girl John she could have any guy she wants but she says she wants me I sometimes wonder if I heard her right, Jack shut up, we laughed; April went to the kitchen and make us a drink. Jack, please don’t get her pregnant she’s not 16 yet, don’t worry John she’s just gone on the pill, besides this is going to be a lasting relationship, everything about this feels right John.

When April came round one day she was crying, what’s wrong April, dad said he wants to find a woman in Thailand, I’m frightened he’ll get ripped off, I don’t think so April he’s pretty switched on, don’t worry sweetie. How do you feel about me Jack please be honest, April you’re so affectionate and making love to you is heaven for me, I think I’m in love with you beautiful girl, Jack I’m so glad you said that, I think I love you too. We kissed lovingly and cuddled up on the settee.

She came round the next day, she got my cock out and sucked it, I’ve never done this before Jack but I want to please you anyway I can, by god April you’re doing it right, I’m going to cum soon, I’m cumming April I’m cumming bloody hell I’m cumming god I love you April oh my god that was fantastic did you swallow it, yes all of it Jack I did it because I really love you I’d do anything for you, we cuddled each other and laid in the settee for a while. April it’s your 16th birthday soon, is there anything you want or shall it be a surprise, just as long as we three are together I’m happy with that. It was only one week before her birthday, I really love her should I take a chance and get her an engagement ring the worst thing she could say would be no.

John came round after work knowing April was here, fancy a whiskey John, yes that would be good, what can I drink dad, white wine if Jack’s got any, here you are April this one is nice, here’s your single malt whiskey John, Jack that tastes bloody good, I have plenty let’s make an evening of it. We had a good night April was a bit tipsy after her second white wine, she laid on my lap and fell asleep, I naturally rested my hand on her bum. John was almost drunk, I said to him it would be best if they stayed the night here, good idea Jack I think I’m drunk, you are John I’ll help you upstairs, there’s a single bed made up in here, I’ll take April to my bed and make sure she’s alright there’s no need to worry about her, thanks Jack you’re a good guy. I took April up 20 minutes later, Jack I want you tonight, I want you to my beautiful girl but you can’t make loud noises like you usually do, I know but I just want your cock in me Jack. I put the duvet over us I knew she would make some sexual moans, she opened her legs and I pushed my stiff cock deep inside her and rubbed her lovely little clit, I was building her up to have a big orgasm I saw her eyes close and her mouth open, she had a big orgasm, I quickly put my hand over her mouth to deaden the noise, I continued to rub her clit and she had another lovely orgasm, I was ready to cum, a few more strokes and I shot my sperm deep inside her pussy, she held me tight and kissed me with so much love and passion, I’m so lucky to have a girl like her. Jack I love you so much, we cuddled up and went to sleep. In the morning we were shagging and she’d just cum, John knocked the door and came straight in with a drink just as I was cumming, dad not now, oh sorry guys I didn’t think. John would have seen me on top of her shooting my baby juice in her with her arms and legs round me as she was moaning. I got off her and we sat up, okay John come in, the duvet had slipped down and John could see her tits and erect nipples, she cuddled her dad, ‘I’m really happy dad’, you’re a young woman now by the looks of it, this reminds me of your mum and I when we were young, we laughed, we chatted a while then John went downstairs and we got dressed and April and I made breakfast. You okay John, yes but I’ve got a hangover, thanks for putting us up last night; I know you’re very young April but seeing you and Jack together seems right, you’re obviously enjoying each other, we are dad. The three of us had a good day together then April went home with her dad, she gave me a kiss and hug, I really love you Jack, I love you too cutie, I went to bed and all I could think about was her.

It was April’s 16th birthday and she came round at 11am wearing a gorgeous low cut mini dress, c’mon Jack we are going to spend the day with dad he’s making all the food, Jack he’s so happy you and I are an item he really likes you, hang on I’ve got your present, Jack what is it, you’ll have to wait and see beautiful. I sat down and April sat on my lap, we were smooching while John was making dinner he brought a glass of wine in for us; an hour later we were at the table. April said a little prayer I got emotional she said it so perfectly even John was tearful, after we ate and sang happy birthday to her I gave her my present, she opened it and was gobsmacked, Jack this cost a lot of money I’ve always wanted an iPad oh my god Jack I love you, let’s switch it on April and look at the photos, Jack it’s got, dad and me and you on it oh my god it’s perfect, she started crying, Jack thanks for doing that for her she will remember this birthday for ever, I intend being with her forever John. April I’ve got something else for you open it, Jack it’s a little cake, break it apart sweetie, Jack it’s a ring, it’s an engagement ring, my god dad he’s asking me to marry him, what are you going to say April, yes yes yes Jack I’ll marry you, I put the ring on her finger, oh my god what a birthday, April and I hugged and kissed I had my hand on her little bum as usual, dad I love him so much I’m glad you like him, you’re perfect for each other April and I’m happy.

We had a few drinks afterwards and at 11pm I said I had better go, I got up and put my jacket on and shook John’s hand and thanked him for the day, I gave April a kiss, I was going out the door, you’re forgetting someone Jack, April wants to spend the night with you, is that alright John, yes you love each other and you’re engaged now you should be spending the nights together enjoy yourselves, thanks John I really appreciate it. Come here my beautiful wife to be, I carried her home, she took her clothes off as I did, we ran upstairs and jumped on the bed, I kissed her body all over, I sucked her lovely pert tits and licked her beautiful pussy, I gave her inviting lips such a passionate kiss she opened her legs and I pushed my raging hard cock deep inside her and made love to her, she got so excited and had a big orgasm, she shook hard and her lovely pussy was sucking on my cock, I gave her another orgasm, April I’m nearly cumming she held me tight and whispered ‘cum in me cum in me Jack I love you I’m going to cum too’ oh Jack. I shot my sperm deep inside her as she was having another orgasm her beautiful little face said it all, her pussy was sucking my cock again she bloody loved it. Jack that was so intense I really love you. We made love 4 times during the night, it was fantastic and to think I had a beautiful young girl on my cock; this is what a proper relationship should be, two people loving each other as we are.

APRIL… I went round to dad’s to ask him if I could live with Jack, are you pregnant April, no dad I’m on the pill now but I might get pregnant when I’m 18, Jack thinks I’m too young to be tied down with a baby. Well you’re engaged so I suppose it’s okay but I want to see you every day, you will dad I won’t ever neglect you give me a big hug like you usually do, I got some of my things and went back to Jack’s.

JACK… She moved her belongings in and everything was just dandy and we are so happy; John said he was going to Sweden working in a couple of weeks. He got the flight booked and would be away for eight weeks, we went to the airport to see him off and we tracked his flight to make sure he got there safely.

Simi called and asked, shall we meet up in town for a coffee, can I bring my April with me, of course it would be nice to put a face to a voice we’ve been talking a few times now, we’ll meet you in Gabby’s at 1pm. Get ready sweetie we are going to meet Simi for a coffee, is a mini dress alright Jack, yes sweetie; we’ll go in the van so we can get some fence panels afterwards.

We got to Gabby’s and got our coffee’s, two minutes later Simi turned up, so this is April, where did you find this gorgeous little girl Jack, she’s the girl next door Simi. April laughed, she was immediately relaxed with him, we were chatting away quite happily, he went to the toilet. He’s nice isn’t he sweetie, yes Jack he’s lovely. Could he be boyfriend material for you if you hadn’t met me, I think so Jack I do like him, I’m glad you like him sweetie as he’s my best friend. Simi sat down and rested his hand on her leg very close to her pussy, her legs opened and he moved his hand over her pussy and she put her hand on his. Hey guys shall we get out of here it’s getting too crowded, I’ve got my van here let’s drink our coffees in there.

I walked between them and they were holding my hands. I sat on the seat in the middle, what’s up sweetie, this seat isn’t comfortable Jack, the steering wheel is in the way here sweetie; could she sit on your lap Simi? Yes of course. Simi lifted her up and sat her on his lap with her legs towards me, he put his left arm round her and when he finished his coffee he put his right hand on her bare leg near her pussy again, she finished her coffee and rested her head in to Simi’s neck and put her arms around him and fell asleep, lovely isn’t she Simi, yes Jack she’s very beautiful and she’s got gorgeous legs and she’s wearing a tiny thong, I can see her pussy slit, you must be so happy with her Jack, I am Simi she’s perfect and she’s crazy good in bed I can’t believe my luck. Can I move her thong and rub her clit Jack, yes but don’t wake her, she’s moaning, look at her little bum moving she likes it, she’s opening her legs; she’d love my cock Jack, I grinned.

Half an hour later she woke up, feel better sweetie, yes Jack, Simi and I smiled. Simi had to go, he gave her a nice little kiss and they hugged each other. On the way home after getting the fencing, Jack, Simi is very nice, yes sweetie and he likes you, I guessed that Jack, yes and he was looking between your legs, your thong just covers your pussy and he could see your slit, did he touch my pussy, yes sweetie he fingered your wet pussy inside your thong and you got excited and you opened your legs, you were enjoying it so I hope it was alright sweetie, yes as long as you didn’t mind Jack. A few days passed, shall I call Simi to have dinner with us sweetie, if you want to Jack, I called him and it was arranged he would come on Saturday. He turned up at 1pm with flowers for April, I called her she came down wearing a mini skirt, Simi those are lovely flowers, she kissed his lips and put the flowers in water then went in the kitchen and started to prepare the dinner.

Simi and I sat down with a coffee. It didn’t work out with Sally then, no she’s just a slut but I did try with her, that’s how it goes Jack and you’re better off without her from what I’ve heard. Jack, April is a very beautiful girl how old is she, 16 Simi, that’s young but by god she’s really hot, I’m looking at her legs they are gorgeous it’s not often you see legs like that, absolutely perfect. April reached up to a cupboard showing her tiny pink knickers, bloody hell Jack look she’s got a lovely little bum, you fancy her Simi, I do Jack she’s like a tiny piece of human art I’d really love to get her on the end of my cock, did you see her nipples showing through her top Jack, yes she never wears a bra. A few minutes later she asked us if we wanted another coffee, yes please, when she came in with the coffee, she sat on my lap as she does showing her legs and knickers, I’m going to marry this little beauty soon Simi, you’re a very lucky guy Jack, I wish I could meet a beautiful little girl like April, stop it Simi. We sat talking for ages, hey guys look at the time I’ve got to put the dinner on it’s going to be 6.30pm before we eat now. With the dinner on she laid the table then she went upstairs and had a shower and came down in a low-cut mini dress. She came to me and gave me a little kiss, you smell lovely sweetie, what do you think Simi, she turned round and moved towards him he lifted her mini dress and kissed and licked just above her pussy, she smells and tastes lovely Jack, you finished you two, you’re very naughty Simi, yes beautiful, he patted her bum and we laughed.

She was in the kitchen and she called us 15 minutes later to sit at the table. We had dinner and it was delicious, that was some great food April said Simi, not only is she beautiful Jack but she can cook too, we laughed. Simi and I washed up leaving April to relax, when we had finished we walked in to her and she was stretched out face down on the settee with her eyes closed and her dress barely covering her bum, Simi tapped my shoulder and whispered; my cock’s fucking hard.

I nudged her, can we sit down with you sweetie, she got up and sat on my lap with her legs on Simi’s lap, I was playing with her hair to relax her and a short time later she had nodded off. Simi whispered, she’s not frightened of showing her knickers is she Jack, I don’t think she realises it Simi but the good thing is that I see them every day, and what’s in them Jack you lucky sod, her legs were open, Simi moved her thong and fingered her pussy, she was moaning and he made her cum in her sleep, we sniggered. We were chatting and time had flown by, April had woken and she sat on Simi’s lap, his arms were around her with his hand on the side of her bum, she was without doubt getting on very well with my best friend. At 10pm Simi said it was time for him to go and we would chat on Monday, he shook my hand and gave April a nice kiss on the lips and a squeeze on the bum. When we got to bed, Simi fancies me doesn’t he Jack, yes sweetie and I can’t blame him, he thinks you’re beautiful like I do, I know he’d love to put his black cock in your pussy sweetie, I’d love him to if he was my boyfriend Jack, I do like him but you’re my guy Jack don’t ever forget it, you’re so romantic and so perfect for me.

I spoke to Simi about a big project that was coming up and thought we needed to work together on this one, I have a computers already set up in my office he could use; he agreed it would be a good idea.

We had been working together for just over two weeks then I had a call saying the company I was contracted to wanted me to go to their offices in Glasgow to discuss another project with them and would take at least 6 days. When I told April she wasn’t happy at all, she asked me if she could go with me, April I will be in meetings all day you won’t see me, I don’t want you being in Glasgow on your own, I can’t go round to dad’s because he’s not here Jack, Simi will be here through the day so you won’t be on your own just make sure you lock the doors at night, I will call you around 9pm each night, okay Jack but don’t be any longer than you have to be, when are you going, I’m getting the 6.15am train on Tuesday next week I have to be there for 9am, I’m going to miss you Jack, I’ll miss you too sweetie but time will soon go. April and I had a lots of passionate sex leading up to Tuesday, she hated the thought of me leaving her, she was tearful as I was getting in the taxi, I felt awful leaving her I wished John was around for her.

APRIL & SIMI… Simi was here at 9am, I was wearing a T-shirt and tiny thong, I made him a coffee and some toast like I had been doing, he’ll be back soon April don’t be upset, he’s never left me before Simi I miss him already, I have to work now April but if you feel lonely come and sit with me, okay thanks. I took him his coffee at 11am, you okay now April, no not really I’ve never been so miserable except from when mum left me and dad, come and sit down next to me April, can I straddle your legs and cuddle you like I do with Jack sometimes, of course you can. I straddled his legs and cuddled him and buried my face in his neck, he put his arms round me and kissed my cheek, I snuggled in to him more and he put one hand under my bum, his fingers slid over my covered pussy and made me jump; this is nice Simi, I kissed him on his lips. Jack thinks you would be a good boyfriend for me if I wasn’t with him, what do you think April; yes Simi I really like you, he rubbed my clit, oh Simi, I kissed him again, Jack is so lucky to have you April. Simi you’re going to make me cum, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I’m cumming oh Simi it’s nice, I kissed him hard, my god what am I doing Jack would go mad if he knew, don’t say anything please Simi, no April it’s our little secret.

I got up and made the coffee and he carried on working and at lunch time he ordered a take-away for us, after that I left him to his work. When 5.30pm came, I’m off now April, he gave me a hug and a nice kiss on the lips, you’re so beautiful April I wish you were mine; he waved as he drove off. I felt so alone in the house on my own; you really feel it when you miss somebody. I sat watching telly and at 9pm Jack called, hello sweetie, Jack I miss you, I know sweetie but it’s only for a few days, have you locked the doors, yes Jack but I feel really lonely I’m not used to this. What time did Simi go, 5.30pm he gave me a hug and a nice kiss, he’s a good guy sweetie, yes Jack, he let me straddle his legs and cuddle him like I do with you Jack, did he put his hand under your bum, yes right over my pussy you know I like that, yes sweetie, it’s okay if Simi touches you, I know you like him, you sure it’s okay Jack, yes sweetie. I’ve got to go sweetie some of the people are in the bar and they are calling me I’ll call you this time tomorrow, okay Jack I love you, I love you too sweetie.

I was in bed by 10pm and Jack’s side of the bed was empty, I nearly cried, I sent Jack a message ‘I don’t like being on my own what if someone tries to break in I wish dad was here’, he called me, sweetie do you want me to call Simi to see if he will stay with you, yes please, okay I’ll call him now. Simi, April isn’t happy being on her own, any chance of you staying with her at night times while I’m gone, of course I will Jack, I’ll call her and let her know you’ll be there soon. Hi sweetie he’ll be round shortly so no need to worry, what if he tries something with me Jack, it’s okay look after him properly at night times sweetie, you mean have sex with him Jack, yes sweetie open your legs wide for him and let him have your pussy he’ll be so pleased, are you sure Jack, just enjoy yourself with him. I love you Jack, I love you too sweetie.

Twenty minutes later the door knocked, thanks Simi I’m sorry but I don’t like being on my own I’m only 16 and anything could happen, don’t worry beautiful girl. I hugged him, thanks for coming back I’ve made the bed up in the spare room. We went upstairs, is that alright Simi, yes April now try to get some sleep, he gave me a nice hug and a lovely kiss. I felt safe with him here, I’d been in bed for a couple of hours asleep and I woke up for some reason I think I might have been having a bad dream, I heard Simi in the bathroom, as my door was partly open I saw him in the semi darkness walk past, it looked like he was totally naked, I left it twenty minutes then I went to his room, he was asleep so I sat on his bed and gently nudged him, hey beautiful you okay, I’ve been dreaming and it woke me up, I can’t get back to sleep I would appreciate a cuddle, I’m naked April, I don’t care I just want you to hold me Simi. I thought about what Jack had said so I stripped off I got in to bed with him, at last beautiful girl you’re in my bed, you’ve got lovely smooth skin Simi I really like this; I laid half on him and cuddled him he feels so nice, he put his arm round me and he held my bum with his fingers rubbing my pussy, I felt his lips on mine and I kissed him back, I like you a lot Simi Jack wants me to look after you sexually, I was happy when he said that because I want you Simi, I’ve waited so long for this moment April. He gave me a very passionate kiss then he sucked my tits and fingered my pussy, he got me so worked up, I opened my legs, c’mon Simi, he pushed his thick black cock so deep inside me, my god Simi your cock is so big, oh god I’m cumming I’m cumming already, I had an immediate big orgasm, I flung my arms and legs around him he was rubbing my clit and he gave orgasm after orgasm, fuck me fuck me fuck me Simi, my bum was bucking faster than it’s ever done with Jack and my wet pussy was squeezing his cock really hard, you like my black cock April, oh god yes Simi I want this I love it, I’m going to shoot my black baby juice deep in your pussy, yes Simi do it do it let me feel it, oh Simi it’s nice it’s going deep inside me, I like it I love it I love it I love it, your cock it’s so much thicker and longer than Jack’s, I love this Simi, I hugged him tight and kissed him, he started making love to me again, he gave me another huge orgasm and more baby juice, he shagged me many times during the night he was just driving me crazy, my pussy was full of his lovely black sperm, I really love sex with him. I’ve always wanted you April since I met you, I wish I was your boyfriend, you would be if I wasn’t with Jack my pussy is yours Simi I love your cock. I took my birth pill in the morning I couldn’t risk getting black pregnant; I’m so glad he loves my pussy what a night.

Jack called the following night at 9pm to see if I was alright and to tell me he loved me. Jack, I had a bad dream last night which woke me up, I couldn’t get back to sleep so I went in to see Simi for a cuddle before going back to bed. I got in bed with him and cuddled him, he kissed me and fingered my pussy and got me so excited, I opened my legs and he shagged me for most of the night, he gave me so many massive orgasms and loads of his sperm, he was driving me crazy he’s got a big thick cock, I’m sorry Jack, it’s okay sweetie I don’t mind him having your pussy, just enjoy his black cock, I will Jack oh my god I will. Did you take your pill sweetie, yes this morning, I told him you didn’t mind him shagging me, he loves my pussy Jack, I knew he would sweetie, you look after him while I’m away, I will Jack, I’ll do everything for him, if you suck his cock swallow his sperm, I’ll make sure he loves it Jack, good girl. Look I’ve got to go now I’ll call tomorrow evening at the same time, love you sweetie, love you Jack.

Simi came at 10pm I was already naked, he picked me up and took me to bed and pushed his rock big black cock deep in my pussy giving me an immediate big orgasm, we were kissing passionately and I was hanging on to him loving every second. Jack called again at 12.30am, hang on Jack I’m having another orgasm, oh my god Simi I love it I love it, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, hear that Jack she loves my black cock, I can hear her is she cumming again, yes I give her lots of orgasms, my god Simi she’s screaming, yes Jack I love her gorgeous pussy and I’m just about to shoot my black juice in her again she wants it Jack, I’ve waited so long for this I’m glad you don’t mind Jack, it’s okay Simi but only while I’m away, my god is she cumming again, yes Jack you should see her little face she loves my black cock, okay Simi speak soon. Simi I never said bye to him, don’t worry beautiful he heard how you were loving my cock, my god I hope he’s not upset with me, he loves you April now open those legs again, yes Simi fuck me.

Jack called me each evening at 9pm but he never said anything about Simi or how he heard me loving sex with him. Jack was gone for seven days and the last evening Jack said he would be home around 8.30pm tomorrow evening, Simi and I made the most of the last night giving me the most fantastic intense orgasms and lots of his lovely black baby juice, my god what a night, no wonder white girls love black cock. Simi and I showered together and I couldn’t help but suck his lovely black cock and when he cum I gulped it all down. When it was time for Simi to go home on the last day we hugged and kissed, thanks Simi I loved having sex with you, I loved sex with you April you’re wonderful, he left.

It was Friday evening, I made something to eat and drink, I was watching telly when Jack arrived home, I greeted him just as I usually do I was so pleased to see him as he was me. He was tired after travelling and he eventually fell asleep in my arms, it was 1am when he woke up, he had a whiskey then we went to bed. I love you you’re my guy forever Jack, I opened my little legs and he made wonderful love to me as he usually does he gave me an orgasms and his baby juice, he’s lovely and passionate I love him so much, he was so tired we slept cuddled up.

As it was Saturday morning April and I had a lay in and we made love, she didn’t feel any different and we enjoyed ourselves like we usually do. Do you still want to marry me sweetie, of course I want to marry you Jack why did you ask, I heard you on the phone with Simi you were screaming and having big orgasms, I know Jack I couldn’t help it was so intense he made me cum so much, he’s got a very big cock, I loved it when he shot his lovely black sperm deep inside me there was so much of it, you really loved his cock sweetie, yes I did Jack but I never expected him to be like that. Did you take your pills sweetie, I know I did the first morning but I can’t remember after that, I was so knackered I slept in till lunch time every day I don’t think I thought about it, he shagged me so much Jack he loves my pussy, so you could be pregnant by him sweetie, oh god I hope not I should have my period in a couple of weeks, I never thought about it Jack, you’ve had his black cock deep in your pussy shooting black baby juice in your un-protected pussy, I have Jack. Did you suck his black cock sweetie, yes a few times I could just get it in my mouth, I swallowed his sperm, did you like doing that to him sweetie, yes his sperm tasted really nice I gulped loads of it down, good girl you looked after him well sweetie. April was very clingy; maybe she was worried she had Simi’s black baby inside her.

Sweetie shall we set a date for our wedding, oh Jack I’d love that I really love you. What about on your 17th birthday, Jack that would be so good, its 9 months away yet sweetie hopefully your dad will call tomorrow evening at the same time, love you sweetie, love you Jack.

Jack was already working when Simi arrived on Monday morning, everything alright April, yes, Jack is fine with what happened between us he knows I love sex with you. I made a drink and breakfast for them; everything seemed to be fine. I was still walking around in T-shirt and knickers and Simi was still making remarks to Jack about my legs and Jack encouraged me to straddle Simi’s legs for a cuddle even though Simi would put his hand under my bum touching my pussy, I think Jack liked seeing me close to Simi.

Jack I just want to thank for being cool with me having sex with April, she’s really good Jack and she loves sex with me, I knew she would be good when I first met her. Did you realise she had missed some pills Simi, no Jack I thought she was taking them every day, Simi she was so tired after you fucked her so much that when she got up at lunch time she never thought about the pill, we’re just waiting to see if she gets her period.

It was a month later I realised I had missed my period which was due two weeks ago. I went to the chemist and got a pregnancy test kit, I’m pregnant and I’m worried it must be Simi’s baby; it must have been my fertile time when Jack was away. I’m going to have to tell Jack. I waited until Jack and I were in bed, Jack I’m pregnant, I missed my period I’ve done a pregnancy test and it’s positive, I don’t know if it’s yours or Simi’s. We will have to get tested at the hospital sweetie, if its Simi’s you’ll have to see about a termination, it’s not fair us getting married and you having his baby, I will Jack I don’t want to lose you. We were tested and the results showed it wasn’t mine so Simi’s baby was in her festering away.

Jack I’m going to call Janet my best friend from school you will like her, she comes from a good family she’s the same age as me she will come with me to the doctors I can’t involve you in this Jack it’s not fair on you, okay sweetie do what you have to do. An appointment at the doctors was made for a couple of days’ time at 10.30am, Janet called for me at 9.30am. I took her in to Jack’s office, Jack, Simi, this is Janet my best friend from school, hi Janet nice to meet you, another beautiful girl Jack, yes Simi.

The girls left, what did you think about Janet then Simi, she looked very sexy in those shorts and T-shirt, lovely legs and a very pretty face, why don’t you try and get with her Simi, I’m not sure she liked me that much but I thought she liked you Jack perhaps April told her I was the father, girls do talk Simi. I still wonder why April wants me Simi, because she loves you Jack and you’re very lucky.

Simi and I got a lot of work done so much so that we spent the last hour chatting and drinking coffee and about 20 minutes before Simi was going the girls came back and were giggling like girls do they had made a day of it. April gave Simi and I a kiss and a little cuddle, I’m having a termination in two weeks. Jack would you mind if April stayed with me for two or three days while she recovers from the termination I know her friends would love to see her again and catch up on things, we won’t tell them about the termination, girlfriends I trust, of course Jack don’t be silly, April loves you she keeps telling me, okay but only three days then I want her back, thanks Jack. I’m going to make dinner guys do you want to stay Simi, I should go home April but thanks.

I felt so much more relaxed now but I did feel sorry for Simi I think he was a bit sad I was getting rid of his baby. I started to make dinner while Jack was entertaining Janet, they were playing cards and having a laugh, when the game finished Jack went in to his office and Janet came to me. Jack is lovely April you’ve done well there, Janet, you know I’ve got Simi’s baby in me, yes, the thing is he wants me, but I really love Jack. Simi needs to find another girl April and move on, has he been looking at you Janet, not that I’ve noticed; to be honest April I’m not interested in him. Janet, Simi’s very big cock drove me mad, I’ve never had so many big orgasms and I loved it when he was pumping his black sperm so deep inside me, he’s a fantastic lover and he’s such a nice caring guy, I’m sure you’d love his black cock, April I’m not really interested besides I don’t fancy a black cock in my pussy.

Simi called back 20 minutes later, is it too late to have dinner with you Jack, no, c’mon round, sweetie, Simi is coming round for dinner, okay Jack. Janet go to my room and put one of my mini dresses on, those shorts are too long, is this for Simi, yes Janet, I’m only wearing a thong April, that’s alright he’ll like that. When she came down, wow Janet look at you, eye’s off Jack you’re mine, we laughed, Jack hugged me and told me he loved me. Simi arrived and chatted to Jack, Janet and I were in the kitchen standing side by side, what do you think of Janet Simi, she’s very pretty but just look at April, absolute perfection, I think Janet looks gorgeous Simi, did you know they were only born 4 days apart, I think if I had met Janet before April I would have been with her, she’s got a lovely figure, so beautiful and she has a great personality. Are you telling me you wouldn’t like to get in bed with her Simi, I’m sure she would be great but I’d be thinking of little April you know how much I think of her, Janet is little too that’s one of April’s dresses she’s wearing, I somehow don’t think she’s for me Jack.

We had dinner and Simi and Janet were sat side by side, we were chatting together but I didn’t see any spark between them, Janet definitely isn’t interested. When we were sat down Janet’s legs were open and her thong was on view like mine was and Jack and Simi were looking but later I sat on Jack’s lap and Simi asked Janet to sit on his, she was hesitant but she did and Simi cuddled her with his hand between her legs over her pussy, he kissed her but she quickly moved his hand away and closed her legs, sorry Simi but no. Jack and I could see it was a waste of time between them. I got up and made a drink and Janet followed me, I don’t fancy Simi at all, can I sit on Jack’s lap instead April, yes and I’ll sit on Simi’s. In we went with the drinks and Janet sat on Jack’s lap and cuddled him, Jack cuddled her and put his hand under her bum and that’s what happened with me and Simi too, Simi was a lot happier and Jack could see that. A taxi came for Janet at 10pm and Simi decided to go too, that was a bit awkward for them two sweetie, yes but it was worth a try. I think Janet likes you Jack it was nice the way you cuddled her, Simi cuddled you like that too was he playing with your pussy, his fingers were moving slowly along my slit Jack, did you mind sweetie, no I don’t mind. We went to bed and made love, Simi’s made your pussy very wet sweetie; I know Jack but don’t forget I love you.

The next two weeks seemed to go quick and on the day of my termination, Janet came at 10am, she gave Jack a little kiss and a hug, Simi wasn’t there that day he knew what was going to happen. I gave Jack a hug and kiss, we got in the taxi and left. My appointment was for 11.15am and 45 minutes later it was done, I was no longer pregnant thank god; I was so happy. Janet and I had a great time at her house, her mum and dad are great, some old school friends came to visit it was like a reunion, I called Jack each night and Janet thought it was sweet. Janet came home with me in the taxi, Jack, April has a headache from last night, we girls had a little party and she got a bit tipsy and needs to sleep it off. I carried her upstairs to bed and Janet and I took her clothes off and left her to sleep. I made a drink for us and we sat on the settee together, you don’t like Simi do you Janet, he’s okay I suppose but he’s not for me, I only put a dress on because April asked me to I knew she was trying to get me with him, I didn’t like it when he rubbed my pussy, I much preferred our cuddle Jack, I thought you might move my hand away when I put it under your bum, no Jack I don’t mind you doing that, April is so lucky to have you Jack she really is. Are you going to come round more often Janet, if April wants me to I will, I thought you looked gorgeous in April’s dress that time, did you Jack I’m so pleased you said that she has some beautiful clothes. Janet sat on my lap again and we had a little kiss and huddled together, you’re lovely Janet, I think you’re lovely too Jack, I don’t understand why April let Simi shag her when she has you Jack, Simi has always wanted her, I knew she’d have his big black cock sometime and I know she loved it. Janet if you come here again please don’t wear jeans you’ve got beautiful legs don’t hide them, okay Jack I’ll remember that, you’re looking at my tits Jack do you like them, I do Janet I really hope you come again, you’re so nice Jack I like you, April has been so stupid; her taxi came and off she went.

You’re awake sweetie, yes but I still feel awful, did you undress me Jack, Janet and I did she’s only just gone, we’ve been chatting, why don’t you invite her round more often she seems to be a good friend for you, I’m going to Jack we’ve missed each other she might get to like Simi, I don’t think so sweetie. What’s the time Jack, 9.30pm, come to bed and cuddle me I can’t have sex for another couple of days, that’s okay sweetie.

The next morning I left April in bed, Simi and I were working as usual, no April Jack, she might come down later she’s got a headache. I checked on her now and then but she was still fast asleep. It was 4pm and April came down stairs totally naked, Simi cuddled her and kissed her tummy, I still have a headache guy’s I’ll make the coffee. Look at her beautiful body Jack she’s so lovely do you know Jack I dream about her; you must have it bad Simi, I need her Jack.

April invited Janet to come round on Friday’s, sometimes they would go out but mostly stay in, Janet either wore a mini dress or a mini skirt and looked gorgeous, every time Janet came she gave me a hug and a kiss and a little wink, I guess she likes me. Simi and Janet get on alright and I’ve seen Simi looking at her legs and her bum sometimes when she has her back to him. I think Simi might like Janet he’s looking at her more sweetie, he’s wasting his time she’s not interested Jack. Simi wants you sweetie, I know he does Jack. As time went on Janet was getting flirtier with me, just little things she was doing; I don’t know if April noticed.

A few months had passed and it was my 17th birthday and it was also the day Jack and I were getting married, Janet and Simi were invited to our wedding, he brought a bottle of Champagne inscribed ‘to Jack my best friend and April the most beautiful girl I could imagine’. After the evening party Jack was seeing our guests off, Janet and I changed in to mini dresses. Simi came to me, April I’m so jealous your Jack’s wife now I really love and miss you, I know you do Simi I’m sorry but I love Jack. Simi she’s married now you have to accept it and move on, it’s difficult when you’ve loved a girl for so long Janet.

Simi went to his car and left and Janet got a taxi home. Jack was drunk, where’s Simi sweetheart, he’s gone home he saw you chatting with our guests, oh right I was going to invite him back for a drink, it’s our wedding night Jack, I know but I was thinking about letting him have your un-protected pussy, un-protected Jack, yes sweetie I wanted to watch him put his big black cock in your wet pussy and splatter his potent baby juice in you, I’ll open my legs for him if you want Jack so you can watch him get me pregnant, tell him to meet us at home. He started to dial Simi’s number, my god what am I doing, sorry sweetie I’ve had too much to drink, let’s go home Jack.

We got a taxi home, Jack had sobered up some, we went to bed and we had lovely passionate sex. Jack before we came home you said you wanted to watch Simi’s big black cock going deep in my un-protected pussy, it sounded like you wanted me to have his baby, did I say that sweetie, yes Jack I told you to call him and meet us here, did I call him, no Jack otherwise he would have been here by now planting his baby in me, I can’t believe I said that sweetie, you did Jack. Just then the phone rang; you got home alright Jack, yes Simi but I was drunk for a while, I know I was a bit worried about you, I was going to take you both home but you were chatting to some guests, that would have been nice you could have had a couple of drinks with us before we went to bed and you could have had April’s un-protected pussy, you should have called me Jack I’d love to give her a baby I suppose you’ve already shagged her, yes Simi it’s too late now.

We went to St. Lucia for our honeymoon and Simi was working holding the fort for us, we had a great time and when we came back Simi gave April a big hug, he had prepared a meal for us and a bottle of wine. A few minutes later Janet came with a welcome home present, she looked absolutely stunning in a new mini dress, even Simi looked; she gave me and April a hug and me a kiss. I was sat next to April and Simi next to Janet and after our meal we sat in the lounge and had some wine, we were a somewhat merry. You can sit on Simi’s lap sweetie Janet won’t want to, okay Jack, she straddled his legs and he immediately put his hands under her bum and kissed her, she put her arms round him. Janet and I looked at each other, she straddled my legs and we kissed, I put my hands under her bum and rubbed her pussy, she liked that and Simi was doing the same to April, both girls were quietly moaning but it was getting louder. Simi and I looked at each other, I nodded yes; we took the girls upstairs; Simi went in the spare room with April and me with Janet in our bedroom. I took Janet’s dress and thong off, I was just about to get between her legs and I heard April having a massive orgasm then another then another she was loving his black cock then I heard her shout, cum in me cum in me cum in me, Simi was grunting as he pumped his baby juice deep in her pussy. I pushed my cock in Janet’s little tight pussy she flinched then she hugged me so tight, oh my god Jack I’ve waited for this, I had made her cum straight away, her little bum was bucking like crazy, I couldn’t believe how much she loved my 7 inch cock, she was having orgasms, I told her I was going to cum in her, her pussy gripped my cock so hard, cum in me Jack I want you too, oh it’s nice Jack I like this it feels great I love it. She felt fantastic just like April did when I first cum in her. April loved Simi’s black cock and the loud sexual noises she was making proved it. Janet was loving sex with me, she did feel so good and she is so responsive. I went to April and saw Simi’s black body on top of her, his cock is extremely thick with huge balls, I could see her pussy gripping his cock, she was moaning loudly then he shot his sperm in her, she went crazy, I took a video of them on my phone. Janet came to me and dragged me back, don’t worry about them Jack she loves his black cock just fuck me with that lovely cock of yours, god she’s good. As it was Saturday there was no need to get up early, Janet was asleep, April came to me, Jack we shouldn’t have done that, you were tipsy sweetie I heard you loving Simi’s black cock, I couldn’t help it Jack his cock is so big I just kept having orgasms, I’m full of his black sperm Jack; he really loves my pussy. Is he asleep sweetie, no he went home an hour ago, he didn’t know how you would react after he shagged me with us being married now. I need a shower Jack, did you shag Janet, yes sweetie she was tipsy as well, did you cum in her, of course I did just like Simi cum in you; I gave her orgasms she loves my cock. This is a good start to our marriage Jack; it’s okay sweetie we both enjoyed ourselves, go and have a shower and come to bed, okay won’t belong.

Half an hour later April was in bed, I was in the middle with my arms round them, Janet had woken up. You enjoyed yourself with Simi April, I did I couldn’t help it Janet, April I’m sorry but I love sex with Jack and he’s my first, Jack was my first too Janet I know how you feel. Hey girls, I’m not that good, yes you are Jack, what about Simi sweetie, he’s good but he’s not like you Jack the difference is I love you and you’re so passionate. I think you need a shower Janet, okay April, she got up and there was sperm dripping down her leg out of her shaved pussy. I know we’re married Jack but how do you really feel about Simi’s black cock being in my married pussy and giving me big orgasms like he does, I looked in on you both and I saw how much you were loving sex together, seeing his black body on you with your arms and legs round him looked great and seeing your pussy sucking on his black cock when he was cumming in you was really good April, I’m going to share you with him, you like me having his black cock Jack, yes sweetie, have you taken your pill this morning, not yet, are we good Jack, of course we are I wouldn’t have married you otherwise. Janet walked in totally naked looking beautiful and got in bed and cuddled me, I had two beautiful girls in bed with me. Jack is really nice isn’t he April, yes Janet he’s the best, hey Janet have you taken your pill, I’m not on the pill April, what if you get pregnant bloody hell take one of mine let’s take them together.

Hey girls we need to think about what’s going to happen next. Janet what do you want to do, I’d love it if April would share you with me, I love sex with you Jack, what about you sweetie, all I know is that I love you Jack, it was never my intention for Simi to shag me let alone getting me pregnant, I never want us to split up Jack, you can shag Janet until she finds a boyfriend, I’m going to open my legs for Simi, I love sex with him.

Later, Simi called and asked if everything was cool between us, of course Simi, I saw you last night on top of April you’ve got a very thick cock Simi and April loves it, she does love my black cock Jack. It’s been agreed that you can shag her married pussy and I can tell you Simi that Janet is bloody great, she’s got a fantastic shaved pussy it feels really good, see you on Monday, thanks Jack.

Janet came round on Fridays and she looked so sexy in a mini dress or miniskirt and Simi was taking notice of her, she always stood between us and bent over to give me a hug and a kiss, she said hello to Simi. The girls were going out this particular Friday and April wore a mini skirt and a very low-cut top, they both gave me a kiss and April gave Simi a nice kiss, then left. As it was Friday and we had caught up on work we sat in the lounge chatting and having a whiskey, the girls came back in a taxi at 4.30pm they said hello and went straight upstairs. They came down a few minutes later and sat with us so I got them some strong wine, enjoy yourselves today girls, yes we met up with friends and guess what, go on tell us April, one of the girls showed us a video on her phone of a horse shagging a girl, it was amazing Jack, it’s disgusting said Janet, yes Janet but it was still amazing. That happens in Africa said Simi but the girls are normally forced in to doing it, maybe that would happen to us Janet if we were in Africa, perish the thought April. Simi and I laughed. April was still wearing her mini skirt and top and showing her knickers as was Janet and they were steadily getting drunk and eventually they passed out. I got them both in a kneeling position side by side and I dropped their knickers, get your cock out Simi, he stood up and dropped his pants, bloody hell I knew his cock was thick but I didn’t know it was that long and his balls were huge. He got behind April and rubbed her pussy with his cock and got her wet then he pushed all his black cock deep inside her and shagged her slowly, she was whining and moaning then her pussy gripped his cock as she cum and he pumped his baby juice deep inside her, the look on his face proved how much he loves her pussy. He moved over to Janet and rubbed her pussy with his wet black cock, he got her extremely wet then he pushed his thick cock most of the way in her lovely pussy and shagged her slowly, she was breathing very heavy and she was whining and moaning then her pussy gripped his cock really hard and she had a big orgasm, he pumped all his black sperm deep down in her pussy, her pussy had gripped his cock so tight he couldn’t pull it out, he waited for her to calm down and her pussy to relax then he slowly pulled his cock out and pulled his pants up, she is good Jack like you said but I’d better go in case they wake up, okay see you Monday, I quickly pulled their knickers up and laid them down together. I went in to my office for a while and a couple of hours later they woke up, I went in to see them, they were wiping their eyes, I feel wet April, so do I Janet, you’ve been dreaming of that horse cock girls, don’t be silly Jack where’s Simi, he went home ages ago. The girls went for a shower, April came rushing down, Jack this is sperm in us did you shag us while we were asleep, I whispered, no but Simi did he was so desperate for you so I put you and Janet in a kneeling position side by side and dropped your knickers, he got behind you first and pushed his cock in you and shagged you slowly you were whining and he made you cum, your pussy gripped his cock and he shot his sperm in you, he moved over to Janet and did the same thing again, did she cum Jack, yes she did, she shook and had a big orgasm, she squeezed his cock really hard and he pumped all his sperm deep inside her, I thought he should try Janet’s pussy. Jack you can’t tell her any of this she will go mad you know she doesn’t like him that way, I’ll give her one of my pills, good idea sweetie, hey sweetie I didn’t realise his cock was as long as that, yes it’s very big Jack, no wonder you love it sweetie, I do Jack.

The girls came down, naughty boy Jack, sorry Janet when Simi went I just wanted you both, did April give you a pill, yes Jack it’s all good. All was cool and that night we had a great time together, I really love sex with both of them and they love sex with me. It was 1pm on Saturday and Janet was going, she gave me a lovely hug and kiss I didn’t want her to go but her parents were expecting her.

April and I lounged about for the rest of the day and we decided to go to bed early, I suggested we watch a film in bed on the laptop; we were huddled up looking for something to watch. You like Janet don’t you Jack, yes she’s lovely like you sweetie, I’ve seen how you are with her Jack do you prefer sex with her over me Jack, of course not sweetie, are you jealous, I am Jack I don’t want to lose you, don’t worry sweetie that will never happen. I made love to April and as usual it was so good, we are perfect together.

I know we’re married now sweetie but I’ve been thinking, you’re only 17 and you love sex with Simi, so when Janet comes on Friday I’ll invite Simi to spend the night with you; he might get me pregnant again Jack, you’ll be alright if you take your pill as normal. You know Janet really loves sex with me so there’s no harm in us doing this once a week is there sweetie, no Jack I’d love to, I love you Jack.

Simi was over the moon when I told him he could come round Friday evenings and spend the night with April. Simi was giving her massive orgasms and filling her pussy with potent black sperm like she loved so much with him, she’s exhausted by the morning. I love having sex with Janet she feels great and I can satisfy her so easily and she loves my baby juice, she sucks my cock and swallows my sperm as good as April ever did, she’s really good and is so passionate with me; I know she really likes me which is nice. Do you like Simi now Janet; yes he’s alright I suppose, he’s got a big black cock you would like it (she doesn’t know he’s already splattered his baby juice in her) no Jack I don’t want black cock I just want you, I thought you might like to feel his thick long black cock filling your pussy like April does, no Jack April is welcome to it she’s so addicted to his black cock.

Simi has been shagging April for a few months now as I have been with Janet, it’s now Friday and Saturday nights, I’ve noticed recently that April has got very clingy to me and I feel there is a problem. After we had made love on Monday night I asked her what was wrong, she started crying, Jack I married you because I love you, not so Simi could put his big black cock in my pussy; surely this isn’t right what we’re doing. Are you pregnant sweetie, I don’t think so, I’ve taken my pill every morning, Jack I love you so much shouldn’t it just be me and you as we are married. I thought you loved sex with Simi sweetie, I do Jack I love his black cock it’s so addictive but it’s just sex I don’t seem to have the same feelings for him anymore, lots of married girls would love to two guys shagging them. Jack I never imagined me having a lover when I was married, but you have sweetie and you love it, I do Jack and my pussy has always been wet and ready for him, he’s never let me down he’s so good but I have a really strong feeling he’s going to get me pregnant again, are you taking your pills sweetie, yes Jack every day I’ve never missed, you should be okay then, Jack please understand he’s going to put his black baby in me again very soon, what do you want to do sweetie. I’m going to have to tell Simi it’s over, Jack I love having his huge black cock in my pussy but I can’t take this chance, can we be a proper man and wife now. If I tell Janet it’s finished between us she will be absolutely devastated sweetie, we’ll tell her together Jack.

Next day when Simi came to work April went to talk to him, they were cuddling and within 20 minutes Simi had packed up and gone home. What happened sweetie, I told him what I was frightened he was going to get me pregnant and that I couldn’t have sex with him anymore, he didn’t like that and said he’s always wanted me to have his baby, when I said I couldn’t he just left. Jack left it an hour before calling him, you alright Simi, I’m upset Jack she doesn’t want me anymore, she said I’ll get her pregnant again, she loves it when I cum in her I was sure she wanted my baby I know I’ve given her the best sex she’s ever had, I’m really upset Jack I’m hurting, I love her so much Jack, I’m going back to Africa I’ve got my ticket booked. I’ve appreciated you being my best friend all this time I will always think of you both, sorry Jack bye. Well that’s it sweetie he gone now he going back to Africa, it’s for the best jack I couldn’t take a chance, how did you know he was going to get you pregnant sweetie, Jack I’ve always be right when having strong premonitions. Having that termination put me under so much stress I couldn’t handle it again, okay sweetie I understand, when are we going to tell Janet, on Friday Jack.

Janet arrived on Friday looking happy and gorgeous, Janet, April has stopped having sex with Simi and he going back to Africa she wants it just to be me and her from now on as we’re married, WHAT, my god Jack NO I love forward so much to having sex with you and I know you love having sex with me, April you told me you really love Simi’s black cock what’s changed, nothing’s changed but I feel he’s going to get me pregnant again and I don’t want it, I’m sorry Janet, April you know how much having sex with Jack means to me, I’m so fond of him April. Janet broke down in hysterics, April and I looked at each other wondering what to do it was so intense, April and I had a feeling that Janet thought more of me than she should. I hated seeing Janet upset like this so I sat her on my lap and cuddled her, she flung her arms round me and April cuddled in to me too. Janet do you love Jack, yes I do April I’m so sorry I can’t help it, Janet we are best friends aren’t we, yes April always, in that case how do you fancy living with us and sharing our bed, do you mean it April, yes Janet, April I’d really love that, is that okay Jack, how could I refuse having two beautiful girls in my bed. Janet cheered up no end and within a week she had moved in, I could see this was going to work out well, two 17 year old beauties sharing my cock and I loved both of them. The things we did in bed together are un-believable and I and the girls love it.

A few weeks had passed, do you miss Simi sweetie, not so much now Jack. I showed her the video of her and Simi having sex together, she could hear herself moaning and screaming when he gave her a big orgasm and him shooting his sperm in her, he was so good Jack, he should still be shagging you sweetie and you may have never got pregnant, maybe Jack but it’s the end of a chapter in my life never to be repeated.

What I really want is for us to have a baby Jack, a month after April said she was pregnant we decided to have a little party to celebrate, just me, April and Janet, my turn next April, yes Janet we have the best stud, thanks girls I love you both, we love you too Jack.

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