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My Big Sister…My Roll Model by Melissa

If all the stories posted on your site are true, a lot more girls have experienced gang bangs or trains than I would have thought.

I started college recently and sex seems to be the major topic in the dorm. Girls talk openly about their experiences and fantasies. I’ve met 4 girls who readily admit to having sex with numerous partners at the same time, and quite a few others who, if they haven’t done it, they know of a girl who has. Some of the gang bangs happened when the girls were drunk or stoned, but some were when the girls were fully conscious and willing. Several “gang bang virgins” have told me they intend to experience at least one gang bang or train before they graduate.

I was conscious and willing when I experienced my one and only gang bang. It happened two years ago when I went to spend part of my summer vacation with my older sister. She’s four years older than me, and she was majoring in zoology. One of her professors got her into a summer wildlife study program at a National Park.

My parents wanted to get me out of the city and away from my friends for at least a couple of weeks. I had come home with alcohol on my breath a couple of times and they discovered I was on birth control. I think they thought my sister might be able to talk some sense into me.

From what I understood, she and the other students in her group were pretty much on their own. She got a free room in a dorm, meal passes at the lodge, and turned her field study reports in weekly. Otherwise, the students in her group were considered young adults they didn’t need any supervision. She talked to her advisor and cleared it for me to visit and share her room. It probably helped that my dad, who is loaded, made a sizable donation to the program. Anyway, they packed me onto a bus and sent me to my sister. They decided to send me on the bus rather than drive me so they wouldn’t have to fight with me for 500 miles.

Like I said, she is four years older, and brilliant. She graduated from high school a year early so even though she was only 20, she was already starting her senior year. I love my sister, but I hated the fact that I felt pressure to live up to her legacy. It wasn’t enough that I made honor roll, I wasn’t bringing home a perfect 4 point every quarter. She was a city champion high school swimmer and finished 2nd in regionals. If it weren’t for the flu, she would have gone to the state meet. She went to college on a swimming scholarship. I only finished 3rd in the city trials and lost in the first heat of regionals. That was sort of the pattern. Whatever I did well, she did better. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that she is absolutely beautiful: She has cover girls looks, a flawless figure, spectacular 35C breasts, and long beautiful legs.

I got on the bus with a certain amount of resentment. When I arrived my sister ran up to me and gave me a long obviously heart felt hug. She turned to two friends who were with her and said “This is my sister, isn’t she beautiful?’ Her two friends were other interns from her study team, a cute guy name Phil and a nice looking girl name Jamie.

We climbed into their car for the ride from town to their dorm in the park. My sister said she was so happy when my parents told her they were sending me to spend a couple of weeks with her. She said it was the first time she was getting to spend any extended time with me since she started college. I thought it and realized she was right. I had spent a good deal of the past 4 years resenting her and hadn’t thought about all the more pleasant times we spent together. She had actually taught me how to ride a bike, swim, and helped me learn to read. When I was 4 or 5, she often read me to sleep and held me on her lap when we watched TV. Was I really mad at her or just at myself for not being able to match her achievements?

I decided to try to give the situation a chance.

She gave me a quick tour of the lodge and dorm, told me I could take the top bunk, then told me to change into something appropriate for hiking through the woods. She told me to stick close to her, showed me how to use bear repellant, and clipped a bell to my belt because it warned bears that we were coming. Bears will avoid humans if given a chance, they only attack if they are startled or if humans get too close to their cubs. I was wondering what sort of dangerous work she was doing.

She wasn’t studying bears, her job was to sit on a ridge and observe nesting pairs of eagles. She used a telescope to study two nesting pairs and I found myself really taking an interest in her project.

When we returned to the lodge late that afternoon, she and I walked past a number of guys who worked at the park in various capacities. They all made it a point to wave and greet us as we walked by and I could tell their eyes were admiring us. My sister and I were both wearing shorts, and we the guys liked what they saw.

Like I said, my sister is 5-6, and her legs account for a lot of her height, and like I said, they are beautiful. I’m 2 inches shorter, and long legged too although my legs are a bit heavier. They’re not fat, just not as slender and flawless as hers, but I have been told they are nice.

She told me to watch out for those guys, they were all a bunch of Neanderthals with more sex drive than brains. She said if I liked, we could go for a swim in our bikinis and drive them crazy. I looked at her and said “You’re evil”. She grinned and said, “Oh like you never wore something sexy just to get noticed.” I asked if it was safe. Isn’t teasing Neanderthal types just a little risky? She told me not to worry, they weren’t they kind of guys that would commit rape. They need the jobs and the park had a large contingent of rangers who were basically government park police.

She told me that if I wanted to actually get laid, there were plenty of cute college guys that come up to the park every week. Now that surprised me. My sister who could do no wrong was telling me I could let college aged tourists fuck me.

She gave me a sly look and said “Mom told me you’re on the pill. If she thinks I’m going to strap a chastity belt on you she’s out of touch. Just don’t tell her or dad what I do, and I won’t tell them what you do”.

I had to ask “What is it that you do that you don’t want them to know about?”

She smiled and said “I pick out the really cute tourists and have some fun”.

I couldn’t believe it. I asked her if she had become a slut overnight. She put her arm around my shoulder and whispered “Sweetie, I’ve been getting laid since 9th grade.”

I was really shocked. I didn’t lose my virginity until nearly the end of my sophomore year, and in the year since then, I had actually only had sex 12 times with a 5 different guys..

I asked how many guys she had slept with. She said by the end of summer she expected to pass 100. That made me stop dead in my tracks with my mouth open. She gently steered me up the steps and into the dorm. Then she told me she had been having sex for nearly 6 years. Prior to college, she had intercourse with 27 guys. Once she got to college, she got laid at least twice a week. The first year, she really went wild and went to bed with over 30 guys. After that, she settled into sort of a groove, having sex with a network of guy friends who had already proven they were good in bed. Even so, as a sophomore and junior, she still had at least 1 to 3 new partners a month. In the 4 weeks she had already been at the park, she had hooked up with 5 of the tourists, one at a time. She had also had sex with Phil, the guy I met earlier. She opened her dresser drawer and showed me her stash of condoms.

She went on to tell me that she had quite a few threesomes and several foursomes in college. What’s more, she had let 6 guys take turns with her one time during her 2nd year of college. She had slept with each of them before but they were bored one night and decided it to pass the time with some recreational sex. She agreed to do a train with them I got an explanation of the difference between a gang bang when all the guys grope every part of her body and try to poke every opening at the same time, and a train where its just one guy at a time taking his turn. She said that she knew from her threesomes that she wouldn’t want the distraction of a lot of guys pawing her at the same time, so she told them what they could and couldn’t do before the event got started. It was great having one guy after another gently fuck her. Incredibly, she said she wouldn’t mind doing a train for 10 guys or more some time. I was still trying to digest her all of this when she said “Lets go tease the Neanderthals”.

We got into our bikinis and went down to the swimming beach on the lake. Like I said, my sister has a flawless body. Jamie was there already and she is a pretty brunette with a wholesome girl next door look. Her legs are nice, not as long as mine but very smooth and nicely sculptured. She has medium sized breasts and a nice figure. Now I may not be as tall or long legged as my sister, but I do have a nice body. My measurements are 34B-35-33 and as I said, I have nice legs. We splashed around while some of the Neanderthals wandered down to the beach to watch the three hot girls. Phil was there too, and he has a very nice build and I could see why my sister gladly slept with him.

Phil and Jamie asked if we wanted to drive into town later for pizza, then they took off. My sister said they were headed back to the dorm for their daily afternoon session of sex. They, she explained, were unable to keep their hands off each other. I asked her “Didn’t you say that you slept with could you do that if you knew she and Phil were seeing each other?” I also wanted to know how he could cheat on somebody as sweet and adorable as Jamie. She said the two of them have an understanding, and she added that Phil was quite well hung with an 8 inch penis.

At that time I had never had more than a 6 1/2 inch penis inside of me. I asked if it hurt and she told me his wasn’t the biggest she had ever had. She actually fucked a guy with a 10 inch penis before she left home for college, and several guys at college were in the 9 to 11 inch range. When you have sex with enough guys she explained, you’re bound to meet some who are really well endowed.

Then she dropped the bombshell. She told me that Jamie and Phil and she had a threesome. On top of that, they thought I’m really cute and wouldn’t mind a threesome with me. I asked her how she knew that. She answered that Phil had whispered their interest to her. The idea of having sex with another girl involved was too unreal. She told me to at least think about it.

When we went for pizza, I found I really liked the two of them, and I started to think a threesome with them might be enjoyable.

Two nights later it happened. I had my first experience sucking another girl’s breasts and they were wonderful. They were white as snow which looked so sexy compared to her tanned body. Her nipples were small and perky like mine. I sucked Phil’s huge penis, at least what I could of it. Then I watched in fascination as he slid it into Jamie’s pretty little pussy. She took him first to show me that it could be done: I was nervous about trying it. He gave her a climax, then he came in her. Then he gently entered my pussy. Jamie sat on the bed and had me lean back into her arms. He pretty legs were cradling me and her arms were gently hugging me at the chest and tummy. Phil knelt between my legs and pressed his huge penis into me. It hurt a little because his penis was so big around. As he got deeper into me I gasped and yelped because it hurt. He stopped trying to penetrate further and started sliding in and out using short strokes to a depth of about 6 inches. Eventually I did manage to take all of him into me.

When he came, he pushed as deep as he could and the cum just flooded me. That’s when Jamie traded places with him and she and licked Phil’s jizz as it came out of me. She continued to lick my vagina and she made me climax. Then I went down on her and had my first experience performing oral sex on a girl. We continued having sex, and he penetrated me a couple more times from various positions. Phil said something interesting. He said small pussies must run in my family.

I went back to the sister’s room happy, almost glowing. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, or even bisexual. But Jamie was so cute and sweet and had such a nice body I really enjoyed everything she let me do with her. Phil was so gentle.

I told my sister about it in detail. She congratulated me for having a new experience. I told her what Phil said about our pussies. She told me he wasn’t the only guy who thought she was really tight; that even after all the guys she had fucked, as well as the really huge penises she had taken into her, she still had guys telling her she is as tight as a 13 year old.

My sister said we should compare our pussies, and she took off her t-shirt and panties. I stripped too. She has bigger breasts than I do, but we both share the same full, perfect roundness and dainty pink nipples and areolas. I took my clothes off and we compared out pussies. We took a tape measure and found that the distance from top to bottom length her actual vaginal opening is 1/16th of an inch bigger than mine. She said if she’s still as tight as a 13 year old virgin, I must be more like a 12 year old. We laughed.

I was admiring her pussy and I asked if I could go down on her. She said “You’re kidding.” I really wanted to so she let me. First I kissed up and down her smooth shapely inner thighs like I had done to Jamie earlier. Then I kissed her pretty labia and opened her to get to her clit and small inner lips.

She did the same for me and we both had a couple of wonderful orgasms. So I had the 2nd of my girl on girl experiences that week.

So in one night, I had crossed over into some levels of sexual experimentation that I had never imagined. A threesome, sex with another girl, sex with my sister, and entry by a really big penis. If I had brother at that moment, I probably would have conspired to get him into bed .

I had one more wild, new sexual experience still awaiting me, that would be my first gang bang or a train.

A few nights later Phil, Jamie and my sister needed to do an overnight field study. They told me it would probably be better if I stayed at the dorm. They would be hiking into an area where a female bear and cubs had been spotted a couple weeks earlier. That can be a dangerous situation. I was worried about them, but I knew I would be of little help if they did get into a dangerous situation. In fact I would just be in the way. I hugged them all when they left and told them to ring their bells and blow their whistles loud and often to keep the bears away.

That left me to entertain myself at the lodge. It wouldn’t be so bad. There was a small theater where they showed free movies, a game room, and a small library. A few hours after they left, a group of 6 college aged guys came hiking down to the lodge. They had been back packing for a week and they were all reasonably cute.

I decided to do my slip my bikini on to see if I could attract their attention. It didn’t take long for them to notice me and they came down to the swimming beach to join me. I flirted and did my best to put on the charm. I don’t think they cared about my conversational ability, they were more interested in my hot little bikini covered body. They asked if I knew anyplace good to eat besides the lodge because they were tired of reconstituted freeze dried hiking rations. I told them about the pizza place in town and we made a group date for later that evening.

I got to know them over pizza and learned that they were all college juniors from Utah. We had 3 large pizzas between us, then they took me for ice cream. That’s the last innocent thing we did.

I had purposely worn short cut offs and a t-shirt that rode about 4 or 5 inches above my navel. As we rode back to the park the guys asked what I was going to do with the rest of the night. They asked if , with my sister gone, wouldn’t I be afraid of being stolen by Bigfoot or something? That started a really stupid conversation.

I told them I had a can of bear repellent, but I was sure it would work on a Sasquatch. What I was really worried about was that some dirty, sweaty lumberjack would try to molest me. I said in my best southern belle accent “Oh whatever will I do.”

That’s when one of the guy’s, Jonathan said they might have to take me into protective custody. I told them that protective custody sounded scary. I heard that guards sometimes take advantage of innocent young girls. Another guy, Andy said that he would make sure nobody tried to strip search me. I told him that wasn’t the problem, I was worried that they might see me in my unmatched underwear. I think 6 dicks instantly had a rush of blood to them. My nipples were definitely putting a strain on my bra and I felt my vagina getting moist. I told them I had never had a train before so they had to promise to be gentle with me.

We got back to their camp site which was about the length of 2 football fields from the lodge and dorms.

The campground was crowded and I knew we wouldn’t have any privacy given that we only had some small two man tents.

I told them to come up to the dorm. The dorm was like a long barracks and each room had its own private entrance so it was easy to get the guys in without attracting a lot of attention.

I took the cutoffs and t-shirt off and stood there in my underwear. I gave the guys a sort of impatient look to let them know that they were supposed to get undressed too. They got the hint and started stripping.

As they dropped their clothes on the floor, I let my bra drop. Then my panties slid down. They drew cards to see what order they would fuck me I laid on my sister’s bottom bunk and let each guy fuck me in my favorite missionary position. None of the guys was as well endowed as Phil which was good because I don’t think I could have managed 6 monster sized dicks. Common sense told me to make them wear condoms, but I enjoy feeling semen being ejaculated into me so I didn’t make them. Luckily, I didn’t catch anything. Each guy fucked me missionary style, then we tried other positions. I had never tried anal so I let a guy name Derrick try. He got about 2 inches into me, and I chickened out and asked him to stop. Marty and Andy did something I didn’t know could be done to a girl. They both put their penises into my vagina at the same time. Of course all the guys wanted to try it and I had 4 of what my sister later told me were called DVPs.

They left the next day and I couldn’t wait for my sister, Phil and Jamie to come back so I could tell them what I had done.

I fucked three more tourists over the next couple of weeks. I could have hooked up with more, but between my sister and my two friends, I had plenty of outlets for my sexual urges. My parents came to get me a couple weeks later. I was actually happy to see them. I was no longer resentful of having to compete with my sister, and that seemed to relieve the tension between me and my parents. I never came home drunk again.

I have had two more experiences with more than one guy…not gang bangs, just threesomes. I have not had sex with any other girls since then. But my sister and I do it whenever we are together. Thanksgiving in coming up soon and we’ll both be home. I’m looking forward to it.

– The End –

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