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My First Affair by Jackie

My name is Jackie, I am blonde-haired with a 36DD bust (which a lot of men find attractive). This is a true account of my first affair, I was 39 years old at the time.

I was working in an office as the Sales Manager when a new director came to work for the same company. My job involved travelling to meet clients at their offices and occassionally my director would come to the meetings as well.

As time passed our relationship became closer and although I was perfectly happy with my marriage (and satisfied with my husband’s love-making) I did begin to fantasise about Wyn. One day we arrived at a customer’s parking area before our scheduled meeting and we werre talking casually in the car. I reached into the back seat for my briefcase – an act that twisted me sideways-on to him with my face quite close to his. He took the opportunity to take my face in his hands and he kissed me tenderly on the lips. I was surprised but also pleased and responded to this first kiss. Not surprisingly he pushed his tongue into my mouth and as I became more aroused I did the same to him. One of his hands was caressing the front of my blouse and no doubt he could feel my erect nipples.

The car park was, however a little bit too public for my liking and I reluctantly pushed his hand away from my breasts and suggested that we go into our meeting. He needed a couple of minutes for his fairly obvious erection to subside and during that time he suggested that we might take things further. A suggestion to which I readily agreed.

After the meeting we were driving back to our office (in his car) when he put his hand on my knee, I offered no resistance and he slid his hand up under my skirt and caressed my legs getting ever closer to my crutch. I slid down in my seat and spread my legs as far as I could.

He soon realised that I was wearing stockings and suspenders and this excited him even more. He rubbed my nylon-clad legs and played with the naked flesh at the top of my thighs. I opened my legs as wide as possible and he was soon rubbing the front of my white panties, eventually he pulled them to one side and I felt one and then two fingers probing the entrance to my wet pussy. It was heaven and extremely arousing. I was rubbing the back of his neck and moaning with pleasure but was unable to climax.

He suggested that we go back to his flat, I hope I wasn’t too eager in agreeing to this. In his flat I removed my jacket and sat on the sofa, he came over and sat beside me and our mouths were soon locked together, tongues down each others throats. He had my blouse open to the waist and lifted up my bra to expose the 36DDs. He was fondling, licking and sucking them whilst sliding his hand back up my skirt. I had unbuttoned his shirt and was playing with his nipples.

He undid the cuffs of my blouse and slipped it off, I leant forward and he unclipped my bra and removed it, I put my head back and he really got to work on my breasts and nipples, he slid to the floor and I opened my legs wide and lifted my skirt up to my waist to give him access to my wet panties and even wetter cunt. My panties were soaked in my juices and he pulled them to one side and once again I felt his fingers slide into me. He was finger fucking me for a while before he got me to stand up in front of him. He was kneeling on the floor and unzipped and unbuttoned my skirt and pulled it down to the floor. I stepped out of it and he took hold of both sides of my panties and pulled them down. He was then able to get three fingers into me as well as licking my clit that was by this time in need of a good tonguing – which it got.

I had never felt so sexually aroused in all my life but I was unable to orgasm, much to my disappointment. I managed to get Wyn onto his feet and between his passionate kissing and fondling of my horny body persuaded him to take me to his bedroom. He guided me through the doorway and took the opportunity to have a really good grope of my arse, I paused to let him do it!

I walked across to the bed and layed down, opening my legs to let him see my wet and eager cunt, he dropped his trousers and underpants to reveal (not surprisingly) a rock hard erection about seven inches long and reasonably thick. I knew that I was in for a good time! He came over to the bed and layed beside me, his hands were all over me and my hands were all over his muscular chest and neck. I knew what he wanted so I slid down his body, rubbed his prick between my breasts, then licked along the length of his shaft to the tip. I looked up, his face was a picture as I slowly lowered my moutn onto his manhood. He groaned and pushed the lot into my mouth. I proceeded to suck and lick this offering but was also careful not to send him over the top, I wanted his load somewhwere else!

Before long he moved aside and then it was my turn. I was now able to open my legs fully and Wyn took his opportunity, he licked between my thighs and then around my cunt lips. By the time he touched my clit I was almost on the point of orgasm. In no time atb all I came, and when I say I came I mean I had a really intense orgasm that lasted ages -it just went on and on. As I came down from my peak I felt his tongue deep inside my vagina – he told me afterwards that I had released so much love-juice that he was able to lick it out of me.

We lay side by side for a while, his erection sticking into my thigh, he started to finger fuck me again and every few seconds he would offer his fingers to me – I sucked my own juices from his fingers like a slut. I was so excited by all of this that I was gagging for sex and I told him to get on with it. I had condoms in my handbag, he also had bought some and they were in his bedside cabinet drawer but I was far too excited to bother with a condom and said that I was protected (a lie), but I actually wanted to have him take me unprotected – a real cream-pie slut.

Wyn didn’t need asking twice, he rolled on top of me and I guided his prick between the swollen lips of my cunt. Not surprisingly he penetrated his full seven inches with his first thrust. God, was I in heaven, he was laying on top of me and thrusting in and out, I was raising my hips and sliding to meet him, I had another orgasm that must have nearly pulled his prick off. He stopped fucking me and as my climax subsided I began to wonder why he hadn’t come – after all, I was making a hell of a noise and having a hell of an orgasm on his prick as well!

I was putty in his hands and at his suggestion I turned over and presented my arse to him. He entered my cunt again and I got another damn good fucking, doggy fashion is my favourite position and I had at least another two or three orgasms although not as intense as previously. In the end I slumped on the bed, he rollrd me over and started again, this time however there was more urgency about him, I rubbed and tweaked his nipples, he had his tongue down my throat and then biting around my neck and breasts Finally he started to groan and I felt him start to come inside me. This set me off again and I came as well, as my climax subsided once again I realised that he was still coming, my womb was filling up with all his spunk. Eventually his contractions stopped and as his erection died down he slipped out of me.

We lay together for a few minutes kissing and caressing each other. Eventually I got up to go to the bathroom – my crutch and thighs were soaked in cunt juice and his come. I cleaned myself up and after a drink and more kissing and groping he took me home. I had to go straight to the bathroom again as his come was still running out of me – a good job my husband was playing cricket that evening.

This was the first time, needless to say there were more occassions when we had sex and some of them were mind-blowing – especially when I had sex with Wyn AND his golfing partner but that is another story.

– The End –

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