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My First Encounter by Veronica

My name is Veronica. I am 47 years old, married, 5’5″ tall, 130 lbs. brown hair, nice round ass with an average chest. I have been married for 23 years and never had any sexual encounters with anyone other than my husband.

During sex, my husband would talk about me having sex with two men. I would call him sick and ask him to quit talking like that. He would keep making suggestion about additional sex partners, wanting to see me have sex with another man. Many times I would suck his cock while he fucked me with a dildo and ask me to imagine it was another mans cock. After a couple of times, I started imagine it was another mans cock in my pussy and started getting hotter and hotter. I started to cum like never before. Still, I would not try sex with another man or let my husband know how much I enjoyed the dildo.

Another a couple of months of this, my husband approached me with another idea. He would set up an encounter with a man and all I would have to do is masturbate the man to orgasm. He said this would give me a chance to see what it would be like handling another cock and if I did not like it I could quit plus it would not be cheating since the man would have not fucked me. I refused, but after a couple of more months of begging I agreed to get him to shut up. So, I would jack off a guy and tell y husband I hated it and it would be over.

He came home from work and informed me he arranged an encounter with a man he met for Friday afternoon before I went to work. I was very nervous and wanted to back out, but decided to get it over and done with. I was to wear black hose, black panties and a black bra, nothing else. I was getting pissed, but agreed.

At 2pm the doorbell rang. I answered the door half naked and it was Barry, the man my husband set me up with. We talked a while and I told him my story. He moved closer to me and kissed me. I pulled back and said thats not part of the deal. He asks how is he going to get hard if he can’t get excited? So we begin to make out. His tongue was down my throat and his hands rubbing my tits. I was getting excited. He broke away to get undressed. When is slid he pants off I could not believe I was looking at a strange mans cock. I started rubbing his cock, watching it grow. He started kissing me again and I responded back pushing my tongue down his throat. Stroking his cock as it grew in my hand. He undid my bra and began massaging my tits. I was as hot as I have ever been in my life.

After a few minutes, Barry lowered his head and began sucking my tits while his hand was rubbing up my leg up to my wet pussy. I was stroking his rock hard cock and loved it. All a sudden he slid 2 fingers in my pussy and I began to cum. I was moaning very load by now. Barry was ready to cum and asked if he could cum on my tits. I said yes and he took his cock and pumped large gobs of cum all over my tits. I rubbed the cum all over my chest. It was so hot.

Barry got dressed, kissed me deeply and thanked me for a hot time. I told him I enjoyed it myself and looked forward to doing it again.

After coming home from work that evening I told my husband what happened. He was so excited and fucked me silly and I needed a cock badly. I imagine his cock fucking me was Barry’s cock and I came harder than ever in my life.

Sam ask me if I wanted to try it again and I agreed quickly!

That will be another story.

– The End –

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