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My First Time by foxey_luva

I have to admit, I had never intended on any of this happening to me. I am a girl that was a heterosexual. I never imagined turning bi.

It all started when, one day, I was at school and went to the bathroom to chill out. I was the only girl in there except for the school “slut.” Her name was Kim and I never really talked to her until then. She had asked me if I wanted a ride home from school because I told her my car was not running. I was down with that instead of walking.

So after school I met up with her and we got into her car. We decided to stop at her friends because she needed some smokes. So we chilled there for a couple of hours and left when it started to get dark. As we were driving, she started rubbing my legs. It had been months since I’ve had sex and she kept getting closer which made me so horny.

By the time we got to my house, I knew no one was going to be home, I invited her in. I told her she could stay the night if she wanted. She agreed. That’s when I realized I had become turned on so much by her. We were in my living room chilling on the sofa when she turned off the TV. Then she leaned toward me. I went along with it seeing as how I had drunk a little bit. We were so horny.

Finally we ended up on my living room floor and she started taking clothes off and I helped take hers off as well. She was on top of me and all of a sudden took out a pair of hand cuffs and a bottle of lube. I was kind of scared since this was my first lesbian experience ever. She handcuffed me and then put my arms up above me on the floor. She then held me down and started rubbing my breasts and sucking my nipples. She started to slightly gnaw and play with them till they were stiff and throbbing. It hurt, but I was so happy to feel my self getting wetter and wetter. The juices were already soaking on the floor. Then she grabbed a bottle of massage oil from her purse and poured it all over my chest. She started to give me a very sensual massage, which made my whole body quiver, as I was ready to simply cum from this.

I couldn’t hold it any longer and screamed for her to make me cum. She spread my legs and thighs wide apart and stuck her tongue right on my clit and started sucking as I came. I loved it because none of my ex-boyfriends ever ate me out before. But then she put her tongue in my cunt and rubbed my clit as I came for the second time.That was more intense than the first.

She then said “we haven’t even started yet!” She then poured lube all over her hand and started with just 2 fingers in me as I screamed I wanted more. So she pried apart my pussy lips and stuck in three, then four fingers. I kept screaming for more as she started to rub my clit and slid her whole fist in. I screamed and came as she thrust it. I could tell she was really stretching me out. She just kept thrusting her fist in and out as I came again screaming so loud I thought the neighbors were going to call the cops. I was wriggling off the end of her wrist and I loved it. Then I screamed for her to keep doing it. She then said that she was going to try to put two fists in.

She pried me apart even more as I screamed and she put two, then three, then four fingers more in. She put her head down and started sucking at my clit as she pried her thumb in and I went into orgasm and almost fainted. I never thought it could feel so good. As I lay on the floor next to her, I decided to return the favor.

I put her on her back and started sucking her tits. Then I kept licking all the way down to her pussy as she moaned. I started licking and sucking her clit intensely as she also was soaking wet all over my floor. I then noticed her pussy was so stretched out I could have put a whole damn bowling ball up her.

I was so excited. I lubed both of my hands and put whole damn fist in like nothing. I then pried her pussy open even more and slowly put the other one in as she screamed, and I could feel her whole pussy quiver on my hands while she orgasmed. I then shoved my fists almost all the way up to my wrists as I shoved them in her back and forth and started sucking strongly at her clit she came two more times.

We lay there for a few minutes, in shock. We decided then and there to start seeing each other secretly.

We have had many new experiences that include the fact that we started video taping ourselves. We have many new first times, with anal fisting, lesbian gang bangs, orgies, and bestiality. We are always trying something new.

– The End –

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