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My Fist Story by LilAnnie

One afternoon, my girlfriend and I went shopping for adult toys. We stopped for lunch at a bar and had a few drinks, after about three, we decide we didn’t want to eat lunch at least there. We went to her house and had another drink.

As soon as she handed me my drink, she leaned over and kissed my lips, flicking her tongue over my mouth. She then took my hand and led my to her bedroom without saying a word.

She took my clothes off and laid me down on her soft bed piled with pillows. After she slid her tongue inside my lips and made me moan, she made me whimper with pleasure when she put three fingers inside my pussy. She smiled at me still not speaking and pulled out a rubber glove and lube from her side of the bed.

I asked her what she was going to do when she just shook her head and put her fingers to her lip. She took her hand and pulled on the glove, poured out a generous dollop of lube and smeared it all over the glove. I gasped in delight as she slid her whole hand inside my pussy lips. I never thought I could take someone’s whole fist inside me!

It felt so good, I shook and came immediately, thinking it was over I looked at her and she finally said, “OH no, it’s just starting baby!” and with that she moved her hand in and out. MY GOD!! The feeling was soo intense, I thought I would pass out, the orgasms were that strong.

She pumped her hand hard for several minutes until I was screaming for her to never stop. She didn’t stop but did slow down long enough to lick my clit and suck it as hard as she could. Wave after wave of quivering went through me as I came over and over again. After what seemed like an hour of solid orgasms, she stopped and just held her fist still. She asked me if I wanted to give her the same pleasure as she gave me.

Of course, by then I was drooling to taste her pussy lips so I said yes. She spread her long legs and opened her sweet self to my mouth. I slurped her slick juice like a man stranded in the desert. She was so wet and ready for my fingers I didn’t need any lube at first. I made her cum just by flicking her clit with my tongue and then rubbed her g-spot with just one finger. When I had her begging to fist her, I pulled on a glove and went to work.

She opened her legs as far as she could and grabbed my arm, guiding my fist as I slid into her moist hole. I licked her again just as I slid the whole thing inside her. She shook with spasms and clutched my forearm pushing me farther into her puss. I gave every bit as much time to thrusting in and out of her as she could take. After I saw her eyes cross about four times and she was just about out of breath, I stopped and asked her if she had had enough.

She just smiled and said, “NO, let’s fuck more, here put this on and fuck my ass hard.” It was a huge strap-on affair with a nice fat pussy plug for my hole. I put that bad boy on and slid it in me, then as she turned her round ass up in the air, I grabbed the lube and made sure the monster was slick enough not to tear her up.

As I put it’s head into her ass, she moaned and pushed onto it. I rammed it all the way and she screamed ,”Yes, fuck my ass, fuck it harder, pinch my clitty too.” Of course, that was all the impetus I needed, I stroked her ass hard while I squeezed her clit as hard as I could. I almost couldn’t believe it when she asked me to take the other dildo and fuck her pussy with while still in her ass. I did exactly what she asked and slid it into her still wet pussy. It made her buck wildly as she came over and over again. I let her calm down and we snuggled together for the after bliss.

Can’t wait for our next shopping trip.

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