My friend fucked by another her lover

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Hai every one this is SAI you can contact me through my number. I have friend Sravani she has another awesome experience with her another lover Krishna. How this happened we will know OK. Let is enjoy the story.
She has an lover from fb his name Krishna. Ravi is also know about Krishna. So he wanted more from sravanini at first she is lean but whitish and she has too egoist for her beauty. Ravi know that she is ucking bitch so Ravi said to follow sravanini. I followed both. They fucked at his home. Daanini outdoor lo kuda dengevaadu.
Okasari nenu sravanini naaku istaara ani adiganu. Ready annadi. Sravanini ma families anta oka Pelliki vellam. atu vaipu transport undadu Kondal madyalao oka water reservoir Pakkana untadi. Sravanini natho denginchukodaaniki oppukundi.
Aite Pelliki morning vacham. aite aaroju night Andaru Bojanam chesthundaga nenu sravanini pilichi oka room ki teesukuni vellanu. apudu Daanini Gudda pisiki nadum pains chei vesi Daanini Sollu korikaanu. Tarvata Daanini ki lips pi chei vesi gattiga korikesanu. oka konta varaku baaga enjoy chesi Daani Gudda korikaanu. aite night 12 aindi. Nenu Daniki water Hatti dagaraku teesukunte velli tappA boat pi cottage ki velli oka room teesukunnadu. As cottage maa vuri vaaalladhe. Okadini room set cheyamannanu. Baduluga Vaadu naaku meeru deniginchukunte chustaanu ani request chusaadu. Nenu okay annanu. Vaadu room ichadu adi Kondal pi untadi kitiki kuda untadi.
Aite menu room ki vellam. aite Tanu Pelliki half Saree vesindi. Sravanini Denginchukundaam ani adiganu. Ademo Mari Nuvvu nenu Okkarane okaram chusukodaaniki vachaama ani as I do find it. New Puku dengutara Niku okay Na annanu. Niku modda unda ani adiganu. Lanja chudav Naa modda. And teesaadu. Adi Chusi white GA undi ani motto pettukuni cheekuthundi. Daani Saree ippi nilapetti Langa undi Inka panty undi. Jacket vesukuni.
I was biting her lips and pressing her boobs hard. I decided to see what will happen and to what extent he will go. For some strange reason, my mind wanted to see howsravani would get fucked by me
Then I closed the toilet door making a sound. Venkat stopped immediately and moved aside from sravanini.

After I left, her hand was behind her back Gudda. And Daanu Gudda pi chei vesi Langa Paiki attanu. Vaadu kitiki nundi chustunnadu. Modda nalupukuntunnadu.

I had taken control over lanja sravani by hugging and kissing her badly. Sravani was in a very good shape wi and didn’t have the strength to protest her boobs. Her sleeveless was half raised and he was pressing her boobs over the bra continuously.

After some time, sravani started to respond positively. We both started to hug each other in a very passionate way. I was standing behind the wall where her boob’s.

I started unhooking lanja bra. I took her boobs outside and started to suck them nicely. Lanja started moaning, “Han han.. no no.. slowly.. don’t bite…”

I was not in the mood to leave her and least bothered to see whether other guy from window will see up or not. He started to enjoysravani further by kissing on her neck, lips, stomach, cheeks and boobs. I could see clearly that sravanie was also enjoying my foreplay.

I kept kissing lips for a few minutes. Then he turned back suddenly and realized that someone watching his acts. I hid completely in the dark. Then he removed his dress and became naked clothes also.
I madesravani to sleep on the sofa and i lied beside her. I came back to my original peeping position to see what was happening. I saw their legs lying side by side. I waas lying beside sravanini and was biting my lips and pressing her boobs hard. I decided to see what will happen and to what extent i will do. For some strange reason, my mind wanted to see how sravanini would get fucked by friend waiting outside.

Then I closed the toilet door making a sound. I stopped immediately and moved aside from sravanini. Then I invited friend I could see some tension on his face. his name Krishna he said I want to Fuck annadi. Nenu light pests vachi dengi annanu.

After I left, his hand was behind and inside sravani Lang again.

I went inside my room and pretended to be sleeping. After 10 minutes, I saw Venkat coming near my bed and checking whether I was seen or

Krishna had taken control over sravani by hugging and kissing her badly. Sravani was in full swinger mood.
Sravani ki Telisi poindi Vaadu nenu kaadani. Light vesindi lechi. nuvvu ala Ikada unnav ani adiganu. Been room arrange chesanu ani Cheppanu. Natho denginchukodaaniki oppukopothe Gila chesi uranta Chepesta ani blackmail cheptaadi. Adi oppukuntadi. Ippudu Daanini Krishna emo bed midaki petty Puku naaki Daanu Sulla pukulo petty dengutaadu. Nenemo Daani Gudda Dengutunnady back nunchi.

Then he came over sravanini and started inserting his penis inside my sravanis pussy. As I use to fuck her almost every day, his penis went inside.
Then he started fucking sravanini hard. Sravanini was moaning in a very low voice. I could see that the effect of booze had come down and sravani was enjoying despite knowing that she was sleeping with boss.

I removed my shorts and started stroking my penis watching sravanobeing fucked by Krishna It gave me an exciting and erotically different feeling.

They hugged each other tightly as Venkat increased the speed of fucking sravanini. He fucked her for 30 minutes straight in missionary, doggy and lift up positions.

Sravani at least two orgasms and they were about to reach another climax. Sravanini requested Krishna not to cum inside her as she was not in her safe period. He got up from her and gave his penis in sravani mouth for blowing.
Sravani gave a fantastic blowjob for the next 10 minutes and Venkat reached his climax and cummed on lanjas mouth and boobs.

After a while, sravani came to me and went inside the toilet. When she switched on the bedroom light, I acted like I just woke up. She came and hugged me. I realized her bra was missing. I asked her that and she said as she was feeling hot, she removed it when krishna was in the toilet and had kept

Then we made arrangements for him in our guest room as invited sravani stay back for night

The action went for 40 minutes. After they reached climax, they put back their clothes. I went back to my room back and pretended to be sleeping.

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