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My friend’s hot mom and her daughter

Hello everyone, I’m Naveen back with my new story. Hope you all are doing good. This time I like to continue my previous story which I narrated with my friend’s mom. Her name is Shivani. A mother of two and about 36 of age. I already shared my sex experience with Shivani aunty which happened at movie theatre. Then we returned house and we both fucked and our relationship reached the most and we fucked whenever she or me want some fun.

As I said at last story she has two children, one son and daughter. Her daughter name is Gomathi she is 2 years younger to me. She is fair in complexion and nice round boobs and a girl who always want to be at center of attraction. She always like to be in model dress.

Gomathi is a kind girl and a girl who has helping tendency than any. She used to be Frank and want all things to be done right. We never spend time together. As she was not that much close to me as her brother. She would come to our home to play with my sister. She will take my phone and do dubsmash and she will hand over to me when she go home. I sometimes hate her because of her dressing manner. She will wear a dress which show half of her boobs.

Once I told my sister not to wear model dress which reveal her skin. She got angry and said she is dressing far better than Gomathi. I said, ” She is a prostitute who want to show her boobs to all but I don’t want my sister to do that. “My sister said, ” Even I had sex often with you and you see me naked everyday whenever you want but she is not like that she never had sex with anyone. , ”

Me: then why she wear that type of dress.

Sister: she like to wear that dress and want to add more beauty to her body.

Me: how you know that she is still virgin. I’m sure someone might tear her pussy by this time.

Sister: she only said to me that she is still virgin. When I asked her. She asked about my sex experience. Then I told her that we both had sex together whenever we want.

Me: why you told her that we had sex. Will she tell anyone?

Sister: no she won’t.

Then I went to meet Shivani aunty there Shivani aunty was cooking and standing near the kitchen. I saw is someone there inside the house I went slowly to surprise aunty. She was in her saree which is displaced and revealed her naval. She made me horny and I went behind her and caught her both the boobs on either hand and pushed her ass through my cock. I whispered at her hears that she is sexier when seeing from back.

She silently said that Gomathi is at home only so take some distance from me. I said we can enjoy without any noise so that her daughter may not know what we do. As I cannot wait to ride her I took aunty to bed without any noise and I made her to lie on the bed I closed the bedroom door and turned towards aunty.

She was sitting on the bed and eagerly waiting for me. I could see lust at her eyes. I saw her nipples poking her blouse it made to rush and went near her and licked her boobs like anything. I tore her blouse and bra and threw away her saree and then I buried my face at her boobs. It made her horny. She lifted my head and gave me a warm kiss on my lips and we smooched passionately. I held her hip it made her wild and she removed my pant and took my cock to her mouth. I whispered, ” Though your daughter at home you want to be fucked”

She said, ” Then you don’t want me to fuck. ” I said, ” Who hates your body. ” I massaged her pussy and took my cock to fuck her. Then suddenly we heard a knock at the door.

Aunty took a nighty and wore it and I went under the bed. I took the saree and blouse and bra and petticoat of Aunty and my pants and underwear under the bed aunty went near door and opened the door to see who it is. It was Gomathi. She came from the shower with the towel which is tied till her boobs. Aunty asked why she knocked the door. Gomathi said she going to change the dress.

Aunty asked her to change the dress somewhere else. She didn’t obey her and said she going to change at bedroom only. She came inside the room. Aunty asked her to change dress in front of her or to change it in the bedroom bathroom. She smiled and said the walls don’t have eyes to see.

Somehow she chased aunty and closed the door. She went near the mirror and removed her towel. She dropped the towel on the floor and she is nude now. I could see only her thighs and legs. I want to see her full body so I left of head only outside the bed. She crushed her boobs and moaning softly. She talked to herself by saying, ” Surely the guy who marry me is going to be lucky as he get my wonderful body. ” She lied on the bed and started to rub the clit and moaned by saying fuck me.. Fuck me hard. She was fingering fastly and aunty knocked the door and what was going inside.

Gomathi picked a nighty and went to open the door. Aunty said that she going to take bath on the bedroom bathroom. So she asked her to come outside. Gomathi went out of the room and aunty locked the door and asked me did I caught to her daughter. I said her daughter is caught to me. I said her daughter has hot body as she has.

Aunty took my cock and started playing with it. She asked me to fuck her and finish her. I remain silent. I said aunty to go to shower so that I will fuck her there. She kissed my lip and went inside the bathroom. I slowly came out of the bedroom and peeped into another bedroom where Gomathi went inside. She saw me that I standing near the door and she opened the door and slapped me. I said don’t act like innocent I know you like and interested in sex. She asked me what I doing at her house. I said I was fucking her mother and then she interrupted in between our fuck and I saw her fingering on bed.

She said that she asked my sister to have threesome sex with me and my sister. I asked what my sister said. She replied that my sister somehow postponing their plan to have sex with me.

I quickly removed her nighty and saw her sweet body. She was amazing as her mother. I just want to enjoy every part of her body. I took her to the bed and licked her boobs and she was moaning in the first touch from man. She took my penis and shacked it and took it on her mouth. I took her near the wall and lip locked her and she too liked it.

Suddenly aunty came from the shower by hearing our sound. She shouted me with her daughter on the bed. I said that she too have pussy and boobs and same feelings that aunty also has. Aunty said if someone knows that no one will marry her. I said Gomathi has good qualities she will get a good partner like her.

Shivani aunty remained silent I went near her and kissed her on lips and said come-on aunty she is not with some one else she is with me. She said she will stay outside so that no one will come. And she said she don’t want to see her daughter fucking. Aunty went outside. I went near Gomathi and kissed her and she took my cock again to her mouth and I mouth fucked her and I placed my cock on the glory hole and started humping her pussy. It was hard to fuck her as she is virgin. She cried in pain and later she started to enjoy the sex. This is how I fucked Shivani aunty’s daughter Gomathi.

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