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I am here to narrate you what happen between me and an unsatisfied woman living just beside my room. It all started before two weeks ago. I came from my college to my room and found out that someone has taken mynext room for rent. That evening when I was returning from hotel after having dinner (usually I go to restaurant for dinner) gossiping with my friends, I just saw a beautiful sexy lady wearing a red saree with orange color blouse she must be having of size 32 D 28 34. That sexy lady just in front of me, I don’t know what happen allof my friends stop talking and they were looking at her with their lustfully eyes. Then we went to our respective rooms, I was unable to concentrate on anything, as I was just thinking about her for whole night. Next day my girlfriend swetha came to my room, when swetha was coming, at that time she was at the door, as my room is too small, whatever I do can be listen outside, me and my girlfriend spend time together. I make her laugh a lot, then we went to outside for dinner (actually we didn’t hadoutside; we just brought it from restaurant after having dinner I playedwith her 32” size of tits then we undressedeach other, as I love her tits I gone mad and take her right tits to my mouth and begin to suck it really very hard, it was so soft to press and then she begin to moan likehell. I told to her and I want to suck your beautiful pink nipple please let me suck then held my head. Followed to her nipples and told with pleasure ooohhhhh don’t ask just do it what you want I am all yours darling. I wasmadly sucking even I didn’t notice that I was suck her right boob from 10 minuteslike a small child. ThenI make circle on her nipple and sometime biting her nipple with my teeth. Then I did the same with her left boob also, I was getting pleasure but really I was thinking ifit was my beautiful neighbour then I would get wilder withher more. I was holding Deepa when I was sucking her perfect shaped tits, but I was thinkingabout my new sexy neighbour’s flat tummy then I went down and licked her pussy with my tongue,pushing my entire length in love hole, I was fucking her pussy with my tongue, licking her all love juice without wasting any drop.Till 15 minutes I licked her pussy, meanwhile she cum twice then she take my 8 inches of cock (not joking, reallyI measured it) in her mouth and begin to suck it from my tip of my penis. Slowly she took the entire length in her mouth and moves my foreskin, she was unbelievable cock sucker. She did it for nearly 5 min then as I got excited and cum inher mouth, she did nottake it all, as don’t likeit. Actually I always cum at first within 10min so that I can do my remaining job with full pleasure and should not cum easily, because I know girls want to keep the cock into their pussy for a long time. Then as she knows that I like to be her on my top while fucking, that’s why she made me, lied on the bed and came above me. She took the cock in her pussy, but mine cock is quite big, that why she took it slowlyand started moaning while entering in her love hole. Slowly after sometime she took it all in her love hole andsit like that, after 1 minute she begin to move up and down which make her lot of pain and pleasure. Then after 2 to 3 minute she was fucking me faster and faster, and finally she got tired and told me to be on her top. I separated her legs andwent over her, took my cock then guided to her love hole, I gavea big thrust into her, she shouted loudly which gives me more pleasure, it went for nearly 15 minute then we I begin to fuck her in doggy style (I like doggy style the most), I did in doggy style nearly to 20 minute and explore in her pussy, that night I fucked her twice. She was very happy with me, showing her love more on the next morning. She preparedcoffee for me, then wekissed each other and then she went off. I came back dropping my girlfriend to airport as she is an air hostess in Kingfisher. It was a lovely day for me. I parked my bike near to my house as I already planned that I will bunk my college that day, so I sitting onthe chair outside, thenI saw my beautiful neighbor coming to me, I was shocked but I was happy also. She came to me asked me to fix fan to their bedroom, without any hesitation I went to her room and saw thatstill they didn’t arranged the thing’s properly. Anyway I began to fix the fan, while fixing the fan I asked for the tools, she gave it to me, but unfortunately she was not having pliers. I went to my room got the pliers from my tool box, when I turned suddenly she was just in front of me. She told that she came to help me to find out the pliers. I thanked her, and wentto her room again. I went on top to fix her fan and then she thanked me, and asked me for a tea even though I don’t like tea, I said ok to her and after 5 minutes she gave me the tea, and asked me why I did not went to college? I told to her that I planned it already before two days ago with a little smile on her face she told me that

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