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My landlady and my sperm Pt. 3

After the kinky film session I had with Jane, a very strange situation occurred for me. The Landlady of the flat, after leaving the next day for work and returning from it, came to me and told me very briefly and succinctly:
-You don’t have to look for a new job too soon. I enjoyed yesterday’s game very much and like every woman I also need an attractive male penis. Of course, you will never have the opportunity to penetrate me, but I will have the opportunity, and not just one, to have a little fun. That’s why there is an offer from me, which you don’t have to reject or accept for now. As soon as I write or call you that you are to be ready, you are ready, that is to say, completely naked and you are then at all my commands. I don’t want to hear any objection, because then within the same day you will have to leave the house, And I don’t think we both want that now.
I knew it was very difficult with work now and I might have great difficulty to have any employment, so I agreed immediately, although I did not know what to expect from this arrangement.
-I’ll just add that if you want to play with yourself, I have absolutely nothing against it. You are, after all, young and full of life juices, you have your needs and you like to have fun. I have had to see more than once how you humiliated Patricia when you stood in front of her and she knelt down and sucked your penis. Now I will be more than happy to watch you spill your cum, but this time it will be at my request and when I want it. While I’m away, do whatever you want, even sit on your toy and attack your prostate if it gives you pleasure.
After those words, I knew that it must have hurt Jane a lot that I had broken up with Patricia in such a stupid way and she would probably now want to take revenge for it in some way. Female Solidarity can be devastating and I didn’t yet know that it could be painful as well as humiliating.
The whole of the following week was more or less the same, in the afternoon Jane would send me a message that I should be ready in a few minutes or so, I would start undressing at that time, And when she arrived home I was already all naked and almost at her command at her every beck and call.
Her wishes at the very beginning were not too excessive. I was simply to be in the same room as her, and sometimes she wanted me to be aroused or simply erect. This didn’t always work out, and because of this, after about two or three days Jane decided that she would plug a computer into the TV and browse the internet with me. I was either sitting on the sofa or in an armchair, but I was always supposed to have my thighs spread wide apart and play with my penis while doing so. More and more pictures and videos would appear on the screen, which Jane would deliberately select and surreptitiously look at me checking my reactions and my penis. Understandably, the most exciting films for me were, of course, those in which the action and sound had a strong effect on the senses and caused excitement.
After a week of such afternoons, on a weekend afternoon Jane sat in an armchair while I went down to prepare something to eat.
-Didn’t you forget something?
-You’re dressed.
-But today is the weekend
-And I’m at home, and you know you’re supposed to be fully presentable then.
I went to my room and undressed. As it had been going on for a while, I looked at the porn video on my computer for a while, and when my penis was fully erect, I went down to the living room.
When I entered like that, it stunned me. In the room, apart from Jane, was Claire, her neighbour.
My cock immediately started to droop, which Jane noticed.
-Take care of your friend, Claire wants to see him in full readiness.
-Prefer not to,” I said, -this is rather very embarrassing.
Jane replied to me:
-Somehow you weren’t embarrassed when you shoved your hard cock down Patricia’s throat, or put it in her bottom. Claire knows what a male member looks like anyway, and now she fancies seeing it in full action.
There was a moment of awkward with silence And I felt increasingly embarrassed and didn’t know what to do.
Jane looked at me, got up from her chair and walked over to me.
– Dick in hand and you’re ready, or you go get dressed, pack up and get the fuck out of my house. You are here now at my every beck and call and what I wish you to do, you are to do. If I want you to be dressed in a suit then you will be so dressed, but right now I want you to have a stiff cock and show yourself to my neighbour. Like you do in front of me or in front of your girlfriend who has had to put up with so much because of your stupid ideas.
I looked at my neighbour and saw her inflamed cheeks and big eyes. She was eager for new sensations and rubbed her hands together every now and then, probably already excited. I don’t know what Jane had told her, but I knew at that moment that she didn’t want to end up on the street, and my situation wasn’t the best. After a while I felt Jane grab my wrist and put her hand on my penis.
-Now grab your penis in your hand and make it stiff and big. My neighbour has to be pleased and you have to make sure of that. If she wants to see anything else, you are to deliver it to her.
I grabbed my penis in my hand and began to masturbate. Because of a very embarrassing situation, I couldn’t concentrate too much and had trouble getting my penis fully rigid.
-Claire, show him your tits- said Jane to her neighbour.
-What’s that?!-The middle-aged lady was indignant.
-Take off your bra- said Jane calmly- Your husband won’t know anyway. You haven’t had sex for a few years, your husband is probably screwing some secretary, so I guess you deserve something too? And this young boy loves tits. He watches them in porn films, puts his penis between his tits, pours his cum on his tits, he just has to see tits.
-Did he cum on yours too?
-Oh no- protested Jane- I’m an English lady and I can’t have an immigrant’s cum on me or in me.
-What about a drink with sperm in it?” I interjected.
-That doesn’t count,” replied Jane with a smile on her face- -it was a flavour supplement.
Claire smiled very strangely and after a moment started to undo the buttons of her blouse. Once she had done this she opened her blouse from side to side and then put her left hand behind the bra on her right breast and pulled it up over her bra, and after a moment she did the same with the other side.
Claire was maybe fifty years old, maybe a little more. Her boobs were very shapely and firm. And although you couldn’t see it on the outside, they were quite sizeable. Her bra must have put a lot of pressure on her breasts. Now they were almost standing out from above the bra and looking at me with their nipples, and my cock started to harden.
-You see,” Jane said with satisfaction, -He gets hard at the sight of tits, I told you.
-Does he play with his penis like that in front of you?” Asked Claire.
-Every day and he does what I want him to do.
-I envy you. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hard penis with me. I haven’t felt cum for a long time either.
-Young man- Jane looked at me- Be so good and cum on Claire. Just so you don’t get her face or clothes dirty. Her husband is at home, so he’d better not find out about what’s going on in this house.
It was a very strange request, but I knew that if I protested, Jane would talk about moving out again. I walked over to Claire, stood slightly apart in front of her and began to masturbate over her ruddy breasts. She began to massage them and pinch her nipples. The rippling nipples gave me more excitement and all in all it didn’t take long for me to ejaculate.
–Faster! –Whispered Claire
–Grab his balls,” advised Jane- -he will ejaculate quickly.
Claire timidly reached out and grabbed my scrotal sac. I, after a few movements, felt the ejaculation coming and brought the tip of my cock closer to her tits. After a moment, a load of cum landed on her shapely breasts, and Claire began kneading my testicles.
After a few spasms, the cum stopped flowing out of me. My neighbour’s breasts were splashed with my semen and the last drop was hanging from my cock. Claire started to spread the stains over her tits, and in the process she stuck out her tongue and licked that last drop of semen off my cock.
-Go to your room,” said Jane, -you have already shown what you can do.
I felt terribly embarrassed. I turned away and walked quickly away to my room.

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