My Lovely Neighbours – 02

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I was still in my bed top less and eyes closed enjoying the feel. Krishna came inside and the both spoke something. I was not able to hear or understand anything. All I know is when I started feeling someone, specifically a man sucking my tit and drinking milk. I opened my eyes and saw Krishna there smiling at me, and drinking from my tit. I tried to push him, but Saritha said “I only called him to help you with the excess milk. I could not finish all of it.”

She by this time got naked and lying on my other side hugging me from behind and pressing my other tit. She was kissing me behind my neck which made me arouse more. I could not push Krishna, as the feeling of a man on my tits is what I am most vulnerable to. I would perhaps give my tit to anyone to suck if I could. I like my tits sucked for endless time, and I could not reject such opportunity of getting it sucked.

Krishna sucked the first one till that one is empty. Saritha meanwhile slowly undid my pyjama from bottom. As I wasn’t wearing any panties, I’m fully naked between my neighbours. Krishna switched to other tit as first one is empty. Saritha started eating my pussy. I was fully wet and had orgasm once, so my pussy was full juicy.

In some time Krishna emptied my other tit too. He was still sucking it for pleasure and he is damn good at what he does.

Saritha undressed Krishna and I saw his big dick for first time. It was long and thick one and oozing with precum. Saritha held both my boobs, as if she was inviting him to fuck in my boobs.

I was lying still and moving on with what ever is happening. Krishna looked into my eyes, as if he needed permission before doing anything more. I was fully aroused and had an orgasm twice already, and not ready to stop.

I grabbed his erect anaconda and took it into my mouth. It was huge and hardly fitting in my mouth. I sucked his dick for few minutes and then looked at him. That was his queue to fuck me in my boobs. He rubbed his precum on my boobs and spat on them for better lubrication

He started fucking my boobs and I was holding them for him. We were intensely looking at each other and Saritha was sitting by the bed side watching her husband fuck me.

I now desperately needed him to enter me and fill my pussy with his anaconda. I grabbed his neck and pulled him close to whisper him my wish. He stopped fucking boobs and moved down. I lifted my legs high and wide and he entered me on missionary position.

His dick was so tight in my pussy that, I almost felt like this was first time. He started moving in and out, and pushed his tool all the way down. Saritha came close and started sucking my boobs again. It was like I had my own staff for pleasure.

After few mins, he turned me around to enter from behind. I am now on my all four legs like a doggy. He stood by the bed side and held my boobs from back and started banging. I felt sad for Saritha, so asked her lay down under me and started eating her pussy.

Krishna started moving fast, like an express train. Young man’s full power was on display compared to my 40 year old husband. I couldn’t hold any longer and climaxed. But Krishna was nowhere near finish line.

I asked him to fuck Saritha for sometime as she didn’t even cum once. So he entered her ass hole. Since his dick was fully wet with my pussy juices, it was an easy push. She is now in doggy style and I slid under her to suck her tits.

They were small tits but night big nipples to bite them. I also started rubbing her clitoris while sucking her tits. After some time she came for first time tonight.

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Krishna isn’t done yet. So we both decided to give him combined blow job. I started sucking and caressing his balls and she started to suck his dick. He reached out to hold my boobs and squeeze them. Finally he did climax and sprayed his cum on my boobs. Saritha licked all of it.

We were fully exhausted, so lied down and slept naked. Krishna was in middle and we each by his side. After about 2 hours, I woke up as baby was crying. I went to pick up baby from cradle and took her into my lap for feeding.

Krishna also woke up and he was now looking at me. This time I didn’t hide away from him like earlier in evening. Because both my boobs were emptied at same time, both filled up with milk. His intense looks started my milk flow in the second tit.

I signalled him to suck this one and he obliged happily. He kneeled near me and took the other one in hi mouth and started drinking milk. I’m now rubbing my baby as well as him while they are finishing my milk.

Of course baby finished faster and I called out to Saritha to help me in putting baby back in cradle. She helped and came to me and kneeled on other side to drink my milk.

They finished both tits happily and then again we had one more round of intense sex.

I asked Saritha if she would return favour and let Gopal have her round ass. She is more than happy with this proposal.

Krishna left around 2 AM back to his flat, and we both cuddled up naked in bed. We slept till 8 in morning and then had hot shower together. She again helped me by drinking some milk and some milk she pumped into bottle. She then prepared coffee with that milk and gave it to Krishna. It was very kinky thought. Krishna had no clue of it until we told about it later at breakfast time.

Gopal was to return next day, so Krishna asked if he could come over again in night to sleep over and etc. Etc.

I laughed and agreed. As this was planned night, we put baby to sleep early. Saritha also pumped excess milk through out the day and stored it in bottle for baby. She wanted her husband to have me all night and she wanted to take care of baby.

(In the next part, Krishna gets chance to fuck me solo. And then I setup Saritha for Gopal. Until next part leave your feedback on my telegram channel. or [email protected])

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