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My maid mom fucked – Dirty Sex Tales

Hey guys, I am going to tell you my true story. This happened to me and my mom 2 years back.
First of all let me specify our condition two years back, me and my mom Sheetal lived together as servants in a rich owner’s house. We were poor and my dad had left us.
Now let me introduce my mom . Her name is Sheetal ,she was 32 years of age . She closely reassembled Babita from taarak Mehta serial. So one could guess her assets. She was fair . Her hair were black. Her boobs were 38DD ,her ass was 36 and her pussy was usually clean shaved.
Now let me introduce to the owners family
There were 3 people :Mr. Raj – the owner of the house under whom we were working . He was well built man and was dark . He was from South .he was 40 yrs of age. He was very dominant in the house. Then comes Madam Deepa the owners wife . She was a well spoken,humble woman . Who never doubted her husband over any affairs.she used to be mostly out of the house . Doing all her personal stuffs. The third member is their only son: Arvind – he was 2 yrs older than me (19 yrs), he was somewhat reserved boy . But he hid something under his mask.
So let me explain u our work in Rajs house
We were told to sleep in store room . And we were said to get up at 6 and sleep at 1 after doing all work. We did all the work in the house from a to z.the house was 2 bhk in one bed room Raj and his wife slept and other their son. He gave us little salary that my mother saved .we were given old and torn clothes to wear. My mom wore old salwar kameez and her bra was also old it’s elastic was loose so her boobs mostly hanged and popped out.
Now let’s come to the story, All went well , we used to work day and night but I had a feeling that the owner had set his own my mom.
So one day while Raj’s wife was out of town and his son was sleeping in his own room. Raj called my mother to his room .my mom obeyed and closed the door . I felt suspicious and peeked through the door . I saw that my Raj was sitting in lungi in bed and was mom was standing ,her huge ass faced to me. Raj said mom that he wants a massage just as shown in a video . So mom thought it will be a leg massage . So mom agreed and asked to show her the video. Raj played the video in his tv. As soon as the video started I saw that the video was of hot blonde who was the masseuse . They continued and proceed to remove her clothes in video to which my mom objected but raj said to watch whole video . So the video continued with both being nude and normal massage but after few minutes they started fucking in the video , and he cummed inside the blonde and the video ended.
After the video my mom was angry and said I can’t do it .but Raj said that he would remove us from work and make our life hell .my mom cried very much but in the end agreed as it she cared about me. So Raj said that it would be done as shown in the video. Exact things. My mom agreed.
Now starts their massage session,Raj said mom to bring oil and remove her clothes. My mom brought oil and started removing her duppata followed by her salwar her blouse was seen .her bust was unreal. Even I got a strong erection and then she removed her kameez .now she was just in her blouse and underwear . She didn’t have a bikini body as her ass was plumped and her boobs were huge.but that’s what a man mom removed all her undergarments .now she was fully nude. It was like her body was screaming to fucked.
Then Raj also removed his lungi. He was all nude . His dick was so huge and black that mom was shocked. Raj was very much hairy and had a nice body. So Raj said to start the massage .
My mom then took oil and applied on her body,and started massaging Raj who slept facing mom and his dick was erect and was thick and pure black. After few minutes of massage ,Raj took Mom to bed and started kissing her . To which my mom obliged but Raj slapped my mom and said to mom was emotionless,he started bitting my mom’s lip and then started licking mom’s white boobs,he then gave her boobs few spankings which made it red .my mom cried .but it didn’t affect raj.he then sucked milk from her boobs . After which sucked her pussy. My mom moaned slightly. But she was in pain . Then he ordered mom to take his dick in mouth. My mom swallowed his big 9 inch fat dick in her mouth. After 5 minutes of blowjob. He told mom to sleep. He then took his dick and fucked her in missionary position . My mom didn’t moan she was expressionless. The atmosphere was very hot . I love someone getting fucked under some dominance. Cummed in my pants .then after 20 mins in missionary he fucked her in doggy style position it felt so intense. My mom rear view was incredible.after 10 min in doggy style . He slept on mom back and fucked from behind after continuos fucking he cummed inside her . My mom cried after she got to know that she was creampied.raj then give my mom a strong kiss and said her to clean and continue to mom came out drenched in oil ,she was crying . She didn’t speak for a day. So this is how Raj fucked my mom for the first time.
In the next part I will tell about how arvind and his frnds fucked my mom.

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