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My Pee – Dirty Sex Tales

    There’s always been something a little weird about me. In my 8th grade year I finally found out what it was. When I was about 9, I noticed something weird happening with my body; my pee specifically. Every time I peed, it would smell so good. It was strong and sweet, almost like a flower, and its golden color made it irresistible. However, I knew better than to drink it, so I would let every last drop of the golden nectar flow into the toilet.

    When I started going to middle school, however, things changed, I slowly learned my capabilities. Now that there were passing periods in between classes, a lot of people went to the bathroom at the same time. Sometimes, there would be so many people in the restrooms that you would have to wait for a urinal or stall. When I did relieve myself, I noticed people next to me sniffing and looking around. They could smell it too! Now I knew that I wasn’t crazy; my pee really did smell delicious! Every time I went, I noticed the same thing; people could smell it. I started to get excited, and near the eighth grade, I would learn about my gift.

    It was just a normal day. Fourth period, the period after lunch, was going by really slowly. I wasn’t focused on the teacher, and to make things worse, I had to pee. I tried to hold it, but after twenty minutes, I just couldn’t take it any longer.
     “Mrs. Marshall, I need to use the restroom, ” I said.

     “Okay, Ricky. Fill out a pass. ” I filled out a hall pass and had her sign it. Then I walked down the hall to the restroom. Being the period after lunch, the bathroom was empty, and when I walked in, there was only one guy standing at a urinal. I took the other one next to him and started my business. Pretty soon, that familiar aroma filled the air. I looked over at him and saw his nose twitching. Soon he looked at me and said,  “Dude, what is that? “

    I turned red and replied,  “Um, actually, it’s my pee. “

    He looked at me like I was insane and then took a glance at the urine coming out of me. He froze and stared at it. It freaked me out so I stopped and tried to hold it in.  “Is everything okay? ” I asked him.

     “It looks delicious, ” he said in a weird voice. He was licking his lips. I looked at him awkwardly.

     “Uh, do you want to try it? ” I asked him in a shaky voice. I was trying hard to hold it in.

     “Yes!!! ” he screamed. So I told him to follow me and we went into the stall. I dropped my pants and boxers and he kneeled down in front of my penis with his mouth open.  “Are you ready? ” I asked through gritted teeth; I felt like I was going to explode. He nodded. So I closed my eyes and released my bladder. The rest of the pee shot out into the boy’s mouth. There wasn’t much left, so pretty soon the last bit dripped out. When I felt his tongue licking the tip of my penis, I immediately opened my eyes. He was licking off every last drop! It felt amazing, though, so I didn’t stop him. When he was done, he moved away from my cock and just kneeled there, with a big grin on his face. I pulled my pants up and was going to leave the stall but he was still kneeling there, his expression unchanged. I started to get nervous.  “Get up! ” I said. Obediently he stood up. Then he just stood there, the same grin on his face. I looked at him.  “Well are you going to go? Get out of the way! ” Obediently, he moved against the side of the stall and let me pass. When I turned around to look at him, he was still standing there with the same grin.  “Come on! ” I said. He walked up next to me and stopped. I looked at him, puzzled.  “Turn around, ” I commanded him. He turned.  “Go into the stall, ” I told him. He went into the stall.  “Come back out. ” He turned around and came out. He was still grinning. Then I grinned back at him. He was obeying my every command.  “Drop you pants, ” I said. His pants fell to the ground.  “Take off your boxers. ” He pulled his boxers down, and his 5 inch cock popped out. He was standing in front of me, almost completely naked.

    I wasn’t gay, but at the age of 13, anything naked made me horny. I felt a bulge forming in my pants, and my horniness was starting to take over. Before I could think about it, I had pulled my pants and underwear down, exposing my hard-on, and sat down on the toilet. I looked up at the boy.  “Suck me off slave! ” Immediately, he obediently knelt down and rapped his lips around my shaft. It felt amazing! I had never felt anything like it before. His warm mouth around my pulsing cock made me moan with pleasure, and every time he licked the tip, it gave me goose bumps. It felt so good that I came almost instantly. His mouth filled with cum and he swallowed it all. Then he licked me clean and lifted up his head. Then he just knelt there, the same grin on his face.

     “Get up. Get dress. Go to class, ” I commanded him. Instantly, he got up, put on his boxers and his pants, and left the bathroom. I never learned his name, and I seldom ever saw him around school after that experience. I said  “Hey! ” to him in the hallway once, but he just smiled at me as if he didn’t recognize me. I now knew the powers I possessed, and I was getting excited to test them again…

To be continued…

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