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My Sister Preksha – Dirty Sex Tales

Hi friends!! This is my second story that how my sister is gangbanged.

Please give your feedback about the story..

So coming to the story

Me and my sister (Preksha) were studying Engineering as our home was far from the college my father took a flat near to the college, so me and my sister used to stay there..

So my sis Preksha has the beautiful body as we used to stay in a flat we shared a same bathroom whenever she comes from the bath in towel, I once saw her her boobs looks firm and she has fair skin, thinking of her I used to jerkoff in shower.

In college I have my three besties Rajesh, Akhil, and Uday we used to do lots of funstuff they used to come to our flat and chilled there it was fun with them.

So I invited all my besties to new year party in our flat to which my sister was ok with it..

So that day we all decorated our room, prepared food and bought a cake.

On that day my sis was wearing a t-shirt with a tight lower track. My besties were all had a look on my sis but I didn’t took personal as she was hot..

It was 12:00 we all cheering in joy welcoming a new year we ate cake, food and relaxed for some time..

This is were story turned on, Rajesh used to have porn DVD collection. So on that day he bought one. We all decided to watch in my room in laptop.

Then I said to preksha that we are going to sleep to that she said ok, she was watching TV.

We went in our room and started to watch porn in laptop, it was a threesome and groupsex porn. So we all were so horny watching I can see there cock erected..

Then Rajesh was so horny he said that he wanted to fuck anyone right now

To that we all laughed and said that there are no one to get fucked.

Then Rajesh looked at me and said “There is one”. I was confused and asked who, he said “your sister”.

I was so angry and about to beat him Uday and Akhil stooped me..

Then it was all silent in our room. Then I thought myself “why not” as I was always jerking off thinking about her.

Then I apologized to Rajesh then he also felt same.

Then I asked him “do you have any idea how to convince her to have sex”

To that my friends were surprised., Then uday came up with an idea..

We went to our Hall where my sis was watching TV. Then I asked her to play a poker game with us she agreed.

Then we all sat sat and Uday was explaining the game that “whoever loses in a game they should undress”

Preksha got angry and walking off from game then Akhil said to her “yeah you’re a looser ” and they were all chanting that. To that my sister said ok let’s play.

We all were so excited and started game. In a first round Uday lost so he took of his shirt and my sister was feeling shy..

Then second round again Uday lost he took his pants off he was in his underwear and he was still erected. Preksha was pretending that she didn’t saw anything..

Third round yes my sister lost and we all were excited and Preksha was feeling shy and took off her shirt by closing her eyes. She wore a blue bra and her boobs were perfectly shaped and she was trying to cover them but we all had a nice view.

In next round I lost and I took off my shirt.

In next round Rajesh lost as he was not wore any shirt as it was hot he took off his pants and shockingly he was not wearing underwear his cock flashed out my sister closed her eyes and laughed it was a fat cock…

In next round my sister lost then she took off her lower track and she was only in her bra and panties. I never imagined that I’ll see her like that,, she was covering herself..

This time she was so tensed if she loses she has to remove bra or panties.

Then this time our dream is becoming true she lost again we all were silent then she turned around and unhooked her bra and now we all saw her boobs clearly OMG they are most beautiful part of her I was so turned on I wanted to suck her boobs..

Then In final round she lost again she had no choice she took off her panties

My sisters pussy was clean shaved. Uday was sitting beside her staring at her pussy.

Rajesh stood up and went to the bathroom his cock was erected, seeing this preksha was feeling her pussy.

Then I realized she was horny too.

Then Uday groped her boobs then my sister stooped him then again he groped her this time she was not stopping him

While she was biting her lips, seeing this Akhil came to her and pressed her boobs, she was breathing heavily. Then Rajesh joined them and he started kissing her..

Then she looked at me then I thought she was giving me a call too, I went to her and placed my hand on her naked body.

I can’t imagine this is real that is she is my sister and my friend are fucking her.. Then I gently touched her boobs were her nipples were erected. Then I was turned on and took of my shorts, we all were naked.

Then she lied down and Rajesh was licking her pussy, and she was giving blowjob to Uday.. Akhil was getting a handjob from her..

I am watching them stroking my cock then my sister called me and said “you don’t want to fuck me?”..

Then I came near to her and she took my cock and started giving blowjob. Wow she was expert in it, and I was in heaven feeling so good..

As Rajesh was licking her pussy she was Moaning softly..

Then Akhil went down and inserted his cock in her pussy, then after the two strokes he ejaculated on her pussy, my sister laughed at him.

Then Rajesh with his fat cock started to fuck her, her moans were louder this time he was fucking her fast as in porno.

I was pressing her boobs with my cock in her mouth..

Then Rajesh took out his cock and Uday joined to fuck her, his cock was a giant one with all pubic hair.

My sister was horny and saying “fuck me I am your bitch fuck me”..

Then it was my turn to fuck her, I went down to her it was so wet,, I inserted my cock on her and fucked her very hard.

While I was fucking Uday and Rajesh were getting a hand job..

Then after some time we three decided to cum on her,, she was lying down and we all were above her..

While we were jerking our cock she was rubbing her pussy.

Then Uday jerked and he cum on her tits,,, Then Rajesh with his fat cock cum on her face her face was full of cum.

Then my sister looked at me and said”will you cum in my mouth brother” then I said ok to her and discharged my sperm in her mouth and she swallowed it.

She smiled at us and said “Happy New Year Guys” And she went to the bathroom to clean herself.

We all were so happy that we fucked an absolute beauty..

Then after that day she was our bitch and we regularly fuck her. Even if I was not at home they used to come home and fucked her…

So guys if you want a Part-2 of this story then please comment below and give your valuable feedback and what changes do you want in it.

Until then think about my sister’s pussy and have a cumblast!!

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