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My Story With My Aunt

Hi friends, this first time I came here. I am here because I can’t tell this thing which happened to me. Let me let you know about me. I am Mahesh age 27 ht 5.8′ wt 65 very well built, manly, handsome, I look like boy next door to you. Soft in nature and wild in bed.

Let me start my journey from beginning of my teenage. I don’t know when my fantasy started on aunties. May it was not my fantasy an aunt in front of our house started creating feelings in me. She intentionally used to drop her saree pallu to show her huge boobs.

I had any intention on her as I had a gf down to my portion. Actually it was not aunt’s mistake, it was me who made her to show boobs to me. Because she seen me doing sex with my gf one day. I know she was watching but I could not control my feelings and I was fucking hard my gf, she started squeezing her boobs. Then after she tried very hard to fucked by me. But never had an intention to fuck her. All were going well, I was having a nice sex and romance with my gf. One day she came to me and told, her parents arranged marriage for her and we can’t meet any more. I was so depressed and was in pain of losing her. I took some time and I was getting out of it.

One fine day my parents went out station for a marriage to other city. Aunt came home and asked for my food preparation, I told thanks for asking and told her I’ll prepare. She said ok and left without a word. After sometime she came to enquire about my preparing of food, I said it’s done and she asked why I am so dull these days not taking jovially as before.

I told about my breakup with gf. She started go back but to my surprise she went to door and closed the door and came back. I directly said please I am not interested in you, you’re very elder to me. Immediately she removed her saree and asked me to see her beauty. I was seeing her like that in shock… OMG she was heavy bulit with 38D bit plumy… without saying a word she dragged my shorts down and took my 8′ dick in her mouth. That was first time felt that feeling of sucking off my dick. My gf never sucked my dick before. So warm feeling, she took in her mouth and she was sucking like that was ice fruit. Because of that feeling I could not stand for long I outed my cum very soon in her mouth. She shouted why are you in so hurry you spoiled my dress. And she opened her jacket to wash. I was surprised to see naked boobs of her with big nipples, OMG I was spechless. She went in, cleaned herself and came out and seen my surprised face.

She then came close to me took my hand and put in her pavada (Langa in Telugu) and she started rubbing on pussy and asked me to finger her pussy and she took my dick and started shacking and rubbing on her boobs. My dick was again ready position, she removed her pavada she was not wearing any inner and asked to climb on her. I was in shock and was doing just as she was guiding me. I started fucking, she was screaming in joy aaaaaaaaaaaaaa how big(dick) you maintain ra chinu…..push slowly aunt is in pain ra nana….she rubbed on her cunt and I slowly pushed in her pussy…… now I was rubbing on her pussy lips… she was saying please nana don’t tempt me like that abbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaa plsssssssssssssssssssss raaaaaaaaaaaaaa chinnu put inside and fuck your aunt nana…….. but I was rubbing on pussy lips and rubbing… suddenly with heavy force I inserted my dick in her cunt… she shouted devuudaaaaaaaaaa(OMG) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what ra you killed me aaaaaaaaaa…. I slowly increased my speed… she was shouting abbbbbbbbbbbbbba dengaaaaaaaaa raaaaaaa……….denguthunavvvvvv(Ur fuckingggggggggggggggggg) She was not able to bare the pain…. she took my dick out and again started sucking, she was licking making sounds shhhhhhhhhhhhh upppppppppppp like I was saying lanja chikuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(suck you bitch)……… then she took my dick in her cunt back and told me to fuck hard. I was getting mad and fucking like a Mad horse with my big dick…… I was about to cum… she shouted cum inside and took all in her pussy…. we slept for some time like that and after that she took me to washroom and started cleaning her pussy and my dick, while doing I saw her boobs were shaking, immediately my dick start growing… seeing this she laughed and said again you’re ready my hero…. without a word I turned her back to wall and inserted my dick from back…. started fucking in doggy style…. after few mins we went to bedroom and again I was fucking her in doggy…. it became my fav position after in my life….. then she pushed me on bed and she started ridding my cock…. OMG while she was ridding me her boobs were jumping up & down, seeing this my feeling were cloud nine and started sucking her boobs while she was busy in fucking my dick…. we slept for sometime…… Meanwhile I got call from my cousin sister that she was coming home as my parents not there it’ll be hard for preparing food…. I told aunt about that, she dressed and she quickly moved to her house giving a nice lip lock and saying thanks….. Guys One thing I want to ask… Did I make any mistake having affair with her…. she told me later days about that affair… I asked her why you did that as you have your husband then she told you’re young you don’t know about sexual desires and problems. Your uncle is not touching me since so many days and you’re the reason, I seen you having sex with that girl and my feeling on you started….. so I guess it was my mistake who aroused that lady’s sexual desire.

So I’ll get back with incident happened with my cousin sister after she came home.

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