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My Wife Barbara’s Camping by Poppa 1

Since our first sex adventure (see My Wife Barbara Gets Fucked) Barbara and I never talked much about that night. It was as though it happened and we went on from there as we always did. I figured if it were to happen again it would be spur of the moment as it was the last time.

I was right. We, Barbara, our two children, and myself went camping for 5 days and 4 nights last fall at Natural Bridge in Kentucky. I went ahead early in the day to set the campsite. Around 5PM Barbara and the kids arrived. She set about putting bedding and clothes into the tent and the kids took off on their bikes. Soon Barbara was done and looked for the kids. They were down two campsites at a pop out trailer playing with two kids. I said I’d get supper ready and Barbara said she was going to go down and check on the kids. Barbara had a glass of wine with her when she left and I expected her back in minutes. However, she got herself leaned against the pickup truck at that site and was talking to a man that appeared to be the dad of the children with whom my kids were playing and he was with them alone. I saw this guy pour some wine into Barbara’s glass and time began to pass. I put the supper on hold to wait for everyone to return. An hour passed and it had grown dark and all of the kids were at our campsite and Barbara was out of sight.

Nearly two hours since Barbara left she returned and sent the other two kids home saying “Your daddy is ready for you now.” I began supper as the kids were hungry and I was anxious for Barbara to tell me why she had been gone so long. As she past close to me I asked quietly “Why were you gone so long?”

“Let’s say I made a bet I intend to win.”

“A what and for how much?”

“No money just a I bet that I can and he said he didn’t think I could given all the kids, my husband, etc. Call it a pride bet. He ticked me off.”

“Ok Barbara, what was the bet?”

She became a little sheepish and said “I told him I could milk him dry of cum this weekend and he wouldn’t be able to get it up before he left the campground this weekend.”

“You what? I mean we can’t have sex because of our kids in the tent. I can’t believe this. You’re not even drunk.”

“I know. But I took his first two loads already.”

She quickly kissed me and I could taste cum. “If you could touch my pussy you’d find more there. You’re going to watch the kids during this and I’ll tell you about it as it happens. He has a great cock and he’s been divorced for years and is horny as hell. Im going to let him fuck me a couple more times tonight while you watch the kids at the fire.” I was floored. She said “And remember it’s your fantasy!” “But I wanted to watch you do it..”

Sure enough the kids finished dinner and Barbara went to the other site and his kids soon were at our site. I watched as the trailer shook and bounced but it was pretty silent. About an hour and here came Barbara. “I swallowed one load, took another in my pussy and let him fuck my butt. Tomorrow morning I’ll get him again.”

Morning came and sure enough his kids were at our site. Barbara returned “He’s slowing down. He managed only to fuck me once.”

At lunch, Me and all the kids ate peanut butter and Barbara returned saying she ate cum, twice. Dinner, me and the kids and my slut wife returned with one in her pussy and another up her butt.

The next day he was to leave at noon. Barbara went there for breakfast and returned smiling. “I sucked, I licked, and I even spread my ass for him and he could only manage a semi erection. I won!”

Great, I was so horny and pissed I couldn’t wait for him to leave. That’s when Barbara sent the kids to his site and told them not to come back until she came to get them. They were delighted and she let me pound some of my cum up her butt. I really like fucking her butt especially since she has learned to love getting butt fucked.

– The End –

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