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My wife didn’t love me

Two months ago me and my girlfriend of 2 years got married, her name is Jody and is 18 I’m Phil 20, she is a very pretty blue eyed blond, 5 feet tall and great figure, in fact she’s perfect for me. Our sex life is good and we have sex most nights. I knew she lost her virginity when she was 13 to a 33 year old black man and she’s had lots of men black and white men before we stated dating when she was 16. I was okay with that because I have had plenty of girls, let live and all that. What our friends didn’t know was that Jody and I had an agreement while we were dating that other men black or white could still fuck her pussy and I would fuck other girls if I wanted too but if we got married it would have to stop and we would be faithful to each other. We used to go to parties and go dancing and Jody always got male attention and for fun I used to tell her to flirt and dance with other men that she liked to see how far it would go, she knew I liked to watch her. I always asked her to wear a low cut short lose dress, knickers or thong but no bra covering her lovely big tits and she never refused, she looked classy and very desirable I loved to see her flirting and when she was dancing the men always had their hands on her bum and sometimes in her knickers caressing her bum cheeks I knew that the men would have hard cocks and would want to get between her legs which was okay for me after all we had an agreement. She kissed the men she really liked and she would let them finger her well used pussy and at some point in the evening let them fuck her she always let them cum in her and she always had big orgasms with them especially the black men with their huge cocks. When we got home she would always take her birth pill before having a shower, then in bed she would tell me all about her experience then I would fuck her with my little 5 inch dick. I too had some good sex with other girls but they didn’t feel as good as Jody and they certainly weren’t as pretty as she was. Jody had been fucked by 31 men since we had started dating plus all the men before that and yet her pussy felt as good as it always did.

I had a good well paid job and when we got married we bought a house it wasn’t big but it was cosy, we stopped going to big parties and when we went dancing we only danced with each other. Her best friend lived in the next town and sometimes Jody would go to her best friend’s house for the evening and even stay the night if she fell asleep after drinking too much, her friend always used to call me to let me know. What I didn’t know was that her friend would invite a couple of men round to socialize with them and they were black, the only reason I knew about it was one of my friends also lived in the same town saw Jody, her friend and two black men with their arms around them walking back to her friend’s house, he followed them back to the house and they all went in, he saw the front curtains being closed so he decided to go down the alley behind the house to see if he could see anything more and he could he saw the black men kissing the girls and groping them and slowly undressing them he saw Jody’s pussy being fingered and her big tits being sucked he could hear her moaning as the window was open slightly he heard her say ‘put your black cock in me and fuck me’ his cock was massive and so thick, when she felt it go in her eyes and mouth opened wide ‘oh my god your big I love it fuck me fuck me fuck me’ she flung her arms and legs around him and she was bucking and gripping his big black cock, she was breathing very heavy then she had a huge orgasm ‘oh my god I love your big cock don’t stop don’t stop’ he said if I don’t stop I’m going to cum in you ‘I don’t care just don’t stop give me another orgasm and shoot your baby juice in me I love your lovely big black cock I’ve never had sex as good as this’ she had another big orgasm and he cum in her at the same time ‘I can feel your sperm shooting in me I love it oh my god I want you again I love having sex with you’ he said him and his friend had to go now but will leave his number with her friend and when she’s visiting again for her to call him but make sure you can spend all night here just make an excuse to your husband I will give you a night you will never forget. Her friend and her lover had been upstairs in her bed it was only a one bedroom house. After the men left the girls were talking and they were discussing their experience, her friend asked her if she let him cum in her, yes and I could feel it shooting in me I loved it, Jody you shouldn’t have let him do that what if you get pregnant, I won’t I always take my pill besides I love it when they cum in me. Are you happily married to Phil Jody, I am but to be honest I only married him for the security I have with him he’s a good husband I don’t think I really love him like he thinks I do, we have sex but his little cock doesn’t satisfy me like the black guy that just fucked me did, it’s 11.30pm and I must go I’ll see you soon Phil will be wondering where I am. It’s only a 20 minute drive and it was nearly 12 midnight when she arrived, she went and had a shower and took her pill like she does every night before going to bed, we made love for an hour before going to sleep. The following day at work my friend called me and said he had a video that I should see and he warned me I would be upset over it, he said he had seen Jody and her friend last night with two black men and that he had seen the four of them going into Jody’s friend’s house and that he had been round the back of her house spying on them for a couple of hours and the video would show me what had happened, he sent me the video and in my break I watched it, I couldn’t believe it Jody said she would be faithful to me after we got married and seeing that huge black cock in her did upset me but even more than that knowing that she didn’t love me as much as I thought she did and she was using me, that hurt. When I got home I acted as normal and we were having sex as usual, I was thinking that maybe it was a one off and was thinking what I could do to make her love me more. Later that week she said that her friend had called again and wanted to make it a once a week girls evening at her house just the two of them, I said okay its fine I can do some computer work. On Friday evening Jody got ready she was wearing Jeans and a jumper got in her car and left, I called my friend and asked him if he could keep a safe distance from Jody’s friend’s house and see if anything happens again. He called me 45 minutes later and said when Jody knocked the door the black man she had fucked last time opened the door and they kissed as she walked in he was just wearing his boxers, I asked him if he could go around the back of the house again as it was dark to see what was happening, he called me back ten minutes later and said the other black guy is there too and it looked like her friend had been fucked by both men she was naked and was lying on an inflatable mattress looking knackered, Phil, Jody is taking her clothes off now and she’s lying next to her friend, one of them is sucking her big tits and the other one is sucking her pussy she loves it Phil she’s getting so excited and her little body is shaking violently, she’s shouting out ‘fuck me fuck me fuck me’ the one that fucked her last time is fucking her fast and hard, she has her arms and legs around him and she bucking towards him, she loves his big cock Phil, my god she having a massive orgasm with him and he’s pushing hard against her clit and cumming in her, he’s on Jody’s friend now and fucking her hard, the other black guy is fucking Jody fast and hard now, Phil both girls are cumming hard and the guys are cumming in the girls at the same time. They stopped for a while and Jody’s friend called me to say that Jody is drunk and can’t drive so she will stay the night with her, I said its fine. On my other phone I called my friend and asked him what the address was I wanted to see this for myself, I was there in 25 minutes, it was like an orgy and Jody was loving it the guys were having sex with the girls in different positions and sending them wild with excitement, they were sucking their cocks and taking their sperm down their throats. Jody was telling her lover from last time that she really loved his black cock and wished she had met him before she got married, he asked her would she have got married if she had met him before, no Jamal I love your big black cock fucking my pussy and shooting sperm in me I would have let you make me pregnant I would love to have a baby with you oh Jamal you don’t know how much I love having sex with you, I would love to make you pregnant Jody but you’re married and it wouldn’t be fair to your husband if you had a black baby, I know Jamal but if I wasn’t married would you want me as your girlfriend, my god yes Jody you are beautiful and I’m going to make love to you for the rest of the night and give you orgasms and shoot my baby juice in you I love your pussy. Jody’s friend and her lover went to her bed and Jody and Jamal made love for most of the night on the air mattress, his big thick cock gave Jody the most pleasure I had ever seen her have and she loved his sperm being shot in her. When it started to get light I went home and waited for her to come home, it was 10.30am on Saturday morning when she arrived and she looked totally knackered, she had a shower and took her birth pill then she went to bed making the excuse that she was hung over even though she drove home. That night we made love but there was something different in her she didn’t show me the same affection that she normally does she made the excuse she was so tired and was sorry, I knew she was thinking of Jamal and his big black cock after all I had seen how she loved having sex with him and she was never like that with me and she even said she would have let him get her pregnant, she always told me she never wanted kids, I was thinking now that our marriage was over and we had only been married for a little over two months. Over the next few weeks we did make love and Jody went to her best friend’s house on a Friday evening and she stayed out all night and came home on Saturday mornings looking so tired, she had obviously been shagging her black lover and he was tiring her out. Should I confront her about it and tell her I know what she’s been doing or just leave it, I knew she didn’t love me so I decided to leave it and let Jamal’s big black cock fuck her after all she loved it so why not.

One evening after I fucked her and shot my sperm in her I reminded her about when we were dating and that she was able to fuck other men and me other girls until we got married, yes Phil I remember and it was good I think we both enjoyed ourselves, yes Jody we did; well I was wondering even though we are married if you would like to do that again I think you will agree that our lives were more exciting then, yes Phil I really enjoyed that do you mind other cocks fucking my pussy, no Jody as long as they are black cocks, black cocks Phil why, because I always knew you loved them the best and they are bigger too and I’m sure you loved it when they shot their sperm in you, she looked at me then she kissed me, Phil I’m only young and I would love to feel black cocks in me again do you mind if they shoot their lovely sperm in me, no Jody but you must take all their sperm in you and sometimes I would love to see them fucking you and you having orgasms with them, I will take their sperm Phil and you can watch when you want. I want them to come to our house and fuck you in our bed Jody, but that’s our bed Phil, yes I know and you are going to love black men fucking you in it, oh Phil I would really love that, Jody there is one thing I don’t want any black babies, no Phil you know I don’t want kids (lie).

I worked at an insurance company and a colleague and I would investigate insurance claims even abroad, it was a good job and the money was really good, I also had a company car too. The following week I was given a job with my colleague to investigate a fraud in Mombasa, Kenya, it was quite involved and I was allowed to take Jody with me if I wanted, I would be away for 10 days and part of the time I could treat it as a holiday. I got home that evening and asked Jody if she wanted to come, her eyes lit up and said yes she would love to but would have to let her best friend know she wouldn’t be round and would let her know when she gets back. I explained that I would be working most of the time and that she could spend time on the beach. It was two weeks before we left, she packed our things and I noticed her packing her birth pills, I thought for a minute, I think I’ll change those pills with something that looks the same colour and very similar, she won’t notice the difference providing I put them in the same two little boxes. The three of us set off and got to Mombasa airport about 11pm Kenya time, we were tired a taxi took us to the hotel just outside Mombasa on the south side near the beach, we were shown our room and my colleague his room, we had a shower, cuddled up and went to sleep, Jody had taken her pill not realising it was fake. We slept well, in the morning, we had a shower and went downstairs for breakfast, we managed to get an English breakfast and a coffee. As the first two days were meant for us to get relaxed, me and Jody sat on the beach and my work friend went off somewhere for the day. I had arranged with my colleague that he would do the investigation he knew I had problems with Jody and was happy to oblige. We noticed that a lot of black men and women were naked on the beach, the men showing their big long cocks, (I saw Jody glance at them) I was wearing shorts and a T shirt, Jody a skimpy thong type bikini, the sort where the bottom part revealed her bum and just a little triangle covering her shaved pussy, her big tits hardly fitted in her bikini top but I didn’t care, I noticed black men walking past and looking at Jody’s lovely white smooth body, their black cocks bulging in their shorts. A little time later Jody had fallen into a deep sleep on her back, her legs open wide and her pussy lips had opened too, I waited for a lull in the people passing, then I pulled the triangle off her pussy to one side, then laid down beside her with sunglasses on see what was would happen. By this time people were starting to drift away but one black man came up, looked closely at her pussy, got his big black cock out, knelt down and put about 6 inches of his 9 inch thick black cock in her open pussy, fucked her slowly, her legs lifted and closed round his body, her arms wrapped around his neck and she kissed his big lips, he pushed all his cock in her and cum hard right up inside her, oh I love black cock she said then he left. She did this in her sleep. I put the triangle over her pussy and after half an hour I woke her up and said there’s dancing at the hotel tonight and starts at 9pm till 2am did she want to go. Yes I love dancing she said. We got up, had some food and a drink, went back to the hotel and got showered, she remarked she was wet and was confused why. I wasn’t going to tell her, the bitch can get black pregnant for all I care, I was going to teach her a lesson for marrying me and just using me she didn’t love me. She took her fake birth pill and got changed in to a short thin loose dress, thong and no bra it was too hot for anything else. I wore a shirt and trousers. We went downstairs to the bar and ordered drinks, we could see the dance floor about 30 feet away but nobody was there, it was only 8pm, so another hour to go before the music started. We had a few drinks and decided to get a booth which held 4 people in an ark and had a high back for privacy and a round table which we could slide round to sit down. Gradually the place began to fill up and was getting lively; Jody couldn’t wait for the dance music to start. She was looking around and was starting to feel a bit drunk, her legs were open and she didn’t seem to care, it’s going to be a good night I said to her, yes Phil I hope so. I got some more drinks a bit stronger this time I was determined to get her properly drunk. The music started and we were up dancing the night away, two fast dances later we sat down for more drink, her big tit’s were bulging out of her dress but not quite showing her nipples, the black men were looking, their cocks getting bigger. We started dancing again, this time a couple of slow dances, arms round each other, my hands on her bare bum, I could see the black men waiting their turn with her, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring which was good, I made the excuse I had to go to the toilet, I asked her to carry on dancing by herself until I got back. I went to the toilet, only had been gone for 3 minutes then I saw a big black man dancing with her, arms around each other and nearly kissing, he squeezed her little bare bum. I kept my distance but could get close enough without being seen by her to just about hear what they were saying. He kissed her and moved his hand between her lower bum cheeks, she kissed him back, he asked her if he could have sex with her on the dance floor, he got his long fat black cock out, she looked at it, lifted her dress up, lowered her knickers and guided his cock in to her, he pulled her bum towards him pushing his cock in to her pussy, she kissed him deeply as he shagged her slowly, he told her she was lovely and said her pussy feels fantastic and that he might cum, she held his big balls and felt them moving, she had an orgasm then he cum in her, he held her tight and said he had just cum in her, I don’t care Jody said, I love your black cock. He asked her if she had had black cock before, yes lots of times back in England. You taking any contraception, yes she said every night. I have to take it because I don’t want my husband to get me pregnant. Husband he said, yes he’s gone to the toilet, don’t worry Jody said he’s going to be working after tomorrow so we can see each other again if you want, of course I want but I didn’t know you had a husband, how old are you, 18 she said, I had better go and sit down before he comes back. She sat at the booth, I went over to her and said there was a queue at the toilet, I thought somebody would have asked you to dance, a beautiful girl like you being on your own. One man did but I refused (lie), you could have danced with him if you had wanted, can you still see him Jody, he’s over there by himself. I’ll call him over, no said Jody, why not he wants to dance with you, I beckoned him over, he sat down next to Jody, she looked nervous. I asked him if he wanted to dance with her, I did ask her but she said no thanks (lie). Go on Jody you can dance with him now. They got up and danced a black man and a white girl (that’s what she likes), they were talking but looking nervous knowing I would be watching. The dance finished and Jody came back, they guy went out of the hotel. Did you enjoy the dance Jody yes it was okay (mmm). More drinks and Jody was resting her head on the table pissed as a fart, her legs were wide open again and showing her thong. The black guy came back in to the dance area, I beckoned him over to have a drink with us, my name is Danny, I come here sometimes for a dance, I used to dance with my girlfriend but she went off with another man a few weeks ago. Jody is pissed so I don’t think she can dance anymore tonight. How long have to been married he asked, about 4 months. He seemed a nice guy. How come you got married so early; we had been going out with each other for 2 years so I thought it might be nice to tie the knot. How’s it going so far, okay I said but she has been a naughty girl, she’s been unfaithful to me a few times which I didn’t expect. With my experience of women they’ve all been like that said Danny, I don’t know if it’s something you have to expect or not nowadays, black girls are the worst as far as I know Phil. It was 12.30am and I asked Danny if he would give me a hand to get Jody back to our room, he obliged and said he would be happy to, he picked her up, her arms and legs were round him and he had his hands on her bum. He laid her on the bed. Phil I have to tell you something and you won’t like it, what is it Danny, well while you were at the toilet I asked Jody for a dance and she accepted, she was bit drunk and flirty, I put my arms around her and squeezed her bum and put my finger on her pussy from behind, she didn’t mind, we kissed and I told her she was lovely. I asked if I could have sex with her on the dance floor, I got my cock out, she lifted her dress up and lowered her knickers and guided my cock in her and I pushed hard till my cock was almost in her then we cum together, I’m so sorry, if I had known she was married I would never have approached her. She also said that while you were at work Mike she would want to have sex with me. Don’t worry Danny I know what she’s like and to be honest I don’t care after what she’s done to me.

Now look Danny you seem like a nice guy, can you keep a secret and can you work with me on this one, yes of course Phil. We are here for 10 days and I want you and your friends to fuck her as much as you can for that time, no condoms. She told me she would be a good girl so she won’t want me to know that she’s doing it. I told her I am here on business but I’m not really, I just want to see what she gets up to and to see how much she’s being unfaithful. That is no problem Phil, I know what it’s like to be cheated on and I don’t like it either. She’s out of it so let’s get her undressed Danny and you can put your cock in her and cum. We did and he laid on her but on his elbows and fucked her slowly, her bum was moving to his cock, her arms and legs round him, she had a lovely orgasm and then Danny cum in her with his 9 inch fat black cock he went after that in case she woke up. We agreed to meet in the bar again tomorrow night I told him that it is the day after tomorrow when I’m supposed to be starting work. The morning came we woke up, she took her fake pill, I’m bloody wet she said, yes Jody I must have got excited with you. Silly Phil, I’ll have to have a shower now. We got some breakfast then went around the place exploring. On our way round we saw Danny and a friend of his, we said hello and walked around a bit together, Jody was between me and Danny, his hand on her lower bum his fingers feeling for her pussy, we were laughing and generally having a good time, then see you later at the bar Danny said, I wondered if his friend was going to fuck Jody tonight. Night time came and we got ready to go dancing again. Jody wore a low cut top and a short loose skirt a thong and a bit of make-up. She looked great and would attract the men, I so wanted her to get pregnant by a black man. Danny and his friend were already sat at a booth waiting for us, we sat down and ordered drinks, Jody’s was stronger than usual it was our intention to get her pissed quickly. She was drinking away, her skirt had risen up revealing her thong Danny and his friend Ola had noticed and their cocks had got hard, she was pissed and laughing at nothing, I said I had to go to the toilet, I got back and Jody was sat on Danny’s knees, his hand was on the side of her bare bum under her skirt, his friend Ola had a hand on her other leg near her pussy, I opened her legs a bit more and Ola moved his hand over her pussy. Jody’s head was leaning on Danny’s neck with one arm round him, she was drunk. Ola moves her thong and put two fingers in her pussy a third finger on her clit, she bit Danny’s neck, her pussy lips were gripping Ola’s fingers and she was moaning. Danny said to her, you like black cock, I love big black cock I love it she mumbled. Do you want big black cock tonight Jody, oh yes please, take me somewhere and fuck me but don’t tell Phil, can we shoot our baby juice in you Jody, oh yes I love when black men do that with their long black cocks, you like long black cocks Jody, I love them, they go right up inside me and make me cum so much, my husband only has a short dick and is no good for me, she was mumbling and drunk. We are going to take you back to your room so we can make love to you with our 10 inch black cocks, would you like that Jody, oh yes please I love black cock. Danny carried her up to our room, laid her on the bed and took her clothes off. Ola put some truth drops in her partly open mouth, she swallowed them, Ola put his cock in her mouth and cum in her throat, she gulped it down then she sucked him dry, Danny was sucking her pussy and clit, her bum was going frantic, she cum hugely, shaking, loud moans, really loving it. It took her 15 minutes to calm down. Danny got on her and fucked her hard, shot his sperm in her, she loved it then Ola fucked her and shot his sperm in her. They did that through the night. I hope they fucked her pregnant the bitch. While I was supposed to be away Danny fucked her many times and she was enjoying herself with him, I was watching from a wardrobe but she didn’t know, she loves his 10 inch black fat cock. She always took her fake pills. Danny asked her if she loved me, he’s okay but his little cock doesn’t do anything for me and that she only married me because of the house and I had a good job, she didn’t really love me the fucking bitch, all she wanted was security. Do you want kids with him Jody, no fucking way Danny but I think he does. If I offered to give you a lovely black baby would you have one, not at the moment I want to live my life first, but I do want you to fuck me for the rest of the time I’m here. I can certainly do that Jody, I love fucking your pussy. They went dancing every night and Danny fucked her through the night, she loved his black fat cock. He gave her his number on the last day, he winked at me as much as to say she has to be pregnant, we shook hands and left.

The first thing Jody did when we got back England was to phone her best friend to let her know she was back and would be round, she also told her she wanted Jamal to come to our house so he could fuck her in our bed and that I would be away on business every weekend leaving on Friday evening and coming back on Monday mornings for the next 6 months, that is what I wanted Jody to tell her friend I was actually going to be hiding in our big wardrobe looking through a peephole I had made in it, I also put a door in the back which opened in to the box room, she didn’t know that, I wanted that so I could go for a piss and get some food. On Friday night Jody went to her best friend’s again, she came home about 1am and she looked knackered again she had been fucked by Jamal, when she bent over to get something out of her bottom draw I noticed she wasn’t wearing any knickers and her pussy was very wet, she had a shower then came to bed, I asked her if she had a good time at her friends, yes Phil we always have a laugh and this time she had one of her male black friends there, Phil he kissed me he opened my legs and pushed his fingers in my pussy and he made me cum, he got on top of me and pushed his big black cock in me, Phil he gave me a massive orgasm and he shot his sperm in me you don’t mind do you Phil, no Jody but if you want him again it has to be in our bed I want to see it, it will be Phil I’ve already told him you will be away at weekends and he would have to come to our house if he wants to fuck me again, I’ve given him my phone number, did you enjoy sex with him Jody, my god yes his big black cock gave me the biggest orgasms I’ve ever had, I love black cock so much Phil, just remember Jody no black babies, no never I don’t want babies. A few weeks had passed and Jamal had been fucking Jody in our bed, I was watching and filming it all, he was driving her crazy with his cock and was shooting lots of sperm in her.

When I came home one day from work I said are you pregnant your tummy has gotten bigger. WHAT said Jody, well look you’re putting on weight, fuck, Phil how did that happen, did you forget to take you birth pills, no way I never forget them. I had swapped the fake ones back for the genuine ones but removed some pills to make it look like she was taking them for real. She checked her pills and said they are all here, well I don’t know I said. Fuck I’ve just realised that I have missed two periods, how could I have done that, only you know Jody. Oh what am I going to do, I don’t want a fucking baby, she got one of those pregnancy test kits from the Chemist and it showed positive. Looks like you have no choice now I know I fucking know, oh bollocks. Don’t worry we will have a lovely baby, she looked a bit worried because she knew we didn’t have sex much nowadays, I smirked, serves you right you fucking bitch I thought. Time went on, she was 9 months, baby was due anytime now, then it popped out……its fucking black, Jody I tried to please you in letting you have black cock again but I didn’t expect this, I’m sorry Phil I didn’t plan it. I know you have never loved me and I know you only married me because I could give you the security you wanted but a black baby, no chance you can go and live with your mum now I’m going to divorce you. I took a photo of her and the baby in hospital as initial proof, you’re not using me anymore.


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