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My Wife, His Property (Ch. 04 Another Man)

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Since that night we called the dildo Alex, after the black guy Olivia was dancing with, in the club. Occasionally, we use it during sex and played role-playing games. As a result, the dildo helped Olivia a lot to get used to the Hotwife lifestyle. Looking back, I must say that if I hadn’t bought the dildo, Olivia would never have become my Hotwife.

Of course, we didn’t use Alex every time we had sex, but rather once or twice a month. Slowly but surely, Olivia’s Hotwife transformation was progressing. But it wasn’t just Olivia’s mentality that changed through this transformation, but her body as well. Every time we used Alex, it was easier to put him inside her and every time, the dildo slid deeper into her than the time before.

Don’t get me wrong, she still wasn’t a trained BBC slut, but she wasn’t a beginner either.

Unfortunately, the effect of the dildo also had its negative sides. Olivia moaned louder and stronger each time we used Alex, but every time we didn’t use the dildo, I noticed that it was getting harder and harder to get her to an orgasm with my cock. I often had to use my fingers or my mouth to make her cum. But yeah, how do you say it again? Once you go black, you never go back, I guess…

But still, Olivia was in the ‘fear’ phase of her Hotwife transformation. She knew that the thought of seeing her with another man turned me on, and she also knew that the dildo brought her to sexual ecstasy. But it wasn’t the dildo that frightened her, after all, it was just a piece of silicone. What scared her was that she knew that at some point, instead of the dildo, there will be a black man in our life… And she didn’t know what to expect and how it would affect us as a couple…

After the night, Olivia came up with other criteria that the bull had to meet. First, she wanted the bull to be older, at least 30 years old. She justified this by saying that, she believed, that an older bull would probably be much more mature than a young bull and would handle the hotwife lifestyle better. She also trusted an older bull more to keep everything a secret, which was another reason for this criterion.

Secondly, she didn’t want a bull for a one-night stand, but for a longer period. This, she justified this by saying that although she respects my fantasy and does it out of love for me, she still wants to keep her body count as low as possible. Additionally, it’s easier to keep things secret.

So, I started looking for a suitable partner for her. However, finding a suitable black bull in Germany is not easy. One reason for this is that we tend to have a lot fewer black people here than in France or America, for example.

I searched in various portals, but unfortunately there was always something that bothered us about the person, which is why we kept looking for a bull.

But then I got lucky…

Two months later, lea told Olivia that she would be working fewer hours a week from now on. For this reason, she got a new personal trainer.

When I got home from work, she mentioned it during dinner. I thought nothing of it at all, but when I asked her if she already knew who the new coach will be, she answered that while she had never spoken to him, but she had seen him at the gym before. It was an older black guy named Jerome.

Driven by my fantasy, you know exactly what I was thinking when I heard that…

But Olivia didn’t think like I in the first place. She didn’t see in Jerome a potential bull. The reason was obvious. Jerome was missing one of the most important criteria that Olivia asked of a bull.

She always wanted the person to live further away. This reduced the risk of someone finding out about the Hotwife lifestyle. But Jerome, he was actually a bit well known in our area and lived just a few blocks away. In addition, he also has an Instagram account with around 10,000 followers, where he regularly posts training tips and other videos.

When I took a closer look at his account, I also understood why he was so popular on social media. He had a superb body for a 38-year-old man. He was tall, athletic, muscular and good-looking.

Since my internet search for a potential bull was a complete failure, I knew that Jerome was a perfect opportunity. But I also knew that it would be difficult to convince Olivia of my idea, because Jerome didn’t meet all her terms.

So, I waited a few weeks and let Olivia get to know Jerome first. I wanted to see if she liked him at all before I suggested him as a potential bull. I gave no sign, but inside I exploded with excitement. When Olivia was working on weekends and I was home alone, I would watch interracial training porn and imagine that there weren’t two random porn actors, but rather Olivia and Jerome. Of course, I knew that Olivia wouldn’t cheat on me without my permission, but the thought still turned me on extremely.

Finally, after 5 weeks or so, the day came when I told her about my idea with Jerome. She was packing her sports bag because she wanted to go to the gym soon when we started a little small talk.

In the middle of the conversation, I asked her if she was happy with her new trainer, and she replied that he is training her harder than lea trained her, but she liked that, because she noticed a bigger improvement from it. She also shared that he is always quite nice to her and that she liked him as a person.

Olivia liked Jerome. That was exactly what I had been hoping for the last few weeks. So, when I heard her words, I said to her,

“Darling, I need to talk to you.”

Olivia looked at me and replied, confused,

“Why did you suddenly become so serious, Ben? Something happened?”

I walked over to her, hugged her and gave her a kiss to reassure her that everything was fine. Then I answered,

“No, not at all. I just… It’s just difficult to find a suitable bull and that’s why…. That’s why I think Jerome would be a good option.”

Olivia looked at the floor and said nothing. So, I added quickly,

“It’s only a suggestion, nothing more.”

She exhaled deeply and then she answered,

“Ben, listen… You know what we discussed.”

“Yes, I know.” I confirmed, then she continued.

“Good, then you know what I don’t like about your suggestion.”

“Yes, I know darling. I know Jerome doesn’t meet all the terms. He’s too well known, he doesn’t live far enough from us, and he’s not a stranger either, as you wished. But let me explain to you why I still suggest him, even though I know that it doesn’t match your ideal.”

She folded her arms and replied,

“Fine, explain yourself.”

It took me a moment to put my thoughts into words, but eventually I said,

“Look, darling, you know that the search for a suitable bull on the internet doesn’t go well. It’s hard to find someone… I mean, how can we even trust a stranger on the internet? I know we set these criteria to be cautious. They are meant to protect us and our privacy, right?”

She nodded and I continued,

“I know you want the person to be a stranger for our safety, but should we trust a stranger? Is this really going to be safer for us? Jerome might not meet all the terms, yes, but from what you’ve told me about him, he’s quite a decent guy. What do you think, can we trust him?” I asked her.

Olivia covered her face with her hands and thought for a moment before answering,

“I don’t know, Ben, I never thought of Jerome that way, sexually of course…. We don’t even know if he wants to sleep with me.”

Olivia was a beautiful woman. Every time we were out in public, I noticed how she drew the eyes of other men. Rightly so. To me, she was the epitome of beauty. I couldn’t imagine that a man would turn down the opportunity to have sex with her. That’s why I said to her,

“How about you tease him a bit during training today.”

She gave a short sarcastic laugh before she replied,

“Like it’s that easy. Ben, he’s a professional, he won’t let a little ‘booty shake’ distract him.”

I walked up to her and held her hands as I looked at her and said,

“Darling, all I want from you is to tease him a little, nothing more. Based on his reaction, we will see if he is interested in you at all or not. So what do you say, do you do this for me?”

She took her time to answer, but then she finally answered,

“Ben, I…. I… Maybe… I’ll think about it, but I can’t promise you anything.”

We chatted briefly, but then at some point we kissed goodbye, and Olivia went on her way to the gym.

At first, I had the feeling that I had achieved nothing with the talk. I mean, I couldn’t expect anything else, could I? From the start, I knew that she wouldn’t be thrilled with my suggestion, and her response confirmed it.

But when she came back from training, I saw immediately that something was on her mind. Without taking off her shoes, she walked into the living room and gave me this weird look.

“Are you alright, Liv?” I asked her confused.

She sat down next to me on the couch first before answering,

“You were right…”

I knew what she was hinting at, but just to be sure, I double-checked and asked,

“With what?”

Annoyed Olivia answered,

“Oh, you know exactly what you were right about. With Jerome, of course…”

“So, you teased him” I replied curiously.

“No, not really… We didn’t train together today, because we made an appointment to train the day after tomorrow.”

“If you haven’t exercised, what happened then? Why are you so upset, sweetheart?” I asked curiously.

“Well…. While doing squats, I noticed Jerome. He was a little further away, but he noticed me too, and we greeted each other from afar. Jerome was in the middle of training with another woman, showing her a new exercise.”

She paused for a moment and took a deep breath. Then she resumed,

“You know, Ben, when I’m working out, I’m totally focused on myself and my body. I always like to train in front of a mirror and pay attention to my posture and that I am doing the exercise correctly. Jerome gave me advice with the mirror.

Anyway, I always focus on myself during an exercise, but because of our conversation earlier, I had to think of Jerome. So, I looked in the mirror and noticed he was checking out my ass from a distance.”

She finished and looked at me, looking for an answer, so I replied,

“Look, Liv, you have to understand that you are a beautiful woman. Of course, you attract the eyes of many men, there is nothing you can do about it. I believe…”

But she didn’t let me finish my sentence. Instead, she interrupted me and said,

“Yes, I understand, Ben. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not mad or anything either. I just wonder how I didn’t notice it before. I’m probably always so focused on training that I didn’t even notice.”

We both sat silently for a moment, but then I finally asked, whose answer I could hardly wait for.

“Liv, can you imagine having something with him?”

She looked me in the eye for a moment, but then she looked at the ceiling and answered,

“Ben, I… I’ve thought about it, and I think you’re right. It would be better if the bull is someone we know, as we don’t know if we can trust a complete stranger. I like Jerome and we get along well. But he’s still pretty well known in our area, which is a risk for us.”

This time, I interrupted her and said,

“Yes, but if it’s really supposed to be someone we know, then unfortunately we don’t have other options. I mean, you know how rare black guys are in our area. It’s a wonder your trainer happens to be black. I think that’s a sign that he’s destined to be your bull, darling.”

I expected an answer from her, but she sat quietly and thought it all over. That’s why I asked her,

“Liv, if you are not happy with my suggestion, then you don’t have to do it. I know it might be my sex fantasy, but I want us to do it together as a couple and I don’t want to rush anything either… But will you tease Jerome the next time you train together?”

She took her time to answer, but finally she replied,

“I will, Ben.”


And so began the time, where Olivia would tease Jerome during their training sessions. She was shy at the beginning, but after each training she dared herself more and more. Firstly, she made sure to present her ass to him while exercising, but after some time, she started to tease him verbally as well. It started with small compliments. Small compliments turned into dirty jokes, and dirty jokes made the two talk about sex from time to time.

I knew about everything, of course, because Olivia always told me after each training session what happened. After that, we always had great sex, and if I was lucky, she allowed me to use Alex as well. Afterward, I would give her tips on what to say next time, and sometimes I would also give her a little challenge, like exercising out without panties, for example.

Jerome, on the other hand, completely fell for the teasing. He knew full well that Olivia was in a relationship with me, because she had mentioned it to him several times before she even started teasing him. Still, he didn’t care and teased her as well. Why would he care? Olivia is a gorgeous woman who attracts the attention of every man, including his.

Also, Olivia let me know how he was teasing her in detail. She told me, that on days when they didn’t have an appointment to train, he often approached her and offered to train with her, or they would just chat. In doing so, he often tried to steer the conversation in a sexual direction. Jerome also used the excuse, that she performed an exercise incorrectly, just to have an opportunity to get closer and touch her.

She knew, of course, that it was all part of his game. Especially, because she has done a lot of those exercises with him before, and he always said, that she does everything correctly.

One story in particular turned me on. I gave Olivia once as a challenge to work out without a bra. When she came home, she told me that Jerome must have got a giant dick because when he noticed that she was working out braless, a big bulge formed in his pants. And he wasn’t even fully aroused…

I noticed that Olivia was enjoying the whole thing too, but she wasn’t enjoying it because she was seducing another man, but rather because she saw how much the whole thing aroused me. Back then, the whole Hotwife thing was just my fantasy, and not yet Olivia’s.

And so the days passed, until about four weeks later after Olivia started the teasing, the day came when it happened. To be honest, I didn’t think at the time that the two would go that far. I’ve already thought about how we should deal with the whole thing between Olivia and Jerome next and what steps we should take, to bring the two even closer. But the two got ahead of me…

It was a Saturday evening, and I was home alone. Olivia worked in the café until 8pm, so she didn’t get to training until around 9pm. I knew that the two of them had an appointment for training again today and could hardly wait until Olivia comes home so that we have our hot sex, where she tells me everything that happened between her and Jerome in the gym.

Normally, all the trainers in the gym work until 8pm. Then they call it a day and go home. Since the fitness studio is open 24/7, a security guard comes around 8pm to check the entrance overnight.

But Jerome didn’t want to miss the opportunity to train with Olivia. Actually, she wanted to cancel the training for today, because the two had an appointment for 3 p.m., But Olivia’s boss called her spontaneously to say that one of the employees was sick and asked her if she could step in. But Jerome told her, that he would like to stay at work a little longer, so that after her work they both still train together.

So as they were training, I was at home and couldn’t wait for her to come home. I was very horny and all I could think about was the two of them probably teasing each other right now.

Out of excitement, I picked out a porn where a white woman fucked her black trainer, and started jerking off, while I was waiting for Olivia to come home.

Right in the middle of porn, about a little before 10pm, I noticed how I got several messages on my phone. I didn’t want to look at first, but as more and more messages came in, I got curious and checked my phone. It was Olivia.

(O = Olivia / B = Ben)

O: Darling?

Are you there?






B: yeah, what’s the matter, is everything alright, babe?

O: Yes, I just don’t have much time to explain all this to you now, but I want to ask you again, are you sure you don’t mind if I cheat on you?

B: well, it’s not cheating and no, of course not. Why?

O: Like I said, I don’t have time to explain it to you, but I’ll tell you everything right away when I am home.

B: OK, I am very curious and can hardly wait… But tell me one thing, has it to do with HIM?

O: Yes.

I did not know what to say. My heart was beating, as I pictured what the two of them were doing right now.

“She won’t fuck him without me… That can’t be… She knows that I really want to be there when she has sex with him for the first time. But then why did she text me in such a strange way?” I asked myself curiously.

Then I picked up my phone and texted her in response:

B: Whatever it is, I’m proud of you.

After that, I waited. 5 Minutes passed, then 10 and finally 15. I checked my phone again, but she hasn’t answered yet. I nervously paced from corner to corner of the room while waiting for her to reply.

Finally, after 35 minutes of waiting, my phone vibrated, indicating that I had received a message. It was a picture, a selfie of Olivia. Her hair was messy, and her makeup ruined. Cum covered her beautiful face and dripped down her chin. Then came a second message from her:

O: Are you still proud of me, Ben?




“Phew” exhaled Olivia, as she finished squatting, her favorite exercise. Normally she enjoyed it, but not this time. This time, she wasn’t happy with her own performance. Actually, she wanted to challenge herself today and train with more weight than usual, but she lacked the strength. Instead, she even had to train with less weight than she was used to.

The reason for her poor performance was obvious. She was on her feet the whole day and her work was very exhausting. Moreover, she usually worked out either in the morning or in the afternoon, because she is always too tired at night for a proper workout. She was aware of it, but her poor performance still scratched her self-confidence.

But there was also something good about the training as well. She and Jerome were teasing each other a lot today, and she couldn’t wait to go back home and tell Ben about everything. She felt her clit tickle out of excitement as she thought of the awesome sex she and Ben were going to have once she told him everything.

But then, Jerome’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts,

“Oh, that was pitiful, Olivia. If this keeps going, your butt will never be good enough to catch men’s eyes.”

She turned around and sees him smiling. Such jokes have now become normal between the two of them and are part of their training. So she smiled back at him and said,

“And yet my butt would still be way too good for you, Jerome.”

But Jerome just laughed and said,

“Oh sweetie, if you only knew how the hell good I am, you would train with even more weight to get to my level first. And now I want you to do squats one more time.”

Olivia rolled her eyes and asked reluctantly,

“Why, I’ve already made my four sets.”

“I know, but your performance today is not as good as usual because you train with less weight. So you get the fifth set as a penalty.” Said Jerome and took a sip of water afterward.

Olivia knew he was right because her performance really wasn’t that great today. But she wasn’t motivated to do another set. So she protested,

“Please, Jerome, spare me. My legs can’t do it anymore, I’ve had a hard day.”

But Jerome showed no mercy and replied,

“No excuses, get squatting. You also know that this is the last exercise for today, then you’re done with the training.”

Jerome was right, it was the last exercise. So she motivated herself to do one last set. But she didn’t know whether her legs would take it. So she told him,

“Fine, but you have to spot me. I don’t know how many reps I can do this time.”

He then put a hand on her shoulder and said,

“Of course I will. And now, let’s get to work.”

And the two went to the barbell.

Olivia manages the first few reps without his help. But on the seven rep, she barely made it to the top.

“C’mon girl, show me what you’ve got!” Motivated her, Jerome. When she reached the top, he said,

“Very nice, and now one last time.”

She knew she had already reached her limit, but she took one last deep breath and squatted anyway.

But on the way up, her legs failed her. This was the moment Jerome was hoping for. He grabbed the barbell and helped her stand up. In doing so, he came very close to her, so that Olivia’s ass and the bulge in his pants touched for a moment. Olivia might have been exhausted from the workout, but she could still feel his huge cock clearly. At that moment, she couldn’t help but think about how big his black cock might be.

In fact, Olivia expected him to step away immediately, but they lingered in that position for a few seconds. It was as if he was trying his limit on how far he can go with her before she said anything.

After a few seconds, however, she took the initiative herself and stopped teasing.

“That must be enough for him for now, hehe”

Thought Olivia.

When she turned around, she was looking at his face again. She couldn’t tell exactly what it was, but somehow his facial expression showed a sense of self-confidence, as if something was being confirmed now.

Olivia thought about it for a while, but finally decided it probably didn’t matter much.

Then, the two talked for another 5 minutes and then Olivia went to the dressing room. When she got there, her first thought was,

“Ben will be soooo turned on when I tell him that. Maybe we’ll use Alex today, let’s see…”

She changed her clothes and packed her gym bag. However, just as she was about to leave, her phone vibrated. So she checked who texted her. It was Jerome. He sent her a pic of AirPods and wrote,

“I think you forgot something. I’ll be at the office if you want to pick up your headphones.”

There was a small office one floor above the gym. Olivia knew it very well, because this is the office where every new client register in the gym when they first come to train. For the gym staff, the office was more than just a place to work. In addition to the actual two office rooms, there was another large room upstairs, which the trainers used as a break room. What’s more, the staff had their own lockers upstairs and even showers.

Olivia always had a small bag with her during training, where she put her phone, headphones and other things such as water or a skipping rope. So, she quickly searched her bag, but indeed, her headphones were missing.

“How could it be that the headphones fell out of this bag?” Wondered Olivia. Nevertheless, she made her way to the office.

When she got to there, she opened the door and went inside. Normally, the office was always full during the trainers’ working hours, but at this time no one was in the office anymore. No one except Jerome.

“I am here, Jerome.” Called Olivia, as she entered.

“Ah, there you are. I’m in the break room.” Jerome called back with his deep masculine voice.

So Olivia went to the room where she heard his voice and what she saw shocked her. Jerome stood in the room, half naked and freshly showered. Only a towel was wrapped around his waist.

Now Olivia understood everything. She understood why he had been teasing her more than ever all day. She also now knew that she probably didn’t lose the headphones, but rather that Jerome had to take them out of her bag during training to lure her into the office.

Jerome must have planned all of this in advance, knowing that no one would be in the office after their training. This gave him exactly what he needed, privacy, so he could do what he was planning to do with her.

Even though the two had been training together for a while, it was the first time she saw him bare-chested. His perfectly defined and athletic body shone with manliness and amazed Olivia.

“Those muscles, if only Ben would be so trai…. No, Olivia! I love Ben’s body just the way it is.” She thought, annoyed that she was gushing over Jerome’s body.

And still she found it difficult to take her eyes off Jerome. What fascinated her most was his cock. Although he was covered with a towel, Olivia could clearly see the shape of his cock.

“He must be huge.” Thought Olivia.

Ben showed her that size matters. Since he fucked her with a BBC dildo for the first time, a new world opened for Olivia, and since then she has been drawn more and more into this world of endless pleasure and unimaginable lust.

For this reason, although she might not want to admit it herself, big cocks slowly started to make her really wet. And therefore, it was also understandable that she couldn’t take her eyes off Jerome’s dick, even tho a towel covered it.

Nevertheless, she tried not to show anything, so she said,

“You… Eh, good that you still wrote me in time. I almost went home, and you know that I can’t train without my AirPods.”

But that didn’t help much, because Jerome noticed how nervous she was. So he smiled at her and said,

“Well, I thought at first I wouldn’t text you and just keep them. After all, it’s not every day that you get such headphones as a gift, you know. But then I thought of your beautiful smile, and it changed my mind.”

Internally, Olivia fought her nervousness. What was wrong with her, she wondered. She knew the day when she and Jerome hook up would come sooner or later, but she had imagined it completely differently, and especially with Ben at her side.

“Ben!” Thought Olivia, “what would Ben want? What would he wish for? I know he wants to be around the first time I’m going to be unfaithful to him, but if there’s a chance now, I’d better take it, shouldn’t I? What would Ben want….”

She thought about it for a while, as she was talking to Jerome. And then finally she got an idea. She knew that a few months ago when she was at the club with Ben, she didn’t fulfill his birthday wish, so now she would give him his birthday present. That’s why she apologized to Jerome and said,

“Hey, mind if I use the bathroom here for a moment?”

“Of course not, the bathroom is the third door on the left side of the hall.” Answered Jerome.

Olivia said,

“I’ll be right back,” and went to the bathroom.

Once there, she quickly pulled out her phone and texted Ben,

O: Darling?

Are you there?


But Ben doesn’t reply immediately.

“Crap, I need Ben’s confirmation, otherwise I can’t do what I’m planning to do.” Thought Olivia, and started to spam Ben with her messages.

O: B




Worried she thought,

“Come on, honey, I don’t have much time.”

And then finally, a message came from Ben.

B: yeah, what’s the matter, is everything alright, babe?

Pleased that he answered her, she texted him,

O: Yes, I just don’t have much time to explain all this to you now, but I want to ask you again, are you sure you don’t mind if I cheat on you?

B: well, it’s not cheating and no, of course not. Why?

O: Like I said, I don’t have time to explain it to you, but I’ll tell you everything right away when I am home.

B: OK, I am very curious and can hardly wait… But tell me one thing, has it to do with HIM?

O: Yes.

With this last text message, she finished the texting with Ben. She had been in the bathroom for a long time, and Jerome was probably starting to wonder why it was taking her so long. So she put her phone away and went back to him.

When she returned, Jerome was sitting on a couch. So she sat down on a chair opposite him.

As she sat down, she tried to look at his face, but her eyes kept wandering to the bulge beneath his towel.

“O my God, he’s even bigger.” Thought Olivia, realizing the cock was bigger than it was before she went to the bathroom. Apparently, Jerome must have noticed that she was looking at his cock the whole time. So he probably made the bump grow, while she was in the bathroom.

Because of this, she subconsciously bit her lip. But Jerome noticed where she was looking and that she was biting herself, so he said,

“You must be wondering where your headphones are. Wait a minute, I’ll bring them to you.”

Then he got up and went to his bag, which was on a table. Jerome searched briefly, but eventually he found what he was looking for. So he went to Olivia, who was still sitting on the chair. With every step he took closer to her, she could see his cock moving under the towel, until his BBC was only a few inches from her face.

“Here, take them.” He said as he handed her the headphones. Now she expected him to turn around and sit back down on the couch. But instead, Jerome stayed in front of her and asked,

“Olivia, do you mind that I freshly showered?”

Confused Olivia replied,

“Of course not, why should?”

And then, Jerome answered,

“Cause I see you staring at my dick all the time.”

Olivia felt her heart racing as he said those words. She was nervous but wanted to try this hotwife fantasy for me. And she also knew what to say to make it happen.

“No, it’s not that. It’s just… It’s just that there’s this rumor that black men have huge cocks and now that I see you like that I was just wondering if it was true. I am sorry, Jerome.”

Jerome laughed and answered,

“What? You have never had sex with a black man? Now you’re kidding me.”

Annoyed at his laugh, she said,

“I was just wondering if the rumor was true and yes, I’ve never had sex with a black man, satisfied? Apparently, the rumor isn’t true, and you probably have a little one anyway.”

Amused that he annoyed her, he replied,

“It’s just that I never thought a gorgeous woman like you had never dated a black guy…. What I mean is, I never thought you were a BBC virgin. To answer your question, yes, black people have big dicks, Olivia.”

Outraged by what he was saying, Olivia replied,

“I’m not a virgin anymore, Jerome.”

“But have you ever had sex with a black guy?”

He asked. She then replied,

“Of course not, but…” She wanted to go on talking, but Jerome interrupted her and said.

“THEN you’re still a virgin, Olivia. Look, no matter who you’ve had sex with until now, your current boyfriend Ben, or whatever his name is, or whoever. As long as you haven’t had anything with a black man, you are and will remain a virgin for me.”

“As if a few inches matter so much more….”

Answered Olivia, annoyed that he was amused that she had never been with a black guy.

Jerome noticed she was upset, so he stopped making fun of it. Nevertheless, he said to her,

“It’s not just the cock that makes sex with a black man special, Olivia. Trust me, we’ve got a lot more to offer.”

It felt like déjà vu for Olivia when she heard the words, because Ben once said something similar to her. She let her eyes wander around the room, while she thought about what to reply, until she looked down again at the towel where Jerome’s cock was underneath. Then he snapped her out of her thoughts as he said,

“Admit it, you want to see it for yourself to see if the rumors about us black men are true or not.”

Once again, Olivia felt her heart race, when she realized that she will see is a BBC for the first time. Unable to speak because she was so nervous, she just nodded in agreement. But the nod wasn’t enough for Jerome. That’s why he said,

“Yes or no, Olivia. If you really want to see my BBC, then you must tell me. I have to see that you really want it.”

Now her eyes wandered up. She looked Jerome in the eyes as she said,

“I want to know if big black cocks are real, Jerome.”

He liked what she said, so he smiled at her and said,

“That’s how I like it.”

And then, Jerome let his towel fall to the floor. Immediately, Olivia’s eyes widened. Jerome was huge! He wasn’t even fully erected, and yet he was already bigger than Ben. For a while, Olivia didn’t say anything as she studied Jerome’s cock, which was just a few inches from her face. So Jerome broke the silence between the two of them and said,

“Well, it has left you speechless now that you see a cock for the first time.”

Without taking her eyes off his cock, she said,

“I told you I’m no longer a virgin. That also means that I have seen a cock before, Jerome.”

“What you mean are small white penises, but this, this is a real dick, so it’s your first time seeing a cock.”

Olivia didn’t say anything but mumbled something unintelligible, so Jerome added,

“You can touch him too. Go ahead, he won’t bite.”

As if in a trance, she slowly raised her hand and led it to his cock. Just before, she stopped and thought,

“This is the first time I’m going to touch a dick other than Ben’s. Ben, I hope you’re proud of me.”

And then, slowly, her fingers closed around Jerome’s cock. She was amazed. Just a few months ago, she wouldn’t have thought that cocks could get so big. And here she was, holding a real BBC.

But Jerome’s cock was not only long, but also very thick. Although he wasn’t even fully aroused, she couldn’t get her fingers around him. The well-developed tip, and the many veins, gave Jerome’s dick a very manly and dominant look.

All in all, with his well-trained body, Jerome looked like a real alpha, an Adonis who with his cock sends every woman into the world of never-ending pleasure.

At the sight of it, Olivia’s hand started jerking off his cock naturally, all by itself. She didn’t realize what she was doing until Jerome said,

“Hmm, that feels good. Don’t stop…”

Then Jerome took another step forward and thus reduced the distance between her face and his massive cock. Through her hand movements, his cock was getting bigger and bigger.

“Oh god…. It’s so fucking huge” thought Olivia, but somehow, she also accidentally says in a whisper as well.

Even if she only whispered it, Jerome heard what she said and answered,

“It seems like you’re now convinced that the rumors are true.”

Once again, she didn’t say anything because her whole focus was on the big black gem before her. His dick had a lot in common with her favorite toy, the dildo Alex, but besides being even wider, it had something Alex never could have. Namely, that he was real and not some cold piece of silicon.

For a split second, Olivia’s clit tickled as she thought about the orgasms she could get from such a black behemoth. Especially since he was bigger than Alex.

“What’s the matter with me?” She wondered,

“Actually, the only reason I want to give Jerome a blowjob is so Ben gets his birthday present. But now that I see him naked, I realize how his sight makes me wet. It feels wrong, ’cause only Ben should turn me on.”

But still she decided to move on. Ben was a good man, and she really loved him, so she wanted to give him this surprise. She was ready to walk that path, even though it felt wrong to her that she was touching another man, and even more that it turned her on. So she tried to put all her thoughts aside and instead focused on pleasing Jerome. She thought about how bent aught her to spread her spit on the dildo.

“Use both hands, honey. Dicks that big have to be satisfied with both hands.” Ben told her once.

So she took her other hand here, too, and began to jerk off his massive BBC with both hands.

This confirmed Jerome that she will continue, that’s why he dared to say,

“Exactly, use both hands like the horny white slut you are. You’re seeing a real cock for the first time, and you already know that you have to use both hands.”

“If he is already this happy about my second hand, then I wonder how he will react to my blow job. After all, I don’t have a gag reflex… Oh, I’ll show him that I’m not a virgin anymore.”

She thought, and started to jerk his cock faster, whereupon Jerome groaned and said,

“Oh yeah… That feels good, slut.”

For the first time in a long time, Olivia averted her gaze from Jerome’s cock to look him directly in the eyes and say,

“Fuck, I never thought you were so huge.”

Jerome gave her a dirty look before he replied,

“Remember this sentence, you will say it often while I stretch out your white cunt.”

Olivia stopped jerking him off for a second to say,

“I never said I would have sex with you!”

She lingered in the position for a split second, then started jerking off again and added,

“But that doesn’t mean we can’t check if the rumors are true.”

“Then also check other things, satisfy my nuts too.” Demanded Jerome.

“Nuts?” She thought and lifted his heavy dick to take a look at his balls. Until now, her full attention was on his cock. But when she took a look at his balls now, she was shocked. They were two, maybe even three times as big as Ben’s.

“How much sperm do they produce?”

She thought as she put a hand on his sack to massage it, while she kept jerking him off with her other hand. She didn’t know if she was doing it right, since she had never played with Ben’s balls.

“Not so fast, slower…. Slower…. Like that, exactly like that… Don’t worry that you’re still a virgin, I’ll make a little BBC slut out of you. After all, I’m your personal trainer.” Said Jerome with a smirk on his face.

Olivia noticed that since she got back from the bathroom, Jerome talks to her differently than usual. Normally, he was always friendly and respectful to her, but now that she has been touching his cock, the way he treats her has changed. His voice was calm but commanding and demanded absolute obedience.

Even if she usually felt that the two were on the same level, it wasn’t while she was jerking him off. She felt like he was the dominant and she was his submissive white slut. Also, she didn’t have the feeling that she was the first one he seduced through the training. She wondered if she really knew him the way she assumed she did…

Jerome snapped her out of her thoughts when he demanded,

“Stuff it in your pretty mouth.”

Like in a trance, she moved her head even closer to the black behemoth. When she was only an inch away, she thought of Ben.

“Oh, if you were only here to see what a little slut I am to you. I hope you would be proud of me, Ben.” Thought Olivia.

“Come on, open that pretty virgin mouth of yours.” Urged Jerome.

“Virgin, no way… I will prove to you that I am not,”

She said, and then Olivia licked his BBC from the base all the way to the tip. When she reached the top, she kissed it gently several times before she started swirling her tongue around the tip like a lollipop. After a couple of seconds, Olivia licked his penis shaft lengthwise and then began to focus on the tip again. She did all of this while stroking him with her hand as well.

Olivia did her best with the blowjob, because she wanted to convince Jerome that he was wrong. Him saying that she was still a virgin was offensive not only to her, but to Ben in particular. Because that meant Jerome considered Ben too incompetent to properly take her virginity, even if the two had already had sex multiple times.

After a while, said Jerome with his calm but commanding voice,

“Spit on it.”


She spat, but only a very small amount of spit came out.

“That was pitiful,” said Jerome. Then he continued,

“Open your mouth, apparently we have to make you produce the spit.”

Olivia obeyed and opened her mouth. However, she left her tongue inside, so Jerome admonished her,

“No, not like this. I don’t care if you don’t stick your tongue out in front of your man, but if you’re in front of me or another black man, then stick your goddamn tongue out.”

She said nothing, but she obeyed.

“Yes, just like that… Perfect girl.” Said Jerome as he slapped her tongue three times with his huge cock. Next, he ran his penis shaft back and forth over her tongue and said

“To be honest, I always wanted to know how your mouth feels as you are such a hot white girl… And now suck it.”

And then his tip finally slipped into her mouth. Jerome tasted very musky, better than she had expected and above all, manly, manlier than Ben.

With slow movements of her head, Olivia tried to get used to Jerome. His thick cock made her open her mouth as wide as possible, just to get the tip inside. She repeats the motion of her head, until she is moving at a fast pace. While she sucked him, Olivia could feel every single vein on his perfect cock. Finally, she removes her mouth off his dick, and gasped for air. Spit ran down her chin and onto her shirt. As she gasped, Jerome asked,

“And do you like the taste?”

Olivia just nodded and wanted to continue sucking him, but Jerome said,

“Wait, just open your pretty mouth and let me do the work.”

So she did what he asked for and paid attention to sticking out her tongue this time. Now she sat on the chair, with her mouth open, ready to be used like a sex toy.

Jerome enjoyed this hot, dirty sight of this beautiful woman for a brief moment. After all, after several weeks of teasing, he has been waiting for this day. But then he grabbed her hair with his hand, stuck his cock in her mouth and began to fuck her mouth with slow thrusts.

Olivia was about to put her tongue back in, but he said,

“Now, leave your tongue out.”

And then quickened his thrusts. Soon the office was filled with the sloppy sounds of a dirty blowjob as he fucked her mouth, and she stuck her tongue out in submissiveness.

After a short time, he pulled his cock out and asked,

“Do you like satisfying a black cock.”

She gasped for a moment before answering. Her spit dripped onto her shirt again,

“Yes, Jerome.”

“No, you can always call me Jerome, but while I please you, you call me master, sir, or Daddy. Understood?”

“Yes, Jer… Sir.” She said.

“Very well, you’re a quick learner, now open your mouth again.” Said Jerome.

“Yes, Sir.”

He put his cock in and continued to fuck her mouth. Jerome watched in amazement as his cock got covered more and more with her spit. With each thrust, his huge BBC slid deeper and deeper into her mouth.

But then, all of a sudden, as his dick reached a certain depth, Olivia was overcome by a feeling she hadn’t felt for a long time, she gagged. She gagged and tried to pull her head away, but Jerome grabbed her hair and held her tight.

Unable to escape, Olivia felt her body fight back, a natural reaction to prevent her from choking. She dug her nails into his thighs, but he held her captive for another two seconds, until spit squirted out of her mouth.

She gasped for air and thought,

“What happened? I don’t have a gag reflex… If I take Ben’s cock completely in my mouth, then I don’t gag either… The last time I choked, I was a virgin.”

And then she realized it. Actually, she wanted to show Jerome how skilled her throat is because he called her a virgin. But through this very situation, she slowly began to understand what he meant by that.

“Shit, I should practice blow jobs with the dildo before.”

She thought, annoyed that she hadn’t thought of that sooner. She somehow didn’t suck Alex earlier, since he was just a dildo. Olivia found it unnecessary, since the dildo was not satisfied by it anyway. Instead, she preferred to be satisfied by Alex.

As she was thinking about it, she kept drooling all over her shirt, which was already pretty dirty by the blow job.

“It’s getting pretty sloppy here” said Jerome, “it would be better if you take your shirt off. After all, you still have to go home clean.”

Because she was still thinking about gagging so much, she didn’t notice Jerome put his fingers under her shirt. It wasn’t until he started to undress her that Olivia realized what he was doing. She was about to protest, but then Olivia noticed how full of drool her shirt was and also decided that it would be best to take it off.

Next, without being asked, she took his big black cock and began to pleasure him with her mouth. Again, she started to lick from the base to the tip like she did it before and admired his BBC.

Because of Ben, Olivia slowly began to see big black cocks as a symbol of lust and pleasure. Even though it felt wrong to her, she knew that Jerome’s cock turned her on, and she caught herself thinking how Jerome would feel inside her.

After a while, she opened her mouth and started slurping on his tip while using both hands to please him. Jerome must have liked that because he said,

“Yeah, just like… Suck my big black dick just like that, my little slut.”

Slut… Olivia hated that word. Only one man was allowed to call her that, and it wasn’t Jerome. Still, she didn’t protest against it. Ben’s fantasy was that she would be his Hotwife, and she was willing to become one for him. So she swallowed her pride and said to Jerome

“Is the white slut sucking your big black meat to your liking, Sir?”

“For it being your first blow job, I have to say you are pretty good. But you still have much to learn. But don’t worry, I’ll teach you…. After all, I’m your personal trainer.” He said with an arrogant smile on his face.

Next, Olivia stopped sucking his cock and just jerked it off with both hands. She did this to take another look at Jerome’s BBC and admire him.

Jerome noticed that she was turned on by his fat dick. He was sure that she will be, because she’s not the first, nor will she be the last, to be amazed by his black behemoth.

While jerking him off, Jerome was passive, leaving her to satisfy her curiosity by studying his cock. But he himself was curious too. Ever since he first saw Olivia, even before he became her trainer, he’s always wanted to know what she looked like naked. Now she was sitting in front of him and only a bra separated him from her perfect breasts. So he took his big hand and set about exploring her beautiful body.

For a while, the two said nothing, instead they satisfied their curiosity, a curiosity that arose from their teasing for weeks.

But then, while he ran his big strong hand over her petite body, he slid into her bra from above and grabbed her perfect breast.

At this point, Olivia had the tip of his cock in her mouth, but she couldn’t help but moan softly as she felt his touch. When he heard her moan, he smirked and said,

“What a beautiful pair of snowbunny breasts”

Then he pinched her nipple slightly and Olivia moaned even louder, so he said,

“And they are sensitive, too.”

Actually, Olivia didn’t want to go that far today. She just wanted to give Jerome a blow job and surprise Ben with it. But she never thought that she would be so turned on by a cock, especially since it’s not Ben’s. And here she was letting a stranger touch her breasts. Breasts that nobody but me has ever touched. Olivia felt like a slut, but in some way she couldn’t understand, she liked it. Her breasts had always been her weak point. Her nipples were so sensitive that even the slightest touch was enough to make her wet. Olivia was playing with fire, but the fire felt so good…

She stopped sucking his cock and closed her eyes to slowly but surely lose herself in lust. Her sweet moans could be heard across the room as she enjoyed the touch, the touch of another man. She didn’t even notice how he grabbed the clasp of her bra with his hand. With a single smooth movement, he undid her bra. Only now, as he removed it, did she realize what had just happened.

The sight of her perfect tits must have thrown Jerome out of his composure, because without warning her, he suddenly lifted Olivia off the chair and held her up in the air.


She gasped in surprise. But she played along, clutched his athletic body with her legs. Now Jerome had her where he wanted her, because her breasts were right in front of his face.

“You teased me so much about them, and now that I see them, I have to say that they are even better than expected.”

And then he buried his face between her tits. They were still a little sweaty from training, but Jerome didn’t mind. He licked and sucked on her nipples like it was the first time he’d seen boobs. But through this wildness and passion, Olivia also became aware of how much her breasts had been teasing him in recent weeks. It was like all the pressure was released at once, and somehow Olivia was proud that she could make a man so crazy about her.

To be honest, I also have to say that I understand Jerome. Olivia and I have been together for about three years and still her body keeps surprising me, even though I have seen her naked hundreds of times. I wish I could see his reaction in person…

“Ohhh… Ahhh… Ough,” Olivia’s moans got louder.

“You like its slut? Do you like it when another man sucks on your nipple?” Said Jerome.

“Yes… I like it, Mmmm.”

She answered lustfully. Then he gently bit her nipple and said,

“Tell me more or I’ll stop.”

She grabbed his head with both hands and looked him deep in the eyes as she said,

“Please my boobs… Ough… I need this jero… Daddy, I meant daddy.”

He replied with a grin,

“Yes, that’s what I wanted to hear.”

And kept sucking her tits. From the pleasure, Olivia began to move her hips, which, of course, Jerome noticed immediately. So he ordered,

“Grab my cock and put it between us.”

She did what he asked of her, and Jerome started dry humping her, while at the same time he satisfied her tits with his tongue.

Since she was only wearing thin sports pants, she could feel every vein on his huge cock while it was grinding over her pussy. She remembered the times when she rubbed her clit against Ben’s cock and even though she didn’t want to admit it, she knew deep down that Ben couldn’t keep up with Jerome. Then she started moving her hips as well, matching her rhythm to his. Jerome liked that and said,

“Someone’s white cunt is getting excited.”

She didn’t answer, but her sweet moans showed him he was right. After a short time, he put her down on the floor so that he can continue to explore her body with his big hands. Jerome took a step back to admire her naked upper body again. Those perfect breasts just drove him crazy. And then suddenly, an idea came to him. He took his hand and slapped her tit.


Moaned Olivia. But she didn’t moan with pain, no, she enjoyed the slap. Jerome recognized this immediately and slapped her juicy tit one more time.


“Do you like being spanked, don’t you?” Said Jerome.

“Mmmmm…yes, I like it when you slap me” she answered in a lustful voice.


Jerome slapped her again and asked,

“When, who slaps you?”

“My daddy.” She answered.

Satisfied by her answer, he said,

“Good girl”

Jerome knew now that Olivia’s breasts were her weak spot. So he bent over and satisfied her nipples with his mouth again to tease her even more. But this time he was able to use both his hands as well. With one hand, Jerome grabbed her ass and with the other he pinched the other nipple.

Having two nipples satisfied at once made Olivia go crazy. Her moans became louder and more passionate, and her breathing became faster and heavier. Eventually, she threw her head back and let out a loud but very sweet moan. Jerome took advantage of the situation and worked his way up her body with gentle kisses.

She had her eyes closed and moaned slightly every time his lips touched her soft skin. She enjoyed his touch and could feel how soaking wet her panties were. From her breast, Jerome kissed his way up her neck. Then, without warning, she felt his lips touch hers.

The kiss snapped her out of her pleasure. Her eyes widened and she pulled her head away.

“What?” He asked, confused.

“No kissing.” She said quietly.

But Jerome wanted an answer. He wanted to understand why she was reacting like that so suddenly. That’s why he asked.

“I noticed so much myself, but why no kissing?”

Olivia averted her eyes to look at the floor as she replied,

“Because… Because it’s just something for Ben.”

Jerome sarcastically laughed and said,

“Ha? You just sucked my cock, and I licked your tits. I don’t understand how it differs from a kiss.”

Annoyed, Olivia replied.

“It’s different because I think it’s different. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be doing the other stuff either, so don’t try to convince me otherwise, Jerome.”

Her answer made it clear to him that Olivia wasn’t his. It was easy to lose her, and he knew he couldn’t let that happen. Even though he had sex with many women, Olivia was something special for him. No woman had ever been as pretty as her, and he knew he had to try that sweet white pussy. So he stifled his curiosity and said.

“Whatever. Then kneel down and suck daddy off.”

Olivia, on the other hand, was shocked at how far it has come today. She always thought that she had the upper hand over Jerome and that she was the one seducing him. But today she was the one who was seduced. Even if she never thought that she was like that, the whole thing turned her on in the most extreme way. Still, she didn’t want to kiss Jerome. For her, a kiss means not only sex, but much more. And that’s why she only wanted to share that with her love, Ben.

Even if the kiss upset her a little, she tried not to think about it. She wanted today, for Ben, to make Jerome cum. So she knelt down in front of Jerome and began to lick his BBC.

As her lips closed around his tip, threw Jerome immediately his head back and moaned. For a while he had his eyes closed and enjoyed her lips. When he looked down again, he saw how Olivia licked his cock passionately from the side all the way to the top. Then she used her hands to start jerking his fat cock while slurping the tip with her mouth. She did all of this while maintaining eye contact with him. In one motion, she hovered over his fat black cock and swallowed it as far as she could.

She did her best not to gag, but her throat wasn’t used to black cocks yet. Suddenly, her gag reflex overcame her and thick spit squirted out of her mouth onto Jerome’s cock. She pulled her head away quickly and spread her spit on his cock with both hands while gasping for air.

“Oh Fuck! Exactly like that, give me a sloppy blow job, bitch.” Gasped Jerome.

Again, Olivia felt the strong seduction of his black cock, and she was afraid to lose herself in lust again, so she played along to make Jerome cum as fast as possible, so she could escape the seduction, before it’s too late. So she said,

“Does daddy want to fuck my mouth?”

And jerked off Jerome with one hand while sucking his balls.

“Oh, daddy would like it a lot.” Grinned Jerome.

So she pulled back and put both hands behind her back. She then opened her mouth as wide as she could and let her tongue out while maintaining eye contact with her beautiful eyes. She really looked like a sex toy at that moment. Ready to serve a black man.

After that, Jerome grabbed her hair and started to fuck her mouth. The dirty sounds of a sloppy blow job could be heard across the room. Every time she gagged, he spread thick spit on her face with his huge black cock as punishment. And every time she managed not to gag, he lightly pinched her nipple as a reward.

It wasn’t long before he pulled his cock out of her mouth and started jerking it off hard.

“Take daddy’s nut!”

He shouted, and Olivia stuck out her tongue and closed her eyes as she waited for his big load.

5 Times he cummed on her, and his cum covered her hair, her face, her perfect tits and her mouth. After each load, she wondered how much sperm is still to come. His cum had a completely different taste than Ben’s. Ben’s cum tasted rather sweet, while Jerome’s cum had a very strong taste.

When Jerome’s moaning stopped and no more loads followed, she closed her mouth and swallowed his cum. After that, she opened her mouth again and said,


While presenting in her empty mouth as proof that she has swallowed the cum of another man.

“I’ve never seen so much cum in my life” she whispered, amazed.

He said calmly,

“That’s because you’re used to white penises and not black cocks. And now suck my dick. You always must lick a black man’s cock clean after he cums. I don’t care what you do with Ben, but with me, you have to lick him clean at the end.”

So, she did what he asked and licked his cock clean. Afterward, she asked him if she could use the bathroom to clean herself, which of course he allowed.

In the bathroom she looked in the mirror, her hair was messy, her makeup ruined, and her face was covered in a mixture of semen and spit. She looked like she was fucked, but she knew Ben would love that sight. So she took her phone and checked her messages.

She had an unread text from Ben.

“B: Whatever it is, I’m proud of you.”

She smiled when she read these words. Afterward, she took a selfie of herself to show her men how sloppy she looked right now. She sent the picture and wrote.

“O: are you still proud of me, Ben?”

The last thing she did was put down her phone and look back in the mirror. She said to herself,

“Now, let’s go home and fuck Ben while I tell him all this.”


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