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My Wife’s Little Business by Stryker

We live on an old farm that was left to me by my late father. He made himself a great little business letting out land for hobbyist’s to leave there horses on when they had no place to keep them at home. The wife now runs this little business, she loves talking to the owners, taking out the feed and keeping a close eye on the mares that are close to giving birth. She takes great pride in making sure that all the horses are well kept and always happy.

I run a company in the city and what a busy month it has been since my company scored a great contract. Every day that’s 7 days a week it’s been the same, up at 5am, out the door at 5:45am, start work at 6:30am and back home at 9pm. Needless to say, the wife has been getting a little upset with all the hours, but money is money and with out it she would be a whole lot more upset. The end of the month came up so fast and because we had done so well I decided to let the hole team leave early and spend a few days at home with there families, instead of finishing work at 6 I let everyone leave at 3. On my way home I popped into the florist to get some nice flowers then the store to get her favourite chocolate, boy would she be surprised. Little did I know that I was going to be more surprised than her. Or was I?

I drove up the driveway nice and quiet so not to let the wife know I was home 4 hours early. I opened the door, expecting my wife to be in the lounge watching TV or in the kitchen making her dinner but she could not be found anywhere. I walked through the entire house looking in every room but I could not find her. Then it hit me, she must be in the stable as we had a mare close to having her foal.

I quietly went out back and made my way down to the stable. I slowly opened the door and to my surprise there was no mare in sight, only a stallion with its massive cock hard and erect in my wife’s hands. I could not believe what I was looking at, there was my wife massaging his cock up and down with her hands. My mind started racing, what the fuck, how long has this been going on, how could she even think about giving this horse a hand job. I could not believe it, but watching what she was doing started to turn me on. I stood there just watching my wife guide her hand up and down this stallion’s massive cock wondering if she stopped at just a hand job. The horse started to get a little worked up and began to thrust his cock into my wife’s hand, as he started to do this the wife stopped and let him calm down. As the horse was settling my wife began to take her cloths off and then led the horse to the bench in the middle of his stall. She guided him over the bench and then she got up onto the bench laying down on her back with her head close to his massive hard cock. She began to work his cock with her hand again and within a minute or two she lifted his cock up and slid down just a little more so that his cock was right over her face. I watched as my wife guided that huge cock bit by bit into her mouth until she started to gag. My wife can deep throat better than any girl in a movie I had seen and in the past few years she had gotten really good at it. Once he had his cock at leats 13 inches down my wife’s throat and she started to slide it in and out and again the horse started to thrust. I saw at least 14 inches disappear down my wife’s throat and the wife once again stopped to let the horse settle. She turned around and pointed her soaking wet pussy towards his raging hard cock which she grabbed with her hand and guided him in. Inch by inch I watched as his cock disappeared into her hole and as he started to thrust she let him go.

I stood there as every inch slid in and out until I could not wait any longer. Her eyes where closed as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into her and as her orgasm started I tapped her on the shoulder. She was stunned, she screamed and I told her to lay back and take what was coming to her. She was totally speechless as I held her down until she realised that my cock was nice and hard. I told her that she had been a naughty little wife, so naughty that she now had to do everything I said. She agreed so I told her to lay there and let the horse finish what she had started. All of a sudden she had a horrible look on her face so I asked, “what’s wrong?” She then told me that she would never let the horse cum inside of her, she would always get the horse to the point of cumming and then slide him out and pull him till he came over her. She said that when he cums it’s not just a little load, it’s big enough to fill 5-6 large glasses. I told her to shut up, she started the horse off and it’s about time he gets to finish inside. I could see the look in her eyes, she was worried and terrified about him cumming inside but I held her down and let the horse continue.

5-10 minutes later the horse started to really start thrusting deep and my wife yelled, “he’s about to cum, get him out of me!” She started to scream “Get him out, fuck get him out!” but I held her down. Her scream became a panic scream, she started to shake and then try and break my hold, but I held her down even tighter. The horse started to get up and lean back, thrusting his cock even deeper and my wife screamed even louder. She yelled, screamed and told me that he was seconds from cumming. I have never seen my wife as terrified as she was and it turned me on even more. 10 seconds later the horse let go, he thrusted his raging hard cock all the way into my wife’s pussy, bypassing her cervix and deep into her. His whole 16 inches disappeared and he shot his load. The wife screamed in what seemed to be panic but it made her cum like she had never before. I held my wife down until the horses cock shrunk and slipped out of her swollen pussy. His cum started to pour out of her hole and onto the floor, I had never seen so much cum in my life and then it struck me. If she had never let him cum inside, had she ever tasted it? I bent down and got as much as I could in the cup of my hand and held it in front of her face. She closed her mouth tight and shook her head, but I reminded her that she had been very naughty, that she had to do as I said. She opened her mouth and allowed the steaming hot cum to slide down her throat. I then picked up the horses loose cock and told her to lick it clean, she did but with a horrified look on her face. I made her drink as much of his cum as I could get, I even placed a dish under her pussy to catch what was dripping out of her cunt.

After we had finished and moved back to the house I asked why and when she had started looking to the horse for fun. She told me that a customer once told her that he was taking sperm for a horse and selling it to buyers all over the world and that he had made quite a bit of money out of it. I asked him how he got the sperm and he informed her that a rubber glove was all that was needed. That night we laid there in bed and discussed the whole event. I told her that I loved watching and forcing her to take the load, she said she loved the feeling, not being able to move, knowing that the horses load was so powerful and not being able to do anything about it. We have had several times with that horse but as things always do, it led to other events.

– The End –

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