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Garry is in classroom attending class. My eyes are always moving towards NANCY, sitting in a middle row of classroom. She has surprised us with her modern outfit, never been in a ultra miniskirt with a boxer and has put a stockings to cover her legs to thighs but her medium sized breasts as well as nude legs and thighs are making guys hot. Her transparent stockings is making us wild but its a class room. After this class, lunch break is scheduled and I am just passing time to enjoy lunch break. A long wait comes to an end and most of them left the class as I am waiting for Nancy and she has also not left the seat.

Later on, in the classroom we two are sitting on bench and looking at me, Nancy smiled….. “Garry will you move to canteen

(Garry) no its upon you, you have really surprised me Nancy

(Nancy) so what Garry? What I have done. ” And I moved to her and looking at her round tits I put my hand on it and press it hard as she stand in front of me. We both walked away towards lawn of college. At the end we sit on a bench and she hold me in her arms tightly. Now feeling her soft breasts on my chest, I put my lips on her neck to face and she started kissing my face and lips. Slowly Nancy pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, I am moving my palm on her nude back. She is hot as well as bold, sit on my lap with her both legs on my waist and I sucked her tongue for 3-4 minutes and she took it out. Now Nancy is curious to have love on her vagina, so I am near her legs and she lifted her skirt upto her waist to show her private parts. Nancy has put her vaginal parts near bench corner and I removed her panty. Now my lips are on her labias as I can see a shining vagina near my mouth for love. I kissed it and put my tongue in her vagina to lick as she is holding my hairs tightly. I am smelling its natural odour while I licked her cunt for a while and than took it in my mouth to suck with my palm grabbing her breast to massage hard. Later on I left her cunt. Now I sits on bench..

Nancy took no time to be on her knees and put her hand to unzip my pant. Now my semi erected cock is out of pant and she hold it tightly. Looking at me, she is rubbing its upper part, glans on her lips as well as face and than took out her tongue as she is rubbing glans on her tongue to make my dick erected. Nancy took my cock in her mouth to suck and she is sucking it wildly with her mouth movement face and well balanced. Later on, she took it out and looking at me she is licking it with her tongue. My penis is in full erection and Nancy took it again in her mouth while I hold her hairs and giving slow fuck in her mouth with my penis. Now I stand and started fucking her mouth hardly with my dick and she is enjoying my penis in her mouth. After a while pre cum came out of penis but Nancy is still interested in blowjob, so I am fucking her mouth with my 6-7 inches long cock and lastly I shouted…. “Oohhh aaahhh Nancy I will cum baby drink it. ” And like a whore she drink my cum and we both enjoyed our lunch break.

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