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NEHA A HOT LADY – Dirty Sex Tales

Neha is a lady in her mid thirties. She is hot as well as wild. We meet in metro and she has sucked my cock. Her lovely face as well as nice round boobs are in my eyes as thinking about her sexy and hot body of Neha, her round dome shaped ass is attractive but I have not seen her nude. We have exchanged our mobile no. But neither me nor Neha has called me. I slept thinking about her..

Next morning, I left home and reached bus stop to catch bus for college. I called on her cell………. “Hi Neha madam

(Lady) oh metro guy Garry, how are you?

(Garry) fine Neha, you have not called me so I called you

(Neha) sorry I was not able to save your no., So. ” And she invited me in her home. Now I got the bus but of different direction, its 10:45 am and I entered her apartment. I bought a lady perfume for Neha and bell the door ring. Door opened and Neha is smiling on me, I moved inside and she ask me to sit on chair. Neha is looking too hot in her night gown, as she came back with a cup of coffee and we both are drinking it. She said…… “I missed your no. Garry, so I was waiting for your call to come

(Garry) yah, you live alone here

(Neha) no with my hubby, he is out of station

(Garry) nice and your kids

(Neha face turned into agony) we have no kids. “And she moved with cups to kitchen..

Neha came there with smile on face and she took me by surprise while sitting on my thigh and putting her arms on my shoulder. I hold her back and kissed her face as well as lips……. “But Neha why you both have no kids, you are in mid thirties

(Neha) yes I can’t conceive Garry, so we have no kids. ” Now Neha is kissing my face and lips while my hand is moving on her back. She is wearing a sleeveless gawn and her tongue is now in my mouth. While sucking it I am feeling the soft touch of her breast on my chest. Later on she took out her tongue as I am pressing her breast hardly. Neha smiled….. “Garry do you love drinking wine or beer ?

(Garry) sure Neha I love drinking beer. ” And she moved away to her kitchen. Now I removed my shirt and put it on sofa as she came with bottle of beer. We both are drinking it and she put her hand on my jeans to remove it. She removed it and I am in my undies only, now we are in drunken state and I stand in front of Neha as she also stand in front of me. I put my hand on her back and slowly took out her gown from her hot body. She is in her panty only and we both came on sofa, I am on her legs as she has spread it wider. Now I removed her panty and put my face in between her thighs to kiss her labias. My lips are on her labias as she is moving her fingers in my hairs, now I put my tongue in her glory hole and started licking it. She is screaming in joy while my hand is pressing her breast. My 2/3 rd tongue is fucking her glory hole and neha is screaming…… “Oohh uummm aashh Garry suck my cunt dear aashj….. ” I took her cunt in my mouth and sucked it for 2-3 minutes.

Neha is hot as well as horny, she is now on my legs while I am on sofa, she removed my brief and took out my long cock to kiss. Her lips are on my penis as she is running the glans on her lips and face, lastly took my cock in her mouth to suck. She is sucking my cock with her head still just making it wet. Now its a red hot thick long iron getting her tongue on it, looking at me she is licking it with her tongue, she took it again in her mouth to suck and her face is moving fast to give me a nice blow job. After a while she is sitting near me as I am pressing her breast…. “Love to see you nude darling, why you can’t conceive baby?

(Neha) actually my hubby has some sort of problem and he don’t want to conceive me with others. ” Now my erected penis is hot and I bend her on sofa, she is like a bitch on her knees and elbows. While I am standing behind her ass, I pushed my long cock in her cunt and holding her waist, I am fucking her with speed as well as power. She is swinging her ass fastly and I am fucking her with my penis feeling the heat of her cunt. Looking at me, she screamed….. “Oohhh aashhh Garry fuck hard I will cum…. ” And her cunt become wet as I put my tongue to lick her glory hole to get the taste of vaginal juice. Now Neha stands in front of me and stretched her legs wide, putting one leg on chair and hold my penis tightly to push it in her cunt. I press hard from below to fuck her glory hole with my long cock. We both are holding each other tightly and my penis is running smoothly inside her wet vagina. She is also moving her ass up and down to enjoy my penis and after 15 minutes of fuck, I shouted…. “Oohhhh Neha have my cum baby. ” And penis pour cum in her cunt. We both have a nice day.

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