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Neha is waiting for me in her home as I have to buy some items for a nice day. Neha Kakkar has planned a party with me. I reached her home with a bouquet of flowers and as she opened the door, I wish her with a nice kiss on her cheeks as well as bouquet. She is looking hot in light green saree, sleeveless blouse and her peticote. As I can see some parts of her boobs visible in her deep neck blouse with transparent saree, I have hold her tightly in my arms as I am kissing her face to neck. My hand is moving on her round dome shaped ass as she locked the door from inside..

Neha pushed me as I fell on sofa, now looking at me, she pulled down her saree from her breasts as I can see two boobs in her blouse and like a hot lady, Neha took no time to remove her saree from her hot body. A nice hot figure is in blouse and peticote as she moved closer to me to put her one leg on my thigh and I lifted her peticote up as she moved it to her waist. She has not covered her genital zone as her legs are wide apart and I can see her vulva and labias glittering like a pearl. Now I hold her waist as I put my face in between her thighs to kiss her labias and while kissing the long soft labias, my hand is on her ass as she put her fingers on her labias to open the vaginal hole, I pushed my long tongue in her vagina as I am licking it fastly, my penis is erecting like a hot iron rod. Now my 2/3 rd tongue is fucking her vagina as she is screaming and she removed the lashes of her peticote as it fell down to legs. I have took out my tongue as I put my lips on her thighs to kiss with my hand massaging her soft buttocks, she is screaming……. “Oohh uummm Garry fuck my vagina with your dick. ” And I licked her cunt to taste its flavour..

I stand in front of her as she started removing my jeans and briefs, now my long cock is nude and looking at me, Neha knelt down and hold the dick as her lips are on my penis. She has uncovered the penis while removing its foreskin and now took my 2/3 rd cock in her mouth to suck. She is just sucking it like a whore and my penis is in full erection as I can see my wet penis out of her mouth and her tongue is moving on my penis from base to shaft as she is masturbating it slowly. After a while her tongue is licking the glans and looking at me, Neha took my cock in her mouth. Now I hold her hairs and started fucking her mouth with my penis fastly. My glans is hitting her deep throat as she is in pleasure. My penis is rock hard as I am fucking her mouth fastly. After a while I felt pre-cum coming out of my penis and I took my penis out of her mouth..

Neha is standing as I am standing behind her ass, she has bend herself down and I pushed my long cock in her vagina. Now my penis is fucking her with speed as well as power, as our lower parts are nude, my waist and her bum are in friction. Now Neha is moving her ass fastly as I removed her blouse and brassier to make her boobs nude. My long cock is hitting her vagina as she is moving her bum fast and her two boobs are swinging as I hold one breast to massage it hard. My penis has made her cunt wet but we are not in mood to leave our fuck. As she is shaking her legs, my dick is fucking her hard. She is screaming…… “Oohh uumm Garry my vagina is in fire pour your cum darling. ” My penis is hitting her vagina as I have hold her right breast to massage, she is giving me pleasure as her ass is in rampant speed and lastly, I shouted….. “Oohh aahh Neha have my cum darling aahh. ” And my penis ejaculated cum in her vagina. She took my cock in her mouth to suck as she taste the cum. Our sexual journey ends in evening with one anal fuck.

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