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Neighbor to be remembered! – Dirty Sex Tales

Hey all, myself Aakash from Bengaluru.
This is my first write up on an internet website. Let me introduce about myself. Myself Aakash living in Bengaluru, age 22years, physique being 6ft and dick is around 6.5 inch.

Without wasting time, I would directly get into the act which I encountered with my neighbor.
Her name is Suman and she is 29 years old. She was a mother of 2 children. She stayed exactly opposite to my house. Her family consisted of 4 members (one being her husband).

If I talk about her physique, she is 5.6ft with 36-30-34. She was a beautiful wife, leading a happy life with her husband.

Coming to the encounter I had with her,
It was Wednesday Morning. As usual, she prepared her children ready to go to school along with their lunch boxes. Her husband took his children to school by bike. And she used to come to balcony
(she was staying in 2nd floor) everyday to adieu her children to school.

I used to observe her everyday doing this and she used to see me and smile.

Actually, I had a great desire to her. I used to imagine her while watching porn movies. Literally I used to masturbate imagining her rubbing my 6.5 inch penis up and down and finally would cum thinking I was fucking her hard.
This is my original routine whenever I was turned on.

One Wednesday Morning, as I said when she was going inside her house from balcony, I gave a smile. I don’t know what happened to her, she smiled at me sarcastically and returned to balcony to have a talk with. She inquired about why I would smile at her everyday. I just said something nonsense and made her laugh. Suddenly she requested me to come to her house around 4pm since her TV Setup box was not working which she wanted me to repair asap.
Really it was a boon for me as I got a chance to go to her eyes and can have a look at her Assets closely.

Around 11’o clock, her husband went to his office and again she gave a crooked look at me from balcony.

I was waiting for the clock to turn to 4. By the time you had imagined her and fucked her thrice in my room and cum all over my bed. I got ready with the same old t-shirt n night pants, pulled body odor on myself n went to her house.

I rang the bell and she opened the door. She was wearing thin cloth saree where I could easily see her cleavage and bra. I looked her back too which made my penis almost half straight.
Actually, she was watching TV and I realized that TV Setup box was working properly. I told her the same. She replied that her husband repaired it before he went to office. Realizing nothing would happen between me and her, I drank coffee and was about to leave.
Fortunately, she told me to stay there for some time as she was bored alone. So we had a chat about our life, past, schooling, etc.
I had not cared for what she was talking as I was busy fucking her ass and breast through my eyes which she realized and started to show her assets even clearer than before.

When she bent down to lift the fallen paper from table, her Saree pallu came off and I had a very clean view of her big tits. I start at her tits even when she made her pallu proper and asked me why I was staring at her.
I directly told her I had a feeling on her and requested her to show her tits to which she rejected. It was embarrassing moment for me. But she didn’t mind and went to kitchen to get some coffee again for us.

I was not in my control. I just went to kitchen directly and hugged her from behind and rubbed her tits rapidly. She stated shouting at me. But I didn’t cared her and even fasten my rubbing on her tits. She slowly decreased her voice. I enjoyed her tits rubbing even harder. Slowly I started to lick her neck and came towards her cheeks while simultaneously I rubbed her tits.
Now, she got aroused and told me to continue and gave me permission to do anything to her body as my movements made her hornier.

After a couple minutes of rubbing, I slowly removed my right hand and started rubbing her cunt through her Saree. She started telling “OMG Aakash! Where were you these days… Ahhh.. ahhh… Come on, rub it faster!”

Soon after, I removed her Saree and bra and licked and ate her tits while my right hand was inside her panty rubbing her cunt hardly. Then she realized even she could enjoy my 6.5inch dick. She suddenly laid me in the bedroom and removed my Night pants along with my inner wear. My 6.5inch tool was standing in front of her.
She told – “Aakash! You really have some nice big dick, man!” Within no time she took my dick in her mouth and started to suck it. I couldn’t control and came in her mouth after 2-3 minutes.

I lay in the bed without any energy left for 3min. Suddenly I realized this is the only chance to fuck her and started to play with her pussy with my mouth rapidly. Meanwhile my dick got to it’s 90° and I was ready to get inside her.

I laid her on the bed and inserted my dick inside her cunt which went easily and started doing to n fro motion. While I was fucking her, I bent a bit to her and started to suck her mouth & tongue. To which, she started enjoying and started moaning. She told – “Oh My goodness. Keep moving your dick. Ahhhh.. ahhh… Aakaashh…. Fuck meeee… Ahhhh ahhh. Fuck,fuck”

We tried different positions like 69, Cowgirl, etc. for around an hour. While I engaged in doggy style, both were at best for 15 min. I soon reading I was about to come to which she told even she was nearer. I removed my dick from her cunt and kept it on her mouth. She rubbed through her mouth like she was doing for the first time. Soon I blasted my cum inside her mouth. She took it in her mouth and drank without wasting even a single drop of it.

Then we lay on the bed for some time, then she told – “Akash! I think this was reason, you used to see me everyday in the balcony. You are too good at bed when compared to my husband. Do come to whenever I call you. So that we can have enjoy our wildest sex positions.”

To which I told – “Thank you Suman. I would come daily if you call. I would please you however you want with my dick and tongue.”

We ended our conversation with a wild smooch.

Thank you for reading this.
Note: This is not a fictional story. What I have wrote above is true, even the conversations.
Thank you once again.

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