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I was what is commonly referred to as a nerd in high school where I was more interested in computer science and electronic media than anything else. By Middle school I’d given up an any form of sports and girls were still a nuisance. In High School, I was busy building computers, robots, and scientific pursuits. Of course, it was somewhere in those high school years that I began to notice girls.

At the same time I began to get these strange feelings when I saw and thought about some of those girls and I had my first nocturnal emmission. Since it was all quite scary and I was naturally shy and retiring in social circles, girls avoided me or I thought they did at least.

In college, I found the classroms and labs loaded with opportunities to learn more in my avocation. The top brains in the field of computers were there to assist me. On arrival at State, I found myself totally involved in what I now wanted to be my career field.

Still, I felt this need for girls and for intimacy with them. It was a need that continued to grow and after I discovered masturbation, became an important part of my life but I was shy and lacking in confidence. . . girls didn’t want anything to do with shy, reiring guys! By my senior year, my problem had intensified to the point that it was interfering with my studies. . . still no girls in my life.

Then, I graduated with honors but the economy was bad. I was flat broke and in debt with no chance to work and regain my financial health. I advertised everywhere, answered every employment add and made calls on many prospective employers but with no luck.

It was a mid-morning on a Saurday, as I was cleaning my small apartment, that my doorbell rang and I wondered who or why anyone would ring. I had no friends. Surely must be a salesman, I thought as I went to the door.

As I opened the doora young woman of perhaps 21 faced me and asked,  “Are you Andrew H. Blackman. ”

Startled by this stranger, I answered that I was and wondered what she might want with me.

 “May I come in?, ” She asked and moved past me up the narrow staircase to my apartment.

As she moved past me I took notice of her. Tall, perhaps 5’-9 “, rather lean wih small breasts, rather unfashionably dressed in a long dress. She was what has been described as a very plain girl.

Then, as we entered my small living room, she turned and I could assess her other features, straight dirty blond, mid-back length hair in a pony tail, high cheek bones, ruddy complection with no makeup and weathered as a woman much older than her. For some reason, she was attractive. . .I considered her feaures.

 “I understand that you’re looking for a job. ” she said,  “I might just have a job for a nerd ike you. “

She had my attention.

 “I come from a large ranch on Unmac Island in the Aleutian Chain. The ranch is quite profitable and turns nearly a million dollars a year in gross earnings. It is well managed and run by experienced managers. My parents were the sole owners of the ranch until my Dad died last year. In his will he named me the sole owner of the island, the ranch and all the livestock and improvements. I run it! “

 “So, where do I come in? “

 “I need someone to set up the accounts on a computer and develop a system for managing the ranch. Are you interested? ”

I remained silent, deep in thought! . . . an island in the Aleutians means isolation! It’s cold there! On the other hand I was in need of money to pay the bills.

The woman continued,  “There’s a large house at the ranch headquarters with twelve bedrooms. You could have one for your private room, one for your computer room/office and one for your computer lab. Of course we’d feed you and wash your clothes and take care of your needs.

 “What’ll you pay. “

She responded  “We thought $6,000 per month with meals, housekeeping, cleaning, etc. should be ample. ”

Six thousand a month! That’s twice what I’d expected. With my own computer lab and all expenses paid.  “Who do you want me to kill, ” I joked. . . , “What’s your name? “

 “I’m Jana Marie Maltov, I’m Russian. You may call me Jan. ” Suddenly, she seemed very attractive although she seemed to lack confidence and was painfully shy. He thought,  “perhaps he could make out with her. “

It was just two weeks later when I’d stepped off the boat on Unmac Island and faced a small ranch village. Tucked into the north side of the small canyon lay the south facing, partially buried great house with a large entrance between two giant columns that supported an entrance portico. Across the canyon, lay the barns and outbuildings. Further up the canyon lay perhaps a dozen modest, partially buried south facing houses to complete the farm village

It had the look of prosperity as workers seemed busy everywhere and small, electric truck raced about, their drivers intent on their business. Under the low hanging clouds, the weather was cool and damp – I was glad I’d brought my woolens.

At the house, I’d been introduced to the cook and housekeeper and taken to the three room suite that had been prepared for me. There, he’d found a comfortably appointed bedroom with a queen bed and an office with a very utilitarian desk, file cabinets, and equipment and a fourth room for his lab. Furniture for the lab would be made in the ranch’s carpenter shop.

It was after a big dinner, my first of the ranch, that I realized, Jana was rich, the owner and manager of all this whole island empire. Then, I slowly came to the conclusion that she was out of my class. I’d wondered, what ever gave me the idea I might be able to make time with her? Shit!

For the rest of a week, I’d worked diligently on my computer system. and commenced building the computer bookkeeping network that would serve the ranch. Occasionaly, I saw Jana, moving about in her dirty jeans and wool shirt, as she took care of her duties on the ranch. Each time I looked, she became more attractive and I’d thought about trying to seduce her again. Then, my mind thought,  “She was outta’ my class. “

My mind, the subconscious part, simply didn’t accept my reasoning and I’d begun to have have dreams about her. . . erotic dreams that found her willing and able to be with me. ” It was at night, sometime during that first week that I had my first nocturnal emmission on the island. It was pleasant!

Those days had been filled with work. . .interesting, fulfilling work, and I soon had a working model of the bookkeeping system running and a computer console installed in Jana’s office so that she could access the files or add data at any time!

Evenings had been simply not fun. In spite of delicious meals, the sight of the tantalizing Jana and his desires clashed in a manner that left me frustrated and sad. Ie’d retreated to my room where I was comfortable and taken up with masturbation!

After a month, with mys partially completed bookkeeping system up and running, the beautiful and tantalizing Jana had become an obsession. . . I wanted her! She was out of my class! Perhaps I should just leave. . . No, the work I’d come to do was unfinished – I’d stay on.

It was September when a beautiful, clear day dawned and the wind had calmed – a spectacular day. Shortly after eight, Jana came into my office and suggested I dress for a day outside on the ranch – a day to inspect the far reaches and enjoy the weather.

A few minutes later, we were together in the small, two-seat, electric truck, Jana driving, moving northwesterly down the middle of the island. In the distance to either side we caught occasional glimpses of the ocean over the rocks and brown hills. sheep and cattgle grazed on the lush grass here and there. It was spectacular. Jana was spectacular as we rode together. I felt my penis respond to her and I’d thought. . . I don’t know what I’d thought – she was simply beautiful!

Occasionally, we’d stopped to talk to ranch hands who were busy with some duty to be reviewed and reported. We passed several small houses as we traveled and she explained that occasionally, it was necessary for hands to spend the night close to their work.

It was shortly after noon when Jana pulled the little electric truck up alongside a small cabin and suggested that it was lunch time and we might use the cabin for our dining place..

Inside, the cabin was a singfle room with a kitchen, kerosene stove and lamps, two bunk beds and a small table with chairs – spartan to say the least! There, they spread their lunch on the table and Jana took the water pail to the adjacent stream and returned with drinking and washing fluid.

Us two laughed and dined together as I made notes for a new adjunct to the computer bookkeeping system. Each cabin would be included. Across from me at the table Jana had been exotic. . . I’d been fully alert – I’d wanted her!

Then, lunch over, we continued our inspection and enjoyed the spectacular views! I p;artkicularly ejnoyed Jana as my eyes adored her. She drove with such confidence. She seemed so in control!

Even in the Aleutians days can occasinally become hot and so it was as Jana stopped and removed her wool shirt to expose a white, cooton Tee-shirt over her bra covered chest. Again, my eyes had adored her spectacular chest..

Back at the headquarters, Jana and I were soon engrossed in our jobs and it wasn’t until dinner that I’d thought again of her – beautiful, exotic, fun! At dinner she had been full of talk about the day! My cock was again fully erect as I adored her with my eyes.

After dinner, Jana asked those of us at dinner to meet with her in the family room for some company. I was obligated as she was the boss! This would be awkward for me – I tried to avoid social situations!

The meeting in the family room was cordial and there had been no pressure as we laughed and conversed Then, slowly people left until only Jana and I remained.

As we sat facing each other, alone, she said,  “You know I was born and raised on tis island and I didn’t have much chance to meet and socialize with people. I guess I’m shy. “

 “I never noticed, ” I lied.

 “Why haven’t you ever come on to me – tried to seduce me? I’ve seen you look at me! “

 “You’re the boss. You own this whole empire. I’m just a guy “

 “What if I were just another woman? “

 “You’re not just another woman. You’re beautiful! I’d love to seduce you! I’d love to touch you and to hold you. I’d like to kiss you but you see, I’ve never had a girl friend before. “

 “Have another drink, ” Jana said as she handed him another snifter of brandy,  “Do you really think I’m beautiful? ” She sat down beside him.

It was then that I’d lost my cool as I moved to her, kissed her fully on the lips. It was an awkward kiss but a first for both of us. Expecting a slap or some other remonstrance I’d pulled back only to be grasped and drawn back to her. We kissed again – an awkward, passion free, gnashing of the lips. It was a beginning!

As we recoiled from each other, deep in thought, I felt my body filled with anticipation. Of course, I had no idea what I anticipated. . . maybe to touch her, to feel her smooth flesh! I wanted that! I think I wanted more. . .

Our eyes met and we were suddenly more intimate than we’d ever been. . . more intimate than I’d ever been. It felt good! She was suddenly my best friend. Still, something told me she was more.

We talked and our talk grew more into our personal feelings and our wants and desires. I found myself telling her things about me I’d never told anyone. . .of my needs and desires! Of course, she responded in kind and as the hour grew late, I felt like I’d just achieved something special in my social life. That night I slept soundly.

Over the next few days, Jana and I seemed to grow closer. We confided little things to each other and our eyes frequently met in some common agreement. Evenings were spent together in the family room in company with the rest of the household even as our eyes frequently met and spoke adoration to each other.

It was when I’d found myself alone with Jana after a good dinner that we were able to make out together. With the traditional bottle of brandy, we’d settled side by side on the large sofa where we began to touch and caress each other’s bare skin.

As we’d moved together, Il ooked into her eyes and was overcome with emotion as I spoke, “You’re really beautiful. How did I come to be so close to you? ” and I kissed her. She returned the kiss. It was like no kiss I’d ever experienced before – one that sent my passions to new levels. Our lips had parted and our tongues met in a duel of love.

For the next few hours, we played and I found her allowing me to toy with her small breasts through her clothes and place my hand on her clothed thighs. I was exploring new situations and excited like never before. Our kisses became better and more passion filled. Jana had seemed to anticipate my every move and enhanced it with her response. Our making out had reached a new level!

As the hour grew later, I began kissing and laving her neck and cheeks with my own lips and the scent of her hair and skin sent my passions to new levels. I wanted her. . .I wanted all of her!

As the hour grew very late and I’d retired to bed, I was restless. . .I was excited! Then I slept. It was a deep, untroubled sleep.

It was the next night that after dinner, Dana suggested that she and I retire to her office to review some of the ranch books and, once there, with the door closed, she uncorked the bottle of brandy and we were seated on her office sofa.

There, we drank our brandy together as we made out. I quickly followed all the old, familiar routines of making out to the point beyond which we’d never been before. Our eyes met and she started to unbutton her wool shirt to expose her bra covered beasts.

This was clearly a new level in our relationship and I quickly agreed with her as I unclasped her bra to exposed her small but perfectly shaped tits. Our eyes met as she soiught my opinion of what I saw.

I’d honestly replied,  “They’re beautiful – perfect. ” Then, in a rush of enthusiasum I’d requested,  “May I kiss them? “

Her smile was permission enough and I was soon laving her breasts and suckling her nipples. I’d felt my own excitement that was built to a point that I’d never known before.

As we played, I’d begun to experiment with various erotic nuances and movements that enhanced our enjoyment. There’d seemed to be no hurry as we kissed and touched and caressed and played. Only when I’d accidently placed my hand on her inner thigh for support and received no rebuke that I felt secure in our relatonship.

That night, I retired to my room early and retired to the big comfortable bed where I was asleep early.

It was just after midnight when I was awakened by someone entering my room. Normally a heavy sleeper, I was surprised to sense the presense of another person closeby. I turned slightly as she spoke, “SSSssshhh!, ” she whispered to me as she sat on the side of my bed to talk.  “I didn’t want to sleep alone tonight, ” Jana said.

Suddenly, remembering that I’d not taken a shower that day and was undoubtedly smelly, I said simply,  “I need to shower first. ” and raced for my shower stall. My mind simply wasn’t thinking clearly and my explanation was curt and poorly worded. There, under the shower my head cleared. . . what a fool I’d been!

It was as I stood under the warm spray that the shower door opened and Dana stepped into the stall behind me. I felt her flesh as she grasped me and pulled her breasts into my back. It was another defining moment, never before had I felt a woman so close. Never before had I been so excited. I turned and bent to kiss her as I felt the stiff gristle that was my man-meat trapped between our bellies. I was excited like never before.

I grasp her as she held me and pulled her to me as she yielded herself completely. Things were happening fast now and I was into an area where I’d had no previous experience. I was excited. My passions were at new levels.  “Don’t screw up now, “I thought as we kissed. My hands soon began to unconsciously move up and down move her rib cage in a massaging motion.

 “Yes, do me like that, ” she said and after recovering my surprise, I began to soap and massage her – to clean her body all over. In a moment, she began to return the favor. It was fun and as I explored her nude body we became familiar. Somehow, my needs and desires were sublimated to our play and we continued for some time.

I might have remained there, doing that forever, but Jana had other ideas. She opened the door and drew me from the shower stall where she proceeded to dry me all over. Of course, I did the same for her until we stood nude and cold. When Jana came to me to kiss me I felt her welcome warmth and drew her closer.

It was then that my penis grew hard again. I was reminded of my bodily desires and needs!. It was then that I wanted to unite my heart, soul, mind and body with hers. It no longer mattered that she was rich or my boss or outta’ my class. She was a beautiful woman and she was here and I wanted only her.

Of course, I knew nothing of what Jana was thinking. . . was I just a passing relationship? . . . or someone to be toyed with till something better came along? Perhaps she just wanted to lose her virginity! Hell! I wanted all of her!

Then, I’d realized that I’d just have to take what I’d get. . . as much as she was willing to give and no more! It was her empire and her station in life.

I blurted out,  “You’ve gotta’ nice ass. . .I like !

She showed a broad smile as she said,  “Most people don’t think it’s my best feature but thanks anyway! “

I thought it was one of her best features as we moved to the bed where we were soon under the covers andI rolled to face her and my hands automtically sought her breasts.  “I love your breasts. ” I said.

 “Most people think they’re too small, ” she replied,  “but I like to hear you say it! “

 “What do most people know. They’ve never seen them. They’re perfect. ” I’d replied.

It was then that she moved closer and grasped me. She pulled me partially over her and, with my excitement at a fever pitch, I realized what she was asking. I kissed her and movedinto he clasic po;sition for sexual intercourse..

It was when I’d rested on my hands and knees over her that we kissed and our eyes met. I saw fear and suggested that maybe we should wait. She was precious to me and I didn’t want to inflict pain!

 “Don’t you dare stop now,  ” she spoke,  “I want you in me now. . . .do it! “

As we proceeded I’d said simply,  “This is my first time and all I want is to make it good for you. If I’m hurting you, just tell me and I’ll stop. “

 “Don’t you dare, ” she replied.

It was after several awkward stabs and some positioning that I’d felt my cock slide into her well lubricated vagina and commence it’s journey into her depths. The sensations were like nothing I’d ever known before – My mind and body were in a turmoil of action and reaction and I was excited like never before again.

Beneath me, Dana lay quietly with her eyes shut and a tense look on her face. . . the tendons in her neck taut. I thought, surely I must be inflicting pain but I was fucking her. The might of my desires and needs had been released and there was no turning back. I must have her! Then, I felt the lump of fear in my stomach – I might have been raping her! It wasn’t like me.

As my fears were unleashed, I felt the tip of my phallus against her cervix and the hairs of her groin tickling my testicles and relized that she had been fully penetrated. Herr eyes were open and the smile on her face and the look in her eyes told me she was pleased.  “It didn’t hurt much, ” she said,  “I’d expected a lot more. “

We lay together,. Kissing and playing again until, after a few seconds Jana’s body movement seemed to indicate she wanted more. Of course, having no previous experience, I’d had to rely on natural instinct alone as we discovered thrusting and the little pleasurable nuances that made good sex. We made the discoveries together and played until I felt the semen rising in my body and having no idea what to expect, I I simply unloaded my discharge into her.

Having ejaculaed, I quit thrusting as our eyes met and it was over – or was it. Dana hadn’t cum yet but that would happen in the future – if there was a future.

The afterglow came unexpectedly as we lay together. Unanticipated, we simply lay enjoying each other in a world of peace and contentment, enjoying the greatest intimacy that we’d ever known.

After a time, we slept, spooned together.

The coming days seemed unreal as we worked at out jobs and made covert love during the day; then, we worked on the greatest coitus ever in the nights. It was fun and it was exciting! I tried not to think about the future and what it might hold for me.

A week passed; then, two. Our love affair grew in intensity and my concerns develolped more each day. . . I loved my job and the ranch. Even the forboding weather, with it’s cold winds and rain, became something I looked forward to. Still, Iwas there at the boss’s will!

It was near mid-day as I was working on the computer that Jana came to my office, something she seldom did unless she had something important to discuss. She entered and shut the door before turning to address me.

I knew immediately that the waiting was over – I’d soon know my fate!

 “Andy, we’ve got to talk! You and I are more than a boss and employee. . . in fact, it’s hard to describe what we are. .

 “Yes, I agree! “

 “Andy, I love you. . . I hope you feel the same about me! “

 “I do. . .more than you know! “

 “Well, I’ve made up this transfer of 98% 0f the the ranch to a special trust that is jointly owned by you and me. The other 2% I own outright to insure I maintain control. As long as we’re married and living together in harmony, you will own 49% of the ranch.

Overwhelmed by what she’d just said, I could only mutter a than you and kiss her.

She continued,  “I hope that we continue to run the ranch as we have been and that we will lilve here as equals – not as boss and employee. It’s my opinion that the effectiveness of your computer system will increase the ranch’s productivity to the point that it’ll pay for your services.

We were married in a month.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eleven years have passed – eleven good years as Jana has born two children – a boy 9 and a girl just turned 8. The ranch has prospered and many of our help are second generation on the island with a thorough knowledge of how to make the island prosperous. We’ve started a small school for the children to attend and learn.

I’m indeed fortunate to have come here. . . Dana is a fine woman, still beautiful and still the wonderful woman I married! Our children are bright kids and I look forward to our son taking over the management of this ranch while the daughter takes over the smaller one on MaroonIsland that we have started. Life is good.













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