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Nighttime Lover – Dirty Sex Tales

A teenage boy sneaks into his mother’s room at night and sleeps with her. He assumes she’s been fooled into believing he’s her husband. He assumes wrong. (F/M-teen, incest, oral)

Steve crept into the darkened bedroom where his mother slept. His entire body shook with nervousness. He barely managed to close the door without rattling the knob. Steve closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. He needed to be calm if he was going to pull this off.

Steve tiptoed over to the queen-sized bed his parents shared. Steve’s father wasn’t there. He was working the night shift at the factory and wouldn’t be home for four more hours. Steve’s mother, Cindy was sleeping with her mask on as usual. Dim light shone through the window curtains allowing Steve to just barely see Cindy.

At thirty-seven Cindy was a ravishing beauty. She had raven hair and ivory skin. Her 5’7″ frame was trim and featured long, slender legs and generous breasts. Her lips were a dark, nearly red shade of pink and her eyes were a sparkling crystal blue. She was everything a teenage boy could want.

Steve had been lusting after his mother for years. Even before he hit puberty he had thought of his mother as an exceptional beauty. The moment he learned what sex was he began fantasizing about his mother. Steve had always wanted to make his dreams a reality. Tonight, he was finally going to get his chance.

Steve’s plan was simple. He knew his mother always wore her sleeping mask. If he got into bed beside her she probably would assume that Steve was his father. Steve’s hope was that he would be able to make love to his mother while she mistakenly believed he was his father.

Steve was already naked. He had taken off his clothes before he left his room. He slowly lifted the bedcovers on his father’s side and slid in next to his mother. He paused for a minute, listening to his mother’s steady breathing. This was it. This exact moment was the turning point. After this there would be no turning back.

Steve reached out and embraced his mother from behind. He cuddled up to her in the spoon position and waited for her reaction. Cindy put her hands on Steve’s arms and shifted around, but still seemed asleep. Steve pressed his face into her hair and sniffed. He could smell her strawberry scented shampoo. Steve became aroused and his penis grew erect.

Cindy was only wearing a flimsy silk nightgown. It was blue to match her eyes and was barely long enough to cover her ass. Steve reached beneath the sheets and caressed his mother’s leg. As he moved his hand up her thigh and underneath her gown, he was pleased to discover that her ass was bare. She wasn’t wearing panties!

Steve hiked up Cindy’s gown. He adjusted himself so that his rigid pole was between her thighs. He dry humped his mother while he kissed her on the neck and shoulders. He cupped her breasts and then began to nibble on her earlobe. At this point Cindy finally woke up. She was surprised by the sensation of man’s penis pumping between her thighs as well as the hands on her breasts and lips on her ear.

“Charlie,” she said believing it was her husband. “What are you doing?” Cindy reached up to remove her sleep mask, but Steve was quick to intercept her. He gently pinned her hands behind her back and turned over. He positioned himself above her then leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

“Charlie, what’s gotten into you?” Cindy asked in a state of utter bewilderment. Steve responded by kissing her again. This time it was more passionate. He slipped his tongue inside Cindy’s mouth. She hesitated for a moment and then responded with her own tongue. They frenched for a while until Steve felt his mother relax.

Once Steve broke the kiss he released his mother’s hands. Cindy obediently kept them behind her back. Steve took hold of his mother’s nightgown and slowly lifted it up her body. The move force Cindy’s arms above her head. Steve used her nightgown to tie her wrists to the headboard. He kissed her once more to reassure her.

Steve slowly, sensually ran his hands down Cindy’s arms. She shivered from the sensation. Steve kept moving his hands down until he reached her breasts. He gently kneaded the grapefruit-sized mounds and tweaked her nipples. Cindy’s nipples stiffened and she arched her back. Steve continued his tactile exploration, moving his hands along her sides until he came to her hips.

Steve bent down and sniffed his mother’s moist pussy. The aroma was intoxicating. His hands continued down Cindy’s legs. When he reached her ankles he lifted them up and placed them on his shoulders. Steve crawled up the bed until his face was again above his mother’s twat. He placed his hands on her mound and spread her lips apart. He stuck out his tongue and gave her labia a slow lick.

Cindy’s body spasmed as a jolt of pleasure went through her. Charlie had never gone down on her before. He had always said oral sex was disgusting. A sneaking suspicion crept into Cindy’s mind, but she ignored it. The pleasure was too intense for her to allow reason to spoil it. She pressed her legs into her lover’s back in order to encourage him.

Steve took the hint. He pushed his tongue deep into his mother’s love-channel and swirled it around. This elicited a guttural moan from Cindy who began to spastically hump her son’s face. Steve lapped up his mother’s cunt-juice like it was sweet nectar. He found her clit and used the tip of his tongue to tease it.

That sent Cindy over the edge. Her hips bucked as she was wracked by orgasm. She unconsciously squeezed Steve’s neck between her thighs. He had to pry them apart to prevent her from cutting off his air supply. Cindy collapsed back onto the bed. She lay there panting as the final wave of pleasure subsided.

Steve crawled up his mother’s body. He planted a kiss on her lips and shoved his tongue into her mouth. Cindy could taste her own juices dripping down her throat. She squealed in acknowledgement of the kinky pleasure. Steve broke the kiss and propped himself up on both arms. He looked down at his groin.

His cock was hanging less than an inch away from his mother’s sweet cunt. He watched as a string of pre-cum leaked from his cockhead and dribbled on her bush. Steve almost came right then, but he managed to hold off. He took hold of his love-tool and guided it into his mother’s waiting honey-hole.

Cindy could feel her son’s cock pushing into her forbidden depths. She spread her legs, graciously accepting the rock-hard intruder. As Steve’s cock passed halfway up her channel, Cindy prepared for him to stop. To her surprise, his penis continued to journey down her love canal. He didn’t stop until his cockhead bumped into her cervix.

Cindy was overwhelmed. Her pussy was stretched beyond its normal limit. Charlie had never been able to penetrate her so completely. It was at this moment that she knew for certain that the man inside her was not her husband, and she couldn’t care less. She wrapped her legs around her new lover’s waist.

Steve couldn’t believe how tight his mother was. Her cunt was gripping him like a vice. He was glad she had responded to him by using her legs. Until then he was half-convinced that he was raping her. He started to pump his dick in and out of her at a slow pace.

Cindy fucked her son back. She met every down stroke with a thrust of her hips. Steve’s rhythm increased. He was now pounding away at his mother’s pussy. The ecstasy overtook Cindy and she cried out, “Oh God! Oh baby! You’re so fucking good! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”

Cindy’s comments spurred Steve on. He banged away at his mother’s pussy. He grabbed her ass for more leverage as he fucked his cock deep into her hot cunt. His balls tightened and he slammed his steel prick inside her. He roared as he climaxed. A geyser of potent semen exploded in Cindy’s womb.

Cindy screamed and arched her back as her own orgasm ripped through her. Her cervix expanded and contracted, gobbling up as much of her son’s seed as possible. Her whole body quivered with pleasure. As their orgasms subsided, Steve collapsed on top of his mother. They were both breathing heavily and drenched with sweat.

Steve lay there for a moment. He allowed his cock to deflate inside his mother before he pulled out. He untied Cindy and pulled her nightgown back down. He kissed her once more before he took her in his arms and held her close. He had subtly pinned her arms so that she couldn’t reach up to remove her mask.

This definitely isn’t Charlie, Cindy thought. He hates to cuddle afterward. Cindy was suddenly very frightened. Now that the incredible pleasure was gone she began thinking clearly. There was a strange man in her bed. Some random person had crept into her bedroom with the intention of raping her and she had allowed it to happen. Not just allowed, she had willingly participated.

How had he gotten into the house? The doors and windows were locked. If someone had broken in, the noise would have woken her and Steve. Where was Steve? If someone did break in and rape her Cindy expected her son to come rushing in and save her. She had certainly made enough noise. Cindy blushed as she thought about her behavior.

Then a new possibility occurred to Cindy. One that was much more disturbing than the first. If nobody broke into the house, and there was only one other person in the house then the man lying next to her had to be: Steve! Cindy tried to disbelieve it, but she knew it was true. Her sixteen-year-old son had raped her.

Cindy wanted to break down and cry. Steve seemed to sense that his mother was in distress. He hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. Then he nuzzled her neck for a few moments before returning his head to the pillow. Cindy instantly felt better. She bathed in the glow of maternal love and affection for her child.

Steve wasn’t treating her the way a rapist would. He was showing her true affection and caring. If Steve had wanted to, he could have easily overpowered Cindy and forced her to have sex with him. Instead he had secured her compliance by pretending to be his father. He had even given her an orgasm before he actually fucked her.

Thinking about that made Cindy blush again. She had to admit that Steve had given her the best sex of her life. She had never had any sex partners before Charlie. He was somewhat of a lackluster lover. It wasn’t that he didn’t try Charlie just wasn’t creative. Missionary position was Charlie’s mantra. He would never try anything like oral sex or tying Cindy’s hands.

It had surprised Cindy to feel so exhilarated by the loss of control. Not knowing what might happen or having the ability to stop it. She felt guilty about having sex with Steve, however. As mothers often do, she had transferred responsibility from Steve to herself. Maybe she had done something to provoke him.

Steve was a hormonal teenager after all. Cindy couldn’t count how many times she had walked around the house in her underwear or left the bedroom door opened while she changed. Maybe Steve had misinterpreted her actions as some kind of come on. Steve’s adolescent mind just wasn’t experienced enough to distinguish casual nudity from innuendo.

Cindy was now convinced. Steve was simply a victim of his own hormones. He had acted inappropriately of course, but he hadn’t really hurt her. Maybe I should talk to Steve, Cindy thought. Get everything out in the open.

Cindy decided against it. As long as Cindy didn’t confront Steve about what had happened she wouldn’t have to admit any fault. She could pretend blissful ignorance and neither Steve nor Charlie would be the wiser. She came to the firm conclusion that silence was the best policy.

Steve watched his mother for a long time. She seemed to be tense at first, as if she realized what had happened. Soon her demeanor changed and she snuggled into Steve’s embrace. He observed her carefully. Once he was convinced that she was asleep he crept out of bed and went to his own room.

I can’t believe it, Steve thought. I actually pulled it off! I got away with fucking my own mother. The best part is that she’ll never know it was me. As long as I keep cool and don’t say or do anything suspicious she’ll go on thinking that it was Dad.

Steve was mighty proud of himself. He thought he had just pulled off the perfect crime. He didn’t realize that his plans had holes big enough to drive a truck through or that his cover had already been blown. Like every teenager Steve thought he knew everything. Fortunately for him his mother didn’t intend to prove him wrong.

The next morning Steve woke up with a smile on his face. He felt like the king of the world. He had lost his virginity last night, to his own mother, and as far as Steve knew she was none the wiser. If things went as predicted then his mom thought the man she had sex with was her husband. Steve had gotten away scot-free.

Steve took his shower, got dressed and peaked in on his parents’ bedroom. His father Charlie was sleeping soundly as usual. He worked nights so he had probably gotten home around 5 am. Steve quietly closed the door and headed downstairs for breakfast.

Steve’s mother was already awake as usual. She was eating a bagel and readying the morning paper. She was dressed in business attire with her hair in a ponytail. Cindy was a realtor and worked normal hours unlike her husband who worked at plastics factory. There disparate lives had but a strain on their marriage.

“Morning Mom,” Steve said as he came down the stairs. “How’d you sleep last night?” He gave his mother a quick hug and a peck on the cheek. It was unusual behavior for him. Cindy returned the hug and then went back to her paper.

“I slept just fine honey,” Cindy replied. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” said Steve. He thought he was being very sly. He went to the cupboard and got some cereal. After pouring himself a bowl he sat down across from Cindy and started eating. Steve watched his mother as she read her paper and ate her bagel. Occasionally she took a sip of her morning coffee. She seemed to completely ignore Steve.

Steve sighed. He was a little perturbed. He had wanted a little more of a reaction from his mother. It was absurd, his plan hinged on the idea that his mother wouldn’t know who she was with last night. Still, he wanted some kind of acknowledgement from her. A wink or a smile would be enough. Instead she seemed completely oblivious.

In reality Cindy was fighting to maintain her sense of normalcy. She had wanted to write off last night as some bizarre sex dream. The dried semen in her pussy and her sore muscles quashed that theory. Now she was torn between confronting Steve or pretending to be ignorant about what happened.

If she confronted him now Cindy could talk to Steve without involving his father. She might be able to dissuade the boy from continuing such grossly immoral behavior. If she did that, however, she’d have to explain that she knew it was Steve from the moment he entered her. She’d have to tell him why she didn’t stop him right then and there.

By holding her tongue Cindy knew that she was leading Steve to believe his ruse had succeeded. If she didn’t say something there was the possibility that Steve would attempt this again. Consciously she decided to wait and see what Steve would do. If he tried to fuck her again she would stop him. Secretly Cindy knew she wouldn’t.

That night Cindy lay in her bed contemplating what she would do if Steve came in again. Her mask was on but she was wide-awake. She desperately wanted to do the right thing and put a stop to this incestuous affair. Something was stopping her from doing that. Something Steve had awoken in her last night.

Cindy felt the subtle change in air pressure that meant her door was being opened. She knew it was Steve. She felt him cross the room and stand next to her bed. She could sense his eyes looking at her in the dim light. Cindy remained still. She tried to feign sleep even though her heart was racing.

Steve looked down at his mother. She was so beautiful. Her jet-black hair was splayed wildly on her pillow. It accentuated her lovely, ivory colored face. Her ruby lips were slightly parted. Steve couldn’t help himself. He sat on the edge of the bed, leaned down and kissed her.

Cindy responded eagerly, forgetting her pretense of sleep. The kiss was tender and loving. It was sexual, but not hungry or demanding. It was like some unspoken pact passed between mother and son. In their hearts they knew that they were now lovers. Their blood relationship, Cindy’s marriage, societies rules, they were all incidental. Nothing would stop them now.

Steve pulled back Cindy’s sheets. He took her in his arms and kissed her once more. Cindy eagerly embraced Steve and initiated a French kiss. As their tongues wrestled their hands explored each other’s bodies. Cindy felt the rock-hard muscles of her son’s body. She groped him until she found his semi-erect penis. As soon as her hand closed around the member it grew to full size.

Cindy gently pushed Steve off the bed and stood up without breaking their kiss. Cindy suddenly realized how tall Steve was when she was forced to stand on tiptoe. Her lips suddenly moved from Steve’s mouth to his neck. She kissed down his body. Her lips moved along his chest and abs until finally she reached his crotch.

Cindy positioned herself so that her face was mere inches from her son’s cock. She gripped the shaft with both hands. She placed her lips against his cockhead and gave his hole a tentative lick. Steve shuddered and closed his eyes. Cindy dragged the tip of her tongue along the bottom of Steve’s shaft until she met his hairy balls. Then she slowly dragged her tongue back to the tip.

Steve couldn’t believe what his mother was doing to him. He had never dreamed that his mother would take the initiative let alone give him a blowjob. With her tongue alone she’d brought him close to coming. Now Cindy was slowly wrapping her lips around her son’s engorged cock. Steve gripped the back of her head, but made sure not to remove the sleep mask.

Cindy took a few inches of Steve’s man-meat in her mouth. She sucked as she pulled back, almost releasing her son’s cock. Her head bobbed back and forth as she sucked Steve’s prick like a Popsicle. Steve’s legs were quivering. The pleasure was so intense he was losing his balance. Finally Cindy managed to deep-throat her son.

Without warning Steve erupted into orgasm. He sprayed his cum straight down Cindy’s throat. She fought her gag reflex and dutifully swallowed her son’s seed. When he was finished, Steve withdrew his cock from his mother’s mouth. Not a drop of cum had escaped her esophagus.

Steve lifted Cindy by the shoulders and planted another loving kiss on her lips. They embraced tightly, pressing Steve’s still hard cock between their bellies. They tongue wrestled as their hands resumed their mutual exploration. Steve began lifting his mother’s nightgown over her head. There lips separated only long enough to remove the garment.

They pressed their naked flesh together as they kissed. Steve’s hands went to Cindy’s breasts. He gently kneaded his mother’s white globes. Reluctantly Steve broke the kiss and moved his mouth to his mother’s erect nipple. He suckled and teased it with his tongue and teeth. He continued to fondle her other tit while his free hand made for a lower target.

Steve rubbed Cindy’s pussy mound as he continued his ministrations on her breasts. His finger found its way insider her wet hole. He pumped it in and out of her love tunnel. Soon it was joined by a second finger and then a third. He finger fucked his mother while he suckled her breasts. He brought his other hand down and manipulated her clit.

That was it for Cindy. She exploded into orgasm. She lost her balance and collapsed against her son. She screamed as the pleasure consumed her. Her entire body shook with delight. She finally came down from her ecstasy and fell to her knees.

Steve kissed his mother once more. Then he lifted her in his arms and laid her on the bed. He bent her knees and spread her legs. He got on top of her and held himself up by one arm. He took his cock in hand and positioned it against Cindy’s cunt-lips. Just as he was about to penetrate her, his mother surprised him again.

“Let me,” she said as she rolled Steve onto his back. She grabbed his prick and positioned it at her pussy entrance. She slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Steve moaned as he felt his cock penetrating inch after inch into her steamy twat. Finally he was buried to the hilt inside his mother. Cindy used her pussy muscles to give her son’s cock a good squeeze. Steve groaned in shocked delight.

“Didn’t know I could do that, did you?” Cindy said with a sly grin. She leaned down and frenched her son. As her tongue entered his mouth she made another contraction. Steve almost blew his wad right then. He actually grabbed his mother’s hips and lifted her until only a few inches of his cock were inside her. He’d do anything to prevent a premature ejaculation.

“No you don’t,” Cindy wickedly stated. She placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed down with all her might. She began rocking back and forth. Steve responded with a counter motion. Cindy began to grunt as she rode her son’s cock in earnest.

“Uh… ah… oh… so good… so fucking GOOD! Baby… oh God… you fuck so good. Fuck me… fuck me hard! Fuck me DEEP!”

His mother’s banter pushed Steve past the brink. He raised his hips off the bed and pushed himself as deep into Cindy as possible. With a feral roar he spurted his potent sperm directly into his mother’s womb. This elicited a climax from Cindy. Her cunt milked her son’s cock. Her cervix drank up every drop of incestuous semen.

When it was over they collapsed. Cindy lay on top of her son. They both gasped for breath. They were drenched in sweat and the room smelled of sex. Reluctantly Cindy rolled onto her back, releasing Steve’s now soft cock. After a moment Steve leaned over and gave his mother a kiss. Cindy embraced him as he ran his fingers through her soaking wet hair.

Not a word was spoken between them, but in their hearts and souls they made a pact. From then on they were lovers. They had crossed the murky barrier between fucking and making love. Now they would not let anything come between them.

Steve got up and left for his own room. He didn’t bother attempting subterfuge. Cindy lay there with her hands on her stomach. She was sure she could feel Steve’s sperm wriggling inside her womb. She smiled a smile of pure bliss before drowsiness overcame her and she fell asleep.

From then on Steve came to his mother’s room almost every night. They had a tacit understanding that their sexual relationship could continue only if it was never acknowledged. To that end Cindy kept her mask on during every encounter. She and Steve acted like a normal mother and son during the day, even when they were alone.

Charlie had a sneaking suspicion that his wife was having an affair. She rarely let him fuck her and she seemed distant and cool when they were together. He never suspected that Steve had anything to do with it. In fact he enlisted his son’s aid in investigating Cindy’s activities. Every afternoon he asked Steve what his mother had been doing the night before.

Steve always gave an accurate report right up to when he himself went to bed. Charlie was surprised to learn his wife rarely left the house. He knew that if she were having an affair it would have to happen at night during his work shift. Since Steve informed him that Cindy was usually in bed by 10 pm, he decided he must be wrong.

Cindy herself was in denial about the affair. Her heart knew beyond all doubt who her lover was, but she convinced herself that as long as she never saw him she would never know for sure. This was how she was able to behave as a mother during the day and as a craven slut at night. She soothed her conscience with the false conviction that she was in the dark.

That was about to change. Three months after her incestuous liaison began Cindy missed her period. She waited a week, then two, and then she took a home pregnancy test. It came out positive. Cindy knew the baby wasn’t her husband’s. She hadn’t had sex with Charlie since before her last cycle. She went to a doctor who confirmed her results. Now she had to deal with the consequences.

She briefly considered having an abortion, but the thought of killing her own child appalled her. She thought of continuing her pretense of ignorance and simply announcing her pregnancy to Charlie and Steve as if she truly believed Charlie was the father. Cindy knew that would be futile. The sham of deceit was a formality by now. Steve was well aware that his mother knew who was cramming her womb with sperm on a nightly basis.

Finally Cindy came to her decision. She would have to confront Steve about their affair. She waited until after Charlie had left for work. She went into the living room where Steve was watching TV and shut it off. “Steve honey,” Cindy said, “we have to talk.”

“Okay,” Steve replied as he sat up straight on the couch. Cindy sat down on the opposite end. “Steve, we have to have a talk about… about what’s been going on… between us.”

A lump settled in Steve’s throat. He swallowed hard trying to get rid of it. “What, ah, what do you mean Mom?”

Cindy closed her eyes and sighed. “Steve don’t, you know exactly what I mean. It’s time to stop the game and deal with this.”

Steve looked down at his feet. He felt like a stone was sitting inside his chest. “You’re right Mom. I guess I knew this was going to happen sooner or later.”

“Steve, what we’ve been doing is very wrong. It’s illegal. If anyone found out about it I would go to jail and you’d be taken away by the state. That’s why we have to make sure that no one ever finds out. Do you understand me Steve.” Cindy put a hand on her son’s shoulder.

“Yeah,” Steve mumbled as his shoulders slumped. “I understand.”

Cindy smiled. “That being said, I want you to know that the past three months have been the best in my life. I’ve never had a relationship that was sexually fulfilling before. When were together Steve you make me feel so wonderful, so needed, so loved.” Steve looked into his mother’s eyes to make sure what she was saying was true. He returned her smile as he saw that it was.

She continued: “I don’t regret what we’ve done. I only regret that it took me so long to admit it to you. I love you Steve. I’m in love with you. I want you to know that. I also want you to know that I’m proud… to be carrying your child.”

Steve was so shocked that he fell off the couch. “You mean… I… you… you’re pregnant? With my baby?”

Cindy couldn’t help but laugh at her son’s wild-eyed reaction. “Yes honey, I’m pregnant with your baby.”

“Wow, I mean I’m sorry, I mean… I didn’t know… I didn’t think about it.” Steve was actually shaking from nervous excitement.

“It’s all right,” Cindy said reassuringly. “I told you I’m glad to be carrying your baby. You’re not upset about it, are you?”

Steve looked at his mother incredulously, “Hell no! Knocking you up has been my biggest fantasy for years. Uh, sorry. I didn’t mean to say it like that.”

Cindy giggled, “Oh Steve, I think we’ve gone far past the boundaries of acceptable behavior. Say it however you like. As long as you’re happy about it I don’t mind.”

Steve suddenly took his mother’s face in his hands and planted a kiss on her lips. Cindy responded by embracing him and pressing her body tightly against his. Steve picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He sat her on the bed and turned on the lights. “Take off your clothes,” he said. “I want to see you naked in the light.”

Cindy obediently kicked off her shoes and began unbuttoning her blouse. “You know, it occurs to me,” she said as she stood up to take off her skirt, “that I haven’t seen you naked at all.”

Steve grinned and began to disrobe. He kept his eyes glued to his mother as she turned away from him and removed her underwear. She slowly turned back toward her son. She did a little pirouette for effect and asked, “Well, what do you think?”

Steve stood frozen and speechless. His mother was absolute goddess. His cock sprang to life and pressed painfully against his jeans. His eyes moved up and down trying to drink in every gorgeous detail of Cindy’s body. Steve finally found his voice and said, “You are the most beautiful woman in the universe.”

He watched as her nipples grew erect. Her white skin took on a crimson hue as her body flushed with heat. Cindy walked over to her stunned child. She wrapped her hands around his waist and gave him a passionate French kiss. She whispered into his ear, “Make love to me Steve.”

Steve’s clothes seemed to disappear. He lifted his mother by the ass-cheeks and carried her to the bed. They spent a long time kissing and fondling each other. Finally Steve rose on his hands and knees. Cindy laid spread eagle beneath him. Steve looked into his mother’s eyes as he lowered himself. His cock went straight into her eager cunt without assistance.

Cindy wrapped her legs around her son and pulled him deep inside her. Steve kissed her and then began a slow rhythm of fucking. Their eyes remained in constant contact. They fucked in time with their heartbeats. Tears came to Cindy’s eyes as she saw the deep love for her son reflected in his own. They were connected on a level beyond any ordinary lovers. They had discovered the ultimate sexual love.

Neither of them knew how long their lovemaking lasted. It seemed to be an eternity yet was far too short. They experienced their first mutual orgasm. As they came they kissed each other. Their lips and tongues replicated the play of their genitals.

When it was over Steve and Cindy lay in each other’s arms. They kissed all over their faces, necks and shoulders. Neither of them wanted to let go. Steve placed his hand on Cindy’s smooth belly, trying to detect the life inside. “My baby’s really in there?” He asked.

Cindy smiled and stroked her son’s face, “Yes, your baby’s really in there.”

Steve closed his eyes and smiled contently. He felt like a god. His divine reverie was suddenly broken by a dark thought. “What are we going to tell Dad?”

Cindy frowned at the thought of her husband, “I guess I’ll just have to tell him that the baby is his. I wish we could tell the world about our love but we can’t. We’ll be mother and son to the outside world but in private we’ll be lovers.”

Steve sat up and looked at his mother, “Cindy, would you ever consider divorcing Dad and marrying me?”

“Oh honey,” Cindy said as she sat up next to her son and hugged him, “it just isn’t possible. Any marriage we had would be illegal. Once somebody found out about us they would take away our baby.”

“What if we moved? Not just out of state, but across the country. We could change our names, our social security numbers, everything. Nobody would ever know were related. We could live as husband and wife and our children would grow up knowing their real father.”

“Children?” Cindy asked.

Steve smiled, “Yeah, I want at least six.”

Cindy snorted, “It sounds like you want to turn your old mother into a baby factory.”

Steve held his mother’s chin and kissed her softly. “Please say yes. Say you’ll run away with me. Say you’ll marry me and bear my children.”

“Oh Steve,” Cindy lamented as she turned away, “It’s just a romantic fantasy. There’s no way we’d pull it off. Besides, you still have two years until you graduate. I want you to go to college honey. I don’t want to be the reason you throw away your future.”

Steve put his hand on Cindy’s face and turned her towards him. “Cindy, Mom, don’t you understand. I don’t want a future without you. I’ll never be happy with anyone else. If I can’t be with you for the rest of my life then I don’t want to live.”

Cindy held her son and buried her face in his shoulder. Love and despair played tug-of-war in Cindy’s mind. Finally she came to a decision. “All right,” she said, “I’ll make you a deal. You finish up high school and get accepted to a good college that’s as far away from here as possible. Do those two things and I will divorce your father and move away with you. This is my only offer. Do you accept?”

Steve smiled and kissed Cindy. “Mom, I’d grow wings and fly to the moon if it meant I could be with you.”

Eight months later, Cindy gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She named her Stephanie after her father. Charlie never suspected that his wife had cuckolded him. He accepted Stephanie as his own daughter. He did find it odd that Steve took an inordinate amount of interest in his little sister and that Cindy seemed to discourage Charlie from spending any quality time with Stephanie.

Properly motivated, Steve became an ace student. He graduated at the top of his class and got accepted to an Ivy League school a thousand miles away from his hometown. Cindy was elated when she heard the news. She served Charlie with divorce papers the next day. Cindy and Steve moved to a townhouse near the university he was attending.

Cindy was already pregnant with Steve’s second child before they moved away. No one ever suspected that she and Steve were related. Cindy and Steve eventually married and had a total of eight children. All were perfectly healthy and happy. Cindy and Steve lived out the rest of their lives in bliss, never regretting the fateful night Steve snuck into his mother’s room.


by Shadow Kiss

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