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NINA CAUGHT US – Dirty Sex Tales

Aunt Cathy is exhausted with her day long movement in Delhi. She came back in the evening and I walked away for shopping mall. I have illicit relation with aunt Cathy and thinking about her on lonely path I moved to wine shop and bought two canes of chilled beer. Now I walked towards park on deserted path while smoking cigarette and I opened the cane to drink beer. Lastly I drink the two cane and feeling some sort of intoxication in mind. I sit near park for 10-15 minutes and walked to our home..

I can see Lousie in kitchen while Nina in bedroom, so I moved to my room. I came inside to see aunt Cathy’s undergarments as well as leggings and tops on bed. So I thought she is in washroom, I changed my dress and took a magazine to read. While sleeping on bed, I am reading it and in a sudden, door of washroom opened and Cathy came out wearing a bath towel only on her chest. Looking at me she is bit shy and opened her bag to have a night gown but she made herself nude infront of me before wearing a black sleeveless gown. I smiled….. “Aunt how was your day ?

(Cathy) nice with two meetings for business

(Garry) oh means you are too tired

(Cathy) yes but wait for 2 hours to massage me. ” And we walked to dinning hall for coffee. Lousie gave us cup of coffee and moved to kitchen. While sitting on sofa with cup of coffee, I put my hand on her thigh and slowly started massaging it. Looking at me, she smiled…. “Garry not the appropriate place to do

(Garry) no need to panic. ” And I put my hand on her 32C size breast to massage but my eyes are on kitchen’s as well as Nina’s door. I am pressing her breast hardly and can see her face becoming red and she came closer to put her hand inside my bermuda from the corner and hold my dick tightly. We both are making each-other horny and Cathy moved closer to kiss my lips as well as face.

She is a hot women and pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking her tongue I am pressing her breast with my palm. Slowly, Cathy is sitting on my strong thigh and her arm is on my shoulder. I left her tongue and she sits on sofa, while hearing the footstep of mom, we made the distance on sofa and Lousie is near us. She is sitting near her sister…. “Now I will take a nice bath and than we will have nice conversation

(Cathy) sure sister I am also too tired. ‘ And Lousie walked to her bedroom. Now we both walked to balcony and shut the door connecting balcony to hall. We both are sitting on chair and Cathy pulled my bermuda down to legs while she is on my legs. Looking at me, aunty is licking my glans with her tongue and I have put my hand on her breast to massage it hard. Looking at me, she started rubbing the glans on her lips and face and than took out her long tongue to rub my glans on it. My penis is in full erection and she took it in her mouth to suck, she is sucking my cock like a whore and I am pressing her breast hardly. After a while she took out my penis and her tongue is licking my penis. We both are enjoying oral sex, lastly Cathy started sucking my penis with her face moving faster. I took out my dick from her mouth..

I put my bermuda in place and knelt infront of Cathy’s legs. I lifted her gown to waist and removed her thongs to uncover her vagina. She is on chair with her legs wide apart and I put my lips on her thighs to kiss it, she is screaming and I am rolling my tongue on her thigh while my long finger is in her cunt to finger it. We both are too hot and horny and I took out my finger to push my tongue in her vagina. Now I am licking her glory hole while she has hold my hairs tightly. Later on I took her vagina in my mouth to suck and she screamed….. “Oohhh uummm Garry I will cum darling aahh. ” And I got her vaginal juice. Now I left her to see my hot mom and sister, they are busy in their work while I moved to washroom for refreshment. Later on I am in balcony and Cathy knelt down to pull my bermuda down to legs. She took my penis in her mouth to suck and while sucking it, I am massaging her breasts as she is swinging her face fastly. After a while Cathy is licking my penis and my penis is too hot to ejaculate. She took my dick in her mouth to suck and I can hear footsteps on door, but she is busy in sucking my cock and I shouted….. “Oohh aunty its cumming.

(Sexy voice) nice aunty love to see your sexual act with Garry. ” And we both are feeling bit shy while facing Nina but Cathy drink my cum and stood in front of Nina.

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