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Not In My Shop – Dirty Sex Tales

Pop was a fifty eight year old Bengali man who owned a corner shop in East London, he had earned the nick name pop from his customers who started calling him pop after his daughter had called him it a few times, pop was well liked in the local area where he had his shop, but there were some of the residents who were racist and gave him a lot of verbal racist abuse but they still went in his shop, pop had thought of banning the racist but his son had told him that their money was as good as anyboy’s. Twelve year old Amy was in the shop buying milk and pop’s son Asif who was the same age as Amy was busy trying to chat her up as she did every time Amy was in the shop, Amy’s sixteen year old sister Sara walked in, pop looked at her knowing she was the complete opposite of Amy who was polite and friendly, Sara was one of the racists in town and as soon as she was in the shop started her making racist comments. Amy paid for the milk and left the shop then after five minutes Amy’s mum walked into the shop, Sara had not seen her mum and carried on making racist comments, pop smiled and said to Sara ” your mum is not going to be happy ” Sara replied ” bollocks to my mum she is a fucking bitch she do not bother me ” Sara’s mum coughed and said ” you think so do you ” Sara then saw her mum and went white in the face, pop knew that Sara’s mum was very strict and that Sara was scared of her, Sara’s mum said ” can we use your back room ” pop nodded Sara’s mum grabbed Sara by her pony tail saying ” you are getting a spanking ” and pulled Sara towards the back room telling pop and Asif to follow which they did, in the shops back room Sara was begging her mum not to spank her saying she had only been joking and did not mean what she had said, Sara’s mum said ” I am not spanking you they are ” pointing towards pop and his son, Sara was really begging her mum who said ” save your breath and get your clothes off ” Sara carried on begging for mercy, her mum slapped her yelling ” get your clothes off ” Asif stood watching wide eyed as Sara started to take her clothes off and after a few minutes when Sara was naked Asif could not believe his eyes as he looked at Sara’s large but firm boobs and her shaved love tube, after Sara’s mum had made Sara stand bending forward with her hands on the table Asif stood watching as his dad delivered hard slaps to Sara’s bum liking the way her boobs bobbed about as her bum was slapped,, after slapping Sara’s bum six times pop stepped back, Asif took his place noticing his dad’s red hand prints in the now crying Sara’s bum, after delivering six slaps to Sara’s bum Asif stood back, after being told by her mum to get home Sara put her clothes back on as quick as she could and ran from the shop, after telling pop if he had any more trouble from Sara to let her know she left the shop, A hour later pop went to the cash and carry warehouse leaving Asif in the shop on his own, after two hours he returned, as he walked in the shop Amy stood up from behind the county wiping her mouth as she did, and left the shop, Asif looked at his dad smiled and said ” Amy is like her sister she is mouthy but in a better way ” pop smiled thinking I wonder if she will also get mouthy with me.

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