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Not lesbian but bisxual – Dirty Sex Tales

Hi readers, I am Manasa from Vizag. I’m current 31 years aged. This is a real story of my life and it’s still continuing. I’m brown toned with size 34-30-36.

I just like any other girl was married to a well settled handsome man who takes care of family and with no bad habits. His name is Bharath (original name).

I lost my virginity to my own hubby. Our first night was normal. I came to know that he was some shy kind of. But I took a move and we started fucking. His brown dick entered my vagina and made a heavy push. It entered a little and blood stains were there all over the blanket. I felt heavy pain and we stopped just like that. We washed each other and slept. From the second day onwards I was feeling the real pleasure.

Days were going normal. As my hubby was a marketing executive he travels every couple of months. Once there was a long period of his work outstation. I was not able to control my sexual pleasure. So I opened some porn videos and started watching. Meanwhile I got to hear a word lesbian. I searched for it and there are two girls playing with each others. One girl was sucking other girls pussy and the other was moaning a lot. In this way I came to know about lesbian. After few mins the girl let out a load moan and waters started dripping from her pussy.

This was the first time I saw some white thing coming from pussy
My hubby never fucked me so hard so that I had an orgasm. I really felt bad for having a guy who can’t fulfill my sexual pleasures. I immediately took a carrot and started inserting in my pussy. I started using it as a dildo and was masturbating. I was feeling the real pleasure and was moaning loudly . After almost 20 mins I got some tickling feeling below my belly button and yes I’m there with my fluids out of my body. That was the most happiest movement for me till date.

I started watching lesbian porn daily and my desires to get my pussy licked by someone were increasing. Few days later my husband came and I started to try my luck on him. I tried taking his dick in my mouth so that he would also suck my pussy. But this guy didn’t allow me to do as he was such a shy stupid fellow. He fucked me for 10 mins and he was done.

Days were going on like this a beautiful family entered in the flat adjacent to ours. Her name was Sanjana. She was around 29 years and two children. We became close very easily and we used to share necessaries to feelings. One day there was a big fight in her house. There were some problems between Sanjana and her husband. She told that her husband is having a relationship with other women as well and he is not interested in having sex with Sanjana anymore. I really felt very bad about her and consoled her.
After that I came back to my flat and started thinking why not I make Sanjana and me become a lesbian couple. She has wonderful body and also white toned and with ample amount of flesh at right places.

I started making plans. Once when my hubby was to office. I called Sanjana home and showed my porn collection and asked her if she likes to watch. She said she used to watch and masturbate when her husband doesn’t satisfy her. So I started playing. It was a sex between normal Indian couple. It was not much interesting for her. So I switched to another video. And this time I played the lesbian video. She was like what is this. She then was more involved and was watching it. She started rubbing her pussy with her hands. She was already wet by then. She showed me her wet pussy and was talking like ” Manasa this lesbian girls are also making me wet”.

Then I opened up and asked her that if she wanna try. She was behaving like shocked. And she said I dunno how to do. I immediately took the first move and pushed her into three seater sofa. Pulled her black panty down from her nightgown. It was a clean white pussy with little hair on it. I smelled it and wow it made me mad more than what vodka does to me.

I started inserting my tongue inside her pussy, licking her clitoris. She was moaning ah Manu lick me hard baby lick me. Make me cummmm. Its taste was incomparable. I was continuously tongue fucking her and she was pressing her boobs with one hand and was pulling me onto her with other hand. Her moans are making me crazy.

After 10 minutes she came all over my face and I was like I made it. She felt so happy and she came over and started licking me now. She was not a wonderful licker initially but soon drive me crazy. She picked me continuously for 20 mins and I too came. In this way me and Sanjana entered the lesbian sex world. We took 2 hrs rest and we moved to our bedroom. I slept on bed I started fucking her vagina with my mouth. She was moaning “Fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me… fuck…me…”

I smiled and gently rolled us over with me on top of her…she was breathing heavily, holding onto my long hair. I spread her legs and slid between them, criss-crossing our legs… scissoring… I pushed my pussy right against hers. FUCK! It felt so good and hot, having my pussy right ON hers… I could feel her pussy quivering, my own was throbbing!

I rubbed the hell out of her swollen outer lips with mine, our clits in direct contact… we both came together… SUCH an intense orgasm! Our cum flowed together, soaking us both, our bodies in deep spasm!

When our wild cumfest ended, Baby pulled me down on top of her… I slid off her and wrapped myself around her body. She sunk her lips onto me and we kissed deeply, whimpering and purring, lost in each other.

When we woke later, Mr. Arpit (our neighbor and friend) was peeking in our window.

My hot baby has gotten used to
“Yes…baby…oh, you’re so slutty and hot… pleeeeeeease make me cum…”

It makes me hot as fuck being her slut!

I pushed her legs back and spread them with her knees bent… she screamed and pulled my hair harder…

“Yeah, manasa! FUCK ME!”

I savagely pounced my mouth on her pussy while rubbing her with my finger between her ass cheeks… she screamed louder and came for me while I fucked her with my mouth and tongue, sucking hard the whole time and roughly riding her intense orgasm, taking every bit of her steaming cum in my mouth, swallowing eagerly!

She was done and it was already evening for our kids to return. What happened in coming days with me Sanjana and Arpit (our neighbor who saw us) will tell in next story.

I finally want to say that we are not pure lesbians. We are bisexual.

If you like my story rate it 5 stars. Comments are always welcome at [email protected]

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