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Next day.

Chloe sat in her room. She did her hair. It was 6pm. She had a date with Toby. She had known him for a long time. The flirting becoming more intense. She want sure if she wanted to fuck him. She tucked a condom in her purse just in case. She stood straightening her dress.

She wore a red off the shoulder dress that sat slightly above her knees. She put on red heels and her long blonde hair in a head band. She came into the lounge where her parents were sitting.

” How do I look ? ” She asked doing a twirl.

” Great. ” Nicky said.

” Thanks. I’m nervous. ” She said.

” Chloe. Nervous ? ” Her dad questioned. ” Come on darling, your dressed to impress, you look fantastic. ”

” Thank you. ” She replied.

” You look great. ” Nicky replied.

” I would fuck you. ” Her dad said smiling again at his daughters body in that dress. Her cleavage, her legs. ”

” Yes. ” She said. Looking at her father wearing shorts and tee shirt. Her mother wearing a blue dress with spagetti straps. Her strapless bra pushing her breasts up.

” I’m sorry you will miss your grandparents. ” Nicky said to Chloe.

” Saw them last night. Staying at Jenny’s tonight. ” Chloe said smiling at her parents.

” Ok well have a good night. You have a condom ? ” Nicky asked. Chloe reached unto her bag pulling out a strip of three condoms.

” Three. ” Her dad said. ” Looks like your in for a fun night. ”

” Dad. ” She said. ” If one breaks or anything. If a girlfriend needs one. Us girls are always prepared. ” She said.

Gary’s eyed admiring his daughters dress. Her cleavage her legs. He was sure he got a taste of her pussy as he oogled his daughter. He hadn’t fucked her since yesterday afternoon. He wanted to before she left. He asked her but she said no. In fact he got told to go relieve himself.

” Dad wanted to fuck me before I left. ” Chloe said.

” Did you Gary ? ” Nicky said to her husband.

” Got told to go relieve myself. ” He said.

” Have you ? ” Chloe asked picking up her keys.

” No. ” He said.

” Maybe mum will before her parents arrive. ” Chloe said turning. ” See you tomorrow. ” She said flicking her dress up for her father. He saw her red g- string.

” Fuck. ” He said smiling seeing the sight of the red lace disappearing between her arse cheeks. His cock now so hard. They sat listening to her car drive down the drive.

Gary pulled his cock out. ” Blowjob. ” He said to his wife.

” Maybe my mother will tonight. ” She said. She had told Gary about the conversation with her parents. Gary was very excited at the prospect of fucking his wife’s mother.

He knew tonight Chloe would be out in bed with another guy. Was he jealous his little girl and lover was been fucked by another mans cock. He didn’t have those feelings of jealousy towards his wife. But his daughter he wanted her pussy to himself for now. As he thought he found his wife’s mouth over his hard cock sucking him off.

He sat back enjoying his blowjob. He knew he had to let Chloe live her life as well. He could’nt control her sexually.

He looked down at his wife licking her shaft as she fondled his balls. She sat back up kissing him. ” They will be here soon. ” She said.

” So you think you mother will… You know. ”

” ….fuck you? ” Nicky said.

” Yeh. ” He said.

” Well play your cards right she might. ” Nicky said grinning at the thought of her husband and her mother.

Chloe arrived at her girlfriends house. Jenny’s parents away for the night. She hugged Jenny a tall slim girl with long auburn hair.

Jenny wore a black high waisted shorts. Shorts just covering her buttocks. A white strapless crop top with long sleeves. Her stomach showing. Her C Cup breasts pushed under the tight fabric around her chest.

” Hi baby. ” She said smiling.

” Hi ” Chloe said. ” They pecked on the lips. They were not lesbians but it was the way her group of girlfriends said hi.

” Drink babe. ” Jenny asked.

” Orange juice. ” Chloe said smiling. Jenny turned to the counter pouring a orange juice.

” No alcohol. ” Jenny asked smiling.

” No. ” She said ” Loosing my virginity tonight. I want to be sober and enjoy it. Chloe said.

” Oh come on I was drunk when my boyfriend took mine, more fun. ” Jenny replied.

” Well I don’t want to be drunk. ” Chloe said. ” Save the drunken sex for later. ” She said laughing.

” So you nervous ? ” Jenny asked.

” Dad asked me the same question. ” Chloe replied looking down at her breasts looking at a spot on her cleavage.

Jenny looked at her. ” What. Your dad asked you. Your parents know you are fucking tonight. ”

” Yeh, they know I a virgin. ” She knew it was going to be hard keeping the cover. Not telling her closest friend her dad had already taken her virginity. They decided as 12 yr olds to tell each other who it was going to be. But she had to keep this secret.

” Wow. If my parents found out I lost it at 15. They would freak out. ” Jenny replied. ” So they know your coming out tonight staying at my house with a guy, and spending the night with him in the same bed and having sex. ” She said.

” Yes. Dad even complimented me on my dress. ” Chloe said.

” Wow. ” Jenny said ” Can I have your fuckin parents. So you going to suck his cock. Boys like them sucked. I like sucking them. ” Jenny said.

” Do you ? ” Chloe asked. ” I’m not sure. I mean never done that. ” She replied.

Jenny pulled out her phone and opened it up. ” Don’t tell anybody about this. Not even my boyfriend can find out. Press play. ” She added passing it to Chloe.

Chloe grabbed it and pressed the play symbol watching for a few seconds them saw a erect cock with Jenny’s fingers wrapped around it.

” Fuck. ” Chloe said. ” Is that….? ”

” Jonny yep. Keep watching. ” She said.

” I cant. ” Chloe said putting it down.

” Go on. ” Jenny said moving closer. She turned the sound up.

She heard the voices.

” Go on suck it. ” Jonny said.

” Ok. ” She heard Jenny say. Jonny filming. Chloe saw Jonny’s hard cock. His big head in front of Jenny’s face. Jenny looking up at the camera her hand around his shaft. Jenny tongue came out and licked up his shaft. She smiled as she licked.

” Fuck yes babe. ” He said. Jenny slid her mouth over his knob. Chloe watched Jenny slowly suck up and down Jonny’s hard cock listening to him groan.

Chloe looked at Jenny as they watched.

” Its so big. ” Chloe said. She compared it to her fathers cock. Her fathers slightly thicker. Chloe thought of the times she gave her father oral sex. Tasting his precum in her mouth. The time he cum in her mouth. She swallowed all his seed. She so wanted to have a threesome with her father and her mother. All the years growing up been naked around her parents since she was born. Her father seeing her grow up and mature physically. She finally had sex with him. She really wanted to share the bed with her parents every night. Did she want sex tonight with another guy.

She watched giggling with Jenny sucking and playing with her boyfriends cock. Jenny sat up. Jonny filmed Jenny’s breasts. Jenny fondling them for Jonny. Jenny lay down her legs open as Jonny filmed between her legs. Jenny’s shaved pussy on film. Jonny’s fingers running down her labias.

” Does he have this on his phone ? ” Chloe asked.

” Fuck no. ” Jenny said. ” Don’t trust him with that. ” She said.

” Oh Fuck. ” Chloe said as she saw. Jonny give Jenny the phone.

Jonny knelt back reaching to the side he came back into frame with a condom. She filmed him taking it out and rolling it down his cock. He stood up pulling Jenny to the edge of the bed. Jenny’s legs wide open. Jonny’s stood. She watched as Jonny directed his cock to Jenny’s pussy pushing it in her. She moaned as she gave Jonny the phone again. He filmed from his chest height his cock sliding in and out of Jenny’s pussy. He filmed her breasts. He filmed Jenny moaning as he fucked her.

They moaned together. Thrust after thrust in Jenny’s pussy. The camera going to and from his cock in her to filming Jenny’s bouncing breasts.

For five minutes he filmed himself fucking her. He them pulled out. He them moaned as he orgasmed. The fucking stopping as he stood still. Jenny getting the phone, she filmed him smiling at her as he pulled his cock out.

He rolled the sagging condom off putting it into a tissue. She gave Jonny the phone again as she sat up lifting his cock sliding it in her mouth licking and cleaning it. Then it turned off.

” So ? ” Jenny said ” What do you think ? ”

” Fuck girl. ” Chloe said. ” That was awesome. ”

” My boyfriend cant find out ok, you saw that. ” Jenny replied.

” No, that I saw his cock. ” Chloe said laughing.

” He would be so embarrassed ? ” Jenny replied.

They sat talking and joking as they then heard a car pull up the drive.

” The boys are here. ” Jenny said. ” Remember you never saw that video of Jonny and I fucking. ” Jenny said.

” No promise. You have nice tits by the way. ” Chloe said.

” Thanks. ” She said as they heard a knock at the door.

” Your boyfriend has a nice cock to. ” Chloe added. Jenny smiled at her opening the door. She had been wanting to show a friend that for a long time. She felt so naughty filming herself.

She opened the door as Jonny and Toby walked in door.

Jonny was 6 ft. Short wavy sandy coloured hair. He was 20 even though Jenny had just turned 18. He wore board shorts and a white singlet showing his muscular frame. Chloe quickly admired his body. ‘ Probably why he has such a big cock’ Chloe thought.

Toby was 19. Chloe and Jenny loved been younger than there football team boyfriends. Jenny and Jonny had been fucking since they met. Chloe had known Toby a year and been dating him three months. She just wanted to have sex with someone to deflect having had lost her virginity to her father a few days ago now. She still thought of the way her made love to her. She didn’t know you could have such passionate sex with your father. She loved it. In the shower, in bed, then at the walkway. It was so nice. The way she sucked her fathers cock, the way he gave her oral sex on her pussy.

Jenny and Jonny kissed putting there arms around each other with lust in their eyes. Chloe knew her and Jonny were at it like rabbits fucking when ever they could.

Chloe kissed Toby’s lips. ” You look fuckin amazing girl. ” He said.

” Thanks. ” She said looking down at her red off the shoulder dress with the sweetheart neckline her tanned shoulders free from bra straps. The built in bra in the dress supporting her breasts. She did a twirl. Toby’s eyes, Jenny and Jonny’s eyes admiring her figure. She still felt so sexy and grown up even though pretending to be the virgin that she wasn’t.

” Shes getting laid tonight. ” Jenny said to Jonny.

” Yeh, ” Jonny replied to Jenny he looked at Toby who had a grin on his face he couldn’t wait to get her to bed. ” Your lucky tonight. ” Jonny added smiling at Toby.

Toby and Chloe stood arm in arm. Toby’s hand sliding to her arse rubbing her arse cheek. He stood taller than Chloe looking down at her bust.

” Yeh. ” He said ” I’m a lucky guy. ”

” Shes nicer than Kimberly. ” Jonny’s said.

” Oh yeh, shes history. ” Toby said. ” Chloe’s much nicer. ” He added pulling her close by her arse kissing her cheek.

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