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Gary smiled at his wife. Errol grinned at Gary as he led Pamela to the hallway to the bedroom. He led her to the master suite. She walked in and turned around and faced him. They stood looking in each others eyes smiling, their hands on each others hips.

Gary eyes looking over her breasts, she reached into Gary’s groin picking up his cock, his hard cock waiting for that moment he thought would never happen. He had dreamed about. Surely because his wife was having sex with her father, surely he could have sex with his wife’s mother in return. Now finally it was going to happen.

Do we ravish each other and have it quickly like a starving animal eating as quickly as possible, like two newly weds abstaining from sex till married finally getting to rip each others clothes off, and be over in seconds.

Or do we make love, take our time, enjoy the moment, the first time, he felt like it was one big long courtship. One big long engagement. The waiting. Like some religious custom. No sex before marriage. Now his bride her naked in front of him waiting for him.

They leant in kissing. Their lips meeting. Tasting her lipstick. Smelling her perfume on her face,he pulled her in tight wrapping his arms around her back. Her breasts pushing in to his chest. His cock held against her stomach. She put her hand on his cheek stroking it as the passionately kissed. Their tongues playing with each other in each others mouths.

Gary enjoying the moment. His hands rubbing over her body, exploring it. Her arse, her sides, up over her breasts feeling her nipples in his hands, they were erect and her body relaxing.

He then realised he was about to have sex with the first generation.

He was about to make love to his wife’s mother. He would have the three living generations, mother, daughter, granddaughter. His mother in law, his wife, his daughter. It made him smile inside as they kissed and played. Pamela moaning as he squeezed her breasts. She played with his erect cock. They stopped kissing and kept their embrace looking at each other

” Finally get to fuck me. ” Pamela said. They could hear Errol and Nicky in the kitchen tidying up.

” Yes. ” He said ” At fuckin last. ” She stepped back sitting on the bed. She pulled him closer grabbing his cock stroking and playing with it.

” You know Gary. I don’t know why we didn’t do this years ago. Because with my husband and daughter having sex, I don’t know why we didn’t. ” She said looking up at him.

” Me either. ” He said ” We had lots of opportunities. ” He added.

” Oh fuck we did. To think they have fucked in this bed. Nicky sucks her fathers cock, he plays with her pussy, gives her oral sex. I often wonder what they do when they are together. Why didn’t we meet when they meet ? ” Pamela said kissing his knob.

” I’ve always been looking after the children. ” Gary said.

” To busy to play ? ” Pamela said holding his hard cock kissing up and down his shaft.

” Yeh. ” He replied watching her lips on his cock, small traces of lipstick been left behind.

” Fuck that’s so nice. ” Gary said watching her kiss his cock all around lifting it licking under his shaft softly with the tip of her tongue.

” Yeh ? ” She said smiling looking up then slid her lips over his cock.

” Oh shit. ” He said as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. He almost cum.

” Ummmmmm. ” Pamela moaned sucking it. Her lips tight around his cock. He held her head with both hands looking up at the ceiling, feeling her head move up and down his cock.

” That is so fuckin good baby. ” He said. ” Oh fuck yes. ” He added. She took it out spitting on his knob then licked her tongue around it before pushing her mouth back down his shaft

Nicky walked in the room seeing her husband standing looking at the ceiling eyes closed his hands on his mother in laws head as she sucked up and down his cock.

” Enjoying your snack mum. ” Nicky said. Gary opening his eyes coming out of his trance looking at his naked wife.

” Yes dear. Very tasty. Lovely cock. ” Pamela said.

” As nice as the other five you have had ? ” Nicky asked standing next to her husband her hand on his chest kissing his cheek.

” Nicer. ” She said smiling.

” Your just saying that. ” Gary said.

” No honestly. This is one beautiful cock, probably because its fucking my daughter and grand-daughter. ” Pamela said smiling up at Gary. ” Do you want to join us ? ” Pamela asked

” No. I will leave you to alone, I’m going to go fuck dad on the couch. Just come in to brush my teeth. Garlic from dinner. ” She said.

” Ok dear ” Pamela said. ” Have fun. ”

Nicky went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Pamela stood up kissing Gary. Gary leant down lifting Pamela’s breasts sucking her nipples.

” Oh yes Gary suck my tits. ” She said holding his head looking down watching him smiling like a mother watching her baby feed the intimate mother baby bond of breast feeding.

She watched his tongue flick her nipples alternating between each one. Squeezing her breasts.

Nicky went downstairs to her father he stood in the kitchen.

” How they doing ? ” He asked as Nicky hugged him.

” Good. ” She said kissing his lips. Mum’s got my husbands cock securely in her mouth. ” Nicky said smiling. She slid down his body putting her fathers cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She stroked it as she moved her tongue around his knob. Her father loving his cock been sucked by his daughter.

Gary pushed Pamela to the bed. She lay legs open. Gary straddled her kissing her lips. He kissed down her neck to her breasts again sucking each nipple. He kissed to her belly button pushing his tongue in.

She giggled as it tickled. He put his fingers on her pussy rubbing it, he felt her moist wet pussy lips. His fingers covered in her juices. He pushed his fingers in her hole finger fucking her as he kissed around the top of her pussy. He guided the tip of his tongue around her pussy edges careful not to touch her pussy. She opened her legs wider. Her vagina slurping with the pussy juices in her pussy and on Gary’s fingers. He could smell her scent. Taste stray juices splashing from her wet pussy.

” Oooohhh fuuck. ” She moaned. ” Fuck Fuck. ” She said as Gary’s tongue found her clit. He pushed against it licking it.

” He fingered her faster licking her clit. His other hand groping her breasts. His tongue pushing, forcing its way against her pussy. Pushing spreading her labias. The taste, the full taste of her on his tongue and lips.

By now Nicky sat on the bench legs wide open. Her father now fingers in her pussy licking her clit. Nicky moaning as her father pleasured her. She kept thinking of her husband upstairs with her mother. She looked down her fathers tongue working its magic on her pussy, like so many times before. His tongue had seen her pussy change from a fresh teenage pussy to the mid forties pussy it is now. After pushing two children out her dad said its as nice today as when she was 17.

She told him he was lying. He circled his tongue over her clit down inside her labias. Her fathers tongue exploring her pussy. He knew every inch of it. The taste of it. She moaned and moaned holding his head. She could hear her mother moaning from down the hallway. Nicky knew that both women were having their pussies licked. Errol pulling his fingers out of her pussy looking at her sucking them smiling at her

” Taste nice daddy. ” She said.

He kissed up her body to her breasts flicking her nipples with his tongue putting his fingers back in her pussy fingering her. He kissed her lips.

” You ask me every time. ” He said. ” The answers yes. I do love your pussy juices. ” They french kissed. She put her hand on his neck sliding it around the back the other on his chest her palm flat on her hairy chest. She pulled his head into her passionately kissing him moaning as he kept finger fucking her slowly.

Gary kept his fingers in Pamela’s pussy. He kissed up her body.

” Put your fuckin dick in me. ” Pamela ordered. Gary pulled his fingers out of her pussy. He grabbed his cock. He wiped his fingers over his shaft as he guided his cock to her pussy. He rubbed his knob around her clit and labias then pushed himself deep into her pussy. She moaned as he pushed all the way in. His cock fully inside her. The thrusted slowly looking in her eyes. They smiled at each other. He kissed lips their eyed gazing into each others like two lovers. Gary thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. Her 69 yr old wet pussy accomodating his 47 yr old cock. He fondled her breasts as he kissed her. Their lips interlocked.

Gary enjoying been on top of her, having the woman that had bourne his wife on his bed, her daughter in the kitchen with her husband. Gary thrusted deeper and harder.

Pamela moaned louder and Gary thrust harder and faster.

They heard Nicky moaning and groaning as she was been fucked by her father on the kitchen bench.

Moments later Gary cum filling his mother in laws pussy with his seed. His penis pushing cum deep into her womb.

” OH FUCK. ” She yelled as he kissed her. She put both hands on his cheeks and kissed him.

” Shit. ” Gary said slowly pulsating in her.

” Fuck yes Gary, we need to do that more often darling. ” She said.

” Really. ” He replied.

” Oh fuck yes, come stay again at our house and fuck me silly in my bed. Partner swap and bed swap darling. ” She said.

” Sounds great. ” He said smiling his cum oozing from her. She rolled him to his back. She straddled him looking down at him listening to Nicky and Errol.

” Sounds like their mid dinner fuck is going well. ” Pamela said as Gary sat up hugging her kissing her fondling her listening to Nicky’s screams and groans.

” Yeh. ” Gary said.

” Is she always that loud ? ” Pamela asked.

” Depends where she is. Motels not so much, but at home Yes. The girls know when mum’s been fucked by me.

Errol thrust harder eventually cummimg inside his daughters pussy.

” Oh fuck. ” He said standing between her legs looking down at Nicky’s pussy. His cock pumping cum into her as she sat on the kitchen bench.

He kissed her and hugged her.

” Its all quiet in the bedroom sounds like mum and Gary have finished.

Errol pulled out. Nicky stood, cum dripping down her legs. They walked into the bedroom. Pamela still straddling Gary.

” All done ? ” Nicky asked.

” Yes dear. ” Gary said. ” Me and your mother are quite happy. You ? ” Gary said to his wife.

” Yes dad and I made love on the bench. Time for a fuckin shower.

Nicky and Errol showered first. Then Gary and Pamela showered.

Nicky and Pamela went into the kitchen afterwards and prepared dessert and Gary and Errol sat out by the pool lighting a post sex cigar. The girls walking out naked with dessert.

They sat and ate. Gary pleased he had finally made love or it was more a fuck, with his mother in law. He sat admiring her body. A body he now knew so well.

Gary and Pamela grinning at each other at the thought of more to come. Partner swapping and bed swapping at their house. Also other discrete activities they can get up to. That thought made him horny as hell.

They heard the car pull up outside.

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