Nudist family antics (Naughty parents)

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Chloe drove. Excitement running through her veins. She couldn’t wait to get to Jonney’s. The guy she knew she wanted to be with. His big cock. Evidence of that she saw tonight. What would Jenny say ? Who fuckin cares. She thought.

She thought about her parents tonight. Her grandparents. She wondered if anything else was going on. Surely not. Although she was fucking her father. Seeing him tonight naked. His cock she had sucked and rode. A cock that had rode her. Her pussy wet at the thought. She slid a hand to her pussy once again to rub it. She needed sex. She needed it now.

She was about to fuck Jonney. She knew she wanted him to be a regular. She wanted to continue with her father. Jonney a distraction.

She slid her finger inside her underwear feeling her wetness. Her juices soaking her underwear.

” Should have put fresh underwear on. ” She said. ” Oh well, sure Jonney likes pussy soaked knickers. ” She added talking to herself.

Meanwhile back at home.

Gary and Pamela stood up and held hands. Gary kissed her lips. Nicky stood and sat next to Errol he put his arm around her and she put her arm on his thigh. He opened his legs letting her hand slid inside his knee.

” Bedtime. ” Gary said to the group, more looking at his naked mother in law sliding his hand to her arse softly slapping it.

” Have fun kiddies. ” Errol said smiling at his wife.

” We will. ” Pamela said reaching for Gary’s cock grabbing it. I want to get to know this better. ” She said smiling looking at his cock.

Gary and Pamela headed for the guest bedroom. They passed Chloe’s room and Amber’s room.

Amber’s room still set up with her stuff. A room she could move straight back into, her furniture was there, her clothes in her drawers, even a pile of her washing washed ironed and folded sat on her bed. Amber liked to put her own clothes away.

Gary smiled to himself as he thought to himself playing with Amber. Playing with her breasts and her pussy. Then her and his wife jerking him off. Amber wasn’t wanting sex with her father but she kind of enjoyed playing with him.

Gary hugged Pamela as they got into the room. They kissed and fondled. His hands again exploring her body. He was loving her breasts, kissing her. She sat putting his cock in her mouth. She sucked it and stroked it licking and playing with it.

She lay down and opened her legs, her wet shaved pussy in full view. She smiled at him as he stood in front of her. She rubbed her clit smiling at him.

He knelt her wet pussy, a pussy he had fucked only hours before. He leant in pushing his tongue against her pussy. Feeling her soft juicy pussy lips against his tongue. She moaned and moaned as his tongue entertained her pussy. Moving side to side around her clit and labias. Sucking and licking up all her juices. Tasting her sweet hole. His tongue licking down pushing into her love hole. He slid his fingers in. Licking around her vagina as his fingers pushed her wetness out, he also tasted his residue of his cum in her from earlier. Some white glob mixed with her pussy moistness. He sucked it up swallowing it. His mouth wide open around her pussy over it, his tongue pushed inside her as far as it can go. She started grinding against his mouth.

” Agggghhhhh Gaaary fffffuuuuccckkk. ” She moaned. ” Ohhhhh fuuuckkk yyyess. ”

Gary pushed harder licking faster she held his head pushing it into her fanny.

” FUCK FUCK FUCK ” she yelled her body pulsating.

” FUCK. ” She yelled again. ” DONT FUCKIN STOP. ” He squeezed her breasts with one hand. His nose pressed against her clit his mouth firmly around her pussy. His tongue pushed in her fanny.

Errol and Nicky came to the door.

” Whats going on here. ” Errol said seeing his wife legs open. Gary’s mouth firmly pressed into his wife’s pussy with her holding his head into her.

” Fuuuuccck I nnerrrd tttooo ooorgggaassm. ” She moaned. Agggghh fuuuck yyyesss. FUCK…. FUCK ” she yelled closing her legs on Gary’s head pushing him away.

” Shit Shit. ” She said as she lay back. Gary knelling looking up at his wife and father in law. His mother in laws pussy juices around his mouth.

” Never heard her do that. ” Errol said smiling as Gary stood up.

” Oh Fuck yes. ” Pamela said. ” That was fuckin amazing. If that’s how you treat your wife and daughters pussies they are two lucky women. ” Pamela said smiling up at Gary.

” Well heaps of practice aye darling. ” Gary said. Nicky sat on the bed and lay down her legs open, her father smiling as he knelt between his daughters legs. Nicky moaned as he circled her clit with his tongue. He rubbed Nicky’s labias as Gary sat on the bed. Pamela knelt next to her husband taking his cock into her hand. She circled his knob sucking down his shaft. She fondled his balls as she sucked one hand sliding up Gary’s chest rubbing it as she fondled his balls supporting his cock with her mouth. Nicky looked over at her husband they kissed. They french kissed. Gary reaching over fondling his wife’s breast.

Errol kept licking and circling his daughters clit with his tongue.

” Agggh yes dad. ” She moaned stopping kissing Gary smiling as she enjoyed her pussy being played with by her father.

Gary kissed her still lips. She enjoyed lying there her husband kissing her lips and her not kissing back her eyes closed enjoying the feeling of who was doing what to her. She moaned her head back eyes closed.

She felt movement Gary sat up as Pamela lay next to her on her side. Pamela fondling her daughters breasts.

” You have beautiful breasts doesn’t she darling. ” She said looking down at Errol.

” She does. ” Errol said as Gary lay behind Pamela lifting her leg up and guiding his cock deep into Pamela’s pussy from behind. Errol looking at his son in laws cock in his wife’s pussy.

” Oh fuck yes Gary Agggh fuck my pussy. ” She said fondling Nicky’s breasts. Pamela leant in licking Nicky’s nipple squeezing her breasts.

” Ohhhh mum yes don’t stop. ” She said holding her mum’s head into her chest as her mother sucked her nipples and kissed around her breasts. Gary fondling Pam’s breasts as he thrusted her from behind.

Errol’s mouth firmly around Nicky’s pussy. She put her head back groaning as Errol tongued her clit and labias.

” Ohhhhh ffuck yes dad. ” She said ” Ohhhh fuck. ”

Gary kissed Pamela’s neck and nibbled her ear as he wrapped his arm around her chest grabbing her breast holding it as he pulled her into him as he thrust her.

Errol stood up. He opened Nicky’s legs wider lifting his cock. He pushed his knob over her clit and down to her vagina.

” Put in her fuck my wife. ” Gary said.

” Fuck your daughter. ” Pamela said.

Errol encouraged slid his cock deep into her pussy. Gary, Pamela and Nicky watching as her fathers cock slid deep into her.

Errol thrusted his daughter looking down at her. Errol and Nicky had developed a good sexual connection through the years. They knew what each other liked. They had tryed nearly every sexual position.

Nicky lay her father fucking her, her husband fucking her mother. Her mother caressing her breasts circling her nipples with her tongue.

After a while Gary pulled out of Pamela he lay on the bed. Pamela straddled his groin. She grabbed his cock sliding down his shaft facing him. Gary reaching up fondling her breasts.

Errol lay the opposite way. His feet by Gary’s head, his head by Gary feet. Nicky straddled her father sliding down his cock. Both women slowly riding their cocks. They leant in kissing, now close together. Nicky and Pamela kissed as they fondled each others breasts. Each guy watching there wife’s pussy been fucked by another cock. The girls rode slowly as they were been thrusted from under them by Gary and Errol.

The girls kissing and fondling. After a minute they got off and swapped, guiding them selves down their husbands cocks.

Gary fucked his wife as Errol fucked his wife. They felt different fucking there wives for a while.

Ten minutes later. The girls lay facing each other. They kissed and fondled each other. Gary lay behind Pamela thrusting back into her. Errol behind Nicky thrusting into her. The girls legs in the air been fucked. Gary and Errol loving watching there partners been fucked by another man. Gary enjoying finally not only watching his wife been fucked by her father but fucking his wife’s mother.

The girls moaned as they kissed, fondling each other. Been fucked by each others partners. Errol moaned, as did Gary.

” Think the boys are going to cum. ” Nicky said.

Nicky then lay on the bed. Errol stood on the floor sliding his cock back into Nicky.

Pamela straddled Nicky inna 69. Both women watching each others pussies being fucked. Pamela rubbed Nicky’s clit watching her husbands cock fuck their daughter.

” Yes darling, fuck her pussy. Cum in your daughters pussy. Let mummy eat your cum out. ” Pamela said watching her husbands shaft slid between Nicky’s pussy lips. Nicky looking up at her husbands hard cock thrusting her mother. Both girls groaning.

Errol cum first shooting cum into his daughter. Pamela loved watching as her husband filled his daughters pussy and womb with his globby cum. A minute later Gary cum again. The second time in as many hours they had released a load into the girls pussies. Cum dripped from Pamela;s pussy onto mouth. Pamela pulled Errol’s cock out of Nicky licking and sucking his cum from her husbands cock and her daughter’s pussy.

Nicky did the same licking cum from her mothers wet pussy. Her husband sliding his cock into Nicky’s mouth. Nicky tasting her mothers pussy juices on her husbands cock.

Afterwards they got up and showered. They went to the master bedroom and got into bed they all lay together. The girls in the middle, this time with their respective partners behind them.

” Fuck that was great. ” Gary said.

” Fuck me. ” Nicky said looking at her parents.

” Again darling, I have already twice tonight. ” Errol replied.

” No, I mean I just had group sex with my parents. ” She said smiling.

” You did. ” Pamela replied smiling. ” Fuckin great it was to. ” Pamela added.

” Its nearly midnight. ” Gary said. ” I wonder how Chloe is tonight with Jonney. ” He added he said he lay next to his wife. Nicky’s head on the pillow Gary resting on his hand his elbow above her head. Errol and Pamela in the same position looking down on the girls naked bodies. Both men playing with their wife’s breasts.

” Wondering if hes fucked her brains out ? ” Nicky said looking up at her husband.

” Well yeh. ” Gary said. ” Shes wanting a regular guy to fuck, so she doesn’t have to tell her friends. Yes I am sexually active, but its with my father. ” Gary said.

” So now she can put a name to the guy who took her virginity for the second time ? ” Errol said.

” Like me. ” Nicky said. ” Dad took mine. All my friends and family think it was you Gary. ” Nicky said.

” Its kind of kinky really. ” Pamela said.

” It is. ” Gary replied. ” Its actually a fun secret to have ” he said smiling kissing his wife. Having a wife who lost her virginity to her father, and everyone thinks it was me. ” He added.

” Yes and your wife needs to get out. ” Pamela said.

” Really. ” Gary said.

” Yeh enjoy other cocks. She has a lovely pussy. You need to share it. I mean not with every one, but in a fun way with your husbands permission. Errol and I are very selective who fucks me, aye baby. ” Pam said looking up at her husband.

” Yes dear. ” He said.

They all went to sleep. Errol and Nicky in the master room. Gary and Pamela in the spare room.

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