Nudist family antics (Next morning)

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The door opened. She closed it quietly. The sun shining down. It was 10am.

Chloe woke up. The same position as she slept in. She looked at Jonney smiling. The sheet down by his knees his cock soft between his legs. Chloe slid a hand to his groin feeling his cock between her fingers. He stirred and moved in the bed. She felt his cock harden. He moaned.

She stroked it lifting it. She wrapped her mouth around his knob pushing her mouth down his cock. She slowly sucked up and down his cock. She could taste the dried cum, the condom. They hadn’t showered after sex. He opened his eyes looking down at his new 17 yr old blonde girlfriend sucking his cock.

” Oh Chloe. ” He said holding her head as she bobbed up and down his cock. She licked around his knob as she stroked him. She wanked him harder as she sucked.

” Ummmmmm. ” She moaned sucking up and down his cock. She had lots of practice on her fathers cock. She had swallowed plenty of her fathers cum.

Jonney moaned as he felt himself build uo.

” Have to fuckin cum. ” He said softly.


She took off her heels sitting on the dining room chair. She stood walking to the open french door. She looked out at the towels on the ground. She stepped out seeing the rubber on the edge of the pool. She knelt picking up the condom.

” Jenny’s upstairs aye. ” She said sniffing the condom. She could see the cum inside it. Knowing there was pussy juices on the outside she lifted her skirt rubbing her underwear.


Jonney arched his back as he moaned. Chloe wanking his cock her mouth on his knob. ” Ohhh fuck Chloe ” he said as he felt the wave of cum erupt out of his cock. He looked down at Chloe’s mouth wrapped firmly around his knob. He felt her swallowing his cum. She licked up his cock. Cum dripping down his hard cock oozing from his knob. She licked up his cum and kissed up his body.

” Like that ? ” She asked kissing his lips. He could taste his cum on her lips.

” Nothing like a morning blowjob. ” He said.

” Did Jenny give you a morning blowjob ? ” She asked trailing the tip of her long fingernail around his nipples down his stomach over his belly button down over his oozing cock. Cum still dripping onto his hip.

” Sometimes. ” He said.

” Whos better, me or her? ” Chloe asked straddling him sitting back adjusting her hair. He looked up at her naked body admiring her breasts.

” Trick question ? ” He said. She flicked her hair to the side leaning down lifting his shrunken cock with her mouth licking up the rest of his cum.

” No ” she said looking up cleaning his cock with her tongue. ” Me or that bitch. ” Chloe said smiling up at him.

” That bitch, was your best friend. ” He said.

” Yeh true, but I’m fucking her ex boyfriend now. ” Chloe said straddling him kissing his lips she french kissed him knowing he could taste his cum on her mouth.

” Yes. ” Jonney said.

” I need a drink of water. ” Chloe said standing up. Jonney admiring her naked body. A body he had wanted to see naked on many occasions. Almost jealous that Chloe was Toby’s girlfriend. Now Chloe was his. She was his fuck now.


She walked to the kitchen. She saw the high heels. She picked one up imagining the foot in it. She saw the size. ” That’s not Jenny shoe size. ” She said

She picked up the dress. ” Sexy. ” She said holding it out. ” Big tits. ” She added.

She looked over seeing the g string in the faucet. She picked it up smiling.

” Nice G ” she said leaning on the counter. She opened up the G String looking at the dried pussy juiced on it. She put it to her nose sniffing it. ” Yummy. ” She said looking and sniffing where her pussy sits on the fabric sniffing it. She lifted her dress rubbing her pussy over her underwear sniffing Chloe’s underwear.


Chloe stood in his room as he went to the shower. She put on one of his shirts. Her nipples sticking out from under it. At home she would walk around naked. But in someone else’s house she felt she needed to cover up. She headed out the room and down the stairs her pussy moist still. She would have sex with him soon. She wanted to milk him early. Make him last longer in her


She stood her eyes closed her hand up her dress rubbing her wet pussy. She sniffed Chloe’s underwear. She knew they were upstairs. She moaned and groaned sliding her finger into her underwear rubbing her clit. The scent of Chloe’s pussy juices. The wet underwear Chloe wore all night wet with anticipation of sex twice. Her soaked underwear now been sniffed by another woman.


Chloe turned the corner seeing her. She was leaning in the counter hand in dress.

She was 5 10. Long dark hair with a red streak through it. She wore a short sleeved tight lace v neck black dress with dark blue lining in it. She had D cup breasts her cleavage pushed up in the lacy blue bra.

” Fuck. ” Chloe said.

The girl stopped and looked at Chloe.

” Awkward. ” She said. ” Hi I’m Nat. ” She out Chloe’s underwear down and took her hand out of her underwear and dress.

” Hi. ” Chloe said awkwardly.

” Ah your not Jenny. ” Nat said.

” No I’m Chloe. ” Chloe said.

” Are you Jonney’s new fuck are you ? ” Nat said walking towards her sitting at the breakfast bar.

” Ah yeh maybe. ” Chloe said.

” So you fucked him once to see. Did you ? ” Nat said. ” At least you used a condom. Not like that slut Jenny. ” Nat said.

” Slut ? ” Chloe said.

” That bitch was fucking every dick that pointed in her direction. If only Jonney knew. ” Nat replied. ” By the way. Nice undies. Jonney likes red. ”

” Good to know. ” Chloe said.

” Shit, how rude of me. You are thinking who are you. I’m Nat Jonney’s sister. Or rather half sister. My dad had a affair with another woman. I’m the result of it. My mother didn’t want me, she left the hospital after I was born never to be seen again. So with a new illegitimate daughter to take care of. He had some explaining to do to his wife. But to her credit she took me in. Yes and him back after 6 months. Shes a good mum considering I wasn’t her offspring. Just think. I was never breast fed. ” Nat said

” Wow. ” Chloe said sitting down.

” So tell me Chloe. Is he a good fuck ? ” Nat asked.

” Yeh hes not bad. I have nothing to compare him with. I lost my virginity last night. ” Chloe said. Yes. She thought I can say it.

” Oh so how old are you baby.? ” Nat asked

” 17. ” She said.

” Cool. Wow nice body for 17. ” Nat replied. ” Coffee ? ”

” Yes please. ” Chloe said.

” COFFEE JONNEY. ” Nat yelled.


” Shit. ” He said getting dried off hearing her voice. ” What the fuck are you doing home ? ” He said getting dressed.


Nat started the machine getting three cups out.

” I suppose your wondering why I was sniffing your underwear ? ” Nat said.

” Yeh. ” Chloe said. ” Its usually a man thing. ”

” Fuck yes, so true. Well I’m a lesbian. Well not total lesbian. More bi. Probably like 95% Women and maybe the odd gut to keep it interesting. I just love pussy. ” She said.

” Nat. ” Jonney said coming into the kitchen.

” Jonney. No Jenny. Just met Chloe. Shes so much more classy than Jenny. Keep her ok. If you don’t. I will. ”

” Aghh yeh ok. Chloe. Nat. Nat. Chloe. But you have meet. Nat is …. ”

” She knows. Half sister, dad had a affair. My natural mother gave me up, kicked dad out, took him back, raised me, loves me, then made you. Which room fuck knows, could have been this bench. ” Nat said.

” Nat. ” Jonney said.

” So took her cherry aye. Might want to clean up your condom before mum gets home. You know how she gets with used condoms around the house. Vicky was a shocker. She left home now. Her and her boyfriend used to leave them every where. Vicky’s 30. Fucked every guy at university. ” Nat said.

” More like the tutors. ” Jonney said.

” True. ” Nat said. Jonney looked at Chloe’s knickers on the bench. He picked them up and Chloe’s dress putting them on the chair.

” Better put these away before my lesbian half sister sniffs them. ” Jonney said

” She already has. ” Chloe said smiling at Nat.

” True, I have. ” Nat said. ” They smell yummy. ” Nat replied winking at Chloe.

” Fuck really Nat. ” Jonney said.

” They are nicer than Jenny’s. ” Nat said

” Nat please. Sorry babe excuse my fuckin sister. ”

” I don’t mind. ” Chloe said. ” I like her, can we keep her. ”

” That’s the spirit Chloe. She likes me. The first girlfriend who dose. I think they get nervous because I like girls. ” Nat said.

” Or Jonney thinks you are going to steal them away from him. ” Chloe said as Nat handed her the coffee.

” True. ” Nat said. ” Hes never been good at sharing his toys. ”

” Really. ” Chloe said.

” No. So can I fuck her. ” She said to Jonney.

” NAT. ” Jonney snapped.

” Oh relax, I said I would never make advances to your girlfriends. Just teasing. ” Nat said

” Great. ” Jonney said. ” I thought you were at Megs out of town. ” Jonney asked.

” No, her husband came home early. Chloe. Megs is a closet lesbian. Her husband doesn’t know his wife is bi. When I stay when hes away. He dosnt know we are fucking each other. ” Nat said.

” Oh ok. ” Chloe said.

” Yeh every girl should have a female lover. ” Nat said sipping her coffee ” You know Jonney I wonder if mum does? ”

” Serious ? ” .

” Yeh. ” Nat said holding her coffee in two hands looking at the ceiling. ” I often wonder about her friend Trish. ”

” Her bank manager ? ” Jonney said.

” Yeh the signs are there shes fucking Trish. ” Nat said.

” What signs ? ” Jonney asked.

” Ok. When Trish rings mum always goes to the study, When she talks about Trish she like has this twinkle in her eye, shes always vague when she been out to lunch with Trish. Come on. How many people are that friendly with their bank manager ? ” Nat said

” You think shes fucking her. Mum’s a lesbian. ” Jonney said.

” No bi. ” Chloe said. ” A lesbian only fucks women, ”

” So true Chloe. I’m bi, more lesbian but not total lesbian ” Nat replied.

” Great breakfast conversation. Talking about my sisters sexuality and my mothers possible sexuality. ” He said. I suppose next your going to say dads bi. ”

” Oh no, dad no way. No signs there. Hes straight as a arrow. She what about you. Any yearning for another mans cock? ”

” Fuck no. ” He said.

” Come on you shower with a football team. Lots of naked guys, no inclining to, you know ? ” Nat asked.

” Absolutely not, fuck no. ” He said.

” Why not. ” Nat asked. ” Ever wondered what its like to touch another cock, to suck one. ” Nat asked.

” Fuck no. ” He said.

” You don’t like it. ” Nat asked.

” Fuck no. ” He said.

” How do you know until you try. I love pussy. ” She said.

” The thought of another cock in my hand or mouth. Or arse for that matter. No way. ” He said.

” Men. ” Nat said. ” Expect us to suck their dicks. But never want to do it. ” Nat said

Chloe smiled at Jonney. Jonney had a disgusted look on his face. I’m going for a swim. Want to join me Chloe. Sure Nat’s got a bikini you can borrow. The neighbours are up. Might want to have some togs. He took off his shirt.

” Morning swim. Why not. Come on Chloe lets find you some togs. I’ve just brought some new ones un worn. ” Nat said smiling.

” Ok. ” Chloe said as they watched Jonney take off his shirt and walk our to the pool.

Chloe followed Nat to her room. Her pussy wet. Chloe knew she was bi. After playing with her sister.

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