Nudist family antics (Nicky’s night in) 2

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Nicky moved to the car. She thought of her arse in the same place on the bonnet only hours before. A smile came to her face thinking about it. She say on the bonnet her legs open and spread. Andrew now stood looking down at her
pussy. He then knelt between them leaning in, his tongue started working her clit and vagina. He pushed hard against her. Nicky moaning as his tongue danced around her clit. His fingers opening her labias. His other hand sliding up to her breast tweeking her nipple, he softly rubbed it and circled her clit.

” Is that nice baby ? ” Julia asked Nicky smiling.

” Oh yeh. ” She said moaning. ” Fuckin great. ”

” Well shes enjoying it Andrew. ” Julia said down at her sons head bobbing up and down Nicky’s pussy.

” We have been working on his oral sex. ” Julia said. ” Hes needed to learn how to do it right. ” Julia added.

” He great. ” Nicky said.

” Hear that baby, your great. ” Julia replied.

” Cool. ” He said.

” Hes spent more time between my legs with his mouth than his father, ” Julia said smiling. ” If his father ever found out. We need to make sure its our secret don’t we ? ” Julia added.

” Yes mum. ” He said from Nicky’s pussy.

” Its nice walking around home when all of us are there, knowing our little secret. His father not knowing his son knows his wife on a very sexual intimate level. Knowing every inch of my body. ”

” Who’s better, your husband or his son. ” Nicky asked.

” His son, hands down. His tongue knows every inch of my pussy. ” Julia said.

Nicky leant back moaning arching her back. Five minutes later, they swapped. Julia went to Nicky’s pussy leaning in licking her clit. Andrew lifted Nicky’s head guiding his cock into her mouth. Julia looked up, her tongue on Nicky’s clit.

” Just a pre fuck suck. ” Julia said to Nicky. Nicky’s mouth full of Andrews 7 inch cock.

Nicky sucked his cock for another five minutes licking his shaft. She knew her husband was probably watching. Or if he wasn’t he would be sometime this weekend.

Julia stood up. Andrew walked around to her groin leaning in guiding his cock deep into Nicky’s pussy. Julia rubbing Nicky’s clit as they both watched his hard member slid deep into Nicky’s wet pussy.

” That’s it baby. ” Julia said putting her hand on his chest kissing his lips. ” Fuck that MILFS pussy baby. Let me suck your cum from her pussy. ”

” Yes mum. ” He said smiling at her as he thrust her hard.

Nicky lay back enjoying been fucked. Fuck she was been fucked on her car twice today. Her husband and daughter would be having fun watching her.

She looked down at his cock in her looking down at his cock thrusting between her pussy lips. Julia standing rubbing his chest kissing over him as he fucked her.

” Fuck her baby. ” She said. ” Fuck that pussy well. Fuck her husbands pussy, just like you fuck my pussy when yours fathers away. ” Julia said

Nicky moaned. Julia moved to Nicky’s hips. Julia rubbed Nicky’s stomach. Her breasts. Her clit. She leant over sucking Nicky’s nipples rubbing Nicky’s clit as Andrew thrusted Nicky’s pussy on the top of her BMW.

Julia and Nicky started kissing. Nicky’s hand on Julia’s neck. They kissed with passion moaning Andrew thrusting.

” I’m going to cum mum. I really need to cum. ” He said.

” You don’t need permission. You know that. Good boy. Full her up son, fill her pussy with your yummy semen. ”

Andrew moaned. Thrusting harder he cum. He erupted inside her. His cum filling her pussy

” Ohh fuck yes. ” He said. Nicky’s moans muted by Julia kissing her lips as Andrews cock cum in her. Nicky moaned as Julia stood rubbing Nicky’s pussy. Julia kissed Nicky’s clit. Andrews cock pulled out. Julia slid her lips over her step sons cock sucking it as semen oozed out of Nicky’s pussy onto her car bonnet. Julia held his cock as she leant in sucking Nicky’s pussy. She licked up Andrews cum of her pussy. She slid her fingers in Nicky’s wet sloppy pussy semen been pushed in her and out of her. Julia sucking up the oozing cum.

” Your turn. ” Julia said to Andrew. ” Clean her pussy up with your tongue. ”

” Yes mum. ” He said returning to Nicky’s pussy.

” Make sure you get it all. ” Julia said looking smiling at Nicky. ” He needs to clean up his messes. ” She said.

Andrew licked Nicky’s pussy. He licked up his semen off her. He pushed his fingers in Nicky’s pussy finger fucking her, licking up all the oozing cum.

” Nicky might want some. Give her your cock. ” Julia said. Andrew stood. Nicky grabbed his cock putting it in her mouth. She sucked off his semen oozing from his knob. She licked and sucked it as Julia returned to Nicky’s pussy.

Julia looked up from Nicky’s pussy. Cum on her tongue.

” What do we say to the lady ? ” Julia said

Andrew looked down at Nicky still on her back on the car bonnet. Her legs open. Julia licking and sucking her step sons cum from Nicky’s pussy. He watched as he stood, Nicky licked and sucked his cock.

” Thank you. ” He said.

” Thank you for what ? ” Julia said. ” Come on you know the drill. ”

” Thank you for letting me have your body to make love to. ” He said.

” That’s fine. ” Nicky said. ” I enjoyed it darling. ”

Julia stood. She embraced her son kissing his lips. They french kissed as Nicky lay watching them.

” I love your cum. ” She said to Andrew. Nicky sat up.

” Thank you mum ” he said.

” So number 14. ” Julia said. You lucky boy. You have fucked more pussy than your father. ” Julia added.

Nicky stood Julia moved over to Nicky kissing her lips again. Nicky wondered if Julia would get naked for her in the garage knowing her husband would possibly be watching. She moved in sliding her hand along Julia’s back. She slid her hand to her neck. She put her fingers on the zip and started pulling it down.

No resistance from Julia. The zip passing her bra strap down to her hip. Nicky slid her hand inside the loose dress rubbing her sides on her skin. She stood behind her rubbing her back. Julia moved her hair. Nicky kissed her back her bra strap. Down her lower back. Soft light kiss on her skin. Nicky knelt down groping her arse under her dress. Julia bent over resting her hands on Nickys car. Nicky lifted her dress exposing her arse. She pulled her knickers down her thighs. Down her legs to her feet. Julia stepped out of them. Nicky opened Julia’s legs exposing her wet pussy. Nicky’s tongue lightly licking over her wet swollen labias tasting her wet sweet juices. She opened her lips trailing her tongue softly and slowly, trawling over her pussy eating up the sweet dripping juices on her pussy.

” Ohhhh fuck Nicky. ” Julia said. Nicky’s tongue pushed into her vagina entrance softly circling it. She trailed her tongue over her anus licking both holes. Nicky’s finger teasing Julia’s vagina hole. Nicky slowly pushed it in twisting it like a corkscrew as she slowly slid it in and out.

” Ummmm. ” Nicky moaned licking Julia’s arsehole as she slowly fingered her pussy. Julia reached for Andrews cock pulling it to her sliding her lips over his knob. Andrew held her head pulling it into his groin deep throating his mother. Andrew slid his hand down her back to her bra unclipping it. He stood his mother up and started pulling down her dress. Julia stopped him.

” Cameras darling. ” She said to Andrew.

” Fuck the cameras Julia. Your taking your clothes off. ” He said

” Andrew cameras. ” She said.

” Do as your fuckin told bitch. ” He said. ” Nicky and I are naked, you can to understand. ” He said.

He slid the dress to her knees. He pulled her bra off exposing her breasts. Andrew caressed them.

” Your turn bitch. ” He said sitting her on the car opening her legs. Nicky knelt between them sucking her clit, pushing her fingers inside Julia now naked. Gary would be able to see Julia’s naked body. Julia sucking her sons cock.

Julia moaned as Andrew pulled her head up and down his hard cock. Nicky licking and sucking her clit as she finger fucked her. Julia’s sweet wet juices oozing over Nicky’s fingers.

Nicky slid her finger to her own pussy rubbing herself and fingering her self as she did Julia’s pussy. Both women moaning. Andrew moved standing behind Nicky lifting her arse.

Julia on her back in the car. Nicky standing leaning into Julia’s groin fingering and licking her. Andrew pushed his cock back into Nicky holding her hips as he fucked her again.

” Your doggy style now darling. What do women like doggy style ? ” Julia said.

” Arse play ? ” Andrew said.

” Good boy. So be a gentleman and ask the lady if she enjoys arse play. ” Julia said.

” Nicky do you like arse play, can I play with your arse ? ” He said.

Nicky looked back at Andrew thrusting her pussy slowly doggy style. ” Oh fuck yes. Yes please baby. ” She said with her fingers in Julia’s mouth.

Nicky returns to Julia’s pussy licking and sucking her folds. Andrew rubbing his thumb on her anus as he fucked her. He used his saliva to lubricate her arsehole and pushed his thumb in her arse. He thrusted her pussy with his cock and her arse with his thumb.

Nicky saw Julia’s arse there. She rubbed it and looked up at Julia.

” Do you like arse play, can I play with your arse. ” Nicky said rubbing Julia’s pussy juices around it lubricating it.

” Oh yes please. ” Julia said. ” My husband wont touch my arse. My lover does don’t you Andrew? ”

” Yes mum. ” He said smiling. Nicky loving the sensation of her pussy being fucked with Andrews cock and her arse been fucked by his thumb.

Nicky licked Julia’s clit. She rubbed her finger around her anus carefully pushing it in her.

Julia letting out a extra moan as Nicky’s finger penetrated her arsehole and her thumb pushed into her pussy. Nickys tongue working her clit.

” OHHHH Fuccck. ” Julia moaned holding Nicky’s head into her pussy both holes been fingered. Her clit been licked and sucked.

Nicky moaning as Andrew thrust inside her. His thumb in her arse.

” I want to cum in you mum and Nicky eat my cum from you. ” Andrew said. He pulled out and Nicky lay on the bonnet next to Julia.

Andrew thrust his cock into his mother. Julia and Nicky kissing each other fondling each others breasts as Andrew fucked.

He swapped pussies pushing into Nicky fondling Julia’s clit.

Two minutes late. Nicky got off the car. She leant over Julia rubbing her clit as Andrew fucked her. She pushed her finger in Julia’s anus fingering her arse. Her other hand rubbing her pussy as Andrew fucked her

Julia moaned. She screamed in pleasure. She cursed in pleasure her pussy been fucked. She breathed deeply. Andrew sped up thrusting his mother deep.

” Cum Andrew. Cum in mummy’s pussy. Cum on your sons cock. ” Nicky said kissing Julia’s hip.

With lots of noise they both orgasmed. Andrew shooting more cum in his mothers pussy. Nicky twisting her finger in her arse.

Julia moaning as her pussy was filled. Nicky licked Julia’s clit. Andrew pulled his cock out. Nicky slid his cock in her mouth sucking it as she rubbed Julia’s pussy spreading his cum over her pussy. She leant in stroking Andrews softening cock as she fingered Julia’s pussy licking up Andrews cum

Afterwards they stood. Nicky knowing where the cameras were.

They walked to the master bedroom and showered. They walked naked to the lounge and refilled their drinks sitting talking and laughting.

Nicky sat thinking of her husband and daughter fucking. She knew they would be having a good time alone.

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