Nudist family antics (Nicky’s night in)

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6.25 pm.

Nicky stood at the kitchen bench sipping a glass of wine. She opened her laptop opening the page. She looked at the profile again reading through it. It made her horny. She looked at the clock, it would be fifteen minutes before they arrive.

She went to her room doing the final checks in the mirror. She adjusted her white short sleeved dress, cupping her breasts running her hands up her cleavage. She straightened the dress admiring her legs. Her short tight dress wrapping around her upper thighs. She took a deep breath as then she heard the phone go.

She went to the kitchen answering it. She knew it was them, she looked on the screen seeing the car at the gates. She pushed the button allowing the gates to open.

She couldn’t help think of Brent who she had fucked earlier in the day. It brought a smile to her face knowing tonight her husband and daughter at the bach were making new memories in their.

She saw the Maserati pull up outside. A black 2010 Gran Turismo Convertable Sport with the hood down. She saw the two figured. The top of her long blonde hair. The short wavy black hair on him. The door opened. A slim tanned long leg attached to a red stilletto heal him the pavement. She stepped out. She wore a halter neck tight fitting satin dress. Her D Cup breasts pushed tight in the fabric.

He wore three quarter shorts a polo shirt and boat shoes. She heard the top off the car been put up.

Nicky walked to the front door and opened it stepping onto the tiled step greeting her visitors.

” Good evening. ” The lady said.

” Hello. ” Nicky replied. ” I’m Nicky. ”

” Hi Nicky ” said stepping forward hugging Nicky with a friendly but now tight hug, a hug where you are aware of the other persons bust, but don’t want to press to hard, it at all.

” I’m Julia, this is my stepson Andrew. ” She said.

” Nice to meet you. ” Nicky said stepping forward hugging Andrew.

” Wow. ” He said looking her up and down. ” Shes hot. ” He added looking at Julia.

” She is darling. ” Julia replied smiling at Nicky.

” Do come in. ” Nicky said stepping aside as Julia and Andrew walked into the foyer. She followed closing the door. She admired Julia’s arse just hidden by the shortness of the dress.

” Nice place. ” Julia said.

” Thanks. Its a family home. My parents used to own it. My husband I brought it when we married. ” Nicky said. ” Wine ? ” She asked.

” Yes please. ” Julia said smiling. ” Merlot. ” If possible.

” Andrew ? ” She asked looking at Andrew.

” Yeh wine to. ” He said. ” I’m not fussy like my mum. ” He said.

” Hes like his father a cheeky little shit. ” Julia said standing in the kitchen with Nicky as she poured three Merlots. She handed one to Julia and Andrew.

” Thank you. ” He said.

” Shall we go through to the patio ? ” Nicky said.

They sat in the outdoor seats. A L shaped outdoor seat. Nicky and Julia sat together in the corner Julia on the three seat. Nicky on the two seatee as Andrew sat next to Julia.

” Pool hot. ” Andrew asked.

” Well yes its always kept to a good temp. ” She said.

” So tell me Nicky, ” Julia asked. ” Why did you join MILF’s wanted website. Horny young men wanting sex with older women ? ”

” Oh well. I guess I need as a older woman. I don’t know feel of younger men. ” Nicky said.

” Good your husband knows. ” Andrew said.

” Oh yes. ” Nicky said. ” I have his blessing. ”

” Good. ” Julia said. ” I love my younger man. Even if he is my step son. ” She said.

” How long have you been sleeping together ? ” Nicky asked.

” Well hes 19 now. I’m 50. We have been shagging since he was 17. ” Julia said

” Wow. ” Nicky replied.

” Yes, his father doesn’t know about us. ” Its a secret we have to keep.

” So how did it start ? ” Nicky asked.

” Well I’ve been his step mother since he was 2. When his mother left his dad with him. I guess since he was 13 hes had a interest in women and girls. Me especially. Perving at me in bikinis etc. I suppose we have developed a bond that’s lead to us starting out playing together at 16. Then developed into sex on his 17th birthday. ” Julia said smiling at him.

” I love older women that’s why I’m on the site. ” Andrew said.

” He started doing what horny teens do. Wanking to underwear. Trying to catch me naked. Trying to perve at me in the shower. So one day in the kitchen. I knew he had been sneaking through the open door. I leave just open a crack. So I wore a see through gown. I asked him. Do you want to see me naked. ” Julia said

” I thought she was fucking joking. I was 16. She dropped her gown before I could answer. She was naked in front of me. ” He said.

” What did you do ? ” Nicky asked.

” What any other teen would do, stare his tongue hanging on the floor. ” Julia said. ” I loved it. I loved him staring at me naked. I was so aroused. I guy who shouldn’t be seeing me naked, seeing my naked. I said no sex, but he could touch me.

” So we started touching and playing with each other for three months then his 17 th birthday I took his virginity. ” Julia said.

” It was fuckin good. ” He said.

” How many other women have you met ? ” Nicky asked.

He looked at his mum. ” About 12. ” He said.

” Twelve. ” Nicky said.

” Yeh oldest was 57. Fuck she was hot to. ” Andrew said.

” When did you start doing it together ? ” Nicky asked.

” About four months ago. I used his computer and saw his browsing history. The MILFS for younger men came up. He hadn’t signed out. So I set up a account for younger men wanted. I messaged his profile. We chatted. Sometimes in the next room. We decided to meet. ” She said smiling over at Andrew.

” Fuckin shock. ” He said. ” My step mother I was already fucking. ” He said.

” So we set up a mother son profile. We have met another mothers and son. ” She said. ” But decided to stick to women instead. ” Yes I like younger men but. I have mine here. ” She said

” Oh mum. ” He said they leant over kissing on the lips.

” So having sex with me that will be 14 women over your set age of 45. ” Nicky asked.

” Yeh. ” He said. ” I’m only 19. ”

” My husband likes me fucking other men. ” Nicky said.

” Really. ” Andrew said.

” The only place in the house that has a camera is the garage. So if your comfortable later you can fuck me on my BMW. ” Nicky said.

” Your husband watching ? ” Julia said.

” Well when he looks on the computer. They a motion activated he will see me. ” Nicky said.

” How many men have you fucked on the BMW ? ” Andrew asked.

” One. The garage door repairman this morning. ” She said. ” Who is actually a friend of my husbands. ”

” Fuck really babe. ” Julia said.

” Yep. More wine.? ” She asked standing up. Julia uncrossed her legs. Nicky seeing a red lace fabric. Andrew looked up at her lustfully. ”

” Yes ” Julia said.

” Yes ” Andrew said smiling.

Nicky went to the kitchen feeling extra horny. She picked up the wine bottle returning to the patio. She stood in front of Julia and Andrew pouring more wine. She reached over pouring her glass and sat. Not so careful about discretion with her clothing. She wanted her pussy out like she knew her daughter probably had her pussy out for her father right now.

” Cheers. ” Julia said. ” To great friendship and great sex. ” She said.

” Drink to that. ” Nicky said

” Yeh man. ” Andrew said.

Nicky smiled at Andrew. Andrew smiled back. Nicky stood up walking over sitting next to him. She crossed her leg leaning into him.

” Ready to fuck me ? ” She asked.

” Oh yeh ” he said.

” Cool. ” Julia said recrossing her legs leaning into Andrew. ” You know what Andrew likes ? ” Julia said.

” What. ” Nicky asked.

” Watching me with another woman and helping undress each other. ” She said smiling reaching over placing her hand on Nicky’s knee. Nicky looked over smiling at Julia. She reached over smiling touching Julia’s knee. The ladies leaning in front of Andrew kissing. They french kissed as Andrew watched. Nicky loving it.

Andrew rubbed his mothers leg and Nicky’s watching their lips kiss. Their tongues in each others mouths. Nicky reached into his groin feeling his hard cock. Julia rubbed his chest.

” Yeh ” he said feeling Nicky undo his shorts. He slid his arse forward slouching letting her undo his button and pull his zip down she reached in pulling out his cock. She stroked his hard shaft listening to him groan.

Julia started playing with his cock. Both women now wanking and fondling it.

” Stand up Andrew. ” Julia said. Andrew stood his pants dropping to the floor. Nicky pulled him in guiding her mouth to his cock guiding her lips down his shaft.

He groaned as she sucked his young cock. She played with his balls as she sucked and licked.

” Shall we go do her on her BMW. ” Julia said to Andrew.

” Isn’t there cameras ? ” He said looking up at his mother.

” Yes darling. Be even more fun knowing someone could be watching.

” My husband would love it. ” Nicky said smiling.

” Lets go then. ” Andrew said to them.

They stood and walked into the garage. Andrew removed his polo shirt. Standing naked he leaned on Nicky’s BMW. The girls embraced kissing. They stood french kissing fondling each others bodies. Andrew stood next to them watching.

He fondled there arses as they kissed. Nicky then faced him kissing him. Nicky and Andrew french kissed.

Nicky moaned as she was turned around. Andrew behind her caressing her arse. Julia in front kissing her, fondling her breast. Andrew unzipped Nicky’s dress. With the help of Julia they pulled it to the floor. Nicky stepped out of it. Andrew came to her front both Julia and Andrew caressed her breasts. Nicky kissing both Andrew and Julia

” Nice fuckin tits. ” Andrew said

” Take her bra off. ” Julia said as they both fondled her bust. Andrew reached behind undoing her bra pulling it off. Nicky’s breasts falling out. Andrew leant in car slouching pulling Nicky in. He groped her breasts, he leant in licking her nipples sliding his hand to her arse rubbing her buttocks.

” Nice boobs darling ? ” Julia asked kissing Nicky’s shoulder watching her step son suck Nicky’s breast.

” Yes mum. ” He said ” Very nice. ” He replied.

” Why don’t you check out her pussy baby. ” Nicky stood back as Andrew stood. He knelt down to his knees in front of her. He reached for her panties, he pulled them down ho her ankles. Julia knelt down. Nicky seeing the red lace of Julia’s panties as they both lifted each foot sliding her knickers off.

Andrew looked up at her bald pussy. Julia pushed open Nicky’s legs. Andrew admired her fanny.

” Nice. ” He said running his fingers down her slit. Julia stood running her hand over Nicky’s front up her body, over her breasts squeezing them as she kissed Nicky’s lips. Andrew leaning up licking Nicky’s clit and opening her labias.

Nicky and Julia moaned as they kissed. Nicky’s legs open. Andrews fingers sliding in her pussy

Nicky jumped as she felt his fingers inside her. ” Fuck. ” She said.

Julia looked down. ” Andrew what have I told you about putting fingers in to early. ” Julia slid her hnd to Nickys pussy rubbing it. ” It needs to be wetter. ”

” Yes mum. ” He said. She returned to Nicky’s lips kissing her.

” Boys. ” Julia said. The girls french kissed again fondling each others busts. Nicky’s hand sliding to Julia’s arse fondling it. It slipped under her dress feeling her arse. The red lace of her G String.

Andrews tongue working Nicky’s wet moist pussy.

” Hows her pussy baby ” Julia asked.

” Good mum, as nice as yours. ” He said smiling up at them.

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