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Our Friend Dave Became My First Lover

My name is Anne and I have a true story to tell you. I am 23 years of age, 5’2”, long brunette curly hair, hazel eyes, petite with large breasts for my size. My husband James is 28. We met on a blind date. James at 22 years of age was working with Dan who was dating a girlfriend of mine from high school. We were seniors in high school. I was 17 when met James and double dated. Before I met James I had been sexually active in school and high school. I liked fucking. I still do. The doctor had told my mother I have an overactive libido. After graduating from high school at age 18 I married James. Before I married James my 6 boyfriends had a special Bachelorette party for me. They made love to me one more time. They used phone cameras to remember everything we did that night. They fucked all of my holes that night and the next morning. When they were finished they did Bukakke. They squirted my face with sperm. Showing me their love. I ate as much of their love juice as I could. The guys still call me since I got married. I went to college and James had a teaching job at the university.

James and I have a prenuptial agreement. He agreed to share me. We signed a legal agreement at an attorneys office. Even though we were getting married James agreed that I would have dating and sexual freedom He requested I would tell him if I was okay.

After graduating from college I got a great paying job with benefits in the field of computer technology and AI. I met Jean in the department I am assigned to. She is nice and a sweet lady. She is my age and married. She has long brunette hair with blonde highlights. She styles her hair in a ponytail while working. She is petite like me. We became fast friends. In a few weeks our friendship grew to where Jean’s husband William and my husband James became friends. The guys fished together. The four of us dined together and went to the movies. Two months after I met Jean, she and William would be leaving the state for his better paying job. Jean did introduce me to her mother Ruth before leaving the state. After Jean had left the state Ruth called me and invited us to Sunday dinner. I had never met Ruth’s husband before. His name is Dave. He is in his early 60’s. He is 6 feet tall. He is thin, muscular with a large strong chest. He is handsome. He is slightly balding with salt and pepper hair. He is retired military. He had been a member of the US ARMY CORP OF ENGINEERS. His new job is Town of Highway Superintendent. He is responsible to maintain and repair hundreds of miles of country roads in the township. James and David have a lot in common. They are both avid fishermen and hunters. Both small and big game. Ruth’s hobby is the mini farm she and Dave own. They have a cow, chickens and 2 pigs. When I visit Ruth I help her with the chores. In the hot July heat I wear my cheeky short shorts and a small size halter top on my large breasts. No bra or panties. Whenever Dave is around me he has a bulge in his pants.

The relationship was pleasant between us couples. We dined together, went to the movies and went to a bar Saturday to dance to Country Music with live bands. Dave danced with me. He whispered to me while we’re dancing he loves me. He wants to make love to me . He told me he has a motel room on Mountainside Road, room 214, upstairs in the back. When Ruth went to the bathroom he put a gold chain with a key around my neck. He said come to the motel after work Monday. I agreed.

Monday at work I was horny all day thinking about Dave making love to me and fucking my holes. I was very happy when it was time leave work. I went to the motel as Dave told me to do. He is there. The room is around the backside of the motel and his truck is not visible to the mountain road. I went up the outside stairs of the motel. I knocked on the door, Dave opened the door and picked me up under my arms hugging me. He kissed me. I wrapped my legs around his waist. The space he rented was not a room but a suite. He sat me on the couch. He said,”this suite is ours. The owner is a close friend. I pay maintenance fees only. Ruth won’t find this place. It’s right under her nose. That is the best part. I use different ways to come here. You can use this place whenever you want. I want you to have all the cock you need. I love you Anne. I know you have your needs. Now you are mine. I want to eat your beautiful young shaved pussy so much I can taste you.” Dave took my clothes off. I laid my head on a pillow. He spread my legs. He used his fingers and tongue. I put my hands on his head as he orally stimulated my clit and pussy. I moaned with pleasure as he worked me into an orgasm. Dave stimulated me to almost an orgasm. He would then slow down. He would repeat this process building me up into a screaming orgasm when he fucked my pussy and squirting my vagina deeply. I was dripping from his copious cum. I licked, sucked his cock and balls. I brought him back with another hard erection to fuck my ass. Dave loves fucking my tight little bubble butt ass. He lubricated his cock and my anus. I am on my hands and knees on the bed and Dave is behind me. With his hands holding my ass cheeks he pushed his cock in and I pushed my ass back to receive 9 inches of his thick cock. He increased his pumping of my anus and kept my head up by holding onto my ponytail. My ass fucking his cock. I was like a bitch in heat. I was sweating and panting. Dave slapped my ass cheek as I increased pumping his cock. Finally, Dave pulled and held my ass tight to his body as he squirted deeply into my anus causing me to squeal as I orgasmed. Dave pulled me up off of my hands holding my body against his as he squirted my anus and my body spasms with orgasms. He held me by my breasts kissing my cheek and turning my head he kissed my lips. Dave whispered, “ I love you Anne. If you want or need anything I will get it for you.” I replied, I love you Dave. I want you to share me with you friends. I want more love.” Dave replied, “ I have wealthy friends I want you to meet. They will love you too.”

Anne Meets Her Secret High School Sweetheart… Cont’d

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